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Dodd Mead and Company fonds. Second accrual (Accession 09-1993)

Box 4

Beck, Lily (Moresby) Adams, d. 1931 (E. Barrington, pseud.), press copy of her book, Glorious Apollo, 18 July 1925.

F.1 Beck, Lily (Moresby) Adams, d. 1931 (E. Barrington, pseud.). Assignments of copyright for several of her stories that were previously published in magazines, 1926-27.

F.2-18 Denison, Muriel and Merrill. Contracts and correspondence related mainly to Muriel Denison, 1936-76, re her John and Jennifer, Susannah of the Mounties, Light Like the Sun (written under pseud. Frances Newton), Susannah at Boarding School, Susannah of the Yukon, Susannah Rides Again, A Fat Man Looks at Sport, and David Thompson. F.16-18 pertain to the citizenship of the Denisons, a judgment creditor case, and Merrill Denison's will and the transfer of his royalties to his second wife, Elizabeth R. Denison.

F.19 Sanderson, Douglas (Martin Brett, pseud.). Contracts and correspondence, 1952-58, re his books Dark Passions Subdue, Hot Freeze, and Exit in Green.

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