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Marjorie Freeman Campbell collection

Box 1:
Manuscript book on patients admitted to the Hamilton General Hospital, 1890-[19-]
"The Training Schools for Nurses, Hamilton General Hospital, 1890-1955," ts., 13 pp.
"Hamilton General Hospital," ts., 4 pp.
City hospital by-laws, no. 187, 740
One file of news clippings on medicine and other health topics
Hospital publications, annual reports

Box 2:
Miscellaneous materials not related to Hamilton, Ont.

Binders 1-6

Notes on Hamilton City Council meetings and Health and Sanitation:
Binder 3: Hamilton City Council, 1833-1849
Binder 4: Hamilton City Council, 1849-1858
Binder 5: Hamilton City Council, 1858-1877
Binder 6: Hamilton City Council, 1877-1883; Health and sanitation, 1904-1962

Biographical notes on Hamilton families: (Note: Scans of these binders are available digitally as pdfs.)
Binder 1 (index below): Families A-Ha
Binder 2 (index below): Families He-Z

Researchers may also wish to consult the Hamilton History collection for additional information or for those not listed below.

Index to Binder 1
Alexander, J
Anderson, J

Bain, Thos
Baker, Hugh Cossart
Bates Family
Beasley, Richard and Family
Birge, Cyrus A
Booher, Charles Goodenough
Bowman, Jacob
Brant, Joseph
Brant, Molly
Brown, Adam
Brown, W. Evatt
Bruce, Marcus
Buchannan Family
Bull Family
Burkholder Family

Carpenter, T.H.
Chew, Joseph
Chewett, W
Child, W. A
Clark, Maggie. See also Binder 2 under Johnson.
Cleaver Family
Cope Family
Crear, J
Cruikshank, A. S.
Davey, J. E
Davis Family. File 88
Durand, Jas

Fairclough, Ellen
Fearman Family
Fernside, J. H.
Fergusson, Adam
Ferrie Family
Freeman Family
Frost, Harry L.

Gage Family
Gibson, J. M.
Gordon, J. S.
Gourlay, Wm
Greening, S. O.
Gunby Family

Hamilton, George
Hardy, Charles
Hatch, A. F

Index to Binder 2
Hendrie Family
Hoodless, Adelaide Hunter
Hopkins, Beamer
Horning, Ludwig (Lewis)
Hughson, Nathaniel

Johnson, George. See also Maggie Clarke, binder 1.
Jones, Augustus
Juson, Richard

Keefer, Thos. J.
Kelly, Russell T.
Ker, F.J.
Kernighan, Robert
Kilvington, Misses Ada and Clara
Kinrade Family

Land Family
Lawrence, Leonard George
Leslie, Edward
Lotteridge, Robert
Lutz (Lutes) Family

MacKenzie, Wm. Lyon.
McQuestion Family
Mahony, Thomas
Miller, Family
Mills, James
Moodie Family
Morden, Ralph
Mundie Family
Nelligan Family
Olmsted Family
O’Reilly, Gerald
Pearson, Edwin A. (Father of Lester Pearson)
Pigott, M.A.

Richardson, James
Ryckman Family
Rymal Family

Sanford Family
Schwenger, Wm. F.
Scott, Winfield
Simons, Titus Geer
Smith, David Wm. (Surveyor)
Soble, Ken
Springer, Lewis
Stinson Family

Taylor, Thomas Wardlaw
Tiffany, Georges
Todd, P.A.S.
Tuckett, George
Turner, A.E.R.
Tyrell, J. B.
Tyrell, Wm.

Van Wagner Family
Waddell, R.R
Weaver, S.R.
Wedge Family
Winner Family
Witton Family
Wood, A.T.
Woolverton Family
Wright, H.S.

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