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Cockburn, Bruce. 1945-

Bruce Cockburn . Second and Third Accrual. – 1968-2013. – 12.5 cm of textual records and 11 compact discs.

Series 1 - Lyrics and sheet music
Box 85
F.1          Handwritten and typed lyrics. 1968-2009; 2007-2009, predominant.
F.2          Sheet music. 2010.

Series 2 - Speeches and notes
Box 85
F.3          Speech from donation of archives event. McMaster University. 2013.
F.4          Speech. Honourary Degree Acceptance. [“McMaster?” is written towards the top. 2009.]
F.5          Notes. Draft letter, interview answers, and other notes.

Series 3 – Correspondence and fan mail
Box 85
F.6          Correspondence and fan mail. 2009-2012

Series 4 - Tour books
Tour books contain the itinerary for the entire tour, including travel days, accommodations, etc. Many of the books also contain Bruce Cockburn’s notes: set lists, contact numbers, plans.

Box 85
F.7          Enclosing folder for the following envelopes.
E.1          Slice of Life Tour. US & Canada. April 2010.
E.2          Small Source of Comfort. Canada. 2011.
E.3          Small Source of Comfort. US. 2011.
E.4          Small Source of Comfort. US. September 2011.
E.5          Small Source of Comfort. Eastern Canada. 2012.
E.6          Small Source of Comfort. UK. 2012.
E.7          Small Source of Comfort. US. 2013.
E.8          Small Source of Comfort. Canada & US. 2013.

F.8          Additions to Cockburn tourbooks. Canada & US. 2012-2013.
F.9          Other schedules and set lists. 2008-2011.

Series 5 - Audio
Title supplied from writing on the disc in most cases. Those discs labelled Item 5a-5d came together in one case, but have been separated for preservation reasons. They have been arranged chronologically.

Box 47
3.            One Voice. In support of PWRDF. [2009].
4.            “Open Arms”. Fantasy.  Ref mix. Compact disc. 2009.
5a.          B.C. Compact disc. 26 July 2010.
5b.          B.C. Compact disc. 27 July 2010.
5c.          [Bev Co Pinhead Roughs?]. 15 July 2010.
5d.          Each One Lost 3 Pinheads & a [Bath?]. [2010?]. 
6.            Pour un soir seulement. Live cut. Compact disc. 2010.
7.            Bruce Cockburn w/ Claudia Marshall. Live in Studio-A. 90.7 WFUV. Compact disc. 2011.
8.            Franklin. 1.45/2.30. Compact disc. [n.d.]
9.            Franklin. 45. Compact disc. [n.d.]
10.          Bruce w/ Ananda. Audio only. Compact disc. [n.d.]

Series 6 - Publications and clippings
Box 85
F.10        Clippings. 2010-2013.
F.11        Programs and other publications. 2010-2011.
F.12        Programs and other publications. 2012-2013.

Series 7 - Memorabilia and other material
Box 85
F.13        Enclosing folder for the following envelopes:
E.1          Passes.
E.2          Commemorative stamps. OFCD and 8-pack. 2011.
E.3          Photograph.[Jenny Scheinman?], Bruce Cockburn, and unidentified man. March 2011.

Oversize Folder
F.3          Concert poster (2013-023). University of Guelph. [c. 1980].

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