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Vera Brittain. Series O: Research materials, notes, works by others, financial, other

Box 258 (formerly Box O1):
Research materials and notes:
F1.       Famine Relief Committee – publications, leaflets, form letters
F2.       Food Relief Research – files, leaflets, publications on situation in Europe
F3.       Food Relief - Clippings
F4.       Notes on Food Relief
F5.       Research Material about WWII
F.6       Clippings re WWII bombing, note by VB “Material on Night-Bombing”, “The Chimneys of Leipzig” ts.; notice of a public meeting
F.7       Research Material about Nuclear Weapons Tests
F.8       Holograph notes in table form on “Events in England” and “Events Abroad” from 1600 to 1688 (Oversized; in file folder on top of this box)
F.9       Notes on Janet Vaughn
F.10     Misc. research and notes

Works by Others:
F.11     Leslie Baily, autographed broadcast script by, “Scrapbook for 1912”, mimeograph, December 1947
F.12     Elsa Gye, “Bingley Hall 1909”, ts. carbon, n.d.
F.13     E. Hamilton, “Foreboding”, poem, 1942
F.14     Margarethe Heinsberg, “Family Guardianship Report”, ts., June 1947
F.15     Dorothea Lawrence Mann, interview with VB, 1 October 1934 for the Boston Evening Transcript, ts. carbon
F.16     Unknown author, “The Expression of Pacifism in Britain, 1914-1940”, ts. carbon, 1963 or later.
F.17     Unknown author, “Vera Brittain on the WPM”, ts. 3 p., also 1 p. of handwritten comments by VB.

F.18     Income tax, earnings, financial statements

F.19     Various domestic, Christmas card lists, hotel information, etc.

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