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John Robert Colombo fonds – 4th Accrual. – [ca. 1950]-1977. – 90 cm of textual records and graphic material.

Series 1: Manuscripts by Colombo. – 1966-1977. – 30 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 92

F.1-2    Poetry: “Growing up in Waterloo County,” with research materials; ts. with corrections and ts. photocopy, ca. 1969-70
F.3       Poetry: John Toronto, The Strachan Poems; ts., ca. 1968-9
F.4-5    Poetry: “Mackenzie’s Canada (and Strachan’s)”; ts. and ts. photocopy, 1968.        
F.6       Poetry: Mostly Monsters, Now is the Time for All; includes correspondence with Norman McLaren; ts., ca. 1977
F.7       Material re. Neo Poems; includes drawings and short articles about poetry; ts., ca. 1970
F.8       Poetry: Neo Poems; ts., ca. 1970       
F.9       Poetry: Praise Poems; ts., ca. 1972
F.10     Poetry: Translations from the English; ts. photocopy, ca. 1974
F.11     Poetry by Dora Gabé (translated by Colombo and published in Depths?); ts. with corrections, ca. 1978
F.12     Poetry: “Song of the Eighteen Dead”; includes letter from Lester Sugarman; ts. with corrections
F.13     Poetry: translated from Sanskrit; ts. and ts. photocopy

Box 93
F.1-2    Poetry and research materials; news clippings, ts. and ms., ca. 1966
F.3-4    Found poetry; includes introduction and table of contents; ts. and ts. with corrections, after 1969
F.5       Poetry; includes a table of contents; ts. and ts. with corrections       
F.6-9    Poetry; includes short prose about poetry; ms., ts., and ts. with corrections
F.10     Radio script: “The Mystery of the Marie Celeste”; ts. photocopy
F.11     Text of CBC radio programme re. found poetry
F.12     “Eclipse Lore: a Collage for Radio”; includes research materials; ts.
F.13     Ontario School Broadcast script re. language: “Proverbial Play”; ts., 1977
F.14     Tamarack Review, issue 52; ts. and proofs

Series 2: Correspondence. – 1970-1972. – 10 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 94
F.1       Sender not known, 1970        
F.2       Senders not known, 1972
F.3       Correspondents A-K; includes Louis Dudek, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Harry Howith
F.4       Canada Council; includes an agenda of a May 1970 meeting and the minutes of a February 1970 meeting
F.5       Correspondents L-U; includes Macmillan of Canada, Oberon Press, Saturday Night and University of Toronto Press
F.6       Correspondents Wee-Wel; includes Weekend and Hannah Weiner, who attaches many poems and drawings
F.7       Correspondent Williams, Jonathan (Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies); includes poems

Correspondence re. How Do I Love Thee (1970)
F.8       Includes unidentified letters to and from Colombo and cut-out signatures from letters
F.9       Research notes re. How Do I Love Thee (1970)
F.10     Correspondents A-B; includes Milton Acorn, Earle Birney and bill bissett
F.11     Correspondents C; includes Paul Chamberland and Cécil Cloutier
F.12     Correspondents D-F; includes Frank Davey, Louis Dudek and raoul duguay
F.13     Correspondents G; includes Roland Giguère and Phyllis Gotlieb
F.14     Correspondents H; includes Harry Howith and Mel G. Hurtig
F.15     Correspondents I-L; includes Michèle Lalonde and Dennis Lee
F.16     Correspondents M-O; includes Gwendolyn MacEwen, Alden Nowlan and Michael Ondaatje
F.17     Correspondents P-S; includes P.K. Page, Al Purdy and Ray Souster
F.18     Correspondents W-Z; includes Miriam Waddington and George Woodcock

Series 3: Manuscripts not by Colombo. – [ca. 1950]-1977. – 45 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

F.19     Blaise, Clark, “A Prologue to North America”; ts.
F.20     Bullock, Michael, Green Beginning, Black Ending: Stories; ts.
F.21     Cogswell, Fred, “The Function and Nature of Poetry”; ts. carbon copy
Curry, Ralph, ed., Leacock Medal Treasury (1976); oversized proofs; map cabinet 19
F.22     Dunlop, Donna, “French-Canadian Poetry in the Sixties”; ts. photocopy
F.23     Faludy, George and George Jonas, “Ave Luna, Morituri Te Salutant!”; ts.
F.24-5  Fetherling, Doug, Rip-off; ts.

Box 95
F.1       Ford, R.A.D., The Solitary City; proofs
F.2-3    Frye, Northrop, The Bush Garden (1970); photocopy of proofs
F.4       Grant, George, Technology and Empire; proofs
F.5       Hannon, Leslie F., The Forts of Canada (ca. 1969); includes research notes; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.6-8    Hood, Hugh, The Swing in the Garden (ca. 1975); includes notes; ts.
F.9-10  Johnston, James, The Party’s Over (1971); includes a letter from Hugh Buchanan; ts. photocopy with corrections

Box 96
F.1-4    Johnston, James, The Party’s Over (1971); ts. photocopy with corrections
F.5       Gerry Lampert, unidentified prose; ts. photocopy with corrections
F.6       Mehl, Andy, “The Drunk”; ts.
F.7       Phillips, Timothy A., unidentified prose; ts. photocopy
F.8       Rosenberg, Stuart, The Jewish Community in Canada (1970); ts. and ts. with corrections
F.9       Thompson, Kent, stories; includes “Crossing”, “The Home Country” and “Because I am Drunk”; ts.
F.10     Winter, Jack, text of a broadcast for CBC re. the poet Attila Jozsef; ts.
F.11     Yates, J. Michael, radio plays; includes “Theater of War”, “The Broadcaster” and “The Calling”; ts. photocopy

Box 97
F.1       Unidentified author, prose re. Native Canadians; ts. with corrections
F.2       Unidentified authors; includes “Sir Alphonse Smith” and “An Interview with Walter Bauer”; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.3       Unidentified author; includes prose in a Cyrillic language; ts.

F.4       Chalmers, Penny; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.5       Couzyn, Jeni; includes a selection from House of Changes (1978), as well as prose excerpts and a letter; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.6       Di Cicco, Pier Girogio, The Circular Dark (1977); ts.
F.7       Howith, Harry, “A Letter to the Governor General” (1977) and misc. poems (ca. 1972); ts. and ts. photocopy
F.8       Latner, Anita, misc. poems (ca. 1976-7); ts. photocopy
F.9-10  Lowenfels, Walter, Muga; includes a letter; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.11     Skelton, Robin, Callsign (1976); includes letter; proofs
F.12     Suknaski, Andrew, misc. poems; includes letter; ms. and ts.
F.13     Winter, Jack, The Island; ts.
F.14     Zeller, Ludwig, Cuando el Animal de Fondo Sube la Cabeza Estalla (1976); includes other poems (ca. 1972); ts. photocopy
F.15     Zend, Robert, Ditto Poetry; includes misc. papers; ts. photocopy

Box 98
F.1       Various authors; includes poems by Gail Fox and Yannis Goumas; ms., ts., and ts. photocopy
F.2       Various authors; includes poems by Duncan MacLeod, Norah Story and Robert Sward; ms., ts., and ts. photocopy
F.3       Various authors; includes poems by Malcolm Barbeau, Ralph Gustafson and Bryan Small; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.4       Various authors; includes poems by George Faludy and Jagna Boraks, among other unidentified authors; ts. and ts. photocopy
F.5       Unidentified author; includes misc. poems; ts.
F.6       Unidentified author; includes misc. poems (ca. 1950-70); ts.

Series 4: Miscellaneous notes and printed materials. – [ca. 1973]-1975. – 5 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.
F.7       Collected quotations with a foreword; ts. and ts. with corrections
F.8       Research materials: “Richard Maurice Bucke Catalogue”; ts. photocopy
F.9       Miscellaneous research materials; ts.
F.10     Miscellaneous research materials; printed material and ts.
F.11     Notes re. John Coulter’s memoirs; includes 2 letters (1974); ms. and ts.
F.12     Miscellaneous notes; includes an address list and an itinerary; ms. and ts.
F.13     B&W photograph of Pauline Rhind
F.14     CV of Vera Frenkel
F.15     News release from Raymond Souster (ca. 1973)
F.16     Printed material; includes pamphlets, posters and news clips 
F.17     Poetry magazines; includes Poetry Toronto (1976) and Old Nun (1975)

Oversize (map cabinet 19): art-work, posters advertising Colombo's books, speeches, and readings arranged by him.    

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