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Colombo, John Robert

John Robert Colombo fonds. – 5th accrual. – 1950-2016. – 14.3 m of textual records, graphic materials and printed materials and media. — Title based on contents of the fonds.

Note: JRC in finding aid refers to John Robert Colombo

Series 1

QuasiBooks. – 1983-2006. – 2.5 m of textual records and printed material. – Title based on the contents of the series.

Note: The series Quasi-books is in alphabetical order by title. Titles with quotation marks denote original file titles. Titles within brackets are derived from title pages. These are camera ready artwork for books written largely by JRC, issued, complied and sold in the 1980s.  They were issued as photocopied, cerlox-bound books that bridged the gap between the publications bearing the Hawkshead Press imprint of the 1950s and 1960s and the Colombo & Co. editions (C&C) or Battered Silicon Dispatch Box (BSDB), that began to appear in the 1990s.

Box numbering is continuous from the previous accrual. Text in quotation marks denotes original file title unless otherwise indicated.

Boxes 99-109 authored by JRC

Box 99

F.1 A is for Aphorism.  2006.

F.2 All About Us.  1998.

F.3 Autumn in August.  2006.

F.4 “Book of Canada” (Colombo’s Book of Canada).  1998.

F.5 “Book of Canada” (Colombo’s Book of Canada).  1998.

F.6 Briefs: Certain Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo.  2001.

F.7 “Bucke” (The New Consciousness: Selected Papers of Richard Maurice Bucke).  1997.

F.8 Canadian Capers.  2000.

F.9 “China” (The Great Wall of China). 1996.

Box 100

F.1 Close Encounters of the Canadian Kind.  1994.

F.2 Closer Than You Think.  1998.

F.2 Colombo’s Concise Canadian Quotations.  1998.

F.3 Colombo’s Concise Canadian Quotations.  1998.

F.4 Contrails: New Poems and New Effects.  1996.

F.5 “Double” (Colombo’s Double Book of Laws and Last Words)1982, 1995.

F.7 Earlier Lives: Old Poems and New Effects.  1996.

F.8 Erotica Canadiana.  1995.

F.9 “Ether/Rewords” (Ether: Notions and Emotions) (Rewords: One Thousand More Poems).  1997.

Box 101

F.1 Far Star: Poems and Effects.  2001.

F.2 Foundlings: Uncollected Found Poetry.  2002.

F.3 Ghosts in Our Past.  2000.

F.4 Ghosts Galore! Personal Accounts of Hauntings in Canada.  1994.

F.5 Half a World Away.  2000.

F.6 Half Life: Poems and Effects.  2002.

F.7 “Humour of Us” (The Humour of Us: An Anthology of Canadian Jokes and Anecdotes).  2001.

Box 102

F.1 “Hungarians” (Some Hungarian Poets).  1995.

F.2 Impromptus: One Thousand Poems.  2000.

F.3 Incredible Canadiana.  2000.

F.4 Interspaces: Some Poems, Some Effects.  1999.

F.5 Iron Curtain: Humour of the Soviet Union.  1996.

F.6 Ironic Curtains: The Humour of the Communist World.  2004.

F.7 “Jokes” (666 Canadian Jokes).  1996.

F.8 Kidstuff: A Collection of Light Canadian Lore for Children of All Ages.  1996.

F.9 Lambert’s Day: An Appreciation of R.S. Lambert.  1999.

F.10 “Leacock” (The Stephen Leacock Quote Book).  1996.

F.11 “Little Book of Canadian Proverbs” (Colombo’s Little Book of Canadian Proverbs, Graffiti, Limericks, and Other Vital Matters).  1997.

Box 103

F.1 Luna Park: One Thousand Poems.  1994.

F.2 Making Light: Occasional Writings of John Robert Colombo.  2002.

F.3 Many Mysteries.  2001.

F.4 “Mystery of the Shaking Tent” (The Mystery of the Shaking Tent).  1993.

F.5 “Mystery of the Shaking Tent” (The Mystery of the Shaking Tent).  1993.

F.6 “Map of Canada” (Quasibook Edition of the Writer’s Map of Canada).  1995.

F.7 Marvellous Stories: Strange Events and Experiences from Canada’s Past.  1998.

F.8 Metro’s Goldwyn Mayor: The Complete Malapropisms of Allan Lamport. 1995.

Box 104

F.1 Mostly Monsters.  1995.

F.2 More or Less: Poems and Effects.  2003.

F.3 More Iron Curtains.  1998.

F.4 Mysterious Canada.  1998.

F.5 Only in Canada: A Treasury of Canadian Humour.  2002.

F.6 Omnium Gatherum: John Robert Colombo’s Bibliography.  1994, 1995, 1997, 1998.

Box 105

F.1 Open Secrets: Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo.  2000.

F.2 Ones: One Thousand Poems.  2003.

F.3 Personal Effects: New Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo.  2003.

F.4 Parts of the World: New Poems and Effects.  2007.

F.5 Poems of the Inuit.  1981, 1997.

F.6 Say it Again, Sam: The Sayings of the Stars in Real Life and in Reel Life.  2003.

F.7 Self-Schrift.  1999.

F.8 Semi-Certainties: Some Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo.  1998.

F.9 Shapely Places: Instances of Imaginative Geography.  1996.

Box 106

F.1 Singular Stories: Tales of Wonder from 19th Century Canadian Newspapers.  1999.

F.2 Slightly Higher in Canada: A Treasury of Canadian Lore.  1996.

F.3 Small Wonders: An Anthology of Miniature Literary Compositions.  2000.

F.4 Songs of the Great Land.  1989, 1996.

F.5 Songs of the Indians.  1983, 1997.

F.6 Space Poems.  1995.

F.7 Strange Stories: Weird and Wonderful Experiences from Canada’s Past.  1994.

F.8 Three Mysteries of Nova Scotia.  1999.

Box 107

F.1 To Take from Life: Poems and Effects.  2005.

F.2 Uncommon Knowledge: A Dictionary of Aphorisms.  1996.

F.3 “UFO Quote Book” (The UFO Quote Book).  1999.

F.4 “Ukrainian and the Tractor” (The Ukrainian and the Tractor and Other Canadian Jokes and Anecdotes).  2002.

F.5 Voices of Rama.  1994.

F.6 Walt Whitman’s Canada.  1992.

F.7 Walt Whitman’s Canada.  1992.

Box 108

F.1 Walt Whitman’s Canada.  1992

F.2 “Webb” (The Occult Webb: An Appreciation of the Life and Work of James Webb).  1999.

F.3 We Stand On Guard: Poems and Songs of Canadians in Battle.  1985.

F.4 Weird Stories from 19th Century Canadian Newspapers.  2000.

F.5 What is What: New Poems, New Effects.  1998.

F.6 Windigo: An Anthology of Fact and Fantastic Fiction.  1982, 1997.

F.7 “Work and Canada” (The Work and Canada).   1999.

F.8 “Work and Canada” (The Work and Canada).   2003.

F.9 ‘Work and Canada” (The Work and Canada).  1999, 2002, 2003.

Box 109

F.1 “Work and Canada” (The Work in Canada).  2006.

F.2 Yes and No: New Poems, New Effects.  2004.

F.3 Yet More Iron Curtains.  2000.

Quasi-books by other Authors.  Note: For titles published by Ruth Colombo, please see Ruth Colombo fonds

Box 110

F.1 Bender, Peter Urs. Benderisms: Some Characteristic Remarks of Peter Urs Bender.  1998.

F.2 Butts, Ed. Buffalo: A Fable of the West.  1998.

F.3 Dunlop, Donna. What She Can Remember.  1998.

F.4 Dunlop, Donna. Spirit of the Crossroads: New and Selected Song Lyrics of Donna Dunlop.  2002.

F.5 “Gay”. Colombo, John Robert. Master of All Poets: The Life and Works of James Gay.  1996.

F.6 Hartt, Reg. Gilgamesh: The Epic Retold.  1997.

F.7 Huntington, Ralph. The True Canadian: An Original Novel of Canada An Epic of 2024 A.D.  2000.

F.8 Kostelanetz, Richard. Three Canadian Geniuses: Glenn Gould, Marshall McLuhan, Northrop Frye.  2001.

F.9 Lacey, Edward. The Collected Poems and Translations of Edward A. Lacey.  2000.

Box 111

F.1 Mason, Roger Burford. Somewhere Else.  1996.

F.2 Owen, Iris M. Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure in Psychokinesis.  2000.

F.3 “Owen”. Colombo, John Robert. Conjuring Up the Owens: A Tribute to Iris M. Owen and A.R.G. Owen.  1999.

F.4 Owen, Iris. My Many Lives.  2000.

F.5 Owen, R.G. Psychic Mysteries of Canada.  2000.

F.6 Richar, Gustav A. Cloud Lake.  1997.

Series 2

Articles, speeches, talks, columns, scripts, radio-plays and documentaries.  – 1968-2014.  –  96 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: The series is arranged chronologically by date except for radio-plays and documentaries (Box 117) which is arranged alphabetically. File titles derived from original files. The genre of the document appears in round brackets.

Box 112

F.1 “Colombo Quotes” (Television Shows) 1977.

F.2 “Can Lit Days” (Talks) February 17-18 1977.

F.3 “Talk on Multiculturalism” (Talks) February 13 1978.

F.4 “Talk and Reading at Beth Tzedek Synagogue” (Talks) February 18 1978.

F.5 “Canadian Topics Essay Contest” (Talks) February 24 1978.

F.6 “Notes on Creativity” (Talks) March 14 1978.

F.7 “Scaling Hamilton Mountain” (Talks) March 30 1978.

F.8 “The Arts in Canada: Our Sense of Intensity” (Talks) April 4 1978.

F.9 “On Being Alert” (Talks) May 10-15 1978.

F.10 “Colombo’s Dying Words” (Radio Scripts) September 13 1979.

F.11 “Colombo’s Short Forms” (Radio Scripts) September 13 1979.

F.12 “Meet the Monsters with Don Harron and John Robert Colombo” (Radio Scripts) April 11 1979.

F.13 “Morningside” (Radio Shows) 1979-1980.

F.14 “Bob McLean Show” (Television Shows) 1979-1981.

F.15 “Canadian Folk-Lore” (Articles) 1980s.

F.16 “Poetic Ideas” (Articles) 1980s.

F.17 “Some Fascinating Facts Canadians (and Others) Should Know About Bulgaria” (Articles) 1980s.

F.18 “Four Hundred Years of Fantastic Literature” (Talks) July 19 1980.

F.18a Notes and Slides for “400 Years of Fantastic Literature in Canada” (Talks) October 19 2016.

F.19 “The Souvenir” (Articles) April 1982.

F.20 “Philip Coulter Arts National” (Radio Scripts) October 27 1982

F.21 “A Biographical Write on Thomas P. Kelley” (Articles) 1983.

F.22 “CBC Radio” (Radio Scripts) 1984-1985.

F.23 “Halloween Talk” (Talks) October 23 1985.

F.23a “Axioms of Authorship” (Article for Globe & Mail) 1985

F.24 “Firearms” (Articles) January 26 1988.

F.24a “English Language” (Articles) August 7 1988.

F.25 “Fifty Futures” (Articles) 1989.

F.26 “The Bob McLean Show” (Television Shows) 1989.

F.26a “JRC’s Favourite Book” (Radio Talks) February 3 1989.

F.27 “Great Canadian Quotes Everybody Should Know” (Talks) April 17 1989.

F.27a Untitled (Articles) May 24 1989.

F.28 “The Loon in Life and Lore” (Articles) August 29 1989.

F.29 “What We Know About the Future” (Talks) November 13 1989.

F.30 “Unpublished Pasts and Futures” (Articles) December 1989.

F.31 “One and Two Word Quotations and References’ (Articles) 1980s-1990s.

F.32 “An Appreciative Forward” (Articles) 1990s.

F.33 “Aphorisms for Readers and Writers” (Articles) 1990s.

F.34 “Assistant Editor” (Articles) 1990s.

F.35 “Canada in the Space Age” (Articles) 1990s.

F.36 “Colombo’s Ten Canadian Quotations Everyone in this Country Should Recognize” (Articles) 1990s.

F.37 “Love and Marriage” (Articles) 1990s.

F.38 “Mysterious Canada” (Articles) 1990s.

F.39 “Quotable Quotes of the 1990s” (Articles) 1990s.

F.40 “Second Advance Landing” (Articles) 1990s.

F.41 “The Characteristic Seasons” (Articles) 1990s.

F.42 “The Love of the Law” (Articles) 1990s.

F.43 “The Quotable P.E.T.” (Articles) 1990s.

F.44 “Canadian Fantastic Quotations” (Articles) 1990s.

Box 113

F.1 “Colombo’s Neologisms” (Articles) April 11 1990.

F.2 “Canadian Fantastic Literature: Its Future Prospects” (Talks) June 30 1990.

F.3 “Mysteries, Myths, Monsters, Treasures…Things that be Bump in the Night” (Radio Talks) November 19 1990.

F.4 “John Robert Colombo’s Strange but True” (Articles) 1991.

F.5 “A Name by Any Other Name” (Articles) 1992.

F.6 “Cuban-Canadian Address” (Talks) 1992.

F.7 “How Americans Quote Canadians” (Articles) 1992.

F.8 “Is Canada a Matter-of-Fact Place?” (Articles) 1992.

F.9 “Names and Nicknames” and “Quotable Toronto Quotes (Articles) 1992.

F.10 Nomen est Cognomen (Articles) 1992.

F.11 “Notable, Quotable Ontario” (Articles) 1992.

F.12 “One Dozen Canadianisms” (Articles) 1992.

F.13 “What’s the School of Philosophy?” (Articles) 1992.

F.14 “Writers’ Places in Toronto” (Articles) 1992.

F.15 “Canadiana: Odds and Sods” (Articles) March 1992.

F.16 “Witchcraft” (Columns) March 30 1992.

F.17 “Notes for the Tribute to Judith Merrill” (Talks) October 15 1992.      

F.18 “Strange But True: Symbolic Geography” (Articles) September 1992.

F.19 “What’s Better than Being a Canadian?” (Talks) April 22 1993.

F.20 “Canada Day” (Articles) 1994.

F.21 “Talk for Ontario Association of Library Technicians” (Talks) May 28 1994.

F.22 “Times-Colonist Articles” (Articles) June 3 1994.

F.23 “UFO Update Series: The Seven Eras of Ufology” (Talks) July 21 1994.

F.24 “Memories of Carl Dair and the Times – His and Mine” (Talks) October 1 1994.

F.25 “Autobiographical Series” (Articles) 1995.

F.26 “Japanese Scenes” (Talks) 1995.

F.27 “Spiritual Institute Grand Opening” (Talks) June 5, 11 1995.

F.28 “As it Happens Studio” (Talks) June 23 1995.

F. 29 “The Our Humour” (Talks) August 3 1995.  

F.30 “UFO and Alien Symposium” (Talks) October 20 1995.

F.31 “Tribute to JRC in Budapest, Hungary” (Talks) 1995-1996.

F.32 “Tagore Our Contemporary” (Talks) 1996.

F.33 “Mysterious Ontario” (Talks) February 18 1996.

F.34 “Canadiana Quiz” (Radio Talks) February 29 1996.

F.35 “666 Canadian Jokes” (Radio Talks) April 19 1996.

F.35a “Five Ghost stories for CBC Radio’s “Later the Same Day””.  October 9, 1996.

F.36 “Proprietary Interests” (Talks) November 5 1996.

F.37 “Canada’s Mysteries” (Talks) April 17 1997.

F.38 “Why We Laugh: Canadian Humour?” (Talks) May 15 1997. 

F.39 “Giving Birth to Our Divinity” (Articles) November-December 1997.

F.40 “Colombo’s Great Canadian Achievements” (Radio Talks) January 31 1997.

F.41 “The 1999 Canadian Global Almanac” (Talks) 1998-1999.

F.42 “Leslie Croutch Our Contemporary “(Talks) June 19-20 1999.

Box 114

F.1 “Ghosts in the Movies and in Real Life” (Talks) January 20 2000.

F.2 “Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society” (Talks) October 12 2000.

F.3 “An Evening with John Robert Colombo” (December 20 2000).

F.4 “Salute to Canada” (Articles) 2001.

F.5 “Notes for an Evening of Tribute for Edward A. Lacey” (Talks) March 28 2001.

F.6 “Stephen Leacock Award for Humour Awards Dinner” (Talks) May 24 2001.

F.7 “Edmonton Theosophical Society” (Talks) June 20 2001.

F.8 “Reclaiming Canada’s Mysterious Past” (Talks) August 10 2001.

F.9 “Adventures in Mysteries” (Talks) August 21 2001.

F.10 “Three Anecdotes” (Talks) October 13 2001.         

F.11 “Psychic Unfair” (Talks) October 27 2001.

F.12 “The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes” (Talks) November 13 2001.

F.13 “Mysteries and Our Belief in Them” (Talks) April 12 2002.

F.14 “Ghosts of the Future” (Talks) May 21 2002.

F.15 “Idea City” (Talks) June 19 2002.

F.16 “Notes for a Talk at Art Bar” (Talks) July 5 2002.

F.17 “In Praise of Superstition” (Talks) July 21 2002.

F.18 “In Praise of Superstition” (Talks) September 13 2002.

F.19 “Ghosts: Research, Investigation, and Ethics” (Talks) October 13 2003.

F.20 “The Quotable Jean Chretien” (Articles) October 26 2003.

F.21 “World of Worlds” (Talks) November 14 2003.

F.22 “Book Review of Oxford Companion to Canadian History” (Articles) 2004.

F.23 “Notes for a Talk at the Toronto Theosophical Society” (Talks) February 22-24 2004.

F.24 “Sandalwood Thoughts” (Talks) June 7 2004.

F.25 “On Being Named to the Order of Canada” (Talks) August 16 2004.

F.26 “Peter Urs Bender’s Birthday Party” (Talks) September 9 2004. 

F.27 “Ghosts and Spirits” (Talks) November 21 2004.

F.28 “Master of Ceremonies, Federico Allodi’s Launch” (Talks) November 26 2004.

F.29 “Eulogy for Peters Urs Bender” (Talks) March 11 2005.

F.30 “Launch of William Toye’s ‘On Canadian Literature’” (Talks) June 16 2005.

F.31 “Brief Tribute to the Memory of Peters Urs Bender” (Talks) September 9 2005.

F.32 “A Multilingual Week” (Talks) 2006.

F.33 “Introducing Gianna Patriarcha” (Talks) March 1 2006.

F.34 “Swansea and the Myth of Canada” (Talks) April 5 2006.

F.35 “Theosophy and Denis Saurat” (Talks) April 24 2006

F.36 “Outline for Talk on Northrop Frye & Esoteric Thought” (Talks) September 22 2006.

F.37 “Panel Discussion: Toronto SF” (Talks) November 10 2006.

F.38 “Another Haunted House for Toronto” (Talks) February 3 2007.

F.39 “Another Haunted House for Toronto” (Talks) March 10 2007.

F.39a “ Some Comments to mark the occasion of the 80th birthday of John Smallridge”.  London, Ontario April 19, 2008.

F.40 “Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library” (Talks) November 7 2007.

F.40a“Tribute to Kamal Dhakal”.  (Tribute) June 13, 2008

F.41 “Celebration of James George’s 90th Birthday” (Talks) September 14 2008

F.42 “Ghost Talk and Walk in Hamilton” (Talks) October 10 2008.

F.43 “Launch of ‘Swim Glass’ by George Whipple” (Talks) November 7 2008.

Box 115

F.1 “Comments by JRC” (Talks) March 6 2009.

F.2 “Humanist of the Year” (Talks) May 10 2009.

F.3 “Up, Up, and About!” (Talks) August 9 2009.

F.4 “Spirits of Canada” (Talks) September 3 2009.

F.5 “Ghosts and Where to Find Him” (Talks) October 24 2009.

F.6 “Ghosts of Toronto and Spirits of Canada” (Talks) December 1 2009.

F.7 “The Importance of Anthologizing” (Talks) 2009-2011.

F.8 “A Verdant Green” (Talks) March 4 2010.

F.9 “Anthologies and Anthologizing” (Talks) April 10 2010.

F.10 “Polaris” (Talks) July 16 2010.

F.11 “Do Ghosts Exist?” (Talks) October 17 2010.

F.12 “Why Everyone Believes in Ghosts” (Talks) October 27 2010.

F.13 “Wordstock” (Talks) September 20 2011.

F.14 “Comments on the Order of Canada” (Talks) February 16 2012.

F.15 “Speech at Jonathan 50th, and Cathie’s 46th (and Theo’s 40th)” (Talks) July 13 2013.

F.16 “The Raymond Souster Award” (Talks) June 8 2013.

F.17 “50th Anniversary Celebration of Marie and Rod Adams” (Talks) August 10 2013.

F.18 “Four Hundred Years of Rob Sawyer” (Talks) August 19 2013.

F.19 “Greetings on Jim’s 95th Birthday” (Talks) September 24 2013.

F.20 “Celebration of Beth Bruder’s Birthday” (Talks) September 25 2013.

F.21 “A Tribute to Bob Beardsley” (Talks) December 5 2013.

F.22 “Ghosts and Other Literary Matters” (Talks) October 20 2014.     

F.23 “Become Your Own Publisher” (Talks) November 6 2014.

Box 116

Note: The files in this box are arranged alphabetically and are undated.

F.1 “A Causerie on ‘O Canada’ for July the First” (Articles).

F.2 “Canada: A Collage of Quotations” (Talks).

F.3 “Canada’s a Ghostly Place – or There are Spirits Among Us” (Talks).

F.4 “Canada and the Imagination of Disaster” (Articles).

F.5 “Canadian Culture Means Culture in Canada” (Talks).

F.6 “Canadian Fantastic Quotations” (Articles).

F.7 “Colombo’s Lexicon for the 1980s” (Articles).

F.7a “Consider Her Ways” by John Wyndham, typed excerpt from 1947 edition.(Articles).

F.8 “Fine Art of Editing” (Talks).

F.9 “Foreword: Can Such Things Be?” (Articles).

F.9a “How Apt are Aptonyms! (Articles).

F.9b “Jerry Goodis: A Personal View” (Articles).

F.10 “O Canada! Is not bad” (Articles).

F.11 “Our Cosmopolitans: The Ethnic Canadian Writer in a Provincial Society” (Articles).

F.12 “Publishing and Nationalism” (Talks).

F.12a “Publishing and Writing in Canada” (Articles).

F.13 “Publishing in Canada” (Talks).

F.13a “Sage Observations” (Articles).

F.14 “T is for Toronto” (Articles).

F.15 “Tesseracts ‘Forward’” (Articles).

F.16 “Text Non-Books” (Talks).

F.17 “Three Kinds of Editing” (Talks).

F.18 “Toronto in Quotation Marks” (Articles).

F.19 “The Book Report” (Radio Scripts).

F.19a Untitled (Articles).

F.20 Untitled (Talks).

F.21 Untitled (Talks).

F.22-25 Index cards in holograph, with notes for speeches and talks.

Box 117  (Radio Plays, Drama, Documentary)

Titles are in alphabetical order

F.1 “An Ode to the Present Queen” (Radio Play) June 02 1997.

F.2 Aphorisms on Various Topics (Writing) n.d.

F.3 “A Tribute to the Times” (Radio Play) March 10 1968.

F.4 Between Ourselves “A Confederation Collage” (Radio Play) n.d.

F.5 “Christmas Lore” (Radio Play) December 22 1970.

F.6 “Doctor of Mysticism (Radio Play) December 15 1970.

F.7 “From the Beginning to the End” (Radio Play) 1970.

F.8 “Great Cities of Antiquity” (Radio Play) 1969.

F.9 “Growing Up in Waterloo County” (Radio Play) July 18 1970.

F.10 “History of Science Fiction in Canada” and Colombo’s Other Canada’s on Anthology” (Radio Play) November 17 1979.

F.11 “How Can You Tell the Water from the Wave?” (Radio Play) 1980s.

F.12 “Kaleidoscope” (Radio Play) 1971.

F.13 “Mackenzie’s Canada (And Strachans’s) An Entertainment for Three Voices” (Radio Play) 1968.

F.14 “Man on High” (Radio Play) 1970.

F.15 “Office Memo,” “After Hanging a Dream,” and “Symphonie Fantastique” (Radio Play) 1970s.

F.16 “One Dozen Canadian Contexts” (Radio Play) 1970s.

F.17 Podcasts (Radio Play) 2010.

F.17a “Songs of the Indians” (Radio Plays) May-June 1984.

F.18 Scripts for “Reach for the Top” (Drama) 1980-1981.

F.19 “The Bohemian Embassy” and Irreverent Coffee House” (Documentary) November 11 2002.

F.20 “The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Documentary) 1970s.

F.21 “The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Radio Play) 1970s.

F.22 “Various Voices” (Radio Play) n.d.

F.23 “Voices” (Radio Play) 1970.

F.24 “Voices: The Mighty Thunder (Radio Play) December 1 1970.

F.25 “Work Play: A Composition for Radio (Radio Play) 1980s

Series 3

Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy.  -- 1980-1986. –  1.9 m of textual records and printed material.  – Title based on contents of series.

Box 118             

Note: These boxes contain extensive holographic notes, typescripts, correspondence and printed materials.

 Authors A – L

F.1 Aspler, Tony.

F.2 Beck, Adams L.

F.3 Bedford-Jones, H.

F.4 Birney, Earle.

F.5 Blackwood, Algernon

F.6 Chapman, John L.

F.7 Clute, John.

F.8 Coney, Michael G.

F.9 Croutch, Leslie A.

F.10 Cuthbert, Chester D.

F.11 Davies, Chandler.

F.12 Davies, Robertson.

F.13 Dunsany, Lord.

F.14 Flagg, Francis.

F.15 Gibson, William.

F.16 Godfrey, Dave.

F.17 Gottlieb, Phyllis.

F.18 Green, Terry.

F.19 Hargreaves, H.A.

F.20 Hill, Douglas.

F.21 Howard, Blanche.

F.22 Hull, E.M.

F.23 Kelley, Thomas P.

F.24 Ketterer, David.

F.25 Killian, Crawford.

F.26 Kingsbury, Donald.

F.27 Leacock, Stephen.

F.28 Llewellyn, Edward.

F.29 London, Jack.

Box 119  Authors M – Z

F. 1 MacEwen, Gwendolyn.

F.2 Macfadyen, Jr. A.

F.3 Manning, Lawrence.

F.4 Markoosie.

F.5 Mason, John Keith.

F.6 Merril, Judith.

F.7 Page, P.K.

F.8 Percy, H.R.

F.9 Petrie, Graham.

F.10 Priest, Robert.

F.11 Reid, Julian.

F.12 Roberts, Charles.

F.13 Robinson, Spider.

F.14 Rousseau, Victor.

F.15 Sawyer, Robert J.

F.16 Scobie, Stephen.

F.17 Scott, Duncan Campbell.

F.18 Sharpe, David.

F.19 Soderstrom, David.

F.20 Saunders, Charles R.

F.21 Stead, Robert.

F.22 Stringer, Arthur.

F.23 Sullivan, Alan.

F.24 Theriault, Yves.

F.25 Thomson, Edward William.

F.26 Tremblay, Michel.

F.27 Van Vogt, Alfred.

F.28 Wates, Cyril G.

F.29 Watson, Sheila.

F.30 Weiner, Andrew.

F.31 White, Cecil B.

F.32 Yates, Michael J. 

Box  120

F.1 “Can Fan Books”

F.2 “NFLD”

F.3 “SOL”

(Canadian Science Fiction and Fiction)

Box 121    

F.1 “Annual Anthology”

F.2 “Arctic and Hollow Earth”            

F.3 “Canadian Fantastic Publications”

F.4 “Canadian Literature and Films of the Fantastic”

F.5 “Canadian Science Fiction and Fiction”

F.6 “Centennius”

F.7 “Fantastic in the Arts Conference”

F.8 “Fantastic in Literature and Film Conference”

F.9 “Friendly Alien”

F.10 “Harbottle (Fearn)”

F.11 “John Bell”

Box  122

F.1 “Miscellaneous”

F.2 “Miscellaneous Research”

F.3 “Mysterious Fiction”

F.4 “Newton”

F.5 “Science Fiction and Fiction Art”

F.6 “Science Fiction in Bulgaria”

F.7 “Sky and Telescope”

F.8 “Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council”

F.9 “Solarians”

F.10 “Stardust: The Canadian Science Fiction Magazine”

F.11 “The Spaced Out Library”

F.12 “Torque”

F.13 “Yugoslavia”


 (Mysterious Canada) See also files in Correspondence Series.

Box 123

File Titles A-M     

F.1 “Alberta”

F.2 “At Death’s Door”

F.3 “Borley Rectory” The Most Haunted House in England”

F.4 “British Columbia”

F.5 “Dreams and Visions”

F.6 “Dundurn Ghost Book”

F.7 “Fate Magazine” (1)

F.8 “Fate Magazine” (2)

F.9 “Haunted Houses”

F.10 “Hazards of War”

F.11 “Incredible Occurrences”

F.12 “Manitoba”

F.13 “Mysterious Canada: Rejects, Revisions, etc.”

Box 124 File Titles N-Z     

F.1 “Native Ways”

F.2 “Newfoundland”

F.3 “New Brunswick”

F.4 “Northwest Territories”

F.5 “Nova Scotia”

F.6 “Ontario”

F.7 “Ontario’s Mysterious Places”

F.8 “Other Than Human”

F.9 “Peculiar Powers”

F.10 “Prince Edward Island”

F.11 “Quebec”

F.12 “Saskatchewan”

F.13 “Strange Visitors”

F.14 “Suggestive of Survival”

F.15 “The Literary Map of New York”

F.16 “Weird Warnings”

F.17 “Yukon”

Box  125

Research on Charlie Grant’s War


F.1 “Birth and Education (1900-1918)”

F.2 “Charlie Grant’s Life”

F.3 “Charlie Grant’s War”

F.4 “Charlie Grant’s War: Possible Outline of Contents (Books and Miscellaneous)

F.5 “Correspondence”

F.6 “Early Employment (1919-1923)”

F.7 “Early Postwar Years (1945-1960)”

Box 126


F.1 “Incarceration (1938-1945)”

F.2 “Interviews (Originals)”

F.3 “Invoices of Expenses”

F.4 “Late Postwar Years (1960-1980)

F.5 “Miscellaneous”

F.6 “Pre-War Vienna and London (1923-1938)”

F.7 “The Daily Hebrew Journal (1938 Passports)”

F.8 “Training Centre and Documents”

Box 127 Pulp Science Fiction writers on whom JRC wrote: Algernon Blackwood, Leslie Croutch, A.E. Van Vogt)

F.1 “Algernon Blackwood’s Canadian Tales of Terror” (research, correspondence, and copies)

F.2 “Blackwood Stories” (stories 1-4 as marked, cut and paste document)

F.3 “Blackwood Stories” (stories 5-8 as marked, cut and paste document)

Box 128 Research (Blackwood, Croutch, Van Vogt)

 Titles (from Original Box 19)

F.1 “Blackwood” (research and correspondence)

F.2 “Blackwood: A Golden Book Magazine, 1929” (research, journal)

F.3 “Blackwood M5”

F.4 “Blackwood: Promised Land Productions” (research, correspondence)

Box 129 Research (A.E. Van Vogt, T.P. Kelley, Croutch, J.R. Fearn)

F.1 “A.E. Van Vogt” (correspondence, notecards) 1981-1982.

F.2 “A.E. Van Vogt” (correspondence, photocopies) 1990.

F.3 “A.E. Van Vogt’s Canadian Science Fiction Stories” (Holograph, t.s. notes, photocopies, and correspondence) 1981.

F.4 “Dank Destroyer and Other Canadian Tales of the Future: by JRC” 2003.

F.5 “Memorates and Monsters” 2002-2006.

F.6 “Memorates and Others” (photocopies, correspondence) 2002.

F.7 “Traditionalism Gnosticism” 2001-2002.

Box 130

F.1 John Russell Fearn “Land’s End – Labrador.”                   

F.2 T.P. Kelley.   Undated research.                                                                                                                                                         

F.3 T.P. Kelley. 1983-1984.

F.4 Leslie A. Croutch “Miscellaneous Research.”

Series 4

Manuscripts and research materials. – 1956-2007. -- 3.0 m of textual records and printed materials. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 131

 Walt Whitman in Canada (Hounslow Press, 1992), co-authored by JRC and Cyril Greenland.

F.1 An Offprint from “American Literature” May 1975

F.2 Walt Whitman in Canada (Part I Manuscript)

F.3 Walt Whitman in Canada (Part II Manuscript)

F.4 Walt Whitman in Canada (Part III Manuscript)

F.5 Walt Whitman in Canada by Cyril Greenland and John Robert Colombo

F.6 Walt Whitman in Canada Description of Illustrations Reproduced from 1911

F.7 Walt Whitman in Canada Description of Illustrations Reproduced from 1911

F.8 Walt Whitman in Canada Printing Costs, Estimates, Correspondence with Cyril Greenland 1981

Box 132

F.1 Correspondence between John Robert Colombo and Elliott B. Macrae

F.2 “Walt Whitman and American Idealism” and “Whitman to America”

F.3 Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada

F.4 Photocopies of Photos, Mock-Up of Pages for Book

F.5 Photocopies, Correspondence, Sources, and Notes from 2004

F.6 (Bon Echo) “Whitman and Transcendentalism” and Correspondence

F.7 Miscellaneous Writing Relating to Richard M. Bucke

F.8 Richard M. Bucke List of Books and Correspondence

F.9 Miscellaneous Research

Box 133

F.1 “Continuing Interest”, Ts, Colombo’s Writing on Bucke, 1960.

F.2 “My Passionate Affair with R.M. Bucke, M.D. A True Romance” by Cyril Greenland and Photocopies of Walt Whitman’s Diary in Canada.

F.3 Research Photocopies and Correspondence 1980s.

F.4 Research Photocopies and Correspondence with Black Moss Press.

F.5 Proposal, Correspondence, and Dr. Bucke’s Notes on Walt Whitman’s Last Illness, 1980s.

F.6 Interview with Charles Feinberg, 1983.

F.7 Research Notes and Correspondence, 1980s-1990s.

F.8 Correspondence, Notes, and Photocopies, 1983-1986.

F.9 Miscellaneous research

Box 134

F.1 Bucke and Whitman Research photocopies of texts, 1980s.

F.2 Agreement between John Robert Colombo. Cyril Greenland, and Black Moss Press for Book and Correspondence, December 5 1984.

F.3 Research Copies on R.M. Bucke, 1980s.

F.4 Copies and Notes by John Robert Colombo and Cyril Greenland.

Notes for Canadian Science Fiction and Fiction: work on two un-published anthologies: Bring Back Future, North of Now, etc.

Box 135

F.1 Alien Eyes on Canada, April 17 1982.

F.2 Bring Back Future

F.3 Bring Back Future

F.4 Bring Back Future. Canadian Adventure in Space and Time, 1982.

F.5 Fantastic Literature, 1982.

F.6 Fiction and Correspondence.

Box 136

F.1 Miscellaneous Research and Correspondence

F.2 North of Now (Research and Cover Art)

F.3 North of Now and Other Science Fiction Writing, 1980s.

F.4 Rafal Malczewski Clippings.

F.5 Single Stories of Merit (Canadian).

F.6 Single Stories of Merit (Foreign).

F.7 The Canadian Society for the Study of Names, June 11-12 1984.

Windigo, UFO Quote Book, Mediumship

Box 137

F.1 Dark Visions: Personal Accounts of the Mysterious in Canada (1992). Permissions and Copies.

F.2 Occult and Mediumship (1990). Photocopies and Correspondence.

F.3 The UFO Quote Book (1992).  Correspondence.

F.4 Windigo: An Anthology of Fact and Fantastic Fiction (1997-1998). Photocopies and Notes.

F.5 Windigo: An Anthology of Fact and Fantastic Fiction (1982). Permissions.

Research – James Webb and Maurice Level

Box 138

F.1 Stories of Fear and Fascination: The Fiction of Maurice Level (2005-2007).

F.2 The Occult Webb: An Appreciation of the life and Work of James Webb (1989-1998).

F.3 The Occult Webb: An Appreciation of the life and Work of James Webb (1989-2000).

F.4 Proof Reading (1998-1999).

Research – Mysteries, Miscellaneous, and Knowles

Box 139

F.1 Court Case: Doubleday (1994-1995)

F.2 Miscellaneous Research (1991-2011)                       

F.3 Miscellaneous Research (2002-2003)

F.4 Monsters (n.d.)

F.5 Mysteries (2009)

F.6 Permissions for Mysterious Encounters (1989-1990)

Box 140

F.1 Reader’s Digest Book on Mysteries (1997-1998)

F.2 R.E. Knowles (1990-1991)

F.3 Ripley (1991)

F.4 Various research photocopies



F.7 Various research photocopies (1996-2003)

Research – Legends

Box 141

F.1“Borges: A Reader” and “The Golemization of Relativity”

F.2 David Boyle, “Jasper’s Column”, 2003

F.3 “Golem” (research clippings for the Wandering Jew)

F.4 Native American Texts and Tales

F.5 Notes on the Canadian Wanderings of the Wandering Jew (typescripts and holographs), 1980s.

F.6 The Native Series, 2003

F.7 “The Wandering Jew” (typescripts of various legends and typed stories)

Box 142

F.1 “The Wandering Jew” (notes and correspondence)

F.2 “The Wandering Jew” (typescript, holograph notes, copies, and various stories), 1982

F.3 “The Wandering Jew” (research copies, various versions of typescript notes, copies), 1982

F.4 “The Wandering Jew” (Greenwood Press correspondence and contract), 1982

F.5 “The Wandering Jew” (various scripts, write-ups, correspondence, copies), 1982

F.6 “The Wandering Jew: Our Contemporary” (typescripts and correspondence), 1982

Research – Miscellaneous

Box 143

F.1 Bathroom Book of Canadian Quotes by Lisa Wojna (2006)

F.2 Casa Loma: Canada’s Famous Castle

F.3 Cyril Greenland Biographical Information

F.3a Fantastic Toronto: A Survey of Toronto in Science Fiction and Fantasy by Karen Bennett

F.4 Medicine Wheels (holograph notes and photocopies)

F.5 Medicine Wheels (t.s. and photocopies)

F.6 Mysterious Talks in Canada

F.7 Niagara Falls and “Yours Till Niagara Falls” (Ts. and edited drafts)

F.8 North Pole (Ts. and partial pages)

F.9 Theodor Fontane (Transactions)

F.10 William Jamieson Ancient and Tribal Art Museum

Psychical Research

Box 144

F.1 (Campbell) Miscellaneous Correspondence and “The Origin of Species Revisited” by Donald R. Forsdyke

F.2 Coe, Albert, Alternate Perceptions Magazine (correspondence)

F.3 H.P.B Library (correspondence)

F.4 Iris and George Owen (correspondence)

F.5 Lambert, Richard S. (correspondence and articles)

F.6 Lambert, Richard S., Miscellaneous Mysteries

F.7 Miscellaneous Research

Box 145

F.1 Mundus Imaginalis, or the Imaginary and the Imaginal by Henry Corbin

F.2 Mysterious Canada: A Guide to Strange Sites and Peculiar Places, 1987 (correspondence)

F.3 Reminiscences of Iris M. Owen and A.R.G. Owen, 1999 (correspondence)

F.4 Romances

F.5 Truth Unearthed on Thornbury Legend

F.6 “White America! The Ancient Caucasian and European Heritage of American Continents” by Michael Bradley, December 1998

Shapely Places: Instances of Imaginative Geography (C&C, 1996)

Box 146

F.1 Africa Research (correspondence, maps, postcards, newspaper clippings) 2000-2004.

F.2 Africa Research (correspondence, maps) 1996-1997.

F.3 Africa Research (correspondence, newspaper clippings) 1998.

F.4 Africa Research (correspondence, newspaper clippings, maps) 2000.

F.5 Africa Research (correspondence, newspaper clippings) 1992-2002.

Box 147

F.1 Africa Research (correspondence, postcards) 1994-1995.

F.2 Asia and Europe Research (correspondence, maps, articles) 1993-1994.

F.3 Canada and Europe Research (correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, maps) 1993.

F.4 Miscellaneous Research (correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, maps, pamphlets) 1990s.

F.5 Miscellaneous Research (correspondence, articles) 1987-1995.

F.6 Miscellaneous Research (correspondence, articles, illustrations) 1993-1994.

Gurdijieff’s Fourth Way. Note: Correspondence with Stephen G. Grant has been moved to the special topics correspondence series

Box 148

F.1 “A Provisional Skeleton Index to G. Gurdjieff’s ‘All and Everything’ and ‘ A Very Great Enigma,’” 1956 and 1963.

F.2 Bonnasse, Pierre. “Thirst for Truth” Selected Poems, n.d.

F.3 By the Way Books (catalogs, flyers, pricing information) about Gurdijieff, 1980s – 2000s.

F.4 By the Way Books (catalogs, flyers, pricing information), 1980s – 2000s.

F.5 By the Way Books (pamphlets, flyers, booklets), 2005.

F.6 Conge, Michel. Sur Le Chemin de L’Octave de L’Homme: Temoignage d’un Eleve de G.I. Gurdjieff, 1961, 1984

F.7 Jerucon 82, The First International Congress on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Science in Jerusalem, 1981-1982.

Box  149

F.1 Miscellaneous Articles, 1980s – 2000s. Photocopies and  clippings

F.2 Miscellaneous Articles, 1980s – 2000s.

F.3 Miscellaneous Articles, 1980s – 2000s.

F.4 Miscellaneous Notes, 1990s – 2000s. Ts., and holograph

F.5 Miscellaneous Pamphlets, 1980s – 2000s.

F.6 Miscellaneous Pamphlets, 1980s – 2000s.

Box 150

F.1 Miscellaneous Research (articles, correspondence, newspaper clippings), 1980s – 2000s.

F.2 Miscellaneous Research (pamphlets, pamphlets, newspaper clippings), 1980s – 2000s.

F.3 Miscellaneous Research (articles, correspondence, pamphlets), 2000s.

F.4 Newspaper Articles, 1990s – 2000s.

F.5 “On the Way to Self-Knowledge,” 1976.

F.6 Talks, Seminars, Conferences, 1990s – 2000s.

F.7 “The Work and Canada,” 1990s – 2000s.

F.8  Photocopies, printed materials, n.d.

Series 5

Travels and associated research for writing and conference presentations. –  1968-2008. -- 1.12 m of textual records, printed and graphic materials.—Title based on contents of the series.

Box 151


F.1 Balkan Range: A Bulgarian Reader, 1977

F.2 Bulgaria, 1974-1979

F.3 Bulgaria, 1976-1977

F.4 Bulgaria Celebrates 1,300th Birthday

F.5 Bulgarian Translations, 1978

F.6 Bulgarians, 1978-1979

F.7 Conference Presentations, 1993

F.8 Controversy over Bulgarian Conference, 1975

F.9 Left Handed

F.10 Magazines and Newspapers, 1970s

Box 152

Note: This box largely contains information about Bulgaria which includes brochures, magazines, correspondence, stray pages of ts.

F.1 Miscellaneous: brochures, correspondence, general information about Bulgaria.

F.2 Miscellaneous, 1968-1981

F.3 Miscellaneous, 1978-1979

F.4 Miscellaneous, 1979; 1993

F.5 Miscellaneous, 1979-1980

F.6 Miscellaneous, 1978-1980

F.7 Miscellaneous, 1982-1983

F.8 Rural Life in Bulgaria, 1978

F.9 Sites in USSR and Ireland, 1993

F.10 Trip to Bulgaria, 1966; 1970s (I)

Box 153

F.1 Trip to Bulgaria, 1966; 1970s (II)

F.2 Trip to Moscow, 1993

F.3 Trip to the Southwest, 1993

F.4 Under the Eaves, 1975

F.5 Untitled

F.6 Untitled

F.7 Untitled, 1972-1981

F.8 Untitled, 1979-1981

Box 154


F.1 Dracontology, 1996

F.2 Hiroko’s Post Summer Visit, 1996

F.3 Hiroko’s Visit, 1996

F.4 Hiroko Yasuda, 1996

F.5 Letters from Japan, 1995-1997

F.6 Letters from Japanese Students, 1996 (I)

Box 155

F.1 Letters from Japanese Students, 1996 (II)

F.2 “Monsters in our Lives” Keynote Address at the Great Expectations Summit, 1994

F.3 Music Scores for Piano (Japanese)

F.4 Untitled, 1994-1995

F.5 Untitled, 1995-1997

Box 156

“Soviet Union, Budapest, Washington, Chicago, Israel, London, France, Dublin, Romania, and Ireland”

F.1 Budapest Trip, 1993.

F.2 Chicago Illinois, 2007.

F.3 France, 2005.

F.4 Israel, 1982-1985.

F.5 London and Ireland, 1993.

F.6 London and Malta, 2008.

Box 157

F.1 Moscow, 1993.

F.2 Washington, 1993.

F.3 Sorescu, 1976-1980.

F.4 Romania Content, 1982-1984.

F.5 Romania, 1978-1985.



Series 6

Diaries, Journals, Biographical and Personal Documents.  --  1955-2003. –  80 cm of textual records and media. --Title based on contents of the series.

Note:  Diaries are arranged in chronological order by date. Overlapping dates occur in some files. These diaries are unpublished.

Box 158

F. 1 Bound diaries

Bound black diary, 1955. Holograph. Has typed note pasted in on gold paper, reading “Caveat Lector” with quote from Henry Amiel. Second page reads “Liber Dierum or The Book of Days” Being the journal of Frater Dagonet Commonly called John Robert Colombo”.

Bound black diary, 1956.  Holograph. Has typed note pasted in reading “Diary of John Robert Colombo” with added quote from Strachey.

F. 2 Trip diary.  Holograph. June 10-September 18, 1976.  Bulgaria.  Entries by John and Ruth Colombo.  Loose notebook and letter paper.

F.3 Trip diary. Holograph on notebook paper.  July 9-Aug 2, 1991.  East coast, Canada.  Entries by Ruth Colombo.

F. 4 Trip diary.  Holograph on notebook paper.  June 26-July 16, 1987. California. Entries by Ruth Colombo.

F. 5 Trip diary.  Holograph in notebook.   July 9-August 3, 1987.  Great Britain.  Entries by Ruth Colombo.

F. 6 Trip diary.  Holograph in notebook.  July 1989.  Arizona/New Mexico/California.  Entries by Ruth Colombo.

F. 7 Trip diary.  Holograph in notebook.  July 4-23, 1993.  Russia and Ireland.  Entries by Ruth Colombo.

F. 8 Trip diary.  Holograph in diary.  Dec. 25, 1994-January 11, 1995.  Japan. Diary titled “Personal Record of our trip to Ibusuki Kiyushu”.  Entries by John and Ruth Colombo.

F. 9 Trip diary. Holograph on loose pages.  Sept 29-Oct. 4, 1993.  Budapest and arrival at Amsterdam.

F. 10 Trip Diary. Holograph on loose pages.  July 7-July 24, 1992.  Washington, D.C., N.Y. state and Montreal; Itinerary and loose pages.  Nov. 11-Nov. 14, 1993 for Washington, D.C.

F.10a Trip diary.  Holograph on loose pages.  June 17-July 2, 1996.  Denver, Alburqurque, Santa Fe, Taos, Boulder, Denver.

F. 11 “Aide Mémoire”.  Ts. of stay at Sunnybrook Hospital, May 28-31, 2000.

F. 12 Trip diaries – 5 small spiral bound memo notebooks.  Holograph.

 Australia (2) Feb 1-Feb 27, 2001.

Western trip, July 5-24, 2001

India/Europe Dec 20, 2002-Jan 3, 2003; Europe June4-8, 2003.

Untitled green memo contains notes taken at conference on Ismaili community at University of Alberta [200?].

Box 159  Journals

F. 1 Journal, 30 Sept 1976-Feb 19, 1977. Loose pages. Ts. and holograph, titled “JRC’s Journal”. 

F. 2 Journal, 3 Jan1977-16 Sept 1978.  Loose pages.  Ts. edited.

F. 3 Journal, 20 Feb 1977-18 June 1977.  Loose pages.  Ts. with added holograph pages, titled “JRC’s Journal”.

F. 4 Journal, 19 June 1977- 3 Jan 1978.  Loose pages.  Ts. edited.

F. 5 Journal, 18 Sept -24 Dec 1978.  Loose pages.  Ts. edited and holograph.

Box 160 Journals

F.1 Journal, 16 Dec 1978-25 Dec 1979.  Loose pages.  Ts. and holograph with insertions dated Dec 14/78.

F.2 Journal, 1 Jan 1980-30 Sept 1982.  Loose pages.  Ts. and holograph, edited.

F. 3 Journal, June 17-July 28, 1981, titled “Four Colombos in Europe One Cathie at Hincks’ Farm”.  Loose pages.  Ts. and holograph.

Box 161 Journals

F.1 Journal, 25 March -30 Dec 1985.  Loose pages.  Ts. and holograph, edited.

F. 2 Journal, 5 Jan-17 Dec 1986.  Loose pages.  Ts.

F. 3 Journal, 18 Jan 1987-14 Jan 1988.  Loose pages.  Ts.

F. 4 Journal, 19 Jan 1988-27 July 1989.  Loose pages.  Ts. 

F. 5 Journal, 2 Aug 1989-27 Sept 1990.  Loose pages.  Ts.

Box 162 Biographical and Personal

F.1 Early documents:

Cartoon strip in the format of coupons drawn by JRC in pencil crayon titled “The yellow skelton [sic] at the jail”.  Undated.

Secondary School Graduation Diploma from The Kitchener and Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School, 2 July 1954.

Secondary School Graduation Diploma (Grade 13) from The Kitchener and Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School, 19 August 1955.

Waterloo College Examination Reports for 1955-56 and 1956-57.

Christmas card to parents with note saying that the printed verse chosen on the card being sent by the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry at the University were written by JRC.  1958.

First Aid certificate, 1956.

Clipping of photo of Christoforo Colombo.

F.2 Newsletters from Waterloo College :News Weekly”, with mention of JRC.  1956-1957.

F.3 Clippings of photos, articles printed material about JRC.  1957-1974.

F.4-5 Various biographical write-ups, compilations and book lists; Colombo & Co. catalogues and brochures, c.1960-2004.

F. 6 Order of Canada invitations, programmes, place names, menu, travel arrangements, 2004.

F.7 JRC on the web.  Originals of some web pages, printout of books by JRC; two USB sticks “which preserve the contents of the website www.colombo.ca, as of 1 July 2016, prepared by Bill Anderson along with necessary data to read the contents”, (note dated19 Oct, 2016) 1996-2016

Series 7

Writings, Translations and Early Press Publications. --  1960-2016. -- 1.2 m of textual records, printed and graphic materials. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: This series contains writings by JRC, some designated as “Early”, as well as various typescripts of prose and poetry found when sorting the archive.  It also includes early press publications from Colombo’s Hawkshead Press. The series contains correspondence.

Box 163

F.1 “Now is the time for all”.  Ts.(carbon), edited draft of poems.  1968.

F.2 “Russian notes”.  Ts. and holograph prose and verse about various Russian topics. [1960s].

F.3 “Russian notes”. “Red on White”.  Memoirs.  Unpublished holograph memoir.  1971.

F. 4 “Russian notes”. Correspondence re Russian inquiries, 1971-1972.  Includes telegram from JRC to Ruth Colombo from Leningrad.

F. 5 “Fearsome Fivesome”.  Ts.(carbon), edited draft of compilation of aphorisms, c.1970.

F.6 “An Ode to the Present Queen”.  Ts., edited draft of playlet, June 2, 1977.

F.7 Various early writings: Ts., with holograph corrections; some untitled.  Includes “Against John Bassett”; “Robert Ripley Jr.’s “Believe It or Not” prose and verse versions; “Marshall McLuhan”; “My Fragments of His Life”; “Flaherty Country” and “Black Gold”.  Original file titled “Halo”.  [1970-1980].

F.8 Concrete poetry.  Ts., various poems, some holograph corrections and one envelope marked The Tamarack Review with title “Two Nations”, containing 3”x 5” paper with edited typed poetry. [1970s].

F.9 Poems: translations of various poems, some by Ludwig Zeller (1927-    ).  [1970s].

F.10 Translations from the French (Goudbout and others), ts. with some printed poems, pasted on sheets, possibly JRC’s Great Wall of China[1970s].

F. 11 Translations of Polish poems of Stanislaw Branczak, ts. with correspondence.  1978.

F. 12 Poetry ideas, Ts. and holograph, edited with notes and printed material, 1979-1983.

F. 13 Jokes from F.R. Scott pasted on to pages, taken from Tamarack Review c. 1970s.

F. 14 Commentaries on canvases. Ts. of poems (edited) based on Canadian paintings pre-1966.  [1970s].

F. 15 “Puzzles and quizzes”: various compilations and correspondence on Canadiana. Ts., holograph and printed [1980s].

F. 16 “Soviet Humour” - holograph notes, ts. Edited, photocopies, correspondence [1970s]-1997.

Translations in Hungarian. See also Correspondence series.

Box 164

F.1 Endry Ady.  Ts. and holograph ms. of various poems in draft, corrected, and other versions.  c. 1960-1970.

F.2 George Faludy, Arpád Toth, Ferenc Juhász, Gyula Juhász (translated by George Jonas), Vince Sulyok: ts., corrected wth holograph annotations, ms. versions , revised. c.1960-1970].

F.3 Gyula Illyés.  Ts., edited and annotated draft versions with printed write-up of Illyés.  c.1960-1970.

F.4 “Four Hungarian Poets: Selected and Translated by JRC and George Jonas”.  Early typed ms. with some revisions and changes to be made to book which was not published under this title.  c.1970.

F.5 Compilation of translations of poems by JRC.  Ts. drafts, revised and annotated.  Pt. 1 of 2.  c.1960-1970.

F.6 Compilation of translations of poems by JRC.  Ts., drafts, heavily revised, added poems, with annotations.  c1960-1970.

F.7 Compilation titled “Pannonia” – Ts., corrected drafts, of compilation of poetry and translations in and prose from authors of ancient Hungary, c.1960-1970.

F.8 Dezsö Kosztolányi.  Ts. and holograph drafts and notes of translations and biography of poet.  c..1960-1970.

F.9 Miklós Radnóti.  Ts., drafts of poems, revised, with excerpt of a biographical chapter on the poet and biography.  C. 1960-1970.

F.10 Lörinc Szabó.  Various ts. corrected drafts of poems, c.1970.

F.11 Magda Zalán.  Translations of JRC’s poems into Hungarian.  Ts., and photocopies.  C.1980-1990.

F. 12 Robert Zend. Ts., various  mss. by Zend including “Symphonies of a Week”, 1967; holograph concrete poetry by Zend and speech inscribed to Ruth Colombo.  1960-1970.

F.13 Robert Zend.  “Perhaps”. Poems adapted by Zend and JRC.  Photocopy.  1981.

F.14 Robert Zend.  “Rejects”. Note from Zend to JRC, 7 July 1980, including selections left out of collaborative publication. C.1980s.  Photocopies.

Box 165

F.1 “Found Poetry”. Correspondence and publications.  Includes correspondence with George MacBeth (1965), Peter Miller (1967), Eldon Garnett (1971),with enclosures of journals.

F. 2 “Found Poetry”.  Various ts. and holograph gatherings of poetry and prose, notes and some clippings.  [1970s].

F.3 “Found Poetry”.  Various ts. compilations of poems and by JRC, holograph notes and lists, research, some fragments. [1970s].

F.4 “Found Poetry”.  Original folder labelled as “Found Art”.  Various poetry and prose compilations on found concepts in literature and art by JRC.  Holograph ts. and notes.  1969-[1970s].

F. 5 “Found Poetry”.  Poetry and prose selections by other authors, compiled by JRC.  Ts., edited drafts, 1970s-1980s.

Box 166

F.1 “Fifty Futures”. Ts. of science fiction writing. JRC has annotated the front of the typescript: ”Sole attempt at fiction since college, unpublished c.1970s – 12 Sept 2016”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

F.2”One-Liners from Colombo’s Canadian Quotations: 411 quotable quotes without any sources or dates”.  Ts.(carbon), edited draft, April 19, 1974.

F.3 Toronto and Hamilton quotes. Ts., edited, with correspondence and proposal for book Colombo’s Canadian Quotations, 1978.

F.4 “Colombo’s Quotes”.  Ts. drafts and one photocopy with four different typescripts on Canadiana, with correspondence to Canadian Motorist Magazine, 1979, with enclosure of 4 issues of magazine containing published versions of tss. 1980-1981.

F.5 “One Hundred Canadianisms”.  Ts. of write-up of book, 2001.

F.6 Foreword by JRC for The Complete Adventures of the Golden Amazon by John Russelll Fearn.  Ts.,  13 March 2004.

F.7 Preface by JRC for Vincent Starrett’s Reporter’s Notebook. (Battered Silicon Dispatch Box), Edited proof, 5 January 2010.

F. 8 Late in the Day: Poems and Effects of 2014.  (Colombo & Company), Edited proofs, 2015. 

F.9 Immense Estates.  (Colombo & Company), Edited proofs, 2016.

F.10 Various writings by JRC, some contain only partial pages  [1970s-2011]



Box 167 Early Press Publications

Note: Arranged by date.

Incident for a Winter’s Evening, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Toronto. 1950.
                (inscribed message by John Robert Colombo on inside fold)

[book of devotional quotes, front page containing quotation by Sivananda]. Printed by “A. Printer, Kitchener, Ont.” January 4, 1956.

Cord, Waterloo College. December 1956.

Poetic Flight, by Goethe. Nemo Filius Press, Kitchener. January 9, 1957.
                (In envelope addressed to Miss Ruth F. Brown, inscribed “To The Lighthouse”)

Christmas, Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Seven. Contains poem by Ruta Ginsberg.
                (inscribed to Ruth from John)

Good-Bye, by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nemo Filius Press, Kitchener. January 15, 1957.

Angelus Silesius: Expressing a Mood about God and Man. [no given author]. “A. Printer,” Kitchener. March 15 1957.

Chiaroscuro. Waterloo College, Waterloo. April 1, 1957.
                (Two of 444 copies printed, includes newspaper clipping from March 26, 1970 regarding Metro Poetry Festival)

Songs of SIVA, [Sri Swami Sivananda]. “A. Printer,” Kitchener. April 18, 1957.

Being a Collection of Short Verse Called <<Fragments>>, by John Robert Colombo. “A Private Printer”, Kitchener. August 24, 1957.
                (125 Copies printed. Three complete cream copies, One complete blue copy, One complete yellow copy. One cream copy lacking outer binding and copyright page with red stitching. One cream copy lacking outer binding, copyright page, and stitching. Two cream copies in unmarked outer binding, red stitching. One cream copy in outer binding lacking ornamentation and stitching.)

Blessed Be He, by Alexander Watt. Hawkshead Press, Kitchener. 1958.
                (126 copies printed.)

Rubato, edited by John Robert Colombo. Purple Partridge Press, Toronto. 1958.
                (196 copies printed. One copy in paper package. One unaccompanied copy. A card and paper sleeve associated with the publication also extant.)

This Studied Self, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Kitchener. 1958.
                (Two of 107 copies printed of this edition)           
               Photocopy of this publication by Baldwin Room also extant.

Variations, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Kitchener. 1958.
                (Two of 100 printed copies.)

This Citadel in Time, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Kitchener. Oct 17, 1958
                (Three copies)

The University College Gargoyle, Annual Poetry Edition, edited by John Robert Colombo. University College, Toronto. 1958/1959.
                (Three Copies, one with inscription on cover)

In The Streets, by Ruta Ginsberg. Hawkshead Press, Kitchener. [Presumed 1959.]
                (Two copies. One copy has been folded and posted to Mr. and Mrs. John A Colombo in Kitchener, Postmarked Toronto, February 7, 1959 with one stamp.)

The McGill Chapbook, edited by Leslie L. Kaye. The Ryerson Press, Toronto. 1959.
                (Number 190 of 500 printed.)

Poems to be Sold For Bread by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Toronto. 1959.  
                (Inscribed dates under each poem, two different colours of pencil. Printed as Bagatelle Number Three)

This is the work entitled CANADA, by John Robert Colombo. Purple Partridge Press, Toronto. 1959.
                (Doublesheet to celebrate the International Exhibition of Book Designs in Leipzig. Two copies.)

Millenium, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, 1960. Number 6.
                (Four folded copies, one unfolded copy.)

“Richard Maurice Bucke/Alexandra David-Neal.” Hawkshead Press. 1960.              
                (contains selections from Walt Whitman by Richard Maurice Bucke (1883) and With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neal (1931))

FIVE YEAR PLAN: Poems and Fantasies, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Toronto. 1961.

Poesie 64/Poetry 64 Anthology, edited by Jacques Godbout and John Robert Colombo. Les Editions Du Jour, Montreal, and The Ryerson Press, Toronto. Copyright 1963.

Bohemian Embassy II Issue, edited by Hans Jewinski. The Missing Link Press, Toronto. August 27, 1974.
                (foreword by John Robert Colombo.)

[card, “Announcing a Series of Poetic Pamphlets”, “Send One Dollar to The Hawkshead Press, 78A Dale Avenue, Toronto 5, Canada”]

A Dry Light & The Dark Air, by Jay Macpherson. Hawkshead Press, Toronto. Undated.
                (Bagatelle Number ten of fifty impressions. Includes newspaper clipping “Ancient Art Craft in Exhibit” regarding typographic exhibit at Stratford Festival.)

FIRE ESCAPES/FIRE ESC/FIRE, By John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead press, Toronto. Undated.
                (Two copies. “Bagatelle Series Number Two”)

The Private Press: A word of explanation, by John Robert Colombo. No printing information or date.

Three Poems in Two Colours, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, undated.
                (Two copies, one with ‘5’ inscribed on upper right corner of front page)

Two Poems, by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Toronto. Undated.
                (two copies.)

Box 168 Early press publications (oversize)


Heart Honey Churning by Mike Strong. Hawkshead Press, Toronto: March 1960.
                (Large copy, folded twice.)

Factoring by Margaret Avison. Village Press, Thornhill. No date given.
                (Sixty copies printed, design and printing done by Gus Rueter.)

Towards a Definition of Love by John Robert Colombo. Hawkshead Press, Toronto: undated.
                (Two copies, one with marbled back. “Bagatelle Number Five”, indicated as handset.)


Kitchener-Waterloo Record Saturday August 12, 1955. “Upper School Results in Twin City Schools”
                (Newspaper page, K-W Collegiate results included. Ruth F. Brown and John R. Colombo are both indicated in pencil.

Hawkshead Press packing slip and order slip.
Order slip is dated February 1, 1960. From Hawkhead Press, Toronto. Addressed: Order Department, University of Toronto Library, Attention Miss Thompson.
Packing Slip is from University of Toronto Library to Mr. John R. Colombo Toronto. Dated February 8, 1960 in pencil. “Being Returned as requested by you”

Swan Publishing Co. Ltd. Advertisment for The Mackenzie Poems by William Lyon Mackenzie and John Robert Colombo. Toronto: 1966.
                (Advertisment for The Mackenzie Poems. One-sided paper advert.)

Maclean’s May 2, 1966.
                (Pages folded open to article regarding The Mackenzie Poems, full copy of this edition. Separate and unbound copy of the article is in accompaniment.

“Double birthday bash for poet and his wife” by Nora McCabe. “What’s Happening” Column, Toronto Daily Star, Sat. March 27, 1971.
                (Newspaper clipping, reports on the Colombos’ joint 35th birthday party.)

“Happy Day In Person Ruth John No. 35” Invitation to “All Our Friends” for Ruth and John Colombo’s “Gala 35th Joint Birthday Party” on March 26th, 1971.
                (Printed on green paper, year not included on page)

“Four poets firmly rooted in ironic Canadian style” by Susan Swan. “Books in The Star,” Toronto Daily Star, Sat. October 9, 1971.
                (Full newspaper page, includes photo of John Robert Colombo.)

Weekend Magazine Vol. 23, No. 11. March 17, 1973. Kitchener-Waterloo Record. “John Colombo is Open for Quotes” by Don Bell.
                (One fully copy of this magazine, as well as separate single page copy with article.)

“U.S. poetry anthology lacks international look” by Frank Davey. The Toronto Star, Saturday, August 25, 1973.
                (Full newspaper page, includes photo of John Robert Colombo captioned “Published own work”)

Weekend Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 34. August 25, 1973. “Great Canadian Quotations”

Saturday Night, May 1974. “Special Issue: CANDIAN LITERATURE NOW” “The literary politics of John Robert Colombo” by Doug Fetherling.
                (One full copy of this magazine, profile of John Robert Colombo from pages 31 through 34.)

Books for Everybody. Catalogue. November 22, 1974.
                (Book catalogue. Date of “November 22, 1974” is written on the cover in pen. Also on the cover is stamped “PROVIDENT BOOKSTORE 117 King St., W. Kitchener, ONT. (518) 743-2673” Advert for Colombo’s Canadian Quotations on page 6)

“Sloppy Editing and lack of wit in book of quotes” by Doug Fetherling. January 12, 1974.
                (Newspaper clipping, the name of originating Newspaper is not included on this clipping. Small part of logo remaining suggests The Toronto Star. Date of “Jan 12/74” is written in pen above article.)

“The fall season: When fortunes are made and lost by publishers” by Robert Fulford. The Toronto Star, Saturday, August 17, 1974.
                (full newspaper page, mention of Colombo’s Canadian Quotations.)

“A Boxing Day gift of Canadian Humor” by John Robert Colombo. The Toronto Star, Friday December 26, 1975.
                (full newspaper page, poetry and cartoons)

“Study overflowing with boxes, books ‘very organized’ says busy author” by Joan Mackie. “My Favorite Room” column, The Sunday Star, May 24, 1987.
                (Appears to be photocopied, page of only article. “Toronto” has been written above the newspaper title.)

“If Canada dies these qualities die with her” by Richard Gwyn. The Toronto Star, November 12, 1977.
                (Newspaper clipping, includes extract of a John Robert Colombo poem.)

 “Special Events” Toronto Week. N.d.
                (Single magazine page, includes “A writers’ reading room” and photo of Greg Gatenby, Opal Nations, and John Robert Colombo.)

Recipe for a Canadian Novel, after Cyprian Norwid. By John Robert Colombo. N.d. Reprinted from The Dalhousie Review, Vol. 41, No. 4)
                (Offprint includes some other published works, with Colombo’s poem on the front/first page. Two [2] copies.)

Advert for “Hey, Rube!” presented by Workshop Productions, directed by George Luscombe. N.d.
                (advertisement on red card. No date given.)

“Modern British and American Poetry” by John Robert Colombo. Canadian Booksellers Association Training Course for Bookstore Employees. N.d.
                (article written for Training Course, includes Questions at end.)

Series 8

Contracts and Agreements. --  1988-2013. --16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: Arranged by date first, then alphabetically. This series contains correspondence

Box 169

F.1          Correspondence- 1988-
Syndication for Columns in various newspapers & magazines, Includes scripts

Braemar publishing – December 9, 1988
                (rejection letter)

Calgary Herald – December 15, 1988
                (rejection letter)

Globe and Mail – November 2, 1988
                (Includes two additional pages of notes, one newspaper clipping of Globe and Mail press address)

Ottawa Citizen – November 10 - November 14, 1988
                (One letter to Burt Heward from Colombo, One letter from Burt Heward to Colombo. Included are Canadian Wordplay, Political Party Nicknames, Memorable Canadians, and Canadian Anagrams.)

Ottawa Magazine – November 22, 1988
                (rejection letter)

Toronto Computes – February 6, 1989
                (Assumed Toronto Computes – no letterhead given. Includes Computers and Quotations.)

Toronto Star – December 6, 1988
                (Offer of $200 per column, every other week)

Vancouver Magazine—January 17, 1989
                (rejection letter)

Western Living – January 6, 1989
                (Edmonton Magazine is now a supplement within Western Living. Cannot accept commissions.)

Two “Return to Sender” Envelopes
                Addressed to Canada Computes and Calgary Magazine.

Stapled documents labelled “SYNDICATION RESPONSES” requesting columns be sent.
                Including Calgary Herald (November 18, 1988), Toronto Star (November 18, 1988), Vancouver Sun (November 29, 1988), Edmonton Journal (21 November, 1988), Hamilton Spectator (18 November, 1988).

Paper-clipped set of papers, including rough notes, a list of first mailing recipients, and a general letter template regarding syndication with template for return correspondence.

Stapled, two papers. “CITIES”. Second paper includes addresses of various publications throughout Canada.

Canadian Newspaper and Magazine Directory.
                (Some annotations throughout)

“Colombo’s Canadiana”
                (Final versions of columns for syndication; Memorable Canadiana, Canadian Anagrams, Some Odd Dedications, Quotable Canadiana, Political Party Nicknames, and Canadian Wordplay.)

Draft versions of columns for syndication. Annotation in red ink
                (Memorable Canadiana, Canadian Anagrams, Some Odd Dedications, Quotable Canadiana, Political Party Nicknames, and Canadian Wordplay)

F.2          (Contracts) - 1991-1998  -
Includes Arsenal Pulp Press, Cacanadadada, can©opy, Dundurn Press, Hounslow Press, McClelland and Stewart, Old Farmer’s Almanac, Stoddart Publishing Ltd.

Arsenal Pulp Press Book Publishers Ltd.
Author Contract, 11 April 1992. (Quotations on Sex and Love in Canada)

                Author Contract, 11 April 1992. (Quotations on UFOs)

Cacanadadada Press Ltd.
                “An Agreement”, 26 September 1991. (Worlds in Small)\

                Membership Agreement (Member’s Copy), January 1997.

                Schedules (Member’s Copy), January 1997.

Dundurn Press Ltd.
                Typed letter dated 11 November 1993, to John Robert Colombo from Kirk Howard.

                Publishing Contract, 20 February 1998. (Haunted Ontario)

Hounslow Press
                An Agreement, 30 September 1989. (Mysterious Encounters: Personal Accounts of the Supernatural in Canada)

                An Agreement, 15 November 1990. (MacKenzie King’s Ghost and Other Personal Accounts of Canadian Hauntings)

                An Agreement, 20 March 1991. (UFO’s Over Canada)

                An Agreement, 27 December 1991. (Dark Visions: Personal Accounts of the Mysterious in Canada)

                Publishing Contract, 10 November 1993. (Ghost Stories of Ontario)

                Publishing Contract, 20 February 1996. (Haunted Toronto)

McClelland & Stewart Limited
Letter dated 28 May 1991, to John Robert Colombo from Douglas M. Gibson.
                (McClelland & Stewart will be handling Colombo’s New Canadian Quotations sales and distributions)

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

                Letter dated 13 February 1997, to John Robert Colombo from Sarah Duffy.
                (acceptance of Canada’s Ghosts for publication, with a payment of $1000.


                Letter dated 25 May 1991, regarding Dictionary of Canadian Quotations.

                Letter dated 30 May 1991, regarding Dictionary of Canadian Quotations.

                Letter dated 21 June 1991, regarding Dictionary of Canadian Quotations. Royalty advance to amount of $1000 is enclosed.

                Memorandum of Agreement, undated. (Dictionary of Canadian Quotations)

F.3          Elwy Yost
(re: contract with BSDB for book to be published by George Vanderburg)

Small piece of paper, note on “Birthday Elwy → 10 July 1925” “Lila→ Nov 14, 1924.”

“Elwy’s Top 25”, Post TV, February 13, 1999.
                (Photocopy of article, “Yost celebrates his 25th anniversary as host of TVOntario’s Saturday night at the movies on March 27”)

Letter of Understanding and Agreement, 25 October 2003.
                (White Shadows: A Novel of Espionage and Adventure, by Elwy Yost. One original copy, signed by all parties indicated. One photocopy without signatures.

Photocopy of annotated draft pages, for the dust jacket for White Shadows.

Colour copy of dust jacket for White Shadows.

F.4          “Ghost Trackers” & GMI Production Ltd. 2005

Handwritten note. “Chris Gudgeon, Bulk Order”

Consulting Agreement with GMI Productions Ltd. For GTI: Ghost Trackers Investigates Television Series. Cover letter dated June 14, 2005, Contract signing dated June 9th 2005.

Small handwritten note. “Ghost Trackers. Stacey Ferguson, Third payment Oct 31”

Ghost Trackers, Tiers and Blocks.
                (intended locations and air dates for series)

Contact information for Production, within CCI Entertainment Office

Unlabeled Floppy disk. IBM formatted, from Staples Business Depot.

F.5          Penguin + Others             1999-2006
(Includes Douglas & McIntyre, Dundurn Press Ltd, Empire Club, Guernica, Key Porter Books, Penguin Books Canada)

Douglas & McIntrye Publishing Group
Memorandum of Agreement, dated 15 February 2000. (Colombo’s Great Canadian Quotations).

Letter to John Robert Colombo from Scott McIntyre, dated April 20, 2000. (regarding contract finalization.)

Dundurn Press Limited

Publishing Contract, dated 30 July 1999. (Ghost Stories of Canada).

Handwritten note, dated 29/7/99, From “Terry”.

Publishing Contract, dated 25 September 2000. (1000 Questions About Canada (third volume))

Publishing Agreement, dated 14 August 2003. (The Midnight Hour: Canadian Accounts of Eerie Experiences.)

Publishing Agreement, dated 9 November 2004. (Terrors of the Night)

Empire Club

Handwritten note, including the phone numbers of the Empire Club and Debbie Testa.

Email from John Robert Colombo to the Empire Club, dated 29 December 2005.
                (John Robert Colombo intends to use “a number of short quotes from previous addresses” and needs affirmation of permission by the Club.)

Email from John Robert Colombo to Gail Richardson, dated 20 March 2005.
                (request for permission from club to quote speakers’ remarks. Two copies.)

Email from Gail Richardson to John Robert Colombo, dated 20 March 2005.
                (Permission is granted, the response is being forwarded to Debbie Testa (administrator at the Empire Club), and Richardson is looking forward to Colombo’s next book. She has miswritten ‘hear’ as ‘here’.)


Advert bookmark for Laura Boss’s Arms.
                (Handwritten on inverse side, “As Promised, Antonio”.
                Affixed to this bookmark is “Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit: Declaration of Citizenship and Residency”)

Letter addressed to John Robert Colombo from Halli Villegas, dated 2 August, 2002.
                (acceptance of One Hundred Poems for publication in 2004, contact information written in pen on upper right corner)

Documents regarding the usage of Lawren Harris’ Isolation Peak as illustration for One Hundred Poems.
                (“Illustration for 100 Poems”, two emails dated August 14 and 15, 2002 between Judi Schwartz and John Robert Colombo.)

Publishing Agreement, dated 22 April 2003. (One Hundred Poems)

Email exchange between John Robert Colombo and Antonio D’Alfonso, dated 4 June 2003.
                (Four pages, contract issues.)

Email from Antonia D’Alfonso to John Robert Colombo, dated 5 June 2003.
                (single page, contract issues further. “I am not into power struggles.”)

Key Porter Books

Publishing Agreement, dated 13 January 2004. (UFO Stories from Across Canada)
                (Three copies, one signed and witnessed 20 January 2004. Other two lack signatures.)

Letter to John Robert Colombo from Anna Porter, dated 6 August 2003.
                (Fax. Key Porter Books would like to produce a Ghost Stories of Canada publication.
                Written in pen, email and name of “Sheila Evely”)

Publishing Agreement, dated 9 September 2003. (True Canadian Ghost Stories)
                (One full copy, signed and witnessed 11 September 2003. One partial photocopy.)

Email to John Robert Colombo from Janie Yoon, dated 22 September 2003.
                (contact on electronic files/disk for Ghost Stories of Canada)

Email to Janie Yoon from John Robert Colombo, dated 22 September 2003.
                (manuscripts and electronic files of True Canadian Ghost Stories)

Three pages of rough notes, on number of stories. (True Canadian Ghost Stories)

Table of Contents, rough notes and editing. (True Canadian Ghost Stories)

Publishing Agreement, dated 16 August 2004. (More Canadian Ghost Stories)
                (Signed and witnessed 18 August 2004)

Penguin Books Canada Limited

Publishing Contract, dated 14 February 2001. (The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes from Eh to Zed)

Letter to John Robert Colombo from Catherine MacGregor, dated 7 February 2002.
                (copies of contract for The Penguin Book of Canadian Poems and Songs We Love.)

Publishing Contract, dated 7 February 2002. (The Penguin Book of Canadian Poems and Songs We Love.)

Publishing Contract, dated 23 September 2002. (The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes Volume II)

Letter to John Robert Colombo from Lisa Rundle, dated 9 August 2004.
                (Changes to distribution of titles, royalty rates. Two addendums sent, for The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes Volume II, and The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes from Eh to Zed.)

Addendum to Publishing Agreement, dated 11 August 2004. (The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes Volume II, regarding Paragraph 9.0)

Addendum to Publishing Agreement, dated 11 August 2004. (The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes from Eh to Zed, regarding Paragraph 9.0)

Series of correspondences regarding the Edit Process of The Penguin Dictionary of Canadian Quotations. Includes Publishing Contract dated 24 February 2005, drafts, edits, and emails up to December 2005.

F.6          Publishing           2008-10
Canada Council, Access Copyright, Dundurn Pres, Public Lending Right Commission

Part II of list “Books by H. Bedford-Jones”

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Vol. 12, No. 4. Summer 2003.
“The Horror of the Heights.” ALA Annual Conference. Toronto, June 21-24 2003.
                (Two copies.)

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Vol. 12, No. 5. Summer 2003.
“Jules de Granjerque by John York Cabot.” Pulpcon XXXII, July 31-August 3, 2003.

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Vol.12, No. 6. Fall 2003.
“The Little Old Man of Batignolles by Emile Gaboriau.” The Door County CCC, MMIII, September 12-14, 2003.
                (Written on front cover in pen, “2003- Canonical Convocation and Capes- MMIII, Door County”. Multiple handwritten notes written in pen and crossed out in pencil on back of publication.)

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Vol. 12, No. 8. Fall 2003.
“My African Adventure in 1993, A Reprise by George A. Vanderburgh.” The Bootmakers of Toronto, Toronto Reference Library, October 25, 2003.
                (Handwritten note in pencil on back of publication. “Cinderella.” “Lion Hunters”)

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, n.d.
                (partial section of pages, regarding Sherlock Holmes titles)

Access ©, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency. Letter to JRC, dated 20 January 2010.
                (email address not valid for e-newsletter, thus letter has been sent physically.)

Dundurn Press Limited. Letter dated 12 August 2010 to JRC from Tammy Mavroudi.
                (countersigned copies of agreements for Fascinating Canada and Jeepers Creepers.)

Dundurn Press Limited. Publishing Agreement, dated 5 August 2010, countersigned 12 August 2010. (Fascinating Canada)

Dundurn Press Limited. Publishing Agreement, dated 5 August 2010, countersigned 12 August 2010. (Jeepers Creepers)

Dundurn Press Limited. Publishing Agreement, dated February 5, 2007. (Strange but True: Canadian Stories of Horror and Terror)
                (Sticky notes affixed to front page, including handwritten notes between Tony and JRC.)

Public Lending Right Commission. Public Lending Right, Earning Summaries. Dated 13 February, 2008. Includes both JRC and Ruth Colombo’s Title Earning Summaries. Letters accompany both, written by David Copelin.

Public Lending Right Commission. Public Lending Right, Earning Summary. Dated February 11, 2009. Accompanied by Letter from Jacques Ouellet regarding included documents. All Addressed to JRC.

Public Lending Right Commission. Public Lending Right, Earning Summary. Dated 18 February 2014. All addressed to JRC.

Public Lending Right Commission. File Update Form, Title Earning Summary, and Letter dated 18 February 2014 to 15 March 2014. All Addressed to Ruth Colombo. Letter is from Aline Apostolska and Peter Schneider.

F.7          The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories -2008
                Contract with Dundurn Group

Letter dated 17 January 2008, from Dundurn Group’s Tammy Cabral to JRC.
                (The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories, congratulations on contract, enclosed is “Author Kit”)

The Dundurn Group, Author Guide.

Publishing Agreement, dated 23 January 2008, countersigned 27 January 2008. Accompanying letter is dated 30 January 2008. (The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories)

Email exchange between Brett Lougheed, Brian Hubner, and JRC, dated April 6-16 2008.
                (Six pages total. Acquisition of Copies and Usage of images from Archives and Special Collections at the University of Manitoba.)

“Citing Material” Page regarding usage of materials from University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections.

Five pages of rough notes, multiple size pages. Majority handwritten or handwritten annotations.

Image copies of covers of The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories. One black and white of entire jacket, one full colour of front cover.

Annotated draft of Table of Contents (The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories)

F.8          Contracts and Agreements          1984-2013

Doubleday Canada Ltd. Publishing Agreement, dated November 1984. (Canadian War Poems, Songs & Verses and 1,001 Questions About Canada)

Doubleday Canada Ltd. Publishing Agreement, dated April 1987. (Mysterious Canada)
                (attached is a handwritten note “I think you should have received this contract ages ago!” from Frances Hill)

Letter to JRC from John Neale dated 16 February 1988. (Mysterious Canada, amendment to agreement)

Doubleday Canada Ltd. Publishing Agreement, dated 17 February 1988. (999 Questions about Canada)

Three Royalty Statements from Doubleday Canada Limited, dated 31 December 1988. (1001 Questions about Canada Paperback, Mysterious Canada, We Stand on Guard Book #1)

Letter to JRC from Elaine Chan, dated 2 May 1989. Accompanied by revised Royalty Statements for Mysterious Canada)

Hounslow Press.  Three agreements dated January 15, 1984, March 15, 1984, February 24, 1989, executed and signed by Anthony R. Hawke.

Hurtig Publishers.  Agreement, 31 December 1986 for Colombo’s New Canadian Quotations.

McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  Agreement Nov 4, 1983 for Toronto Quiz and Puzzle Book

NC Press Royalty Report for J.R. Colombo’s Book of Marvels, Feb 88-Jan 89.

National Film Board of Canada.  License Agreement for Canada Vignettes: Riverdale Lion, 30 août 2013 with attached card from Julia Dawson to JRC Sep 9, 2013.

Oberon Press.  Memorandum of Agreement for Songs of the Great Land. 19 January 1989

Random House of Canada Limited.  Agreement for Electronic Books Programme, for Mysterious Canada, 13 April 1987.

Series 9

Proposals, Projects, Promotions, Contributions and works edited by JRC. – 1976-2008. -- 30 cm of textual records and printed material. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: Arranged in alphabetical order by title/subject.

Box 170

F.1 Jack Beddell.  Resolving the Deficit. Correspondence with Jack McClelland, edited manuscript pages, typesetting details, 1990.

F.2 “Books in Brief”. Ts., edited draft of Canadian titles, A-L (selected by JRC) with publishing history and synopsis of each book, c.1985.

F.3 Books in Brief”. Ts., edited draft of Canadian titles, A-L (selected by JRC) with publishing history and synopsis of each book, c.1985.

F.4 “Books in Brief”.  Preface, ms. titled “Colombo’s Canadian Books in Brief by JRC and Ruth Colombo”, notes in holograph and typed on various authors, correspondence regarding project, 1976-1985.

F.5 “Canadian Country Diary and Recipe Book”.  Proposal to publish with Hounslow in 1981.  Holograph notes with selections, acknowledgements, 1981.

F.6 “Canadian war songs and music”.  Proposal for a series of programs  for CBC.  Ts., edited draft of “Songs of Canadians in Battle”, holograph notes, correspondence, 1985.

F.7 Colombo’s All Time Great Canadian Quotations (1994). Book proposal, research notes, correspondence, marketing, design, printed material, 1993-1998.

F.8 “Colombo’s Canadiana Quiz Book”(tentative title).  Correspondence, notes, chapter outlines, proposals, design notes, 1982-1983.

F.9 Contemporary Authors: Autobiography series.  Correspondence with Thomson, Gale to update JRC’s autobiographical entry, agreement, edited entry for 1996.  2005.

F.10Contemporary Poets.  Contributions by JRC for various poets: holograph notes on poets, correspondence with St. James Press, lists of poets, ts. entries for book, newsclippings, 1984-2000.

F.11“The Great Canadian Dictionary” (working title).  Ts. of topics/authors to be included, correspondence with Mel Hurtig, various holograph notes, 1978-1979.

F.12 “Jokes”.  Proposed Canadian joke book.  Ts., list of topics and Introduction; clipping.  [2008].

Box 171

F.1 “New Canadian Encyclopedia”.  Ts., edited drafts of entries proposed for book, holograph notes, correspondence, Memorandum of Agreement with New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing Ltd, 12 July 1984.  1984-1986.

F.2 “Sir Henry Pellatt”.  Proposal and research material for documentary on Sir Henry Pellatt and Sharon Temple (Newmarket, Ontario).  Ts., drafts, notes, write-ups, brochures, correspondence, 1972.

F.3 “Quotations Book”.  Various ts. and holograph edited drafts on various topics; correspondence, 1981-1986.

F.4 “Romance”.  Proposed article titled “Three of Hearts” for Leisureways magazine.  Ts. draft with holograph notes. Includes correspondence with Nomi Berger, Janette Turner Hospital, Joy Fielding and Charlotte Vale, 1984.

F.5 “Sat-Okh”.  Abandoned project “In Search of Sat-Okh” by JRC, based on English translation (from Polish) by George Wiatr of The Land of Salted Rocks by Sat-Okh, also known as Stanisław Supłatowicz, was a soldier in the Polish Resistance during World War II. Purportedly born in Northwest Territories, Canada, he later published autobiographical children's books under the name Sat-Okh.  Ts., edited unpublished ms., copies of English translations and correspondence, 1984.

F. 6 “Sat-Okh”.  Research correspondence.  Inlcudes  Polish embassy, and other Polish agencies, clippings.  Original file titled “Poland”.  1979-1984.

F.7 “Science Fiction, Canadian locales”. Promotion for project.  Ts., edited drafts with holograph notes on various Canadian locales and correspondence and lists for The Encyclopedia of Fantasy.  1990s.

F.8 “Symposium on Paranormal”. Correspondence with Doug Freake, U of Toronto, various holograph notes, printed research material for talk, 1987.

F.9 “Television”.  TV proposal for series based on Mysterious Canada. Ts. of first draft of Preface; correspondence re concepts and productions with Paula Salvador Productions (1994), Primedia Productions (1989), Breakaway Films (1989), Stan Lipsey Productions, Silhouette Productions, 1990.  Various holograph notes. 

F.10 “TV Series”.  Edited scripts for productions of Unexplained Canada; correspondence with KarowPrime Films (Sean Karow); Consulting Services contract; film contract, 2005.

F.11 “Viktor Tinkl”.  Ts., edited ms.(unpublished) of “Parade” by JRC on the art of Viktor Tinkl.  Correspondence with Altitude Publishing on the project; research and printed material; photocopy of Tinkl drawing, 1980-1982.

F.12 Words in Small. Promotion and research on JRC’s book, which was originally published in 1993.  Correspondence, holograph notes of entries, 1995.

Series  10

Photographs, Graphic and Ephemera – c1950s-2006. --  60 cm of graphic records and printed materials; -- 445 photographs. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: photographs are stored in envelopes, designated as “E”

Box  172    

F.1 Photographs – Large Portraits

E.1 Colombo Portraits (8 Negatives)              

E.2 Colombo Portraits (1 b x w)

E.3 Colombo Portraits with Special Effects (1 b x w)

E.4 Colombo Portraits with Mysterious Canada book (3 b x w)

E.5 Colombo Photo Proof Sheets (18 b x w)

F.2 Photographs – Small Portraits

E.1 Colombo Portraits (1 col.)

E.2 Colombo Portraits with Black Shirt (3 b x w)

E.3 Colombo Portraits dated July 04th 2006 (2 b x w)

E.4 Colombo Portraits with White Shirt and Patterned Tie (12 b x w)

E.5 Colombo Portraits with Black Shirt and Patterned Tie (9 b x w)

E.6 Colombo Portraits with Grey Shirt and Patterned Tie (15 b x w)

E.7 Colombo Profile Portraits (5 b x w)

E.8 Colombo Portraits with Hand Gestures (1 b x w)

E.9 Colombo Portraits with Black Jacket and Striped Tie (1 b x w)

E.10 Colombo Portraits with Grey Jacket and Patterned Tie (3 b x w)

F.3 Photographs – Young Colombo Portraits

E.1 Young Colombo at Photo Booth (3 b x w)

E.2 Young Colombo Portraits with Black Vest (4 b x w)

E.3 Young Colombo Wallet-Sized Portraits dated May 10th 1975 (7 b x w)

E.4 Young Colombo with Baby (1 b x w)

E.5 Young Colombo Standing Portraits with Patterned Jacket and Tie (14 b x w)

E.6 Young Colombo Side View Portraits with Black Sweater and White Stripes (5 b x w)

E.7 Young Colombo Portraits with Folded Hands (3 b x w)

E.8 Young Colombo Portraits with Grey Jackets, Patterned Shirt, and Black Tie (1 b x w)

F.4 Photographs – Colombo and Others

E.1 Colombo with Young Woman (1 col.)

E.2 Colombo Sitting with Man in front of Book Shelf (4 b x w)

E.3 Colombo with Group (2 b x w)

E.4 Young Colombo with Group (1 b x w)

F.5 Photographs – Other People

E.1 Unidentified People (10 b x w, 1 col., 1 col. slide)

E.2 Ying and Roommate (3 col.)

E.3 Traven and Donna Matchett (1 b x w)

E.4 The Owens (5 b x w, 2 col.)

E.5 William Blair Bruce at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (1 b x w)

F.6 Photographs – Other Authors

E.1 Walt Whitman (1 b x w)

E.2 Robert Hoshowsky (1 b x w)

E.3 Leslie A. Croutch and House (3 b x w)

E.4 Colin Low (1 b x w)

E.5 Enrich von Daniken “The Great Debate” (1 b x w)

E.6 Robertson Davies (1 b x w)

E.7 Ewa Lipski (2 b x w)

E.8 “Sat-Okh” (Stanislaw Suplatowicz) (2 b x w) c. 1950s

F.7 Photographs – Historical People

E.1 Mowat (2 b x w)

E.2 Sir John A. Macdonald (1 b x w)

E.3 Mackenzie King (3 b x w)

E.4 Riki Turofsky (1 b x w)

E.5 Unidentified Historical People (6 b x w)

F.8 Photographs – Colombo at Places (Small Photographs)

E.1 Colombo in front of Lowell Conservation Gate (1 col.)

E.2 Rama Indian Reserve (34 b x w)

E.3 Rama Indian Reserve (17 Negatives)

E.4 Colombo at Tunnel (2 col.)

E.5 Taber Hill (14 b x w)

E.6 Parks (3 b x w)

E.7 Colombo in Hydra, Greece, dated June 1977 (1 b x w)

E.8 Colombo with a Griffin dated May 21st 1998 (3 b x w)

E.9 Colombo Giving a Speech at Event (6 b x w)

E.10 Colombo in Backyard (9 b x w)

E.11 Cemetery (2 col.)

E.12 Chief William Yellowhead (17 b x w)

E.13 Police Station (1 b x w)

F.9 Photographs – Colombo at Places (Large Photographs)

E.1 Ford York (1 b x w)

E.2 Interior of Theatre (1 b x w)

E.3 Young Colombo at Radio Studio (1 b x w)

E.4 Young Colombo in Projector Room (1 b x w)

E.5 Colombo with Mirror (14 b x w)

E.6 Colombo with Tombstone (2 b x w)

F.10 Photographs – Buildings and Places

E.1 Unidentified Street (1 col.)

E.2 Houses and Other Buildings (29 b x w)

E.3 House Portraits (2 b x w)

F.11 Photographs – Museums

E.1 Rock Crystal Skull from Museum of the American Indian (2 b x w)

E.2 Flying Saucer at US Army Transportation Museum (1 b x w)

E.3 The Royal Ontario Museum (2 b x w)

E.4 Hockey Hall of Fame (1 col.)

E.5 Freud Museum (1 col.)

F.12 Photographs – Campuses

E.1 University of Toronto (6 b x w)

E.2 Unidentified Campus (4 b x w)

F.13 Photographs – Research Photographs

E.1 Walt Whitman in Canada Research Photographs (6 b x w)

E.2 Walt Whitman Research Photograph (1 b x w)

E.3 Jason B. Artwork (1 b x w)

F.14 Photographs – Colombo at Office

E.1 Young Colombo at Office (37 b x w)

E.2 Colombo at Desk (Polaroids) (2 b x w)

E.3 Young Colombo at Desk with Grey Jacket and Patterned Shirt (4 b x w)

E.4 Colombo at Desk (Birdview) (1 b x w)

E.5 Young Colombo at Desk with White Shirt and Striped tie (4 b x w)

F.15 Photographs – Ruth Colombo

E.1 Ruth Colombo Wallet-Sized Portraits dated May 10th 1975 (9 b x w)

E.2 John and Ruth Colombo at Event (7 b x w)

E.3 Ruth Colombo Portraits (5 b x w)

E.4 Ruth and John Colombo with Tombstone (1 Negative)

Box 173  Oversize and Ephemera

F.1 Artwork and Ephemera

Ephemera: rubber stamps (small envelope)
                -‘THE TAMARACK REVIEW’ with address in Toronto
                -‘Authorised as Second Class Mail; Post Office Department, Ottawa.’

Ephemera: Pins (small envelope)
                -“Conference on the Fantastic” (Graphic of floral bouquet, fairies, and ribbon)
                -“Memphré” “International Dracontology Society of Lake Memphremagog”. (Graphic of lake creature)

Envelope 1

-“Mulholland” illustration

-“Metrosauras” illustration

-“The Grey Lady” Illustration

-Simcoe landing at Toronto 1793- The view of the Harbour is from a sketch by Mrs Simcoe
                Illustration by C.W. Jefferys

-Phantom of the Opera (Whackey?)

-unsigned sketch of man (Possibly JRC)

-Cartoon pencil sketch by Shamus Culhane, dated 1987

-Demonic-appearance print

-Two illustrations of elder men

Envelope 2

-Envelope titled Colombo’s Book of Marvels, contains five copies of frontispiece by Ludwig Zeller

Envelope 3

-‘Whalley’ illustration, mounted on card

-Postcard and photocopy, Simcoe’s Reward by Charles Pachter.

-“The Grenadiers” illustration

-“R.S. Lambert” Illustration

-Illustration of woman, Robert Hoshowsky. Dated 18 July 1995. (card)

-“Sister Vincenza” illustration

-“The Don Jail Ghost” illustration

                Illustration of Nicholas Catanoy. Undated, unsigned.

F.2 “Bach Among the Stars” Sheet Music, 1985

-Large envelope, address of JRC and phone number inscribed in pen. 

-“Bach Among the Stars” copy, comb bound. 37 pages. Copyright Michael Pepa, 1985.
                (Inscribed on the front page: “To John Robert Colombo, with my compliments, (Signature, presumed Pepa’s), Toronto, Mar. 1, 1985.)
                (Commissioned by PODIUM for the BACH 300 CELEBRATION. To be PREMIERED on April 13, 1985. Text by John Robert Colombo.)

-Unbound copy of “Bach Among the Stars”, 36 pages.

F.3 Colombo and Company Logos (N.d.)

-Printed copy of logo, 8.5x11” paper

-“A few size variations waxed & ready to use”. Mounted on card.

F.4 Colombo Family Crest, 2007 Final Proofs

-Envelope addressed to JRC, from Rideau Hall. Dated “2007-07-13” by stamp.

-8.5x11” colour copy of crest

-Final art of crest, dated “10.7.7”

F.5 Colombo Photographs, 1987 (oversized)

-Vancouver Art Gallery, JRC underneath letterboard advertising poetry reading

-“Skip Dean/Leisure Ways”, one copy on glossy stock, one pixelated copy.

F.6 Certificates

-International Dynamic Reading Institute, Reading Productivity Booster Seminar, 1981

-Toronto Ghosts & Hauntings research society, thanking JRC, October 21, 2000.

F.7. Dust Jacket Covers for Various Publications, 1970-2000s

End Notes- Poems with Effects, by JRC
                (Front cover only, colour, printed on 8.5x11” paper)

Algernon Blackwood’s Canadian Tales of Terror, Selected and Introduced by JRC
                (full jacket, colour, printed on 8.5x11” paper)

Red Humour, Compiled by JRC
                (two copies, full jacket, glossy colour paper)

Red Humour, Compiled by JRC
                (one copy, full jacket, printed on 8.5x11” paper)

Advert cover for Colombo’s Little Book of Canadian Proverbs, Graffiti, Limericks and Other Vital Matter.
                (two copies, full colour, advert by Hurtig Publishers)

The Penguin Dictionary of Popular Canadian Quotations, Edited by JRC
                (Full jacket, colour)

Two for Faludy, Edited by JRC
                (Full jacket, colour)

East and West, selected Poems of George Faludy, Edited by JRC
                (Two copies, full jacket, colour)

Such Times, by Ewa Lipska
                (Full jacket, colour, JRC is one of the translators)

Variable Cloudiness, New Poems by JRC
                (Two copies, full jacket, colour)

Miniatures, by JRC
                (Three copies, all differing in front cover illustration, full jacket, colour)

All the Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo
                (Full jacket, colour)

What Men Will Die For, by Raymond Souster
                (Two copies, different styles for jackets, full jacket, colour)

Stories of Fear and Fascination, by Maurice Level
                (Full jacket, cover, infer that JRC is editor)

F.8  Dust Jacket Plaques for Colombo Publications by Hurtig Publishers    1976

-Red Variant for Colombo’s Concise Canadian Quotations

-Blue Variant for Colombo’s Canadian Quotations

-Colombo’s Little Book of Canadian Proverbs, Graffiti, Limericks and Other Vital Matter
                (See item non-placqued in file 7)

F.9 Photocopies, Pamphlets, and Postcards, one dated 2000-2001

Envelope 1: Photocopies of Photos (8 pages, B&W)

-four pages of photos of Colombo, three of which are the same photo of him

-Photo of ‘Scadding’

-Photocopy of Ambrose J. Small

-photocopy of man in suit with spectacles

-Kahkewaquonaby (written underneath, “Peter Jones”)

Envelope 2: Miscellaneous Pamphlets and Postcards

-“Jazz it up with Lynne”

-Postcard, “George Faludy Place, Toronto, Canada, Summer 2006”

-Northrop Frye Newsletter Vol. 9, No. 1. Winter 2001-02.

-Northrop Frye Newsletter, Vol. 10. “The Final Issue”

-Name card, “John Robert Colombo, Author, “The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings”

-Pamphlet, “The Grange: A Gentleman’s House in Upper Canada”, Art Gallery of Ontario

-Pamphlet, ”Magic Mystery & Spiritualism”, Houdini Magical Hall of Fame, Clifton Hill
                (Attached is sticky note, “DID I SEND YOU ONE OF THESE?”)

-John Robert Colombo, Recent Poems, The League of Canadian Poets

-Postcard, “The Red Man’s Fact, Niagara Falls”   
                (Woman standing in canoe, presumably going over Horseshoe Falls. Postcard is presumed older, distributed by HH Tammen Co. New York.)

F.10 Posters of Presentations and Various Publications, 1970s-2000s

-“Small Press – Big Author” 2007 poster for Uptown Downtown by Raymond Souster

-“George Faludy: A Celebration” October 8, 1986
                (Two Copies 8.5x11”, Two copies oversize, all printed on heavier paperstock)

-Poster, “1300 Years Bulgaria: Bulgarian Book Exhibition, Toronto Canada” 1981

-Poster, “1300 Years Bulgara: Exhibition of Bulgarian Books, Toronto 1981”

-“Out of this World: SF Giants read at Harbourfront”

-“Colombo’s Canadian Curses” illustration, signed “Bickers TH”
                (Poster for Colombo’s Concise Canadian Quotations is (accidentally?) adhered to the back of this paper)

-Cover of The Penguin Book of More Canadian Jokes by JRC

-“The Division of Humanities and the Department of Romance Studies present “400 years of fantastic literature” John Robert Colombo” October 10, 1985
                (Two Copies, published by Brock University, printed on card)

-Poster for Colombo’s Canadian References

-“In Person: Readings at the Royal Ontario Museum, Arranged by John Robert Colombo” Summer 1972

-“In Person: Eminent Canadian poets and novelists read from their own work in the Fresco Gallery” Arranged by JRC, Royal Ontario Museum, September 6 through October 26 [1972]

-“Coming Soon: Colombo’s Canadian Quotations”

-“In celebration of its 60th Anniversary, The Royal Ontario Museum has John Robert ColombO, present – In Person – Literary Readings in the Fresco Gallery. John Robert Colombo is alive, alive, ALIVE! As amid the R.O.M.’s placid statues, he takes his Word-defying Dive! Into the horny conclave of the Literary Hive. HE SOMERSAULTS! HE TUMBLES! With elan and great eclat through all the stuffy clichés That the Public have been taught. And balancing his authors with With AMAZING sleigh of hand Makes every single evening ASTOUNDING! Great and Grand!”

-“The City and the asylum: perspectives in art, culture, and the history of mental health in Toronto. June 22 to June 27th 1993”
                (two copies, differing sizes)

-“PAUL MARTIN- The London Diaries of Canada’s High Commissioner, 1975-1979, Available October 1988, University of Ottawa Press”

-Poster for Wake Me Up Inside, by Lee Bice-Matheson, “Paige Maddison Series”
                (Back has inscription: “For Ruth & John, We have so much fun with the two of you! Cherished Friends, Lee Bice-Matheson, K(??)”)

-“The CNE Archives Presents Two Free Presentations by Guest Speaker John Robert Colombo”
                (Part of CNE Archives 2009 exhibit, “The CNE After Dark”)’

F.11 Order of Canada Citation, 2004

-One Order of Canada certificate, signed and dated 13 May 2004.

Series 11

Correspondence. – [1950s]-2016. --  2.5 m of textual records and printed material. – Title based on contents of series.

Note: The series is arranged in two parts: Boxes 174-179 comprise personal, literary, cultural and general correspondence (arranged by last name) followed by separate files on significant authors.  The second part of the correspondence (Boxes 180-187) is arranged by special topics/ book titles/research/editorial.  It has not been integrated into the personal correspondence in order to  maintain integrity of original order and context.   

Part One

Box 174 Last names, A-C

F.1 `A’ correspondence

F.1a Ala, Salvatore

F.2 Atwood, Margaret, 1977.  Holograph note on typed letter with enclosure of typescript by Atwood, titled, “ Canadian Monsters: Some Aspects of the Supernatural in Canadian Fiction”.

F.3 `B’ correspondence

F.3a Beddoes, Dick, re Richard Beddoes, 1996

F.4 Berton, Pierre, 1983

F.5 Bradbury, Ray, 1977

F. 6 Birney, Earle, 1975

F.6a Burford-Mason, Roger, 1990-1996

F.7-8 `C’ correspondence

F.9 Cameron, Silver Donald, 1983

F.10 Carpenter, Edmund Snow (Ted), 1992-2006

F.11 Casson, A.J.  1983.

F. 12, Clarke, Arthur C., c.1990, with holograph note on letter.

Box 175 D-G

F. 1 `D’ correspondence

F.2 Danby, Ken, n.d.

F.3 Di Cicco, Pier Giorgio, 1979-2008

F.4 Douglas & McIntyre (Scott McIntyre), 1999-2000

F.5 Dudek, Louis, 1976-2000.

F.6 `E’ correspondence

F. 7 Everson,  Ron, 1983

F.8 ‘F’ correspondence

F. 9 Faludy, George,

F.9a Feinberg, Charles E.

F.9b Finch, Robert, 1992

F. 9c Foster, David Llewlellyn J., 1990-1993.

F.10 Fowke, Edith, 1978-1990.

F.11Friedman, Stanton, 1991-1992

F. 12 `G’ correspondence

F.13 Gardner, Martin, 1992-2007

F.14 Gilmore, Clyde, 1985-1991

F.15 Godbout, Jacques, 2016

F.16 Green, Terrence M, 1985-2001

F.17 Greenland, Cyril, 1998-2001

F.18 Grosskurth, Phyllis, 2007

F.19. Gustafson, Ralph, 1983

Box 176 Last names H-L

F.1 `H’ correspondence

F.2 Harbourfront International Festival of Authors, 1985 (Greg Gatenby)

F.3 Hood Hugh, 1982-1986

F.4 `I’ correspondence

F.5 `J’ correspondence

F.5a Joe, Mendelson, 2002

F.6 `K’ correspondence

F.6a Kelly, M.T., 1992-1996

F.7 Richard Kostelanetz, 1986-1992

F.8 Kuerti, Anton, 1983

F.9 `L’ correspondence

F.10 Lacey, Edward A., 1984-1991

F.11 Layton, Irving, 1984

F.12 Stephen Leacock Associates, 2001

F.13 Lee, Robert E., 1988

F.14 Levchev, Lyubomir, 1982-1986

F. 15 LePan, Douglas, 1985-1986

Box 177 M-O

F. 1 ‘ M ‘ correspondence

F.2  MacEwan, Gwendolyn,

F.3 MacQuarrie, Hon. Heath, 1998-2000

F.4 Martin, Peter, 1983

F.5 Manguel, Alberto, 1983-2016

F.6 McClelland, Jack, 1988-2000

F.7 McMichael, Robert, 1996

F.8 Mirvish, Edwin, 1998

F.9 `N’ correspondence

F.10 Negoşanu, Petronella, 1981-1992

F.11 Newman, Peter C.,  1991-2000

F.12 Nicol, Eric

F.13 `O’ correspondence

F.14 Order of Canada, 2004.  Congratulatory cards and letters include those by Prime Minister Paul Martin (see also Box 178, F. 6), Mayor David Miller, Lillian Boratz Nemetz, Avie Bennett, Adrienne Clarkson, Anna Porter.

F.15 Order of Canada nominations, 2007-2010.

F.16 Outram, Richard, 1982-2002

Box 178 P-S

F.1 `P-Q’ correspondence

F.2 Pachter, Charles, 1976-1995

F.3 Page, Christian, 2008

F.4 Page, P.K., 1987

F.5 Priest, Robert, 2008

F.6 Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, 1976 (see also Box 177, F.14)

F.7 Polyani, John C., 1986-1992

F.8 Pratley, Gerald, 1992

F.9 Purdy, Al, 1983

F.10 `R’ correspondence

F.11 Reaney, James C.,2001

F.12 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (President John L. Withers), 1983-1987

F.13 Robinson, Spider, 1987

F.14 Rosenblatt, Joe, 1985

F.15 Roux, Jean-Louis (Lieutenant-Governor of Québec 1996-1997), 2006

F.16 `S’ correspondence

F.17 Sawyer, Robert, 1987-2006

F.18 Scott, F.R. (Frank), 1974-1980

F.19 Shepard, Leslie, 2001

F.20 Shumiatcher, Morris, 1993-1998

F.21 Skelton, Robin, 1987

F.22 Skvorecky, Joseph, 1987

F.23 Slaight, Allan (Standard Broadcasting Corporation), 2000

F.24 Smith, A.J.M., 1976

F.25 Souster, Raymond, c1980s-2001

F.26 Sutherland, Fraser, 1983-2000

F.27 Suvin, Darko, 1985-1998

F.28 Suzuki, David, 1986

F.29 Sward, Robert, 1983-1992

Box 179 T-Z

F.1 `T’ correspondence

F.2 Thibaudeau (Reaney), Colleen, 1983

F.3 Toye, William, 1991-2016.

F.4 `U’ correspondence

F.5 `V’ correspondence

F.6 `W’ correspondence

F.7 Watson, Wilfrid, 1986

F.8 Weaver, Robert, 1983

F.9 Wellbeloved, Sophia, 2008

F.10 Whalen, Dwight,

F.11 Whipple, George, 2001-2009

F.12 Wiebe, Rudy, 1984

F.13 `X’ correspondence: Mr. X, 1983; St. Francis Xavier University (Kevin Brien), 1983

F.14 `Y’ correspondence

F.15 Yost, Elwy, 1992-1996

F.16`Z’ correspondence

F.17 Zalan, Magda, 1992-2002

F.18 Zeller, Ludwig and Susanna Wald, 1983-2000

F.19 Zend, Robert, 1974

F.20 Zingrone Frank, 1992-2001.

F.21 First names and unidentifiable

Part Two : Special topics

Box 180 Science Fiction: correspondence within files is alphabetical and annotated with authors’ names, by JRC

F1 Science Fiction, general 1979-1982

F.2 Conventions, NASFA (The Northview Association for Science Fiction Addicts), correspondence with Robert Sawyer, 1979-1982

F.1 `A’ correspondence, 1979-1980.

F.4 Amprimoz, Alexandre, 1976-1979

F.5 Ashley, Mike, 1981-1983

F.6 `B’ correspondence

F.7 Barbour, Doug, 1978-1979

F.8 Bell, John, 1978-1980

F.9 `C’ correspondence, 1978-1979

F.10 `D’ correspondence, 1978

F.11 `F’ correspondence, 1978-1980

F.12 `G’ correspondence, 1978-1980

F.13 ‘H’ correspondence, 1978-1980

F.14 ‘J-L’ correspondence, 1979

F.15 `M-P’ correspondence, 1978-1980

F.16 `R’ correspondence, 1978-1981

F.17 ‘S-T’ correspondence, 1978-1980

F.18 `W-Z’ correspondence, 1979-1980.

Box 181 Hungarian poems and translations, Czech translations

F.1 Colombo poems in Hungarian, 1994-1996

F.2 Hungarian poets – translations, 1962-1963.  Includes Robert Bly, Ilya Polyani, Tibor Tollas, David Ray.

F.3 Hungarian poets – Memorial service booklet for George Jonas (June 15, 1935-January 10, 2016)

F.4 Czech poems- correspondence re translations of Jiri Skvor’s Far From You, 1981-1982

Box 182 Mysterious Canada (1988) “spiritual experiences correspondence” and research

F. 1 Correspondence re writers whose accounts were included in the book, printed materials, reprint, 1952-1998.

F.2 Correspondence re writers whose account were “not used but possible”(file annotated by JRC) with correspondents’ names indicated in caps on all letters, 1987.

F.3 Holograph account of Kipling’s mysterious encounter in Canada, with photocopy of Kipling’s account, annotated with correspondents’ names, c.1990s.

F.4 Ts., and holograph notes, curriculum vitae and photocopies of works by correspondents Marcello Truzzi and others. 1996.

F.5 Bulletin of Anomalous Experience 1993-1994.

Box 183 Special topics

F.1 “The Fourth Way” by George Gurdjieff.  Correspondence with Stephen Grant, c1990s-2016.

F.2 “The Fourth Way” by George Gurdjieff.  Correspondence with Stephen Grant re Gurdjieff’s In Search of Being and Pytor Ouspensky; includes copy of Grant’s draft of “Confessions of an American Muddler Ending the Beelzebub Wars”, 2013.

F.3 “The Fourth Way” by George Gurdjieff.  General correspondence, 1980s-2003.

F.4 Mackenzie King’s Ghost (1991). Ts. of rewrites of Mackenzie King essays, holograph notes, research and correspondence, c.1990.

F.5 Mackenzie King’s Ghost.  Holograph research notes on correspondence, ts., notes, research photocopies.  C.1990.

F.6 New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing Ltd.  Correspondence re contributions by JRC, various edited drafts by JRC, 1982-1986.

F.7-8 Correspondence and publication of Colombo & Co. edition of James Gay’s poems.  Edited proofs of “Master of All Poets: The Life and Works of James Gay, of the Royal City of Guelph, Ontario, Poet Laureate of Canada and Master of All Poets”, with notes sent to Philip Singer, 1996.

F.9 Research photocopies of correspondence, biography and holograph notes on John Gay, c.1990s.

Box 184 Various topics listed alphabetically

F.1 “Advertising”.  Correspondence, notes, printed material, 1970s.

F.2 “Arctic myths”.  Ts., various drafts and compilations by JRC, printed material, correspondence, c.1980s.

F.3 “Earle Birney”.  Correspondence with Canada Council and holograph notes for nomination of Earle Birney for a Molson Prize, 1986. 

F.4 “CNE”.  Correspondence with Canadian National Exhibition Archives re presentations by JRC on “The CNE After Dark”.   Ts., notes, presentation printout, brochures, 2009.

F.5 “Carl Dair”.  Symposium at the Mackenzie Heritage Printery Museum “Who Is Carl Dair”.  Correspondence notes, printed programme details and poster, 1994.

F.6 “Dene people”.  Correspondence with Ethel Stewart, with various research publications and notes, 1987-1988.

F.7 “Edith Fowke memorial”.  Correspondence, holograph notes, press release, programme for “Edith Fowke: A Celebration”, York University, May 15, 1996.

Box 185 Various topics (cont’d)

F.1 “Northrup Frye”.  Correspondence with Northrup Frye Centre and Frye scholars re quote book of Frye expressions.  (JRC was an Associate of the Centre for 2007-8).  Includes JRC’s tss. on Frye.  2006-2008.

F.2 “Northrup Frye”. Correspondence with Victoria University, various notes, printed lists, photocopy of title page of proposed book by JRC, printed materials; executed copy of the publishing agreement with Dundurn Press, 2013.  2001-2013.

F.3 “Highway Bookshop”.  Correspondence re proposals to publish, 1980-1983.

F.4 “Alan Lamport”.  Correspondence re Alan Lamport (former mayor of Toronto, 1952-1954) for publication of JRC’s book “The Complete Malapropisms of Allan Lamport”.  Ts., edited by Alan Lamport;  Lamport correspondence, Maple Leaf Gardens, 1995-1998 and holograph notes from Lamport.  Includes printed materials.


F.5 “League of Canadian Poets”.  Correspondence re National Poetry Contest judging and Gala, 1996.


F.6 “Legal Charges: The case of the barking dog”. Note at beginning of correspondence supplied by JRC reads “ Legal charges against neighbours about a barking dog.  Notice amount of correspondence and documentation”, dated 26 May 2016.


F.7 “Leithen”.  Correspondence re Sir Edward Leithen and George Buchan with George Vanderburgh and others.   Includes ts. and holograph notes by JRC on John Buchan; printed material, 2003-2004.





Box 186  Various topics (cont’d)


F.1“Mars”.  Correspondence with Jon Lomberg and others, re VISIONS OF MARS CD ROM project.  Includes various ts. drafts by JRC on the subject of Mars, lists, holograph notes and printed material,1992-1994.


F.2 “Niagara Falls”. Correspondence with Dwight Whalen re book on Niagara Falls.  Various drafts and write-ups by JRC, holograph index cards, clippings and research, 1991-1995.


F.3 Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature.  Correspondence with William Toye

 re entries for book.  Includes various ts. and draft compilations by JRC; printed material, 1980-1997.


F.4 ”Rideau Hall”.  Correspondence re Colombo armorial Letters Patent and Arms, Flag and Badge and proofs, 2005-2007. 


F.5 “Sandy Stewart”.  Correspondence with CBC Enterprises, re editing and outline of TV book by Stewart; various notes and write-ups by JRC, 1986.


F.6 “Web Domain”.  Correspondence re registration and hosting,


Box 187 Editorial


F.1 “Corrections”.  Editorial correspondence with various writers re some titles of JRC’s published works.  Includes ts. by JRC and others, 2000-2005.


F.2 “Corrections”.  Correspondence re corrections and errors noted in JRC’s books, with holograph notes by JRC, 1979-1994.


F.3 “Corrections”.  Corrections, permissions and fees correspondence with various authors to reprint poems for an anthology by JRC, 1980-1986.


F.4 “New Quote Book”.  Publishers’ correspondence,  ts. drafts and notes re entries for Colombo’s New Canadian Quotations(1987).  Includes letters from Mel Hurtig, Doug Gibson, Penguin Books), 1981-1983.


F.5 Not to Be Taken at Night (1981).  Permissions and contracts to reprint UK edition of book.  Correspondence with various authors and ts. drafts of stories to be included, 1982-1987.


F.6 Permission to reprint articles by Bruno M. Cormier and the McGill Clinic in Forensic Psychiatry for publication of Breaking the Chains (1998) on behalf of Ruby Cormier.  Includes correspondence with Cyril Greenland, Canadian Criminal Justice Association, Davis Publications, Ruby Cormier and cover art for book, 1991-1998.

Series 12

Teaching materials for American Management Association and Canadian Management Centre. – 1993-2009.  -- 16 cm of textual records and printed materials. – Titles based on contents of the series.

Box 188

F.1 AMA - Leadership and executive speaking mailings, 1999-2001.

F.2 AMA - JRC’s course notes and class materials, 1998-2009.

F.3 AMA -Peter Urs Bender correspondence and brochures.

F.4 AMA - Lecture notes.

F.5 AMA - Business magazine publications with mention of JRC, 2005-2006.

F.6 CMC - Preparation notes in holograph by JRC, 1996.

F.7 CMC – Lecture notes, 1995 onwards.

F.8 CMC – Effective executive speaking brochures, 1997-1998.

F.9 CMC – Presentation skills seminar and workshop, index cards with notes.

F.10 CMC – Coaching, lecture notes, 2005-2006.

F.11 CMC – Peter Urs Bender correspondence, Speech Anxiety notes.

F.12 CMC – notes of meetings, planning, webinars, 1996.

F.13 CMC – Preparation – short items, notes and printed material, 1996.

F.14 CMC – Movies and People, notes.

F.15 CMC – Powerpoint notes.

F.16 CMC – Teaching text and manual “Powerful Directions” and various notes kept by JRC. 1993.

Series 13

Other authors. – 1966-2013. -- 32 cm of textual and graphic records. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: The series contains correspondence

Box 189

F.1 Beddoes, Dick. (Sports journalist, c.1926-1991), “Among My Souvenirs”.  Ts. drafts of articles arranged chronologically, with notes on individual title-pages written by Beddoes.  1966-1983. Accompanied by note written by JRC which reads” Articles in typed form by Dick Beddoes, discovered by Cecilia Carter-smith and given to me about the year 2013”.  Note dated 13 Jan 2016.

F.2 Bell, John.  “The Far North and Beyond: An Index to Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature in Genre Magazines and Other Selected Periodicals”.  Accompanied by correspondence,1997.

F.3 Coulter, John.  “In My Day”. (Hounslow Press, 1980). Ts, edited and typesetting  copy. Accompanied by note written by JRC which reads, “I arranged for the appearance in print- not really publication of John’s memoirs…I became friendly with John who was a stalwart of the Arts & Letters Club”. Note dated 1 May 2016.

F.4 Boraks-Nenetz, Lillian.  “Secrets of the Trees”.c.1996. Accompanied by correspondence, 1996-1997.

F.5 Burcher, Robert.  “The Leather Boat”.  Spiral bound 2nd edit ts. with holograph notes on 2nd page.  , with accompanying final draft of chapter One. Correspondence from Burcher, 2011.  Includes photograph of cover for JRC’s Mysteries of Ontario. Note from JRC accompanies manuscript which reads  “Robert Burcher, photographer in Collingwood with superlative ideas of early voyages from Europe and the Middle East, author”.  Note dated 29 May 2016.

Box 190

F.1 Halbritter, Ron.  “An Index to 535 issues of Fate Magazine from #1 Complete through October 1994"

F.2 Gordon, Lynne.  “Working Without a Net”. Partial ms. first drafts and edited pages by JRC, stapled lot of discards with correspondence to Jan Walters of McClelland & Stewart Ltd., and others, 1985.

F.3 Kostelantetz, Richard.  “Three Canadian Geniuses:  Glenn Gould, Marshall McLuhan, Northrup Frye”(1991).  Edited draft from Colombo& Co., with notes.

F.4 Obodiac, Stan.  “My Experiences at a Canadian Authors’ Convention”.  Ts. with Contents listed on title-page.  Foreword by JRC. The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, c. 1958 by Stan Obodiac, c. 2006 by Emma Obodiac.

F.5 Paikeday, Thomas M.  “The User’s Webster Dictionary”.  Preprint, beta version.  Lexicography, Inc.  1997.  With attached correspondence, 1997.

F.6 Patriarcha, Gianna.  “Nonna and the Girls Next Door”.  Photocopy of limited edition. 2004. With note attached.

F.7 No author.  “A Gift for Mars”.  Ts. draft4/21/98.  With attached photocopies of cover and Introduction.  Possibly authored by Jon Lomberg.

Series 14

Catalogues. –  1982-2011. --16 cm of printed material. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 191

F.1 Battered Silicon Dispatch Box.  George A. Vanderburgh. Publisher.  Booklist flyers, list and images of all books published until 2008.

F.2 Colombo & Co. (C&C).  Complete catalogue 1994-2003, 2005.

F.3 Backlist of Colombo publications to December 2007 and printout of website 20 March 2008.

F.4 Douglas & McIntyre Fall Books, 2000.

F.5 The Dundurn Group, 1998-2011.

F.6 Penguin Canada, 1995-2007.

F.7 Western Producer Prairie Books, 1982.

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