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Canadian Sheet Music collection. Fourth, fifth and Sixth accruals.
Box 18

Fourth Accrual
1. Kiss The Little Ones for Me! by J.P. Webster. Words by Eben E. Rexford. Abell and Collins, St. John's and Smithville
2. Here's A Health Unto His Majesty (for George VI, 1939). T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Toronto
3. Outside the Gates of Paradise. Harry Herbert. Harry H. Sparks, Music Publisher, Toronto, 1902
4. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Walt Disney's "Song of the South", Gordon V. Thompson Ltd., Toronto.

Fifth Accrual
1. Over the Waves, Waltz, by Rosas. A Cox and Co., Music Publishers,Toronto
2. Carnival Waltz by Oswald Larmer.  Delmar Music Co., Montreal, 1909
3. “Cow Cow Boogie”, words and music by Don Raye and Gene de Paul. Canadian Music Sales Corp. Ltd., Toronto, 1942
4. Cross-Eyed Kelly, a Feist Song, by Al Sherman, Al Lewis and Abner Silver. Gordon V. Thompson Ltd., Toronto, 1934
5. A Story of Two Cigarettes. Words and music by Mickey Stoner, Fred Jay and Leonard K. Marker. Gordon V. Thompson Limited, 1945
6. The Cameronian Galop. (Scottish Rifles), composed by I. Suckling. I. Suckling & Sons, Toronto
7. Woody Woodpecker, by George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss. Canadian Music Sales Corp. Ltd., Toronto, 1948

Sixth Accrual
"The Port of Montreal", ballad, words and music by Clifford J. Bussell, Monreal, [ca. 1949]
"Fascination", music by F.D. Marchetti, words by Dick Manning, Southern Music Publishing Co. Inc., Montreal, 1932

Seventh Accrual
1.  A Briton is a Free Man. Maurice Taube, composer. Harvey Lloyd, lyricist. 1900.
2. The Nation’s Call. Harry Stirling, composer. A.W.S. Hemmings, lyricist. 1915.
3. Sons of England. Paul Shannon, composer. A.W.S. Hemmings, lyricist. 1915.
4. L-I-B-E-R-T-Y.  Ted S. Barron. 1916.
5. Capt. M.W. Plunkett presents the Dumbells Sixth Annual Revue. 1924.
6. Roll Up your Old Umbrella. T. Reginald Sloan. 1940.
7. Let Me Love... Mavor Moore. 1955.
8. Next Time. Mavor Moore. 1955.
9. Just the Same. Mavor Moore. 1955.

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