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Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

Canadian Union of Public Employees. Local 5 (Hamilton, Ont.) fonds.
First accrual (combined). -- 1932-1998; 1970-1997 predominant. -- 11.3 m of textual records and graphic materials. – 82 mini audio cassettes : 1 audio cassette : 3 video cassettes.

Series 1:
Collective bargaining agreements. -- 1946-1996. -- 94 cm of textual records (Boxes 1-5). -- Title based on content of series. -- All agreements concern Local 5 and the City of Hamilton unless noted otherwise.

Box 1:
F.1 Agreements, 1946-1950
F.2 Agreements, 1950-1960
F.3 Agreements, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1956-1969
F.4 Agreements, 1960-1961
F.5 Joint agreement, Local 5 and Local 167, 1965
F.6 Agreements, 1973-1974
F.7-9 Agreements, 1975
F.10 Agreements, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1975-1979
F.11 Agreements, 1976-1977
F.12 Agreement, 1978
F.13 Agreement, 1979
F.14 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1980
F.15 Agreement, 1980
F.16 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1980
F.17 Agreement, Flamborough, 1980
F.18 Agreement, Glanbrook, 1980

Box 2:
F.1 Income Protection plan agreement, City and Region, 1981
F.2 Agreement, 1981
F.3 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1981
F.4 Agreement, Glanbrook, 1981
F.5 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1981
F.6 Agreement, Flamborough, 1982
F.7 Agreement, Glanbrook, 1982
F.8 Agreement, 1983
F.9 Agreement, 1984
F.10 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1984
F.11 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1984

Box 3:
F.1 Agreement, 1985

F.2 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1985
F.3 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1985
F.4 Agreement, Flamborough, 1985
F.5 Agreement, Glanbrook, 1985
F.6 Agreement, 1987
F.7 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1987
F.8 Agreement, Flamborough, 1987
F.9 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1987
F.10 Agreement, 1989
F.11 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1989
F.12 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1989
F.13 Agreement, Flamborough, 1989
F.14 Agreement, 1991
F.15 Agreement, Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1991
F.16 Agreement, Royal Botanical Gardens, 1991
F.17 Agreement, Flamborough, 1991
F.18 Agreement, 1996

Box 4:
Agreements for Local 167, 1949-1991.

Box 5:
Agreements for various other locals and other unions. Includes:
Local 2457, Town of Simcoe, Big Brothers, 1986-1987
Local 2190, Catholic Children’s Aid, 1988
Local 181, Brantford, 1988
Local 2, Toronto Transit, 1983
Local 1521, Ottawa, 1988
Local 1727, Frontenac County, 1986
Local 2171, Town of Flamborough, 1990
Locals 2191, 1479, 424, 794, 6, 2176, 3009, 1, 1585, 57
Hamilton Police Association, 1979
Canadian Textile Workers, Local 53
International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 772, 1979?

Series 2:
Labour negotiations. -- 1949-1996. -- 96 cm of textual records (Boxes 6-8). -- Title based on content of series. -- This series includes correspondence with, and proposals made to, the various employers of Local 5 members; minutes of meetings; correspondence with the Labour Relations Board; SALADS. -- See also correspondence series, Boxes 9, 10, 12 and 13, and constitution and by-laws series, Box 35.

Box 6: 1949-1984
Box 7: 1984-1987
Box 8: 1987-1996

Series 3:
Correspondence. -- 1952-1995. – 1.3 m of textual records (Boxes 9-13). -- Title based on content of series. -- Much of the correspondence was found either loose or in unlabelled files and has been arranged chronologically.

Box 9:
F.1-10 Correspondence log sheets, 1981-1992

Correspondence with employers:
Note: See also relations with employers series, Boxes 14-16. Additional correspondence with employers can be found in the labour negotiation series, Boxes 6-8, and the chronological sequence in this series, Boxes 12 and 13.

F.11-20 Correspondence with City of Hamilton, 1983-1992
F.21-8 Correspondence with Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1977-1992

Box 10:
F.1-7 Correspondence with City of Hamilton and Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, 1988-90, 1996
F.8-9 Correspondence, Airport Unit, 1983-1989
F.10 Correspondence with Flamborough, 1978-1980
F.11-2 Correspondence with Flamborough, 1980-1987
F.13-5 Correspondence with Glanbrook, 1982-1987
F.16-9 Correspondence with Royal Botanical Gardens, 1973-1989; 10 col photographs of strike, 2 information leaflets

Box 11:
Correspondence listed by union officials:
F.1 Rick Campanella, 1981. Includes correspondence with local members of parliament and members of provincial parliament: Ian Deans, Sheila Copps, Geoff Scott, Bob Mackenzie re Labour Relations Act.
F.2 G. Letwin, 1989
F.3 F. Loft, 1990
F.4 E. A. Magnes, 1966-1972
F.4a Ed Palmateer, 1984
F.5-7 F. O. Rodgers, 1952-1976. File 7 concerns the decertification of Local 1041.
F.8 Ed Thomas, 1995
F.8a-b Ed Thomas, correspondence re Hamilton and Regional Cultural Industries, 1995

Correspondence with CUPE and other organizations:
See also Box 46.
F.9 CALM, 1989
F.10-3 Canadian Labour Congress, 1989-1991
F.14 Canadian Staff Union, 1976-1978

F.15-9 CUPE National Office, 1986-1990
F.20-4 CUPE Ontario Division Office, 1964-1989
F.25-6 CUPE Hamilton Area Office, 1979-1988
F.27-30 Ontario Federation of Labour, 1980-1989
F.31 Ontario Ministry of Labour, 1983
F.32 Other locals, 1982
F.33 Other organizations, 1987
F.34 Youth Employment Centre, 1985

Subject arranged correspondence:
F.35 Book orders, 1989
F.36 Education Trust Fund, 1982-1984
F.37-8 Legal, 1970-1983
F.39 Pay Equity, 1990
F.40 Purchasing, 1985
F.41 Sanitation downsizing, 1993
F.42 Subscriptions, 1990
F.43 Unemployment Insurance Act, 1979-1981

Internal correspondence:
F.44-5 1988-1990

Chronologically ordered correspondence:
Box 12:
F.1-17 1963-1974
F.2 1973-1987 includes general correspondence, correspondence re the Day of Mourning, (with letters from mayors of Hamilton, Dundas, Glanbrook), brief on CUPE jobs in relation to free trade, minutes from the London District CUPE Council, minutes from the Hamilton and District CUPE Council, minutes on wage controls, minutes from the first ever CUPE Ontario All Presidents Meeting (1982), minutes re wage controls in Premier Bill Davis’s Conservative government, information of the CUPE Ontario Strike fund, newspaper articles, A. J. (Slim) Paver’s (member of Local 5) union school certificates.

Box 13:
F.1-11 1989-1994
F.6-8 1990-1992 City Unit general correspondence on the following issues: City CAO reprimand of members of Local 5 for non-performance of work, Local 5 charging employer with harassing members, CAO retracting letter of reprimand, performance appraisal information, Hamilton Civic Charity Committee minutes, Child Care Task Force minutes, employer’s promotion practice, downsizing, Unemployment Insurance Section 25, Job Creation programs, negotiations and conciliation, organizing school crossing guards, maintenance of city walkways, and memorandums of agreement.

Series 4:
Relations with employers. -- 1935-1997. -- 96 cm of textual records (Boxes 14-16). -- Title based on content of series.

Box 14:
F.1 City and Regional handbooks, 1981-1998
F.2 City and Regional employee handbook, 1992

F.3-8 Canada Works, 1984-1986
F.9-12 Employee Assistance, 1983-1990
F.13 In-house training, 1983-1984
F.14 Explorations, 1989
F.15 Federal grants, 1985
F.16-19 Literacy, 1995
F.20-1 Make Work, 1982-1986
F.22 Ontario Youth Corps, 1985

Regional government and amalgamation:
F.23-31 1973-1997
The files concern the following:
Formation of the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth. Includes Bill 155, an Act to Establish Regional Government, correspondence between CUPE National Office and the Hamilton locals, a brief submitted by the locals, information from the Ontario Division of CUPE, correspondence between the employer and Local 5.
Restructuring of Regional government or the formation of a Super City. Includes correspondence from CUPE with regard to the negative effects; also numerous newspaper articles, a brief submitted by Local 5, and extensive reports prepared by the Region and committees.

F.32 List of Regional councillors, 1982-1985
F.33 City council, 1982
F.34 City personnel committee, 1985
F.35 Royal Botanical Gardens luncheon, 1991

Box 15:
F.1-18 Job descriptions, 1967-1990. Includes City, Region, and Royal Botanical Gardens, but not for every year.
F.19 Maintenance log, 1935-1943
F.20-6 Job evaluation, 1972-1989, n.d. Includes memorandums of agreement, job evaluation rating manuals, manual of procedures, correspondence between Local 5 and the City of Hamilton, Hamilton-Wentworth Region, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Also includes information on Local 167 job evaluation.
F.27 Work questionnaire
F.30 Snow removal practices, 1983
F.31-5 Job classifications and rates of pay, 1939-1983; includes salary report by Thomas J. Punkett and Associates, 1965

Box 16:
F.1-5 Performance Excellence Program (PEP) and absenteeism, 1990-1994
F.6 Attendance list, 1985
F.7-13 Name and address lists of employees, 1982-1992
F.14 Work locations of employees, 1984
F.15-7 Appointments and terminations, 1979-1985
F.18-9 Layoffs, 1982-1986
F.20-2 Transfer of employees, 1984-1989. Tapleytown and Stoney Creek
F.23-4 Twin Pad arena, 1993. The City built this new facility and then approached Local 5 requesting that the local make some concessions with regard to the length of shifts. The union refused. The employer then privatised the facility, which was in turn followed by the union organizing the workers.
F.25 Lawfield rink, 1989
F.26 Glanbrook arenas, shift changes, 1984
F.27 SWARU, 1977-1993
F.28-30 Contracting out, 1980-1986. Partly concerns contracting out water service from roadway to house. Includes union brief presented to Regional Council, letters between the Region and the union, newspaper articles, CUPE staff representative notes, Regional report prepared by staff for Regional Council, spread sheet of cost for this service, form for tender.
F.31 City Income Protection plan, 1982-1983
F.32-45 Labour-Management committee, 1982-1992; includes minutes and programs

Series 5:
Grievances. -- 1971-1989. -- 1.4 m of textual records (Boxes 17-21). -- Title based on content of series.

Box 17:
Each file contains several cases.
F.1-27 City, 1975-1989.

Box 18:
Each file contains several cases.
F.1-4 City (continued), 1989
F.5-9 City, resolved, 1985-1988
F.10-2 City, Culture and Recreation Department, 1979-1985
F.13-5 City, Public Works Department, 1985-1986
F.16-7 City, policy, 1983-1986
F.18-20 City and Region, 1982-1986. Each file contains several cases.

Box 19:
Each file contains several cases, except for F.18.
F.1-17 Regional, 1980-1989
F.18 Regional, Crash Fire, 1985-1986. Transferring Crash Fire Rescue, done by the Hamilton Fire Fighters, Local 288, to the Region. Includes correspondence between the firefighters, City Council, Regional Council, and Local 5. Also includes information relating to an arbitration case: exhibits used at arbitration, CUPE staff representative notes.
F.19-20 Regional, Engineering, 1981-1985
F.21-2 Regional, Water meter shop, 1983-1986
F.23 Regional, Leaves of Absence, 1984-1986
F.24 Regional, Overtime, 19880
F.25-7 Regional, Policy, 1985-1987
F.28 Regional, Promotions, 1980
F.29 Regional, Schedule A, 1985-1986
F.30-1 Glanbrook, 1980-1984
F.32-3 Royal Botanical Gardens, 1981-1985

Boxes 20-21:
Files are arranged alphabetically by name of griever, 1971-1988. Box 20, Aldridge to Ptolmey. Box 21, Reekie to Zivanovic. Includes a file (F.4) on Al Rockhead who charged the union with unfair representation in the handling of his grievance. The file contains memorandums of agreement, minutes from Local 5, correspondence between employer, Local 5, Ministry of Labour, etc.

Series 6:
Health and safety. -- 1979-1996. -- 84 cm of textual records (Boxes 22-24). -- Title based on content of series. -- See also Workmen’s Compensation Board series, Box 39.

Box 22 and Box 23, F.1-4:
Health and Safety committee, minutes and correspondence, 1980-1996.

Box 23, F.5-20:
The Health and Safety Certification Program was developed by the Workplace Health and Safety Agency. The Agency was set up as a joint board with both representatives from labour and management by the New Democratic Party provincial government. The process of Certification Training started in 1993. Files include the Agencies Rules and Guidelines with regard to Certification Training; correspondence between the Health and Safety Officer for both the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Wentworth Region and Local 5; correspondence between Local 5 and the other employers; newsletters from Local 5; newsletters from the Workers Health and Safety Centre, CUPE and the Ontario Federation of Labour; a document from the Workers Compensation Board, and also an evaluation of Certification Training that was done by SPR Associates.

Box 24:
F.1 Regional accident reports, 1987-1988
F.2 Royal Botanical Gardens accident reports, 1986
F.3-4 Asbestos removal, 1991-1992
F.5 Industrial waste, 1982-1987
F.6 Long term disability, Dennis Doyle, 1985-1986
F.7 Quality of Life, 1982-1992

F.8-14 Various health and safety conferences, 1986-1988
F.15-24 Various briefs, reports, and submissions, 1979-1995

Series 7:
Conventions and conferences. -- 1966-1994. -- 32 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- For heath and safety conferences see Box 24, F.8-14.

Box 25:
F.1-4 Canadian Labour Congress, 1980-1988
F.5 CALM, 1989
F.6-15 CUPE National, 1966-1989
F.16-27 CUPE Ontario Division, 1968-1993
F.28 CUPE Saskatchewan Division, 1981
F.29-34 Ontario Federation of Labour, 1984-1989
F.35-8 Ontario Municipal Employees’ Co-ordinating Committee, 1984-1994
F.39 Ontario Museum Association, 1985
F.40 Protective Equipment, 1984
F.41 Recycling Council of Ontario, 1988-1989
F.42-8 Various conferences, 1975-1990

Series 8:
Community services and charity donations. -- 1977-1997. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 26:
Many of the files contain correspondence.
F.1 Charity committee minutes, 1978-1981
F.2-18 Charity donations, 1977-1993.
F.19-21 Housing projects and Labourhood, 1994-1997
F.22-4 Camp Maple Leaf, 1958-1988. Camp Maple Leaf is a camp run by veterans for under- privileged children. Local 5 supports this camp and has built a cabin there.
F.25-8 Minor sports teams, 1982-1989.
F.29 Various community organizations, 1984-1988
F.30 Hamilton Municipal Employees Credit Union, 1984-1986. See also Box 38, F.8.

Series 9:
Education. -- 1950-1990; 1980-1990 predominant. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 27:
F.1 Education committee minutes and correspondence, 1986-1988
F.2-7 CUPE Ontario Division schools and seminars, 1984-1987
F.8-14 Various summer schools, 1950-1990
F.15 Fall school, 1989
F.16-31 Various schools, 1978-1990

F.32 Labour College of Canada, 1980-1983
F.33 Ontario Federation of Labour free trade seminar, 1988
F.34 Industrial Relations project

Series 10:
Minutes of general membership and executive board. -- 1953-1992. -- 32 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- For other minutes see specific series, e.g. education.

Box 28:
F.1-22 General membership minutes, 1953-1992
F.23-37 Executive board minutes, 1978-1992
F.38 Various minutes, 1987-1993

Series 11:
Political action. -- 1950-1996. -- 1.1 m of textual records (Boxes 29-31). -- Title based on content of series. -- Series includes strikes and the Ontario government’s Social Contract.

Box 29:
F.1-3 Strike of 1950. Includes brief and article by Edwin L. Stringer.
F.4-11 Strike of 1973. Includes correspondence, diary of F. O. Rodgers, petitions, news clippings, and an article by Ed Thomas.
F.12-5 Hospital Strike of 1981. Includes correspondence, newspaper articles, flyers. During this strike the CUPE National President and Ontario Division President were imprisoned.
F.16-9 Strike appeals and defence funds, 1980-1992
F.20 Strike manual

Box 30:
Social Contract:
The Ontario government’s social contract (Bill 48). Introduced by Premier Bob Rae’s New Democratic Party, the bill cut payments to the public sector by 4 billion dollars. Two billion of this amount was to come directly from the wages of public sector workers. Various union members were given up to fifteen unpaid leave days for each of the three years the Social Contract was in effect. Includes memorandum of agreements, local agreement information, correspondence, notes, flyers, bulletins, CUPE’s Guide to the Social Contract, minutes from meetings with the City, Region, Flamborough and Royal Botanical Gardens, Local 5 newsletter on the Social Contract, copy of Bill 48, many newspaper articles, 1993-1996.

Box 31:
F.1 Bills 79, 111, 162, etc., 1966-1979
F.2-4 Wage controls, 1976-1977. Includes paper on the consumer’s dollar, wage control up-date papers, correspondence, fact book on wage controls, leaflets, CUPE paper on how different locals across Canada have been affected by wage controls.
F.5-29 Various political files, 1981-1994. Includes demonstrations, boycotts, wage restraint, New Democratic Party, municipal politics, pay equity, donations, Ontario Labour Relations Act, CUPE elections. Most of the files contain correspondence.

Box 32:
F.1-7 Workfare/government cutbacks, 1995. Include newspaper articles, articles from Local 5’s newsletter, briefs, correspondence, flyers. See also Box 42 for audio cassettes and a video cassette about workfare.
F.8-14 Bill 26, Ontario government Omnibus Savings and Restructuring Act, 1997. Ed Thomas participated in the fight against this bill. Part of Thomas’s campaign was organizing Shadow Hearings. Files includes briefs that were presented, also correspondence from CUPE and the Ontario Federation of Labour, newspaper articles, flyers, notes on strategy, Thomas’s daily activity report and expenses. See also Box 42 for a video cassette on the hearings.
F.15-24 Hamilton Days of Action, 1996. Ed Thomas was on CUPE’s Fightback committee. Includes correspondence from CUPE and the Ontario Federation of Labour, newspaper articles, minutes from Team Hamilton’s meetings. See also Box 42 for audio cassettes of meetings dealing with the Days of Action.

Series 12:
Stewards. -- 1978-1995. -- 17 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 33:
F.1-8 Minutes and meeting notices, 1979-1989
F.9-18 Applications, membership lists, educational courses, petitions, 1978-1995

Series 13:
Officers and other lists and reports. -- 1974-1995. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 34:
F.1-16 Officer, committee, and membership lists, 1974-1989
F.17-20 President’s reports, 1988-1995
F.21 CUPE Ontario Division Executive board members, n.d.
F.22 CUPE Ontario locals, secretaries, 1992

Series 14:
Newsletters. -- 1979-1997. -- 4 cm of textual records (Box 34). -- Title based on content of series.

F.23 Newsletter committee, 1984-1994
F.24 Ed Thomas’s notes about The Outsider. The Outsider has been catalogued for Research Collections periodicals.
F.25 Newsfive, 1979
F.26-7 Local Five News, n.d., 1984-1985
F.28 Newsfive Revived, 1988, 1993-1997

Series 15:
Social events. -- 1980-1988. -- 4 cm of textual records (Box 34). -- Title based on content of series. -- Committee files do not contain minutes.

F.29 Social committee, 1980-1981
F.30 Social committee, 1984?
F.31 Union and social committee, n.d.
F.32 Dances, 1981-1984
F.33 Labour Day, 1979-1988
F.34 Bibles, 1985
F.35-8 Thank-you and other cards, n.d., 1982, 1985

Series 16:
Petitions. -- 1979-1984. -- 2 cm of textual records (Box 34). -- Title based on content of series.

F.39 Clothing petition, outside workers, 1984?
F.40 In support of hospital workers, n.d.
F.41 In support of aviary technician, Dundurn Castle, n.d.
F.42 Canadian Labour Congress petition, Petro-Can, 1979

Series 17:
Office administration. -- 1981-1995. -- 3 cm of textual records (Box 34). -- Title based on content of series. -- Files concern the running of Local 5's office.

F.43-7 Office supplies, finances, correspondence, and insurance, 1981-1987
F.48 Room rentals, 1982-1984
F.49 Clerical position, 1985
F.50 Full-time officer position, 1995. See also Box 42 for an audio-cassette on a 1990 meeting.

Series 18:
Constitution and by-laws. 1956-1989. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- See also labour negotiation series, Boxes 6-8.

Box 35:
F.1 CUPE constitutions, 1973, 1981, 1985, 1987
F.2 CUPE, Ontario Division constitution, 1986, 1988
F.3 National Union of Public Service Employees, constitution, 1956
F.4 Other CUPE locals, Local 503 constitution, 1987
F.5 Other organizations’ constitutions, 1974-1977
F.6 Local 5 constitution, 1975
F.7 Local 5 constitutions, 1980, 1986, 1987
F.8 City of Hamilton and Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, various by-laws, 1974-1977
F.9-10 By-law committee, 1983-1986. F.9-13 contain minutes, proposed bylaw amendments, correspondence

F.11 By-law committee, 1983-1985
F.12 By-law committee, 1986-1987
F.13 By-law committee, 1989

Series 19:
Retirement. -- 1966-1993. -- 10 cm of textual records (Box 35). -- Title based on content of series.

F.14 Hamilton Municipal Retirement Fund (HMRF), annual report, 1977
F.15 HMRF, statement, 1966, by-law, 1981, etc.
F.16 HMRF, benefits, updates, by-laws, 1982-1983
F.17 HMRF, minutes, updates, 1982-1984
F.18 HMRF, minutes, correspondence, 1984
F.19 HMRF, minutes, correspondence, 1984-1985
F.20 Ontario Municipal Employees Co-ordinating Committee (OMECC), report by Ed Thomas, 1993
F.21 CUPE pension information, 1984
F.22 Local 5 retirements, 1991
F.23 Canadian Council of Retirement, correspondence, newsletters, 1982-1983

Series 20:
Hamilton and District CUPE Council. -- 1971-1989. -- 17 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 36:
F.1-17 Minutes, membership and officer lists, correspondence, attendance records, receipts, circulars, and by-laws.

Series 21:
Hamilton and District Labour Council. -- 1978-1992. -- 17 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 37:
F.1-14 Correspondence, lists of representatives, a few minutes, speech by Shirley Carr, circulars, report on Worker Education Centre.

Series 22:
Financial records. -- 1948-1989. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 38:
F.1 Balance sheet and statements, 1948-1950
F.2 Order forms, 1977
F.3 Correspondence and statements, 1978-1989
F.4 Per capita tax, 1979-1982
F.5 Misc. receipts, 1981-1985
F.6 Per capita tax, 1982
F.7 M. Gawrylash, financial inventory, 1982
F.8 Hamilton Municipal Employees Credit Union, 1981-1985. See also Box 26, F.30.
F.9 Treasurer’s report, 1982
F.10 Per capita tax, 1983
F.11 Expense vouchers, 1983-1986
F.12-3 Petty cash receipts, 1985-1992
F.14 Financial statement, 1985
F.15 Financial statement, 1986
F.16 Cheque stubs, 1986
F.17 Expenditures, 1987-1988
F.18 Financial reports, 1988-1990
F.19 Correspondence and financial circulars, 1988-1990
F.20 Correspondence, 1989

Series 23:
Seniority lists. -- 1952-1990. -- 10 cm of textual records (Box 38). -- Title based on content of series.

F.21 1952
F.22 1958
F.23 1963
F.24 1964-1965
F.25 1965
F.26 1978
F.27 1981-1984
F.28 Regional, 1983-1984
F.29 Civic, 1985
F.30 Regional, 1985
F.31 1985-1987
F.32 1987-1989
F.33 1990

Series 24:
Leaves of absence. -- 1980-1990. -- 12 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 39:
Series consists of correspondence, lists, and financial records for Local 5 members requesting leaves of absence from work for union business.
F.1 City, 1980-1981
F.2 City, 1980-1982
F.3 Region, 1982-1984
F.4 City, 1984-1986
F.5 Region, 1984-1986
F.6 City, 1986-1988
F.7 Region, 1986-1988
F.8-9 City, 1986-1987
F.10-1 Region, 1988-1989
F.12 Region, 1990

Series 25:
Workmen’s Compensation Board. -- 1979-1997. -- 8 cm of textual records (Box 39). -- Title based on content of series.

Individual cases:
F.13 Roy Edwards, 1979-1982
F.14 Jim Ellis, 1982
F.15 Tony Green, 1988-1989
F.16 Russell Webb, 1984
F.17 Various cases, 1980-1982
F.18 Various cases, 1981-1984
F.19 Various cases, 1984-1985
F.20-2 Hamilton-Oakville Health and Safety and Workmen’s Compensation Board Steering committee, 1996-1997. See also Health and safety series, Boxes 22-24.

Series 26:
Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (OWAHC), Hamilton, Ont.. -- 1989-1996. -- 40 cm of textual records (Boxes 40-41). -- Title based on content of series.

Box 40:
F.1-8 Notes made by Ed Thomas (who was involved in getting Hamilton chosen as the site), letters of support from politicians and others in support of the centre, news clippings, and proposals that contractors made to OWAHC for renovations to the Custom House, the building which houses the centre. Some of the proposals are bound and not placed within file folders.

Box 41:
F.1-9 Brief on OWAHC that was submitted to the Mayor of Hamilton; minutes of the OWAHC Advisory committee; OWAHC Board of Directors minutes; minutes of OWAHC’s Building, Outreach, Fundraiser, Programming, Exhibits, and Executive committees; some articles on members of OWAHC’s Board; pamphlets on exhibits, and copies of OWAHC’s newsletter Worklines.

Series 27:
Sound recordings and moving images. -- 1990-1996. -- 82 mini audio cassettes : 1 audio cassette : 3 video cassettes. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 42:
Mini audio-cassettes. This listing prepared by Ed Thomas. The cassettes contain interviews with various people concerning the history of Local 5, and the recording of meetings, rallies, and protests. The cassettes have not been numbered.

T.1 Meeting of CUPE Locals 5, 1344, 167, 1041, Operating Engineers Local 772, and Ontario Nurses Association Local 50 with regard to the Social Contract.

T.2 August 1993 - Special Local 5 Stewards’ meeting and membership ratification meeting re Social Contract.

T.3-4 July 10, 1993 - Two audio cassettes of a rally in Toronto with regard to Social Contract.

T.5 June 17, 1993 - Rally at Boat Club and meeting of Hamilton District Labour Council re Social Contract.

T.6 May 28, 1993 - Rally at City Hall re Social Contract.

T.7 June 29, 1993 - Special Meeting Local 5 re Social Contract.

T.8 July 27, 1993 - Wake & Rally at City Hall organized by OPSEU re Social Contract. Also Local 5 ratification meeting.

T.9 June 22, 1996 - CUPE all-presidents meeting held in Toronto re Social Contract.

T.10 Parks #2 Operations meeting, chaired by Ed Thomas. Note: some of this audio cassette covers the Social Contract.

T.11 July 23, 1996 - Meeting with CUPE Locals 5, 167, 932, 974, 1344, 1006, 786, 1041, and Firefighters Local 288 re Social Contract.

T.12 April 11, 1996 - CUPE Team Hamilton follow-up meeting to Days of Action.

T.13 January 1996 - Regional Council meeting regarding reprisals for Regional employees participating in the Hamilton Days of Action.

T.14 January 24, 1996 - Judy Darcy, National President of CUPE and Sid Ryan, CUPE Ontario President re Hamilton Days of Action.

T.15 February 23 and 24, 1996 - Hamilton Days of Action.

T.16 February 8, 1996 - CUPE Team Hamilton meeting re Hamilton Days of Action.

T.17 February 4, 1996 - Hamilton Days of Action.

T.18 February 13, 1996 - City Council meeting and meeting at Hill Crest re Hamilton Days of Action.

T.19 March 7, 1996 - Conference call with Team Hamilton & CUPE director Julie Davis about Hamilton Days of Action.

T.20 November 1993 - Meeting with CUPE Locals 5, 167, 1344 and 1041 concerning the raiding of Local 5 by the Labourers’ International Union of North America. See also Box 46, F.1.

T.21 November 24, 1993 - Special Local 5 Meeting to discuss the downsizing in the Sanitation Section. Also the raiding of Local 5 by the Labourers’ International Union of North America.

T.22 December 6, 1993 - Meeting with CUPE Local 5, Labourers Union, and the Canadian Labour Congress re the raiding that was occurring on Local 5 by the Labourers’ International Union of North America.

T.23 February 4, 1996 - Meeting at Teamster’s Hall with representatives from OFL and the various unions. The meeting was the kick-off meeting for the Days of Action.

T.24 April 3, 1996 - Press conference by the Hamilton Against Workfare Coalition.

T.25 May 7, 1996 - Rally at City Hall organized by the Hamilton Against Workfare Coalition.

T.26-31 Six audio cassettes of various articles that appeared in The Outsider, Local 5’s newsletter--the audio cassettes are just some of the highlights of the newsletter. These audio cassettes cover the period 1952 to 1978.

T.32 August 23, 1990 - Interview with Ann Jones, Hamilton Wentworth Regional Chair, about her involvement in dealing with Local 5 from 1973 to 1978 and Gil Levine, Director of CUPE Research about the strike of 1973. See also tapes 35-36.

T.33 Stephen Lewis, leader of the New Democratic Party speaking at the CUPE National Convention in Vancouver in 1980s and Lofty McMillian, CUPE organizer discussing the strike of 1973.

T.34 August 14, 1990 - Interview with Jim Inrig, President of Local 5 about the strike of 1973.

T.35-36 Interview with Gil Levine, CUPE Research Director, about the strike of 1973 and also Keealy Cummings about Local 5’s earlier days, 1940s and 1950s. Gil Levine’s interview is on three audio cassettes. (See tape 32 for remainder of interview.)

T.37-41 Five audio cassettes of an interview with Stan Little, first National President of CUPE. He talks about the National Organization Civic Utilities and Electrical Workers (1944-1953), National Union of Public Service Employees (1953-1963), the merger of the National Union of Employees (1953-1963), the merger of the National Union of Public Service Employees and the National Union of Public Employees into CUPE (1956-1963), and Local 5’s strike of 1973. On one of the audio cassettes is an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Hicks about their experiences during the depression of the 1930s.

T.42 Senator Eugene Forsey talking to Ed Thomas. Also on this audio cassette is an interview with Joe Cave, resident of Macassa Lodge, about life in the 1930s.

T.43 January 22, 1996 - Meeting with Hamilton CUPE leadership discussing Days of Action.

T.44 March 1, 1996 - CUPE all-presidents meeting held in Toronto at the Constellation Hotel. Speakers on this audio cassette are Sid Ryan, CUPE Ontario Division President; Judy Darcy, CUPE National President; other people from different CUPE Sectors and Lia Castleman, President of OPSEU (she talks about the OPSEU strike). The audio cassette also concerns possible job action by CUPE members. This was one of the first CUPE meetings leading up to the Ontario Federation of Labour’s Days of Action. These days of actions were held in Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, London, Sudbury, Kitchener, Windsor, North Bay, etc.

T.45 September 26, 1996 - Interview with Bill Fraser Jr., son of president of Local 5 during the 1950s about his father’s involvement with Local 5 during the strike of 1950, etc.

T.46-47 July 16, 1990 - Interview with Mrs. Crawford, resident Macassa Lodge, about her life during the 1930s. Also an interview with Herb Barker, past President of Local 167 about his local’s involvement with Local 5 in the 1950s, etc. The second Barker audio cassette also contains an interview with Bob Rose, past President of Local 5.

T.48 August 16, 1990 - Special Local 5 membership meeting on creating a full-time officer’s position for Local 5.

T.49 1990 - Interview with Ollie Wilson, past executive member of Local 5 and member of the Negotiating Committee during the strike of 1950.

T.50 November 16, 1992 - CUPE National holds a meeting with all the Hamilton locals about what to do with the building at 231 Bay St. North. The National Secretary-Treasurer and her staff were at this meeting.

T.51-53 1990 - Interview with Larry Byers, retired member of Local 5 who served overseas with F.O. Rogers, Recording Secretary of Local 5 for 33 years. Also three audio cassettes of an interview with Ellen Fairclough, who was on the Hamilton Board of Control, re the strike of 1950. The second audio cassette contains an interview with Grace Hartman who was a past national president of CUPE. She discusses her involvement with Local 5 during the 1970s and 1980s, with a brief mention of the hospital strike of 1981. The third audio cassette contains an interview with Harold Booth, a resident of Macassa Lodge, about his memories of the 1930s.

T.54 Interview with Patty Patterson, chauffeur to both Mayor Sam Lawrence and Mayor Jackson. Patty was also a very close cousin and friend of F.O. Rogers past Recording Secretary of Local 5. Paterson talks about Rogers, the person.

T.55 1994 - Interview with George Bould past Executive Board member of Local 5.

T.56-57 July 1992 - Interview with Joe Monkley, past President of Local 5 after the strike of 1973. Also an interview with Gord McDonald, Local 5 staff representative, during the strike of 1973. Note: Monkley is also interviewed on another audio cassette with Ray Whitehead and Jack McDonald, staff representatives talking about their involvement with Local 5.

T.58 Interview with Joe O’Grady past Executive Board member of Local 5 about the strike of 1950.

T.59 Interview with Jack Meckeller, past President of Local 5 for the years 1959 & 1960.

T.60 Interview with Stan Patrick, Executive Board member of Local 5 1960 to 1963.

T.61 December 21, 1993 - Parks and Recreation Committee meeting, City Hall re the structuring of the golf courses of King’s Forest and Chedoke. Local 5 members would be affected by this.

T.62 September 10, 1996 - Dedication of Memorial Urn Garden at Mountain Cemetery for Bill Morden, member of Local 5. Bill was pinned between the garbage truck he was working on and a pick-up truck on February 14, 1996; he died the following day. People speaking on this audio cassette are the mayor of Hamilton and CUPE National Health and Safety Director Colin Lambert.

T.63-65 September 30, 1993 - Three audio cassettes of Lean Machine Conference (Total Quality Management--Team Concept, Quality Working Life) held in Port Elgin. Ed Thomas is heard on one of these audio cassettes co-facilitating one of the workshops. He talks about the City of Hamilton Performance Excellence Program. Also heard on these audio cassettes is Rob Farley, president of Local 1. He talks about the Social Contract.

T.66-67 November 1, 1991 - Interviews with Jimmy Walker and Elvin Ladd, past executive members of the National Organization of Civic Utilities and Electrical Workers. This Union was chartered in 1944 to 1953, the prelude to the National Union of Public Service Employees which became CUPE in 1963. Note: Jimmy Walker’s interview is on two audio cassettes.

T.68 1993 - Interview with Fred Taylor, Vice-President of the National Union of Public Employees. He talks about the merger of his union with the National Union of Public Service Employees as CUPE in 1963.

T.69 July 13, 1995 - Interview with Bill Scanlan, a City of Hamilton labour councillor during the strike of 1973.

T.70 January 18, 1995 - Interview with Stan Roberts, past president and Executive Board member of Local 5 during the 1950s and 1960s. [The cassette case with this description was empty at the time of donation. An additional cassette with 'Stan Roberts' written on it is in the box and maybe the material listed here.]

T.71 Autobiography of Ed Thomas - The audio cassette concerns the highlights of his involvement with Local 5 from 1981 to 1996.

T.72 "Oliver Hodges, CCL. CCL Strike. Joy & Oliver. 1950". [This was not included in the original listing. Description transcribed from note on cassette.]

Video cassettes:

T.73 Debate between Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario and Terry Cooke, Hamilton Regional chairperson, 1996. Also file of correspondence concerning the debate.
T.74 Workfare Public Forum, 1996.
T.75 Hazardous Wastes with Ed Thomas. The video contains footage of interviews with people on the subject of Hazardous Wastes. Ed Thomas discusses his involvement with the Brampton St. Dump, 1993. Also file of correspondence, new clips.

Series 28:
Book and diaries of Ed Thomas. -- 1932-1998. -- 49 cm of textual records (Boxes 43 and 44). -- 3 photographs. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 43:
The Crest of the Mountain: The Rise of CUPE Local Five In Hamilton. One copy of the book is in F.1. Another copy has been catalogued for Research Collections.

F.1 The Crest of the Mountain.
F.2 Five letters, 1989, from Senator Eugene Forsey to Ed Thomas with regard to writing the history of Local 5. Also a draft manuscript of the history of Local 5 that Forsey commented on. Colour photograph of Forsey and Ed Thomas.
F.3 Letters of support for Ed Thomas on his project to write the history of Local 5. Includes letters from Bob Storey, Professor of Labour Studies, McMaster University; Ed Broadbent, Bob Rae, David Peterson, Andy Brandt, Geoff Scott and Stan Keyes; Michael R. Stokes, President of CUPE Ontario Division; Jeff Rose, CUPE National President; and others, 1989.
F.3a Correspondence concerning the book, 1989-1995, including grant application.
F.4 Correspondence concerning the book, 1995-1996.
F.5 Financial contributions to the book, 1991-1992.
F.6 Book launch, conventions, panels, talks, 1995
F.7 Ed Thomas’ expenses, 1994-1995
F.8 Student assistant
F.9 Receipts from book sales, 1996
F.10 Drafts of book
F.10a Proofs
F.11 Reviews of book
F.12-3 Interviews and research notes. Includes interviews with past members of Local 5, the mayor, CUPE representatives, and politicians, on the history of Local 5 from 1944 to 1980s. See also Box 42 for audio cassettes of these interviews.
F.14-9 Research notes

Original materials collected by Ed Thomas
F.20 Correspondence, 1932-1947. Letters to Wm. H. L. Fraser.
F.21 Union membership lists, 1943-
F.22 Separation from Local 794 in 1960
F.23 Photographs: 1 colour, 1 b&w
F.24 Hamilton Spectator, scattered issues, 1942-1945

Photocopies collected by Ed Thomas from National Archives of Canada, York University, and elsewhere.

Box 44:
F.1 Ed Thomas diary, 1987-1997
F.2 Ed Thomas diary, 1991-1994
F.3 Ed Thomas diary, 1997
F.4 Ed Thomas diary, 1998
F.5 Ed Thomas, autobiographical notes, 1993, n.d. See also Box 42 for audio cassette.
F.6 Ed Thomas, personal documents
F.7 Articles by and about Ed Thomas, 1995
F.8-11 Trial proceedings against Ed Thomas and Dave Michor. Includes correspondence and reports relating to these two trials, 1994.
F.12 Ed Thomas’s nomination of F. O. Rogers, former Recording-Secretary of Local 5, to the Canadian Labour Hall of Fame, 1994.

Series 29:
News clippings, scrapbooks, other printed materials. -- 1949-1996. -- 49 cm of textual records (Boxes 45-46). -- Title based on content of series.

Box 45:
See also news clippings in Box 43.
Scrapbook 1. News clippings on hospital and garbage strikes, 1966-1968.
Scrapbook 2. News clippings, 1965-1986
Scrapbook 3. News clippings, 1949-1965
Scrapbook 4. News clippings, 1984-1993
Scrapbook 5. News clippings, 1949-1985

Box 46:
See also news clippings in Box 43.
F.1-2 News clippings, 1971
F.3 News clippings, 1993
F.4 News clippings, 1993-1995
F.5 News clippings, 1995-1996
F.6 Printed notices, 1983-1988

Series 30:
Other locals and other unions. -- 1977-1994. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- See also Boxes 5 and 11.

Box 47:
F.1 Raiding of Local 5 by Labourers’ International Union of North America, 1993. Includes minutes of meetings with other CUPE locals, minutes of a special Local 5 meeting on the raid, notes of a meeting between representatives of Local 5, the Labourers’ Union and the Canadian Labour Congress; also has a copy of Newsfive Revived with an article about the raid; copies of correspondence from CUPE National and a letter from the Labourers’ Union stating they have called off the raid. See also Box 42 for audio cassettes of meetings dealing with this raid.

F.2 Photographers’ Union, 1982-1986.
F.3 Other locals, officers’ lists, 1977, n.d.
F.4 Other locals: Locals 44, 786
F.5-8 Hamilton-Wentworth Federation of Unions, 1993-1994

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