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Boris Brott. – Third accrual. – 1935-2013. – 3.43 m of textual records and graphic materials. – Title based on contents of the accrual.
Note: Box numbers are sequential from the second accrual.

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1935-2011. -- 32 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 99
F.1  Alexander, Lincoln M. to Jean Chrétien. Re: Boris Brott. Photocopy of letter. September 29, 2002.
F.2  Baran, Alex. December 18, 2003.
F.3  Brotherhood Concert. Correspondence, agreement, and budget. 1957(9?)- 1961.
F.4  Boris Brott Summer Music Festival. Correspondence and Boris Brott’s script for “A Tribute to Catherine Garwood-Jones.” 1992-2006.
F.5  Canadian Government Executive Magazine. April 2005.
F.6  CBC Radio Canada. 2008.
F.7  Composers. Correspondence, music, concert notice. 2005-2007.
F.8  Copps, Sheila. Correspondence, Newspaper clipping, and program information. 1993-2002.
F.9  Costa Rica Symphony. 2001-2002.
F.10  Walter Cronkite Project. June 2002.
F.11  Colorado Symphony. February 12, 2002.
F.12  Cultural Spaces Canada. June 2003.
F.13  Defreyne, Sheelin. Correspondence, photocopies, newspaper clippings. 2002-2004.
F.14  Deutsch, Lindsay. December 2005.
F.15  Essilor. July 2004.
F.16  EuroDV (Amr Noechi). March 15, 2007.
F.17  Fleischmann, Ernest. Re: Position of music director of San Francisco Ballet. October 18, 2000.
F.18  Gao, George (Composer and soloist). Correspondence, music, biography, photograph. 2000-2001.
F.19  Garneau, Marc. Correspondence and invitation. December 2007.
F.20  General Correspondence. Re: various concerts, etc. 1999-2000.
F.21  General Correspondence. Re: various concerts, etc. 2005-2006.
F.22  General Correspondence. Re: various concerts, etc. 2006-2007.
F.23  General Correspondence. Re: various concerts, etc. 2007-2008.
F.24  Global Television Network. 2000.
F.25  Great Romantic Festival. June-December 2003.
F.26  Guinness. January-July 2002.
F.27  Hamilton Spectator Forum Page. 2003-2004.
F.28  Honda. April 2008.
F.29  Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Contacts. June 2008.
F.30  Idea City. February-March 2007.
F.31  International Biographical Centre Cambridge. July 23, 1999.
F.32  International Joint Commission. July 2007.
F.33  Kids Can Press. June-August 2009.
F.34  Levy, Eugene and Boris Brott. Meeting notes and correspondence. October-November 2007.
F.35  Longview Solutions. 2004.
F.36  Lupiano, Vince. Schedules, directory printouts, holograph notes, 4 photographs, M&C Conventions Magazine. 1998-2007.
F.37  McMaster University (Dr. John G. Kelton). January-October 2004.
F.38  Montour, Tara-Louise. Recommendation letter. March 31, 1999.
F.39  Miscellaneous Correspondence. Email printouts, proposals, holograph notes. 2004-2011.
F.40  New West Symphony – Betsy Chess. Correspondence and photocopies. 1998-2002.
F.41   New West Symphony – Richard Colburn. 2003-2004.
F.42  New West Symphony – Jeff Corwin. Correspondence, peer review hearing. January-April 2008.
F.43  New West Symphony – Paul Fried. [n. d.]
F.44  New West Symphony – Michael Takazono (Youth Director). Correspondence and resume. 2002.
F.45  New West Symphony – Yin Jiang. January 2008.
F.46  New West Symphony. Correspondence and thank you cards. 2000-2004.
F.47  New West Symphony. General correspondence. 2000-2004.

Box 100
F.1  Northern Sinfonia, UK. 2003.
F.2  Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Correspondence and photograph of Boris Brott. 1958-1962.
F.3  Pommier, Jean Bernard. Re: concert with Northern Sinfonia in Newcastle. September 20, 1999.
F.4  Prystawski, Walter. Nomination for Order of Ontario. Correspondence and form. February 2006.
F.5  Rossi, Laurent David (Portugal). June 2005.
F.6  Selemidis, Virginia. Correspondence and meeting minutes. May 2006.
F.7  Stirling, Geoff (CKGM Radio). 1960-1961.
F.8  Turner Broadcasting. March 23, 2004.
F.9  Walsh, Grant. Correspondence, holograph notes to Brott, photocopies. December 2003- February 2004.
F.10  Wentworth, Kenneth. May 2004.
F.11  Yachetti, Roger. Correspondence and dinner invitation. September 2004.
Family and Friends correspondence:
F.12  Aston, Vivian Paulette. Letters, greeting cards, photograph. 1989-1994.
F.13  Bondar, Roberta L. Letter with two business card size CDs. April 23, 2003.
F.14  Brott, Alexander. General correspondence. 1961-1966.
F.15  Brott, Alexander Estate. Correspondence, fax, bank statement. July 2005-May 2008.
F.16  Brott, Alexander nomination for Governor General`s Lifetime Achievement Award. Correspondence, form, biography. January 2005.
F.17  Brott, Alexander note to children. Photocopy. August 27, 2001.
F.18  Brott, Alexander, Lotte, and grandfather. General correspondence. 1959-1966.
F.19  Brott, Boris. General correspondence. 1959-1966.
F.20  Boris to family. Letters and postcards. 1960-1966.
F.21  To Boris from family (while at school in Maine). Letters and postcards. 1959-1961.
F.22  To Boris from friends (while at school in Maine). First and last names identifiable. Letters and postcards. 1959-1961.
F.23  To Boris from friends (while at school in Maine). First names identifiable only. Letters and postcards. 1959-1961.
F.24  Brott, Boris – Birthday notes to Boris Brott on McGill Chamber Orchestra stationary. March 14, 1996.
F.25  Brott, Boris – Mexico. 1958-1959.
F.26  Brott, Saul. 1935.
F.27  Cadman, Stephanie. April 2004.
F.28  Christmas Cards. 1999, 2012.
F.29  Colburn, Richard D. 2004.
F.30  Dr. Noel Hamilton. February 20, 2011.
F.31  Lewis, Robin. July 12, 2010.
F.32  Sheepshanks Estate. September 2005.
F.33 Stone, Bonnie. Letters, drafts, card, and sketch of Boris. 1959-1960.
F.34  Westell, Emily. September 25, 2006.

Series 2
Personal.  – 1938-2012. – 14 cm of textual records, and graphic material.

Box 101
F.1  Art. Pressed card with portrait of Alexander Brott [artist Harry Po---?], and cartoon caricature of Boris Brott, 1983.
F.2  Articles and pamphlets featuring Boris Brott or Alexander Brott. Newspapers, photocopies, booklets. 1953-2011.
F.3  Birth certificate for Charlotte Götzel. Born March 8, 1922 in  Mannheim. Certificate stamped November 28, 1938; certificate for final exam from the Zürich Conservatory for Lotte Goetzel on July 5, 1939. Stamped on  July 8, 1939. In German.
F.4  Boris Brott Biographical. 1970.
F.5  Boris Brott Nomination for the Greatest Hamiltonian. April 6, 2006.
F.6  Brides Journal. Marriages of Boris Broth and his brother, Dennis. Newspaper. 1977.
F.7  Casantica magazine. Photocopy. December 2010. Pope John Paul II 6th Anniversary in Heaven card. 2011.
F.8  Commendation to Boris Brott from Santa Monica. May 2011.
F.9  Concert pamphlets and booklets featuring Boris Brott or Alexander Brott. 1940-1966.
F.10  Coquilles St-Jacques. Lotte’s recipe. [n. d.]
F.11  Dimitri Mitropoulos International Music competition for Conductors (January 8-21, 1968). Journal. Boris Brott prize winner. January 1968.
F.12  Donation to Toronto Holocaust Memorial. From Gerda Frieberg honouring Boris Brott. May 1, 1985.
F.13  Hamilton Spectator. Photocopies of articles. 2005.
F.14  Japan (Yamaha) Trip. Souvenirs, maps, postcards, negatives. 1982.
F.15  Magazines with Boris Brott or Alexander Brott. Clasidiscos – September 1958. National Festival of Music – 1960. About the Home- 1966.
F.16  Miscellaneous Awards. 1981-2012.
F.17  Newspapers clippings and Concert pamphlets. 1959-1965.
F.18  State Of Israel. Honorary certificate to Boris Brott. 2004.
F.19  West Hill High School. Report cards, exams, drafts, scrapbook pages for Boris Brott, 1958-1961.
F.20  West Hill High School Annuals. 1959, 1960, 1961.

Series 3
General Files: Concerts, Festivals, Television.  – 1973-2013. – 82 cm of textual records and graphic material.
This series contains files from the office of Boris Brott.

Box 101

F.21  Adath Israel Concert (November 9, 2002). Correspondence, announcement, schedule, invoice, 3 photographs. November 2001- November 2002.
F.22  Adath Israel Concert. Correspondence re: broken violin. November 2002- January 2003.
F.23  Association of Canadian Orchestras. 1999-2001.

Box 102
F.1  Bari Symphony. Correspondence, contracts, pamphlets, programs, photocopies, faxes. 1995-2001.  
F.2  Bari Symphony Reviews and Programs. Pamphlets, booklets, photocopies of articles, newspaper clippings, Arrivederci magazine, posters. 1997-2003.  
F.3  Bari Symphony. Itinerary, correspondence, contract. 2002-2003.
F.4  Bari Symphony. Pamphlets, calendar, itinerary, contacts, photocopies, programs, correspondence. 2009-2011.
F.5  Bari Symphony. Contract, program, correspondence, hotel invoices. June 2011.
F.6  Beth Sholom Concert. Program, booklet, correspondence, agreement. April 2001-February 2002.
F.7  Beth Tzedec Congregation – Israel’s 50th Anniversary. Poster, correspondence, photocopies, newsletter, program. June-December 1998.
F.8  Brazilian Symphony (Rio de Janeiro). October 2002.
F.9  Boris Brott Script – Beethoven and Napoleon. Ts. Pp. 1-22. Thursday March 7 [year?]
F.10  Brott Music Festivals. Schedules for spring and summer, advertisement. 1992, 1996-1997.
F.11  Brott Music Festivals. Correspondence and bound proposal. 1998.
F.12  Brott Music Festivals. Proposal to Hamilton-Wentworth for grant. 2000.
F.13  Brott Summer Music Festival. Bound press information and repertoire. 2000-2001.
F.14  Brott Music Festival CD. n.d.
F.15  Brott Music Festival. Letter from Lincoln M. Alexander, and holograph note. November-December 2003.
F.16  Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Support for the building of the centre. Correspondence, pamphlet, building proposal. 2003-2005.
F.17  Calgary Philharmonic Society. Application for opening assistance, rehearsal order, personal agenda for Boris Brott, information and map of Calgary, newsletter, and artist profiles. 1994-1997.
F.18  Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Magazines. 1995-1997.

Box 103
F.1  Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Correspondence, photocopies, holograph notes, faxes, programs. 1986-2004.
F.2  Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus. 1998-1999.
F.3  Canadian Composers. Biography for Chan Ka Nin, and Alice Ho. Music of Victor Davies pamphlet and music schedule for Pan American Games. 1999-2000.
F.4  Canadian Institute of Child Health. National Child Day Award to Boris Brott. Correspondence, ts, itinerary. 2007.
F.5  Canadian Music Centre. Correspondence, faxes, invoices. 1990-1994.
F.6  Canadian Music Centre. September 2008, August 2010.
F.7  Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications commission. Correspondence, photocopies, notes for presentation. January 1989-November 2001.
F.8  Castiglione Enrico (Mass). Correspondence, schedule, photocopies. 2002-2003.
F.9  Clarion 7 Muses. Correspondence, pamphlet, invoice. 1992-1994.
F.10  Coalition for Music Education. Reference letter for grant application. September 27, 2010.
F.11 Colorado Symphony. June-July 2002.
F.12  Columbia National Orchestra. Cover letter and correspondence. November 2007.
F.13  Composers Alive. Proposal and correspondence. December 1995, January 1997.
F.14  Sister Maria Cordis. Nomination for citizen of the year. Correspondences, nomination form, biography. 1994.
F.15  Sister Maria Cordis. Article photocopies, correspondence, ts of life story, printed photo, greeting card, holograph note, newspaper clippings, applications for Cordis scholarship. 1973-2004.
F.16  Brott Music Festival Concert dedicated to Sister Maria Cordis. Correspondences, biography and program. 2000.
F.17  Crossroads Television. CRTC Application. Correspondence, program description and schedule. 1997-1999.
F.18  Crossroads Television CTS. Correspondence, photocopies and reports. September 1998-December 1999.
F.19  Crossroads Television CTS. Correspondence, reports, and program. October 1997-June 2000.
F.20  Crossroads Television CTS. Correspondence, reports, faxes, and program. December 2000-August 2006.
F.21  CRTC Petitions. Correspondence, photocopies, contact sheet. 2002.
F.22  Dallas Symphony. Correspondence, program, photocopies. 1993-2003.
F.23  Davis Communications Group. Correspondence and bound proposal. July 2001.
F.24  Desert Chorale (Las Vegas). Correspondence, newspaper clipping, programs. 1998-1999.

Box 104
F.1  Dofasco 100th Anniversary. Photocopy of newspaper article. 1973.
F.2  Eagles Talent Commission. Pre-program questionnaire for Boris Brott. September 2008.
F.3  Edmonton symphony. Correspondence, photocopies of articles, 3 magazines. 1989-1993.
F.4  Flooring America (Dallas, Texas). Ts. 2005.
F.5  Florida Orchestra. Correspondence, agreements, photocopies, programs, and pamphlets. 2001-2003.
F.6  Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. Correspondence, ts, magazine. 1990-1991.
F.7  Florida West Coast Symphony. Correspondence, photocopies, announcement of conductors. 1994-1996.
F.8  City of Hamilton Arts Awards. Jury member agreement, fax. March 2011.
F.9  Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. Programs. 1978-1987.
F.10  Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (Reconciliation). Correspondence, holograph notes, newspaper clippings, reports. 1988-2000.
F.11 Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. Schedules, correspondence, photocopies. 1998-2005.
F.12  Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra - Honorary Patron. Correspondence. 2003-2004.
F.13  Hamilton Place Anniversary concert. Program, correspondence, photocopies, newspaper. 1998.
F.14  Holocaust Concert (Spring 2005). Correspondence, estimates. July-October 2004.
F.15  Israel Cancer Research Fund Gala. Correspondence, schedules, pamphlets, annual report, magazine. 2002-2004.
F.16  Israel at 50 Concert. Correspondence, program, booklet. 1997-1998.
F.17  Israel at 60 Concert. Correspondence, program drafts, printouts. 2008.
F.18  Johnston-Turner, Cynthia. Draft script for concert. [n. d.]
F.19  Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. Correspondence, program, contract, fax. November 2000- September 2001.
F.20  Las Vegas Philharmonic. Correspondence, photocopies of articles, 1 photograph. 1995, 2006.
F.21  Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra booklet, 1988. Hamilton Music Awards booklet and VIP pass, 2013.
F.22  Miscellaneous Concerts. Repertoire, schedule, telephone list, article, pamphlet. 2001-2004.
F.23  Miscellaneous Concert Programs and Review. Conductor copies for Alexander Brott and Boris Brott. 1955-1966.
F.24  National Academy Orchestra. Correspondence, programs. 1998-2000.
F.25  National Academy Orchestra – request for Spring/Summer 2000. Correspondence. October 1999.
F.26  National Academy Orchestra. Correspondence re: funding. September 10, 2004.
F.27  National Arts Centre. The Love of Learning proposal. 1991, 1996.
F.28  National Arts Centre Orchestra Student Matinee Concerts, Tchaikovsky edition. Newsletter. January-February 1999.

Box 105
F.1  National Arts Centre – Peter Herrndorf (General Director and CEO). Speaking remarks. February 25, 2000.
F.2  National Arts Centre Orchestra. Schedule and correspondence. 2000-2002.
F.3  National Arts Centre Orchestra – United States and Mexico Tour. Event information, letter from Prime Minister, photo printouts. 2003.
F.4  National Arts Centre – Mozart Concert. Correspondence, schedule, and agreement. 1997-2006.
F.5  National Arts Centre Orchestra. Schedules, agreements, reports, programs, and magazine. 1998-2005.
F.6  National Arts Centre Orchestra. Correspondence, schedules, agreement, report, teaching aid, CDs. 2000-2006.
F.7  National Arts Centre Orchestra Tour. Correspondence, itinerary. 2008.
F.8  National Arts Centre Orchestra. Contract for 2008-2009.
F.9  National Arts Centre Orchestra. Program magazine. 2008-2009.
F.10  National Arts Centre Orchestra. Correspondence. January 2011.
F.11 National Arts Centre. Agreements. 2012-2013.
F.12  New West Symphony – Board of Directors. Meeting minutes, correspondence, member directory. 1995-2011.
F.13  New West Symphony – Bylaws. 1995-2003.
F.14  New West Symphony. Correspondence, programs, magazines, and bylaws. 1998-2004.
F.15  New West Symphony –  Artistic Vision. Proposal. 1999-2000.
F.16  New West Symphony – Ascot Party. Correspondence, photocopies, invitation. 2001.

Box 106
F.1  New West Symphony – Concert Programs. 2002-2005.
F.2  New West Symphony 10th Anniversary Celebration. Correspondence, program, business plans, budgets. 2003-2004.
F.3  New West Symphony – Auditions. Audition marking sheets. 2003-2004.
F.4  New West Symphony. Correspondence, resumes, symphonies, magazine. 2004-2006.
F.5  New West Symphony. Correspondence, programs, bound agreement, pamphlet, magazines. 2006-2007.
F.6  New West Symphony. Correspondence, schedules, magazine. 2006-2008.
F.7  New West Symphony. Correspondence, itinerary, program, magazines. 2006-2009.
F.8  New West Symphony. Correspondence, schedules, and CD. 2007-2010.
F.9  New West Symphony – Organ Concert. Proposal, biographies, CD. 2008.
F.10  New West Symphony – Board. Correspondence, board list, pamphlet, holograph note to Boris Brott. September 2009.
F.11 New West Symphony. Correspondence, annual reports, proposals. 2009-2011.
F.12  New West Symphony – Personnel. Schedule, musicians lists. 2010.
F.13  Norway Tour. Correspondence, agreement, booklet. 2005.
F.14  Norway Tour. Correspondence, agreement, booklet. 2007.
F.15  Sinfonia Proposal. Ts draft.
F.16  Margaret Munro Tobolowska (Cellist). Biography, sheet music, and CD. 2003.
F.17  Valerie Tryon Collection. Printout of description and finding aid from McMaster Archives and Research Collections. 1941-2012.
F.18  United Way Centraide. Ts for Boris Brott. May 31, 2013.
F.19  Le Violon Virtuose Musique et Film. Magazine (with drawing of Denis Brott on cover) and printed biography of Beethoven. June 2001.

Series 4
Education Concerts. – 1994-2012. – 18 cm of textual records, and graphic material.
Note:  Primarily contains evaluations of music concerts filled out by children, teachers, and homeschooling parents.

Box 106

F.20  Education Concert Evaluations. 1994-1999.
F.21  Education Concert Evaluations. St. Brigid School. Autumn 2000.
F.22  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. Autumn 2000.

Box 107
F.1  Education Concert Evaluations. Our Lady of the Assumption. Autumn 2000.
F.2  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. Autumn 2000.
F.3  Education Concert Evaluations. Covenant Christian School. 2001.
F.4 Education Concert Evaluations. St. Joachim School. December 2001.
F.5  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. 2001.
F.6  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. 2001-2002.
F.7  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. Fall 2002.
F.8  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. 2003-2007.
F.9  Education Concert. Teaching package with 3 CDs. October 2004.
F.10  Education Concert Evaluations. Various schools. 2005.
F.11 Education Concert Evaluations. Central Public School. November 2007.
F.12  Education Concert Evaluations. St. Christopher School. With thank you letter. November 2007.
F.13 Education Concert. Letters from children. December 2007.
F.14  Education – Benefits of Music Education. Letter, newspaper clipping, children’s drawing, thank you poster. 2007.
F.15  Education Concert Evaluations. Homeschoolers. 2009-2010.
F.16  Poster Contest – Waterloo. Children’s drawings. 2009.
F.17  Poster Contest – Kenila School. Children’s drawings.  2009.
F.18  Education Contest. St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. Children’s drawings. 2012.

Series 5
Photographs, art work, realia and video. – 19[38]-2013. – 1.15 m of graphic records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 108
Photographs. Total = 302 (including plaqued photograph, framed photograph, and scrapbook 4). Note: Scrapbook 4 “Brott Music Festival Photos” contains 154 Photographs.
Note: The designation “E” has been assigned to Envelopes
F.1  55 color photographs total.
E.1 19 color photographs
E.2  1 b+w photograph of Boris Brott, wife, and friend[?].
E.3  1 color photograph of Boris Brott.
E.4  1 color photograph of Dennis Brott with violin.
Album #1. 4 color photos.
Album #2. 29 color photographs.
F.2 Brott family: 47 old photos total.
E.1 10 old colored photographs + card.
E.2  23 old b+w photographs [Brott family].
E.3  4 old b+w photographs taken at Ruby Foo’s Montreal.
E.4  10 b+w photographs of Alexander Brott.
F.3  Events and music related photos. 31 photographs total (28 b+w photographs and 3 color photograph).
E.1  4 b+w photographs of meeting the Queen.
E.2 22 b+w music related photographs.
E.3  1 b+w photograph of Alexander Brott at event.
E.4  1 color photograph of music event with Boris Brott conducting.
 E.5  2 colour and 1 b+w photographs of music related events.
F.4  Photos of individuals, art, and photo of negatives. 13 b+w photographs total.
E.1  8 b+w photograph portraits of individuals.
E.2  4 b+w photographs of art [+ 2 damaged not included in total counts].
E.3  1 b+w photograph of negatives. Young Boris Brott in concert.
F.5  Negatives. 152 total.
1. Plaqued color photograph of Boris Brott, Dennis, and Lotte at dinner event.
2. Framed b+w photograph of Brott family at Brotherhood event.

Box 109
Ontario Place plaque in appreciation of participation. 1971.
The Ontario Jaycees recognition of one of Ontario’s Ten Outstanding Young Men plaque. 1969.
Chopin plaque in recognition of excellent partnership in promoting Chopin’s year. Presented by Tadeusz Zylinski (Consul General for Poland in Montreal). 2010.
Special Friend of the Sheridan Youth symphony plaque. November 9, 1985.
Honorary Life Member of the Hamilton-Wentworth Lung Association plaque. 1984.
7th Annual Reader’s Choice Diamond Award in the category of Professional Entertainers. 2013
Honorary Member plaque of the Musicians Guild of Quebec. In French. December 13, 2010.
Outstanding Young Man plaque from the Fort William Jaycees. 1969.
The Ontario Trillium Foundation Healthy and Vibrant Communities plaque. 2005.

Box 110
Framed recognition of support and leadership for Symphonia Canada and the Canadian Pops Collection. 1990-1994.
Honorary Christmas Seals Chairman plaque from Hamilton-Wentworth Lung Association. 1978.

Box 111
Thank you plaque from artist Ashleigh Norman. 2011.
City of Thousand Oaks California commendation in honour of Boris Brott. December 9, 2010.
City of Westlake Village California proclamation honouring Maestro Boris Brott. December 9, 2010.
The Ontario Trillium Foundation and Government of Ontario acknowledgment for support. [n. d.]
Can Pro Christmas Seals in Concert – CHCH TV acknowledgment for contribution. 1979.
George Frideric Handel Messiah Concert beta tape (broadcast version) and program booklet. November 4, 2004. November 6, 2004.

Series 6
Scrapbooks. – 1963-2010. – 82 cm of textual records and graphic material (4 scrapbooks). – Title based on content of series.

Box 112
S.1       2008-2009. Items placed into clear sleeves or left loose. Photocopies of articles and photos, pamphlets and concert programs (New West Symphony, Brott Music Festival, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra, Toronto Summer Music Festival), newspaper clippings, correspondence (Rabbi Morton Green), newsletters, and 2 Christmas cards.
S.2      2007-2008. Items placed into clear sleeves. News clippings, leaflets, newsletters, Hamilton Tourism Guide, printed photo, printed articles, Whole Note Magazine.

Box 113
S.3         1963-2010. Items placed into clear sleeves. Photocopy of Toronto Symphony Orchestra article with 2 photos of young Boris Brott from 1963, photocopies of articles, pamphlets and concert programs (Orchestra of Verona, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Brott Music Festival, New West Symphony, Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra, Toronto Summer Music Festival), newspaper clippings, Masters Portrait Series “History is Now” by Donna Granata, correspondence (Jacqueline, Claire, Rabbi Daniel Green, Dr. Kathy Garay, John Fanning), newsletters, 3 photographs of concert in front of Parliament, 1 photograph of musicians during the Boundary Waters Treaty with CD and two name tags (June 13, 2009).
S.4         1999-2008. “Brott Music Festival Photos.” 154 Photographs. Photos placed into clear sleeves. CD titled “Canada Island 2007, Walter and Heidi Visit Photos.” Ghost Ships to Space Ships with Roberta Bondar, October 2003. Festitalia – Ermanno Mario + friends at Liuna Station, 2003. Music and the Inuit Spirit, throat singers and carver, 2003. Lara St. John Master Class at unity with Christ Wilshire[?], 2003. Lincoln Alexander Underground Railway: A Musical Journey at Hamilton Place, November 2004. Marc Garneau, 1999. Trick or Treat, 2002. Tourism Hamilton, Lifetime Achievement, February 2007. Deux Opera Comiques, March 17, 2008.

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