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Vera Brittain fonds. First Accrual. Series G.

Note to Researchers: Series G, H, I, contain similar materials. If you cannot locate a file or if a file is empty please search the other two series. Some items, although listed here, are located in the scrapbooks. G addenda are listed with Series H.

Close to nine hundred entries are arranged chronologically by date of first publication.Vera Brittain subscribed to Durrant's Press Cuttings Service throughout her journalist career. The presence of these clippings in the collection has enabled the verification of publication dates for most of her articles. While much care has been taken in the description and verification of entries, no claims are made that this listing is complete except in its description of the Vera Brittain archive at McMaster University Library.

Articles published more than once are listed under the first appearance, unless the title was changed, in which case reappearances are listed separately. Short pamphlets and leaflets are included. The actual texts of lectures, when published, have also been included.
The publication title of each entry is given in quotation marks, followed by the name of the publication in italics, the date of publication, and in square brackets a description of the type of manuscript material in the archive. The author's manuscript title, if different, is noted.

Box 71
Three holograph notebooks kept by VB on articles written by her, 1925-35
Two files of typed lists re articles and reviews.
G1 "A Tribute to King Edward VII. Written at the time of his death." "James Lee's Wife. Version of the Merton-in-Mud Literary and Artistic Club."
"Miss Bervon's Birthday." St. Monica's School Notes. 1910-1911. [published copy]
G2 [Poetry] "May Morning at Oxford. A Military Hospital. March, 1916. The Two Travellers. July, 1916. Perhaps--. August, 1916. Nursing Sisters' Graves at Lemnos. October, 1916." Each poem is a one-page typescript. There is no typescript for "May Morning". St. Monica's School Notes. 1915-1916. [published copy]
G3 [Poetry] "May Morning at Oxford." Oxford Magazine. May 5, 1916.
[published copy. Catalogued; PR6003.R385M3.]

G4 [Contributions of Old Girls] "24th General Hospital, B.E.F., France, August 17, 1917."
[Poetry] "The German Ward. (Inter arma caritas.) France, September, 1917." "To Them."
St. Monica's School Notes. 1916--1917. [published copy]
G5 [Poetry] "The Sisters' Graves at Lemnos. ('Fidelis ad extremum.') Mudros, 1916." Oxford Magazine. May 11, 1917.
[2 published copies catalogued as PR6003.R385S5.]
G6 [Poem] "To a V.C." Oxford Magazine. March 14, 1919. [published copy catalogued as PR6003.R385T6.]

G7 "Resurrection? An Incident of the Allied Retreat, 1918." Fritillary, (Somerville College). June, 1919. No. 77. [published copy]
G8 "The Point of View of a Woman Student." Oxford Outlook. June, 1919. No. 2, Vol. 1. [published copy]
G9 "The Degree & 'The Times'." Oxford Outlook. November, 1919. No. 4, Vol. 1. [published copy]
G10 "Diplomacy for Women." Yorkshire Post. [October 24, 1920.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Women as Diplomatists"),
published copy]
G11 "All Souls' Day." Oxford Outlook. December, 1920. No. 10, Vol. 11. [HMS. 1 p. (synopsis), TMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 6 p.,
published copy]

G12 [Letter to the Editor] [Women in Business. And Men in the Nursery.] Morning Post. [September 3, 1921.]
[published copy]
G13 "Creators of To-morrow." Yorkshire Post. September 9, 1922. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G14 [Letter to the Editor] [Mrs. Hubback's Appointment.] Yorkshire Post. September 12, [1924].
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., 2 published copies]
G15 "Closing Days at Geneva. The League in Evening Dress." Newcastle Chronicle & North Mail. October 4, 1924. [published copy]
G16 "The Saar under League and Treaty." Southport Visitor. November 22, 1924.
[published copy]

G17 "Difficult Peace Work in Czecho-Slovakia." Yorkshire Observer. November 27, 1924.
[HMS. 3 p., ( "Peace work in Czecho-Slovakia"), published copy]
G18 "The Transformation of Krupps." Nation and Athenaeum. January 3, 1925. [published copy]
G19 "Impressions of Cologne. A City of Sorrow and Hate." Weekly Westminister. January 10, 1925. [2 published copies]
G20 "The City of Holy Stephen." Nation and Athenaeum. September 26, 1925. [published copy]
G21 "Paradox of Senator Borah." Outlook. July 31, 1926. [3 published copies]

G22 [Book Review] "Dignity and Impudence." American Soundings, by John St. Loe Strachey; The Babbitt Warren, by C.E.M. Joad; Plato's American Republic, by Douglas Woodruff. Time and Tide. October 8, 1926. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G23 [Letter to the Editor] "Olive Schreiner." Nation and Athenaeum. October 23, 1926. [published copy]
G24 "Beauty and Geneva." Town Crier. October, 1926. [HMS. 1 p., ( "Silhouettes. Fru Anna Bugge Wicksell. Miss Karen Jeppe")
TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G25 "The Leisured Woman of America." Yorkshire Post. November 12, 1926. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G26 [Book Review] "A Great Woman Doctor." Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake, by Lord Riddell. Yorkshire Post. November 22, 1926.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G27 "So-called Vacations. How Women Students Are Handicapped." Yorkshire Post. December 17, 1926.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ("Women Students and So-called Vacations"), 3 published copies]
G28 "Home-making Husbands." Yorkshire Post. January 3, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G29 "Working at Home. The Professional Woman's Problem." Yorkshire Post. January 21, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Plea for Readjustment. The Social Problems of a Professional Woman"), 2 published copies]
G30 "The Nursing Profession. Conference at the Caxton Hall." January 24, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Change and the Nursing Profession. Some Reflections on the Caxton Hall Conference"), published copy]
G31 "The Leisured Woman. Who Is She?" Manchester Guardian. February 8, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "The Real Leisured Woman. A Much-Discussed Class Defined"), 2 published copies]
G32 [Book Review] "Methods for Our Madness." The Outline of Sanity, by G.K. Chesterton; Ways of Living, edited by J. Arthur Thomson.
Time and Tide. February 18, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G33 "Oxford Women in Heaven?" Time and Tide. February 25, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G34 [Book Review] "Austria in Revolution." The Social Revolution in Austria, by C.A. Macartney. Foreign Affairs. February, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Europe To-day and Yesterday", includes review of Palmerston by Philip Guedalla), published copy]
G35 [Book Review] "A Torch to History." Jew Süss, by Lion Feuchtwanger. Time and Tide. March 11, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., (includes review of "Petenera's Daughter", by Henry Bellaman), published copy]
G36 "Women and the Vote. The Position in Other Countries." Manchester Guardian. March 14, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G37 "The Age for Marriage. Early or Late." Manchester Guardian. March 25, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, ( "Do We Marry Too Late?"), TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G38 "The Dark Women of Harlem." Yorkshire Post. March 28, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Women of Harlem. Sisters under the Skin"), published copy]
G39 "Prospects in Women's Employment. I. An Economic Survey, 1900-1927." Outlook. April 2, 1927.
[TMS. (car) 6 p., 2 published copies]
G40 [Book Review] "Such is Marriage."
The Book of Marriage, edited by Count Keyserling; The Evolution of Woman, by G.W. Johnson.
Time and Tide. April 8, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

Box 72
G41 "Prospects in Women's Employment. II. Women in Industry." Outlook. April 9, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G42 "Hungarian Rhapsody." Manchester Guardian. April 12, 1927. [TMS. 5 p., 2 published copies]
G43 "Prospects in Women's Employment. III. Women in Business." Outlook. April 16, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 4 published copies]
G44 "Prospects in Women's Employment. IV. Women in Professions." Outlook. April 23, 1927.
Women's Guild of Empire Bulletin, (reprint). [n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 6 p., 4 published copies]
G45 "Prospects in Women's Employment. V. Women in the National Services." Outlook. April 30, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 1 published copy]

G46 "What is a Good Parent? Changing Motherhood." Manchester Guardian. May 6, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Changing Motherhood"), 2 published copies]
G47 "Our Malthusian Middle Classes." National and Athenaeum. May 7, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., published article]
G48 "Prospects in Women's Employment. VI. Some Social and Psychological Factors."
Outlook. May 7, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 6 p., 2 published copies]
G49 "The Human Peacock. Man and His Unattractiveness." Manchester Guardian. May 12, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Can We Hope for His Reappearance?"), published copy]

G50 [Book Review] "Portraits and Pastels."
Elmer Gantry, by Sinclair Lewis; The Lovely Ship, by Storm Jameson; Latterday Symphony, by Romer Wilson;
Youth in the Saddle, by Kathleen Coyle.
Time and Tide. May 13, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G51 "Student Tours in America." Yorkshire Post. May 23, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "A Chance to Discover America. Some Anglo-American Student Tours"), 2 published copies]
G52 "The American Modern Girl." Yorkshire Post. May 30, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G53 "Bringing Up a Husband. The American Example." Manchester Guardian. June 2, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G54 "Banking in Buda." Manchester Guardian. June 6, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Banking in Budapest"),
2 published copies]
G55 "Wasted Women. The Tyranny of Houses." Manchester Guardian. June 10, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Wasted Women"), published copy]
G56 [Letter to the Editor] "Women's Names." Outlook. June 11, 1927. [published copy]
G57 "Ljubljana." Manchester Guardian. June 22, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G58 "Prejudice or Knowledge? Fields for Women's Research." Manchester Guardian. June 28, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G59 [Letter to the Editor] "The Consultative Committee of Women's Organizations." Nation and Athenaeum. July 2, 1927.
[published copy]
G60 "Dominion Geography." Manchester Guardian. July 5, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G61 "Society and the Suicide." Nation and Athenaeum. July 9, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G62 "Political Demonstrations. Why Women Still Hold Them." Manchester Guardian. July 14, 1927.
Time and Tide. July 22, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G63 [Book Review] "Fiction from Three Countries."
Folly's Handbook, by Mary Agnes Hamilton; The Woman Who Stole Everything, by Arnold Bennett; To-morrow Morning, by Anne Parrish;
East Side West Side, by Felix Reisenberg; Mrs. Socrates, by Fritz Mauthner.
Time and Tide. July 15, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G64 "Children and Books. How Natural Readers are Made." Manchester Guardian. July 26, 1927
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G65 "What Women Read. I. News or Novels?" Yorkshire Post. July 27, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G66 "What Women Read. II." Yorkshire Post. July 29, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "What Women Read. II. How Fiction Affects a Career"), 2 published copies]
G67 [Book Review] "Great Souls and Small."
Meanwhile, by H.G. Wells; A Victim of Circumstances, by George Gissing; Pretty Creatures, by William Gerhardi.
Time and Tide. July 29, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G68 [Book Review] "Holiday Fiction."
Witch Wood, by John Buchan; Due Reckoning, by Stephen McKenna; The New Decameron, The Fifth Day.
Time and Tide. August 12, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G69 "Unusual Careers. Prestige and Good Incomes." Yorkshire Post. August 29, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Some Unusual Professions for Women"), 3 published copies]
G70 "Sentiment or Science?" Yorkshire Post. September 2, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Sentiment or Science? The Need for a New Treatment of Women's Problems"), 2 published copies]
G71 [Book Review] "The Victorian Tradition."
Thyrza, by George Gissing; Our Mr. Dormer, by R.H. Mottram; The History of Anthony Waring, by May Sinclair;
No Other Tiger, by A.E.W. Mason.
Time and Tide. September 9, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 1 published copy]

G72 [Book Review] "The Wise Woman of the East."
The Letters of Gertrude Bell, selected and edited by Lady Bell, D.B.E.
Time and Tide. September 23, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published article]
G73 "Tulips or Children? The American Child." Yorkshire Post. September 26, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G74 "The Incomplete Woman. Wives and Spinsters." Manchester Guardian. October 19, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G75 [Book Review] "Victims and Jesters."
John Fanning's Legacy, by Naomi Royde-Smith; The Arrow, by Christopher Morley; Punch and Judy, by Esther Hyman.
Time and Tide. October 21, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G76 [Book review] "Good Company."
These Men, Thy Friends, by Edward Thompson; A Girl Adoring, by Viola Meynell; Helen and Felicia, by E.B.C. Jones.
Time and Tide. November 4, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G77 "Men Who Write About Women. The Things They Say." Manchester Guardian. November 4, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G78 [Book Review] "Mothers and Feminists."
Motherhood and its Enemies, by Charlotte Haldane; The Psychology of Childhood, by Dr. Mary Scharlieb.
Tide and Tide. November 18, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G79 "Woman's Place. IV. The Passing of the Married Woman's Handicaps."
Time and Tide. November 25, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G80 "Cables for Christmas. Saying it for Four and Twopence."
Manchester Guardian. November 30, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G81 [Book Review] "Four New Novels."
The Ugly Duchess, by Lion Feuchtwanger; Summer, by Romain Rolland; Something About Eve, by James Branch Cabell; The Somme, by A.D. Gristwood.
Time and Tide. December 2, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G82 "The Girl Baby Has Her Day." Yorkshire Post. December 2, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G83 "Husbands and Homes. The Hotel or the Sanctuary."
Manchester Guardian. December 8, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G84 [Book Review] "Four New Novels."
Mr. Weston's Good Wine, by T.F. Powys; The Midnight Folk, by John Masefield; Deluge, by S. Fowler Wright;
Cups, Wands and Swords, by Helen Simpson.
Time and Tide. December 9, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G85 "Women in Industry. Restrictive Legislation Again." Manchester Guardian. December 13, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Restrictive Legislation Again. The Urgent Need for Scientific Study"), published copy]
G86 "The Happier Sex?" Yorkshire Post. December 19, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Happiness and sex. Do Women Enjoy Life Less Than Men?"), published copy]

G87 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
The Wild Body, by Wyndham Lewis; Selina Pennaluna, by ruth Manning-Sanders; The Exile, by Mary Johnston;
Love's Pilgrimage, by Upton Sinclair.
Time and Tide. December 23, 1927. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published article]
G88 "Woman's Record in 1927." Yorkshire Post. December 30, 1927.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p, ( "Woman's Record in 1927. A year of Limited Achievement"), 2 published copies.
G89 "Anti-feminism. A Prejudice for the Privileged." Manchester Guardian. January 5, 1928.
[HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G90 "An Angel for the House. Engaging a Nurse." Manchester Guardian. January 20, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G91 "Women in Architecture." Yorkshire Post. January 30, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p.,
( "Builders of Modern Temples: The Prospect of Women in Architecture"), 2 published copies]
G92 "Our Backs to the Wall. A Memory of the War." Manchester Guardian. February 3, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Lord Haig's Famous Order. Its Effect on the Women in France"), published copy]
G93 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Sophistication and Simplicity."
The Strange Vanguard, by Arnold Bennett; The Unburied Dead, by Stephen McKenna; Islanders, by Peadar O'Donnell.
Time and Tide. February 10, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G94 [Book review] "New Fiction. From Realism to Romance."
An Artist in the Family, by Sarah Gertrude Millin; All or Nothing, by J.D. Beresford;
Black Gallantry, by Val Gielgud; Donnei, by James Branch Cabell.
Time and Tide. February 24, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G95 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
The Axe, by Sigrid Undset; Cavalleria Rusticana, by Giovanni Verga; Crusade, by Donn Byrne.
Time and Tide. March 9, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "New Fiction. North, South, East"), published copy]
G96 "Women Medical Students." Yorkshire Post. March 26, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Women Medical Students. Some Opinions on the Action of the Hospitals"), published copy]
G97 "Welfare for Middle-Class Mothers." Time and Tide. March 30, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G98 "Maternal Mortality and Medical Women." Nation and Athenaeum. March 31, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G99 "Women, the Vote, and the Hospitals." Nation and Athenaeum. March 31, 1928. [published copy]
G100 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Miss Macaulay and Others."
Keeping Up Appearances, by Rose Macaulay; Wintersmoon, by Hugh Walpole; The Madness of Monty, by Robert Keable.
Time and Tide. April 6, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G101 "Is Wifehood an Occupation? Confusing the Issue." Manchester Guardian. April 9, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G102 [Book Review] "Josephine Butler. April 13, 1828-December 30, 1906."
Josephine Butler. Her Work and Principles and Their Meaning for the Twentieth Century, by Dame Millicent Fawcett and E.M. Turner.
Association for Social and Moral Hygiene; Josephine E. Butler. An Autobiographical Memoir, by G.W. and L.A. Johnson.
Yorkshire Post. April 13, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G103 "The Speculative Sex. A Mind at Leisure." Manchester Guardian. April 13, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "The Speculative Sex"), published copy]
G104 "The Helpless Woman of Tradition." Yorkshire Post. April 23, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Helpless Woman, a Slow-Dying Tradition"), published copy]

G105 "Middle-Class Welfare. A Chelsea Experiment." Manchester Guardian. April 27, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G106 [Letter to the Editor] "Maternal Mortality and Medical Women." Nation and Athenaeum.
April 28, 1928. [TL. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G107 "'Semi-Detached' Marriage." Evening News. May 4, 1928.
[TMS. 4 p., ( "Semi-Detachment. A Modern Solution of the Marriage Problem"),
TMS. (car.) 3 p., (second version), 4 published copies]
G108 "Training Our Daughters for Life." Daily News and Westminster Gazette. May 5, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "How should a woman's education fit her for life?"), 4 published copies]
G109 [Book Review] "Books of the Day. A Versatile Woman of the North."
Landmarks, by Lady Bell, D.B.E. Yorkshire Post. May 7, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G110 "The Husband in the Home." Evening Standard. May 7, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]

Box 73
G111 "Choosing the Right Job. How a Girl Should Begin Her Career."
Daily Chronicle. May 10, 1928; Liverpool Post, May 10, 1928. ("Women and a Career. Choosing the Right Job"),
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 5 published copies]
G112 "Medical Women. Some Facts and Figures." Manchester Guardian. May 22, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G113 [Letter to the Editor] "Health in the Boarding School." Nation and Athenaeum. May 25, 1928.
[TL. (car.) 2 p., 2 published copies]
G114 [Book Review] "Sir Henry Wilson's Diaries."
Field-Marchal Sir Henry Wilson, Bart., G.C.B., D.S.O., His Life and Diaries, by Major-General Sir C.E. Callwell, K.C.B.
Foreign Affairs. May, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G115 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Photographers and Artists."
War Among Ladies, by Eleanor Scott; The Man Who Knew Coolidge, by Sinclair Lewis; The World in Bud, by Gerald Bullett.
Phillida, or The Reluctant Adventurer, by H.S. Reid. Time and Tide. June 1, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G116 "Being Tactful. The Responsibilities of the Professional Woman." Manchester Guardian. June 6, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Being Tactful. Personal Responsibilities of the Professional Woman"), 2 published copies]
G117 "Women at Geneva. The International Labour Conference." Manchester Guardian. June 8, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Women and the International Labour Conference"), published copy]
G118 "Women--as Men See Them." Daily Chronicle. June 11, 1928.
Liverpool Post and Mercury, June 16, 1928, ( "The Myth About the Blushing Sex"),
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 4 published copies]
G119 "The Physique of Women. Old Theories and New Discoveries."
Manchester Guardian. June 14, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G120 "American Women. A New College." Manchester Guardian. June 15, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G121 "Mrs. Pankhurst and the Older Feminists. An Impression by a Younger One."
Manchester Guardian. June 20, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G122 "Nursery Schools. The American Method." Yorkshire Post. June 22, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Co-operative Nursery School: An American Experiment").
2 published copies
G123 [Book Review] "Men on Women."
Feminism. A Sociological Study of the Woman Question from Ancient Times to the Present Day, by K.A. Wieth-Knudsen;
A Short History of Women, by John Langdon-Davies.
Time and Tide. June 22, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "These Dreadful Women", review of Feminism, by K.A. Wieth-Knudsen.),
TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Men on Women"), 2 published copies]

G124 "Are Women Barristers Making Good?" Daily Chronicle. June 26, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G125 [Book Review] "The Religion of Mr. Wells."
The Open Conspiracy. Blue Prints for a World Revolution, by H.G. Wells.
Time and Tide. June 30, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G126 "What Does Motherhood Mean? The Possessive Instinct."
Manchester Guardian. July 4, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "What Does Motherhood Mean? Personal Possessiveness or Social Responsibility?),
2 published copies]
G127 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Children in the Wood, by Naomi Royde-Smith; The Road to Heaven, by Thomas Beer.
Time and Tide. July 6, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., (includes review of Mandrake Over the Water Carrier, by Edward Sackville West), published copy]

G128 "America's Women Voters." Yorkshire Post. July 16, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G129 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Strangers in Strange Lands."
Lest Ye Die, by Cicely Hamilton; Yuki San, by Ellen Forest; The Legend Called Meryom, by Joseph Gaer.
Time and Tide. July 20, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G130 "Changes in Parents. The Development of the Family."
Manchester Guardian. July 24, 1928. [TMS. 1 p. (synopsis) ( "Are modern parents better than their predecessors?"),
TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Changes in parents. Some tendencies of family development"), 2 published copies]
G131 "Married Teachers and Social Hypocrisy." Nation and Athenaeum. July 28, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G132 "Scientific Women. Their Part in the British Association."
Manchester Guardian. July 29, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G133 "Motherhood. Can it be Combined with a Career?" Natal Witness, Pietermaritzburg. July 31, 1928.
[published copy]
G134 "Vacation Work for Students." Yorkshire Post. August 10, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G135 "The Bomb in the Bucket. Cleanliness and Godliness."
Manchester Guardian. August 17, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "When Cleanliness is not next to Godliness"), 2 published copies]
G136 [Letter to the Editor] "Sexual Gluttony."
Nation and Athenaeum. August 18, 1928. [TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G137 "Marriage versus Adventure." Daily Chronicle. August 21, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Does Marriage End Adventure?"), published copy]
G138. "Taking Women Seriously. the Inferiority Complex." Manchester Guardian. August 23, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G139 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Symbolism in Man and Nature."
Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island, by H.G. Wells; Gone to Earth, by Mary Webb.
Time and Tide. August 31, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G140 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Between the Seasons."
Youth Rides Out, by Beatrice Kean Seymour; Penny Wise, by Margaret Revell; The Lost Fight, by H.F.M. Prescott;
Princess of the Night, by Joseph Kessel.
Time and Tide. September 7, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G141 "Fathercraft. The Man in the Nursery." Manchester Guardian. September 13, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G142 [Letter to the Editor] "Women in Business. And Men in the nursery."
Morning Post. September 13, 1928. [published copy]

G143 "Daughters in Business." Evening News. September 14, 1928
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]
G144 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Studies in Cruelty and Pity."
The Children, by Edith Wharton; The Coming of the Lord, by Sarah Gertrude Millin; The Gypsy, by W.B. Trites; Nero, by Desider Kostolanyi.
Time and Tide. September 21, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G145 "The Professional Woman. Careers Affected by Marriage."
Manchester Guardian. September 27, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Careers Affected by Marriage"),
2 published copies]
G146 "Money-Making Wives." Daily Chronicle. October 2, 1928. Liverpool Post and Mercury. October 6, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G147 "Consider the Teacher." Yorkshire Post. October 5, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G148 "Barmaids in the Limelight. The Welfare of Seamen." Manchester Guardian. October 10, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G149 [Book Review] "The New Machiavellianism."
The Great Betrayal (La Trahison des Clercs), by Julien Benda. Translated by Richard Aldington.
Time and Tide. October 19, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G150 [Book Review] "Two Learned Ladies."
Anna Camnena, by Naomi Mitchison and Mrs. Montagu, by John Busse.
Yorkshire Post. October 26, 1928 [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G151 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Lost Souls and Lives Courageous."
Action and Other Stories, by C.E. Montague; But Soft -- We are Observed! by Hilaire Belloc; The Closed Garden, by Julian Green;
The Bishop's Wife, by Robert Nathan.
Time and Tide. October 22, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G152 [Letter to the Editor] "Women and Industry." Nation and Athenaeum. October 27, 1928.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G153 "The Spear-Head. Progressive Women and Their Programmes."
Manchester Guardian. November 6, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G154 "Expensive Illness" Yorkshire Post. November 12, 1928.
[2 published copies]
G155 "Our Expensive Children." Daily Chronicle. November 14, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]
G156 "Is the Modern Woman Happier than her Grandmother?" Evening News. November 16, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G157 [Book Review] "The Road to the Franchise."
The Cause: A Short History of the Women's Movement in Great Britain, by Ray Strachey.
Nation and Athenaeum. November 17, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G158 "The Old Days. Reflections of the War-Time Generation."
Manchester Guardian. November 19, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "The Old Days. Some Ten-Year Reflections of the War-time Generation"), published copy]
G159 [Book Review] "A Philosopher on Marriage." Yorkshire Post. November 28, 1928.
Marriage and Morals, by Bertrand Russell. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G160 [Book Review] "Weighty Reading."
The Bells of Shoreditch, by Ethel Sidgwick; Defeat (Garibaldi 1848), by Ricarda Huch; Mirgorod, by Nikolay Gogol, translated by Constance Garnett.
Time and Tide. November 30, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G161 [Letter to the Editor] "Youth and the War."
Manchester Guardian. December 3, 1928. [TL. (car.) 1 p., 2 published copies]

G162 "Taking off our Hats. Comfort and Convention." Manchester Guardian. December 5, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Taking off our Hats. Women who prefer Comfort to Convention"), published copy]
G163 "Periodicals for Schoolgirls. A New Magazine and its Aims."
Yorkshire Post. December 6, 1928. [published copy]
G164 "The Modern 'Old Maid'. A Charming Being in an Enviable Position."
Daily Telegraph. December 8, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Old Maid of 1928"), 2 published copies]
G165 "Voluntary Workers. Some Resolutions for Next Year." Yorkshire Post. December 12, 1928.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "These Voluntary Workers"), 2 published copies]
G166 "The Bogey-Feminist. Popular Conceptions." Manchester Guardian. December 13, 1928
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G167 [Book Review] "New Fiction. An Unrelated Quartette."
The Unknown Quantity. "Gilbert Mauge." Translated from the French by Shane Leslie; As Far as Jane's Grandmother's, by Edith Oliver;
Pilgrims of Adversity, by William McFee; The Best Short Stories of 1928. No. 2. American. Edited by Edward J. O'Brien.
Time and Tide. December 21, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G168 "University Women. Their Place in the World." Yorkshire Post. December 28, 1928.
[HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "What Happens to University Women? Some Evidence from a College Report"), published copy]
G169 "Coming out. A Vanishing Ceremony." Manchester Guardian. December 29, 1928. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G170 [Book Review] "Novels from Abroad."
Humours Unreconciled. A Tale of Modern Japan, by Sherard Vines; Stone Desert, by Hugo Wast, translated from the Spanish by Louis Imbert and Jacques le Clercq; Armance, by Stendal, translated by C.K. Scott-Moncrieff.
Time and Tide. January 4, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 1 published copy]
G171 "Warriers of the Lord." Yorkshire Post. January 5, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Salvation Army and the Booth Family"), 2 published copies]
G172 "Wives who Earn. Some Aspects of the Problem." Manchester Guardian. January 8, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G173 "When Daughters Rule. Is the New-Fashioned Parent too Self-Sacrificing?" Daily Telegraph. January 15, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "When Daughters Come Home"), 2 published copies]

G174 "The Lady of the Lamp. Florence Nightingale as Feminist." Manchester Guardian. January 16, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., "Sentimental means Reality in Nursing"), published copy]
G175 "The Postponement of Death. A Triumph of Civilisation -- and the Question it Raises."
Yorkshire Post. January 22, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G176 "A Dutch Woman Novelist. Feminism in Holland." Manchester Guardian. January 22, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G177 "Feminism at Geneva. I. Past and Present." Time and Tide. January 25, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G178 "Feminism at Geneva. II. Future Possibilities." Time and Tide. February 1, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G179 "Bringing up a Son. Future Husbands and Fathers." Manchester Guardian. February 1, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Our Future Husbands and Fathers"), published copy]
G180 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Mainly American."
Wide Fields, by Paul Green; Horner in the Sage-Brush, by James Stevens; Scarlet Sister Mary, by Julia Peterkin;]
Alimony, by Faith Baldwin; The Young Milliner, by Aelfrida Tillyard.
Time and Tide. February 1, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., (review of Scarlet Sister Mary, by Julia Peterkin), published copy]
G181 "Women and the Hospitals. The University Committee's Report."
Nation and Athenaeum. February 2, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]

G182 "Research Work Opens New Fields to Women. Number of Good Posts Steadily Growing."
Daily Telegraph. February 5, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Research as a Career for Women"), 2 published copies]
G183 "Marriages that Last." Daily Chronicle. February 12, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G184 "Companionable Marriage. Mistaken Housewifely Devotion."
Liverpool Post and Mercury. February 12, 1929. [2 published copies]
G185 "American Women in Politics. Eight Congress Members." Manchester Guardian. February 14, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

Box 74
G186 "Feminism in America. Woman as a Subject for Research." Yorkshire Post. February 14, 1929.

[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Woman as a Subject for Research. Some American Studies of the Feminist Problems"), published copy]
G187 [Book Review] "Servants of Society."
Octavia Hill. Early Ideals. From Letters edited by Emily Southwood Maurice; With a Woman's Unit in Serbia, Salonika and Sabastopol, by I. Emslie Hutton, M.D.
Time and Tide. February 15, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G188 "Pity the Young Speaker. Trials that Must be Overcome." Yorkshire Post. February 18, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G189 "Geneva -- the Key to Equality." (Reprinted from Time and Tide, January 25, 1929 and February 1, 1929, and issued by
The Six Point Group into a leaflet.) [February 1929] [published copy]
G190 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Forerunners in the Spring Lists."
Portrait in a Mirror, by Charles Morgan; Crescendo, by Ethel Mannin; Night Falls on Siva's Hill, by Edward Thompson;
Undine, by Olive Schriener; Our Daily Bread, by Frederick Philip Grove.
Time and Tide. March 1, 1929. [published copy]

G191 "The Educational Veil. Women Teachers and Their Disadvantages."
Manchester Guardian. March 7, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G192 "End of the Blue Stocking Tradition. New Order of University Women."
Daily Telegraph. March 9, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Blue Stockins 1870 to 1929"),
2 published copies]
G193 "Our Lengthening Lives." Daily Chronicle. March 21, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., article synopsis; TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G194 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Uncovenanted Mercies."
The Silver Virgin, by I.A.R. Wylie; A Gem of Earth, by Marjorie Booth; The Painted Face, by Oliver Onions; Farthing Hall, by Hugh Walpole and J.B. Priestley;
Young Woodley, by John van Druten. Time and Tide. March 22, 1929 [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G195 "Nursery Schools. A Solution for Many Problems." Manchester Guardian. March 26, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G196 "Celibate Professions. Problem of the Married Woman Worker." Daily Telegraph. March 27, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G197 [Book Review] "The Jeremiah in our Midst." Woman and Society, by Meyrick Booth.
Nation and Athenaeum. March 30, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G198 "Our Outworn Privileges. Citizenship and Responsibility." Manchester Guardian. April 4, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G199 [Letter to the Editor] "Professor Catlin on War. His Real Views about it Made Clear."
Leeds Mercury. April 10, 1929. [T.L. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

G200 "Locked Study Door. passing of a Barrier to Family Co-operation."
Daily Telegraph. April 16, 1929.
[TMS. 9car.) 4 p., ( "Shaming the Irritable Male. How Women Workers have Influenced Men"), 2 published copies]
G201 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Ancient and Modern."
The Love of the Foolish Angel, by Helen Beauclerk; The Rebel Passion, by Katherine Burdekin; Starved Fields, by E. Inglis Jones;
Red Cavalry, by I. Babel; Prevailing Winds, by Margaret Ayer Barnes.
Time and Tide. April 19, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G202 "Should a Wife Change Her Name?" Daily News. April 20, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., article synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Keeping One's Own Name"), published copy]
G203 "Feminists and the General Election. What Progressive Women Want."
Manchester Guardian. April 24, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "What Progressive Women Want from the next Government"), published copy]
G204 "Women Teachers and the General Election. Isolating Our Educators." Time and Tide. April 26, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G205 "Women's Service. A National Centre." Manchester Guardian. April 29, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "The Organization of Women's Service"), published copy]
G206 "The Somerville School of Novelists." Good Housekeeping. April, 1929.
[2 TMS. (car.), article synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p.
G207 We Can Trust Modern Youth." Daily Chronicle. May 1, 1929.
[2 TMS. (car.), article synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Libelling Modern Youth. Who are the Real Luxury-Lovers?"), 2 published copies]
G208 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Two Political Novelists."
Clash, by Ellen Wilkinson; The Cardinal's Mistress, by Benito Mussolini.
Time and Tide. May 3, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G209 "Thirty -- and Quite Happy About It. No Pathetic Clinging to the 'Twenties' for the Woman of To-day."
Evening Standard. May 10, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 1 p., synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., "The Rubicon of Thirty"), 5 published copies]

G210 "The Ideal Man Candidate." Daily Chronicle. May 14, 1929.
Liverpool Post and Mercury. May 14, 1929, ( "The Ideal …Candidate. A Feminist's Views.").
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "My Ideal Man Candidate"), 4 published copies]
G211 "Women as Ministers. Some Opening Doors, and a War with Tradition."
Daily Telegraph. May 16, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Changes in England and America"),
2 published copies]
G212 "The Woman's Alternative. Tired Feminist or Helpless Parasite?"
Manchester Guardian. May 16, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G213 "The Middle-Class Patient. High Cost of Being Ill--Need for More Hospital Facilities for Professional Persons."
Daily Mirror. May 17, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., article synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G214 [Book Review]
"Books. Modern Europe Adrift." Progress and Religion, by Christopher Dawson.
Time and Tide. May 17, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G215 [Book Review] "Haphazard Companions."
The Devil's Shadow, by Frank Theiss; Yet a more Excellent Way, by Mary Scharlieb; High Brows, by Bruce Marshall; The Dark Mile, by D.K. Broster.
Time and Tide. May 31, 1929 [published copy]
G216 "Voluntary Work. Amateur Standing but Professional Ideals."
Gateway. May, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G217 "Working for a Woman Candidate. Some Post-Election Reflections."
Manchester Guardian. June 5, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G218 "Professional Woman's Leeway. Avoiding Occupations Where Prejudice Lingers." Daily Telegraph. June 6, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Where Prejudice Still Hinders"), published copy]

G219 [Book Review] "The Happy Courtier." Later Letters of Lady Augusta Stanley 1864-1876.
Edited by the Dean of Windsor and Hector Bolitho. Time and Tide. June 7, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G220 "Eulogy in a Country Churchyard." Nation and Athenaeum. June 8, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G221 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Pessimists and Optimists."
Hard Liberty, by Rosalind Murray; Above and Below, by R.D. Dorthy; The Prince or Somebody, by Louis Golding; An Artist Passes, by Arndt Ginsti.
Time and Tide. June 14, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G222 "Women in Industry. Controversial 'Protection'."
Manchester Guardian. June 20, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Controversial protection"), 2 published copies]

223 "Superfluous Women are Really the Tennis Mad Who Neglect their Homes. While the Professional Spinsters Work from 9 to 6 -- the Elegant Matrons
Fill in their time with Trivialities."
Evening Standard. June 24, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 1 p., article synopsis, TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Superfluous Matrons"), 2 published copies]
G224 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Chronicles of the Nineteenth Century and After."
The Galaxy, by Susan Ertz; Berlin, by Heinrich Mann; Grand Manner, by Louis Kronenberger; Coucou, by Evelyn Pember.
Time and Tide. June 28, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G225 "Abolishing the Five Pound Look." Gateway. June, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G226 "In the Beginning." Oxford Outlook [Special Decennary Number]. June, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G227 "Future Parents at School. An Omission in Curricula." Manchester Guardian. July 3, 1929.
[TMS. 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis ( "Training our future parents"), TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G228 "Best Kind of Honeymoon? A Long and Irresponsible Holiday or a Simple Week-End off from Business?"
Daily Mirror. July 5, 1929. [TMS. 1 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G229 "Political Wifehood. The Revolt of Mrs. Webb." Manchester Guardian. July 12, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Revolt against Vicarious Obligations"), 2 published copies]
G230 [Book Review] "New Fiction. The Large-Scale Canvas."
Paterfamilias, by W.B. Trites; Three Came Unarmed, by E. Arnot Robertson; Another Part of the Wood, by Denis Mackail; Hail! All Hail!, by Norah C. James.
Time and Tide. July 19, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G231 "Women's Work. The Open-Door Council." Manchester Guardian. August 1, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "The Open-Door Council. Third Annual Report"), published copy]

G232 [Book Review] "Good Companions and Tolerable Acquaintances."
The Good Companions, by J.B. Priestley; The Fiddler, by Sarah Gertrude Millin; All Else is Folly, by Peregrine Acland; Gathering of Eagles, by Val Gielgud.
Time and Tide. August 9, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G233 [Book Review] "The Woman Who Changed the Mind of a Nation."
Susan B. Anthony, by Rheta Childe Dorr. Time and Tide. August 23, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G234 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Swords and Roses, by Joseph Hergesheimer; Heart of Alsace, by René Schickele; The Boundary Post, by Liesbert Dill.
Time and Tide. August 30, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G235 "Then Tenth Assembly. Labour's Return to Geneva."
Time and Tide. September 13, 1929. [published copy]
G236 "How Women Stand at Geneva. After Ten Years."
Yorkshire Post. September 16, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G237 "Midwives and Maternity. An Indictment of our Values."
Time and Tide. September 27, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G238 "The Adaptations of Childhood. Our Complex Modern World."
Manchester Guardian. September 27, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G239 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Some Important Novels."
Death of a Hero, by Richard Aldington; A High Wind in Jamaica, by Richard Hughes; The House of Gold, by Liam O'Flaherty;
The Courts of the Morning, by John Buchan. Time and Tide. October 4, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G240 "What Talkers Men Are! And, of Course, We Never Interrupt."
Daily Chronicle. October 8, 1929 [TMS. 1 p., article synopsis, ( "Men and Their Monologues."); TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G241 [Letter to the Editor] "Wasting Mothers." New Leader. October 11, 1929.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G242 "Human Problems of the Maritime Conference. The Sailor and the Barmaid."
Yorkshire Post. October 17, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G243 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Good Second-Best."
Love by Accident, by Louis Marlow; Sketch of a Sinner, by Frank Swinnerton; Chariot Wheels, by Sylvia Thompson;
False Spring, by Beatrice Kean Seymour; Naïs, by Marie Gasquet.
Time and Tide. October 25, 1929. [published copy]
G244 "Peeresses and the Lords. The Present Position." Manchester Guardian. October 29, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G245 "Child Welfare and the Traffic in Women. Two Assembly Reports."
Time and Tide. November 1, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G246 [Letter to the Editor] "Modern Feminism. Miss Vera Brittain Replies to Dr. Meyrick Booth."
New Leader. November 1, 1929. [TL. (car.) 2 p., 2 published copies]
G247 [Book Review] "Mr. Masefield and Others."
The Hawbucks, by John Masefield; Poacher's Moon, by Almey St. John Adcock; The Young Man, by Stephen Potter; Sheep's Head and Babylon, by Marjorie Bowen.
Time and Tide. November 8, 1929. [published copy]
G248 "Their Name Liveth. Forgetting the Women's War-Work."
Manchester Guardian. November 13, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis ( "Forgetting the War-Work of Women."),
TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G249 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Long Novels and Short Stories."
Vengeful Gods, by Gertrude Atherton; Jehovah's God, by Mary Borden; Ten Years Ago, by R.H. Mottram; Gallantry, by James Brand Cabell.
Time and Tide. November 16, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G250 "Reform the English Home! Household Drudgery that Kills Happiness."
Daily Dispatch. November 18, 1929; South Wales Echo. November 27, 1929.
( "Drudgery that is Killing Happiness. Unintelligent Married Women Continue to Hug their Domestic Chains.").
[TMS. 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Our Domestic Chains."), 2 published copies]
G251 "The Future of Women." Everyman. November 21, 1929.
[TMS. 6 p., ( "Women in Future Society."), 2 published copies]
G252 "The Child Mind. Lectures for Middle-Class Mothers." Manchester Guardian. November 21, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G253 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Fugitive's Return, by Susan Glaspell; Cora, by Ruth Suckow; The Desolate House, by Helen Simpson.
Time and Tide. November 22, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Novels by Three Women."), published copy]
G254 "Keeping His Love. Expediency Versus Dignity."
Manchester Guardian. November 29, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G255 "Monogamy and Censorship." Realist. [November, 1929]
[TMS. (car.) 13 p., TMS. (car.) 11 p., published copy]
G256 "Worlds Women Must Conquer." Daily Chronicle. December 2, 1929. Liverpool Post and Mercury. December 2, 1929,
( "Worlds to Conquer. Women's Further Fight for Equality."). [TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Worlds Women Have yet to Conquer."),
2 published copies]

G257 "Will There Be a Marriage Revolution?" Daily Express. December 5, 1929.Daily Gleanor, Kingston, Jamaica. January 18, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Is Monogamy Doomed?"), 2 published copies]
G258 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
The Lacquer Lady, by F. Tennyson Jesse; Illusion: 1915, by H.M. Tomlinson; Seven Tales and Alexander, by H.E. Bates; The Golden Rose, by Mary Heath-Stubbs.
Time and Tide. December 6, 1929. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G259 "The Successful Woman. Sex Competition that has Made for Professional Efficiency." Daily Telegraph. December 10, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Successful Woman. High Standard and their Explanation."), published copy]
G260 "Life Versus Property. Some Judicial Anomalies." Manchester Guardian. December 13, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G261 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
The Forbidden Zone, by Mary Borden; The Fiery Way, by Franz Schauwecker; The Whistlers' Room, by Paul Alverdes;
Private Life, by Paul Selver.
Time and Tide. December 20, 1929. [published copy]

G262 "Christmas in America. Unashamed Sentiment." Manchester Guardian. December 24, 1929.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "American Christmas."), published copy]
G263 "Miss Vera Brittain on Marriage." [St. Ethetburgas' Leaflet] [December, 1929] [published copy]
G264 "A Memorandum showing the Connection between the Status of Women and the Relations between Countries."
Six Point Group [Leaflet] [1929] [published copy]

Box 75
G265 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Miss Welby at Steen, by Archibald Marshall; Illusion, by Arthur Train; The Flower of Life. A London Tragedy, by Thomas Burke.
Time and Tide. January 3, 1930 [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G266 "Putting Parents in Their Place. Intimidation by Teachers." Manchester Guardian. January 8, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Teachers who intimidate fathers and mothers."), TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, published copy]
G267 "Women at the Universities. Poverty and Unpopularity." Liverpool Post and Mercury. January 14, 1930. Daily Chronicle. January 14, 1930,
( "The Woman Student as I Know Her."). [TMS. (car.) 2 p. synopsis ( "The Truth about the Woman Student."), TMS. (car.) 4 p.
(titled as synopsis), published copy]

G268 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
"It's a Great War.", by Mary Lee; The Necessary Man, by Agnes Logan; The Lost Child, by Rahel Sanzara.
Time and Tide. January 17, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G269 "Problems of Maternal Mortality. The Record of 1929 and the Task of 1930."
Yorkshire Post. January 20, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Maternal Mortality: the Task of 1930."), published copy]
G270 "But Need Sex be such a Handicap?" Daily Chronicle. January 21, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "But Need Sex be such a Handicap Today?"), published copy]
G271 "Is it Foolish to be an Old Maid from Choice?" Modern Weekly. January 25, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, published copy]

G272 "Women's Colleges. The Shortage of Funds." Manchester Guardian. January 28, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Impecunious Women's Colleges. Their Needs on both Sides of the Atlantic."), 2 published copies]
G273 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Portrait of a Rebel, by Netta Syrett; Six Hearts, by Elizabeth Drew; The Clock, by Guy Rawlence; Poor Nigger, by Orio Vergani.
Time and Tide. January 31, 1930. [published copy]
G274 [Book review] "New Fiction."
Diana, by Emil Ludwig; Time Gentlemen! Time!, by Norah Hoult; The Dark Sisters, by Helen Ferguson.
Time and Tide. February 14, 1930 [published copy]
G275 "Should Husbands be so Helpless?" Sphere. February 15, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p.;, ( "Why are Husbands so Helpless?"), published copy]

G276 "Helpless Women Have Faded Out." Daily Express. February 21, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Is the Helpless Woman Dying Out?), TMS. 1 p. synopsis,
2 published copies]
G277 [Letter to the Editor] "Women and War Books."
Time and Tide. February 21, 1930. [published copy]
G278 "Canonising the Heretic. How Rebels Become Respectable."
Manchester Guardian. March 5, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G279 [Letter to the Editor] "Women and War Books." Time and Tide. March 7, 1930.
[published copy; response to a reply to G277]
G280 "Straws that Show the Wind. The Wife Becomes a Person." Manchester Guardian. March 14, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Some Minor Revolutions in Marriage Customs."), published copy]
G281 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Special Providence, by Mary Agnes Hamilton, M.P.; No Man's Land, by Vernon Bartlett; The Cavalry Went Through, by Bernard Newman.
Time and Tide. March 21, 1930. [published copy]

G282 "Good Brains for High Pay. The Moral of the Depressed Secretary." Manchester Guardian. April 2, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G283 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
Singermann, by Myron Brinig; Here Is Thy Victory, by Iris Barry; Rondo, by Basil Maine.
Time and Tide. April 11, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G284 [Book Review] "The Wizard of the North."
The Life of Sir Walter Scott, by Stephen Gwynn. Time and Tide. April 25, 1930. [published copy]
G285 "Why I think Mothers can have Careers." Good Housekeeping. April, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 9 p., published copy]
G286 "The Real V.A.D. from Fancy back to Fact." Manchester Guardian. May 22, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G287 [Book Review] "The Resurrection Morning."
Who Moved the Stone?, by Frank Morison. Time and Tide. May 31, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G288 [Book Review] "New Fiction."
The Stranger. An Adventure among the English, by Godfrey Elton; High Wages, by Dorothy Whipple; The Castle, by Franz Kafka.
Time and Tide. June 7, 1930. [published copy]
G289 [Book Review] "Working Women a Century Ago."
Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850, by Ivy Pinchbeck, M.A.
Time and Tide. June 14, 1930. [published copy]
G290 "Griselda Loses Patience. The Decline of the Womanly Virtue."
Manchester Guardian. June 17, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Revising our Standards. The Decline of Womanly Virtue."), published copy]

G291 "Speech Day at Girls' Schools. Addresses that Exasperate the Modern Young Woman." Daily Telegraph. June 18, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, 2 copies; TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G292 "What is Happening to Women? Those Long Skirts Mean Nothing." Daily Express. June 24, 1930. [published copy]
G293 "Exit Mary Jane." Daily Express. June 27, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, published copy]
G294 [Letter to the Editor] [The Education Bill]
New Statesman. June 28, 1930. [published copy]
G295 "Job Seekers and Job Shirkers. Men and Women at Work."
Manchester Guardian. July 11, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G296 [Book Review] "Humanitarian Memoirs."
Company I Have Kept, by Henry S. Salt. Time and Tide. July 12, 1930.
[published copy]
G297 "The Restaurant. A Job Where Women Fail." Manchester Guardian. July 21, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Moral-Minded Restaurant."), published copy]
G298 [Book Review] "Parents of the Future. The Bogey of the Family has caused more Misery than any other Social Institution."
The Retreat from Parenthood, by Jean Ayling; Chronos, or the Future of the Family, by Eden Paul; Marriage, Past, Present and Future,
by Ralph de Pomerai.
Clarion. July, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p. published copy]
G299 "The Domestic Worker. Tackling a Perennial Problem." Manchester Guardian. August 13, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G300 "Vera Brittain says: I Find Noisy London a Haven of Peace after the Censorious Inquisitiveness and Carping Pettiness of Small Provincial Towns."
Evening Standard. September 26, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Why I prefer London and Detest the Provinces."), published copy]

G301 "The Second Baby. Some Childhood Problems and Their Remedy."
Manchester Guardian. October 3, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G302 [Book Review] "All Labour for Our Province." Careers for Women, by Leonora Eyles.
Time and Tide. October 11, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G303 [Letter to the Editor] "The Unmarried Mother." Time and Tide. October 18, 1930. [published copy]
G304 [Book Review] "Sylvia Pankhurst as Poet."
Poems of Mihail Eminescu. Translated from the Rumanian and rendered into the original metres by E. Sylvia Pankhurst and I.D. Stefanovici,Ph.D.
Preface by G. Bernard Shaw.
Time and Tide, October 25, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G305 "Do our Public Schools Advance with the Times?" Sunday News. October 26, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G306 "The Suffrage Exhibition. Life's Larger Ironies." Manchester Guardian. October 28, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G307 [Book Review] "The Elect Consider Divorce."
Divorce as I See It, by Bertrand Russell, Fanny Hurst, H.G. Wells, Warwisk Deeping, Rebecca West, Lion Feuchtwanger and Andre Maurois, Noel Douglas.
Clarion. October, 1930. [2 published copies]
G308 "A Poppy for Her Cot. Some Armistice Reflections." Manchester Guardian. November 11, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G309 "Women Workers in 1930. I. The Present Position of Women in Industry."
Saturday Review. November 29, 1930. [TS. (car.) 6 p. synopsis, ( "Women Workers in 1930."),
TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G310 "If Women Ran Our International Conferences…" Good Housekeeping. November, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 10 p., published copy]

G311 [Book Review]"The Care of Motherhood."
Save the Mothers, by E. Sylvia Pankhurst.
Clarion. November 1930. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Maternal Mortality."), 3 published copies]
G312 "Women Workers in 1930. II. The Controversy on Differential Sex Legislation."
Saturday Review. December 6, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G313 "The Way the Money Goes. A Sense of Proportion." Manchester Guardian. December 9, 1930.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The Way the Money Goes. Women's Special Need of Education."), published copy]
G314 "Women Workers in 1930. III. The Relation Between Industrial and Professional Women."
Saturday Review. December 13, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G315 [Book Review] "Socrates Up-to-Date." Plato's Britannia, by Douglas Woodruff.
Time and Tide. December 20, 1930. [published copy]
G316 "Women Workers in 1930 IV. Obstacles Women Have Still to Conquer."
Saturday Review. December 20, 1930. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

File G317a concerns the Woman's Note Book series. It contains a typescript of items of possible interest to women and a list of names.
G317 "A Woman's Notebook." Nation and Athenaeum. January 3, 1931. [2 published copies].
G318 "A Woman's Notebook. Queen Victoria -- Sabbatical Years for Teachers -- Mechanical Music -- Women as a Category -- Some Future Events."
Nation and Athenaeum. January 10, 1931. [3 published copies]
G319 "The Philosophical Sex. Women and Suicide." Manchester Guardian. January 16, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G320 "A Woman's Notebook. The Pope and the family -- Dame Rachel Crowdy -- College Women and Poverty -- A Woman Speaker on Russia."
Nation and Athenaeum. January 17, 1931. [2 published copies]
G321 "A Woman's Notebook. Dr. Adler in London -- The Case of Mrs. Wise -- Women on the War -- Dr. Ethel Bentham -- Some Lectures on Psychology."
Nation and Athenaeum. January 24, 1931. [2 published copies]

G322 [Letter to the Editor] "Civil Servants' Salaries." Nation and Athenaeum. January 31, 1931. [published copy]
G323 "A Woman's Notebook. Three Famous Women -- How to be Honest Though a Critic -- Rye in January -- The Story of a Hotel -- Anna Pavlova."
Nation and Athenaeum. January 31, 1931. [2 published copies]
G324 "Hustle. 'Now we have had a quick lunch, what do we do with the time saved?'" Clarion. January, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., (both "Getting the Better of Time."), published copy]
G325 [Letter to the Editor] "Dr. Ethel Bentham."
Nation and Athenaeum. February 7, 1931. [published copy]
G326 "A Woman's Notebook. Birth Control in Birmingham -- Memories of Charles Bradlaugh -- Infant Welfare for Subscribers -- 'The Dead Child' -- Holiday
Drama Schools."
Nation and Athenaeum. February 7, 1931. [2 published copies]

G327 "A Woman's Notebook. The Suffragette Movement -- Sylvia Pankhurst and the W.S.P.U. -- Eleanor Rathbone, M.P. -- Women House-Property Managers -- A Student's Armchair."
Nation and Athenaeum. February 14, 1931. [2 published copies]
G328 "Those Superfluous Acquaintances. Friendship as an Attitude of Mind." Manchester Guardian. February 15, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G329 "A Woman's Notebook. The Foundling Hospital Site -- Luxury Flats -- The New York Women's Court - Courts of Domestic Relations -- Women's Autobiographies."
Nation and Athenaeum. February 21, 1931. [2 published copies]
G330 [Book Review] "The Women's Revolution."
The Suffragette Movement, by Sylvia Pankhurst. Week-End Review. February 21, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

Box 76
G331 "The University Idea." Time and Tide. February 28, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G332 [Letter to the Editor] "Smoking in Trains."
Manchester Guardian. March 10, 1931. [TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G333 [Book Review] "Foreign-Affairs-and Soda."
The World Our Neighbour, by Vernon Bartlett. Time and Tide. March 21, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G334 [Book Review] "The Romance of London." London and Its Government, by Percy A. Harris.
Week-End Review. March 21, 1931. Time and Tide. April 25, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "The Romance of London."), 2 published copies]
G335 "Infant Welfare for Subscribers. A Modern Experiment."
Parents Review. March, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G336 "Nursery Schools. The McMillan Ideal." Manchester Guardian. April 6, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The McMillan Ideal. Pioneers and the Future."), published copy]
G337 [Book Review] "Man as Social Animal." The Family, by Dr. Müller-Lyer.
Week-End Review. April 11, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G338 [Book Review] "Maternal Mortality." Save the Mothers, by E. Sylvia Pankhurst.
Saturday Review. April 18, 1931. [published copy]
G339 "The Burden of the Fit. A Brake on Ability." Manchester Guardian. April 30, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G340 [Book Review] "Fortunate Highbrows."
An Oxford Portrait Gallery, by Janet E. Courtney. Time and Tide. May 16, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G341 "Health and the Public. Sources of Failure." Time and Tide. May 16, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G342 "Health and the Public. Roads to Efficiency." Time and Tide. May 23, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G343 [Book Review] "Kataleptike Phantasia." The Corn King and the Spring Queen, by Naomi Mitchison.
Week-End Review. May 23, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G344 "A Man Must Be Considered. The New Baby and the Old One."
Manchester Guardian. May 26, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G345 [Book Review] "Reason Versus Passion." Some Religious Elements in Literature, by Rose Macaulay.
Week-End Review. May 30, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G346 "The Seeing Eye. A Lack of Proportion." Manchester Guardian. June 29, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G347 "Women who were young in 1914. Have they lost or gained by the retarding of their lives?"
Good Housekeeping. June, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 1 p., ( "Retarded Lives."), 2 published copies]
G348 [Book Review] "A Contrast in Pioneers."
Florence Nightingale, 1820-1856, by I.B. O'Malley; Millicent Garrett Fawcett, by Ray Strachey.
Week-End Review. July 18, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G349 [Book Review] "Ployglottery." Memoirs of a Polyglot, by William Gerhardi.
Time and Tide. August 8, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G350 "How Shall I Educate My Daughter?" Daily Express. August 8, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G351 "Should Mothers Have Their Jobs [ -- ], Novelist's Vigorous Plea for Trained Women. 'The Wasted Years.'"
Sunday Dispatch. August 9, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Give them back their jobs?", published copy]
G352 "The Englishwoman Abroad. How Not to Travel." Manchester Guardian. September 29, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G353 "The Amateur Mother. Three Stories and a Moral." Manchester Guardian. October 16, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G354 [Book Review] "The Choice of a Career."
Methods of Choosing a Career, by F.M. Earle, M. Ed., B. Sc. With a Preface by Charles S. Myers, C.B.E., F.R.S.
Time and Tide. October 17, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G355 [Letter to the Editor] "The Amateur Mother. Infant Hygiene." Manchester Guardian. October 28, 1931.
[TL. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G356 [Book Review] "The Resurrection of Wellington." The Duke, by Philip Guedalla.
Time and Tide. October 31, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G357 [Book Review] "Death's Dominion." Full Stop, by Cicely Hamilton.
Time and Tide. November 7, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G358 [Book Review] "Three Letters." A Letter to a Sister, by Rosamund Lehmann.
Week-End Review. November 7, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G359 "Passing Away. The Task of the War Generation." Townswoman. November, 1933.
Manchester Guardian. November 11, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]
G360 "Men Like Gods. The Babies' Club Movement." Manchester Guardian. December 3, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G361 "Midwives and Babies' Clubs. Infant Welfare Centres for Subscribers."
[Reprint from] the Nursing Times. December 5, 1931. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G362 [Book Review] "How Novelists See Life."
Yellow Brimstone, by Richard Blake Brown; Beyond Hell, by Stephen McKenna; Ordinary People, by Rosita Forbes; Children of Darkness, by V. Shishkov.
News Chronicle. December 16, 1931. [published copy]
G363 "The Significance of Golly. An Old-Fashioned Toy." Manchester Guardian. December 17, 1931.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G364 "Getting a Good Press." A Paper submitted to a Meeting of Conference Delegates held at Great Yarmouth, on Monday, April 6, 1931.
Pamphlet published by National Union of Teachers, London. [1931] [2 published copies]
G365 [Book Review] "Dignity and Impudence."
Florence Nightingale, by Irene Cooper Willis; A Whip for the Woman, by Ralph Straus.
Week-End Review. January 9, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G366 [Book Review] "Death of a Civilisation." A World Can End. A Chronicle of the Russian Revolution, by Irina Skariatina.
Week-End Review. January 23, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G367 "The Beauty Doctor on Trial. A Case for Psychology." Manchester Guardian. February 25, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G368 [Letter to the Editor] "The Family Life Questionnaire." Week-End Review. February 27, 1932.
[TL. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G369 "The Children Who Come Between."
Quiver. February, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, ( "Do Children Unite or Divide Their Parents?)",
TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
G370 "Send Them Away! Day Versus Boarding School." Manchester Guardian. March 17, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G371 [Letter to the Editor] "Sun Bathing. Benefits of Light and Air."
Times. March 18, 1932. [published copy]
G372 "Has the Pleasantness Gone Out of Life? 'Yes', says Anthony Gibbs. 'No', says Vera Brittain."
Home Chat. April 2, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G373 "Unofficial Aunts. One Solution for Several Problems." Manchester Guardian. April 14, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G374 [Book Review] "The Dominant Female."
Man, Proud Man, by Mary Borden, E.M. Delafield, Susan Ertz, Storm Jameson, Helen Simpson, G.B. Stern, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Rebecca West.
Edited by Mabel Ulrich.
Week-End Review. April 23, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G375 "Libelling the Modern Woman." Daily Dispatch. May 10, 1932. Daily Record and Mail. May 11, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G376 "Entertaining for Socrates. Man the Host. Manchester Guardian. May 17, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G377 [Book Review] "Sir Walter Scott's Letters."
Some Unpublished Letters of Sir Walter Scott. From the Collection in the Brotherton Library. Compiled by J.A. Symington, Brotherton Librarian.
Time and Tide. May 28, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G378 "Standing up for Ourselves. Women's Post-War Achievements." Manchester Guardian. June 17, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G379 "From Book and Magazine. An Object-Lesson."
Excerpt from Good Housekeeping, "One Roomitis." June 1932. Scotsman Weekly. June 25, 1932. [published copy]

G380 "One Roomitis." Good Housekeeping. June, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 9 p.,
( "Lonely in the Midst of a Million"), published copy]
G381 [Book Review] "The Transformation of George Eliot."
The Life of George Eliot, by Emilie and Georges Romieu. Translated from the French by Brian W. Downs.
Week-End Review. July 2, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G382 "From Book and Magazine. One-Roomitis." Excerpt from Good Housekeeping, "One Roomitis." June 1932. Scotsman Weekly. July 2, 1932.
[published copy]
G383 "Prelude to Life. Women at Universities." Manchester Guardian. July 21, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G384 "Let Your Daughter… Invent Her Own Career!" Daily Mail. July 23, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G385 "I Denounce Domesticity! A Protest Against Waste." Quiver. August, 1932.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, ( "I Denounce Domesticity. (Or -- What's Wrong with Modern Marriage?)",
TMS. (car.) 8 p., published copy]
G386 [Book Review] "The Truth About the League."
The League Year Book, 1932. Edited by Judith Jackson and Stephen King-Hall.
Time and Tide. October 1, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G387 [Letter to the Editor] "Miracle at Verdun." New Statesman and Nation. October 8, 1932.
[published copy]
G388 [Letter to the Editor] "The Scottsboro Case."
Week-End Review. October 8, 1932. [published copy]
G389 "While We Remember. The Purpose of Armistice Day."
Manchester Guardian. November 11, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G390 [Letter to the Editor] "Wyndham Lewis and Comrade Gollancz."
Time and Tide. November 12, 1932. [TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

G391 [Letter to the Editor] "The Gagging Act."
New Statesman and Nation. December 31, 1932. [published copy]
G392 "Re-Encounter." Time and Tide. December 31, 1932. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G393 [Book Review] "Aftermath of Calamity." No Time Like the Present, by Storm Jameson.
Week-End Review. April 29, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G394 "Spending an Hour. A Sense of Proportion?" Manchester Guardian. May 2, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G395 "Peace Through Books." New Clarion. May 20, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "This Crucial year. Literature and the Crisis."), 2 published copies]

G396 "Snubs and Snobs." Daily Express. June 2, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, published copy]
G397 [Book Review] "Evelyn Sharp's Memories." Unfinished Adventure, by Evelyn Sharp.
Week-End Review. June 17, 1933. [published copy]
G398 [Book Review] "Two Queens and a King. Legends and Royal Characters."
Christina of Sweden. A Psychological Biography, by Margaret Goldsmith; Mary Queen of Scots, by Eric Linklater; Richard Coeur de Lion, by Clennell Wilkinson.
Yorkshire Post. June 28, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G399 [Letter to the Editor] "Victims of German Fascism. A Relief Committee's Work."
Manchester Guardian. June 30, 1933. [published copy]
G400 "Leisure -- The New World Problem." Quiver. June, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, ( "Modern Ideals of Work and Play - Our Changing Use of Leisure."), TMS. (car.) 9 p., ( "Making the Best of One's Time. Our Changing Use of Leisure.), published copy]

Box 77
G401 [Letter to the Editor] "Wars Against the Covenant. The Duty of the L.N.U."
Manchester Guardian. July 6, 1933. [TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G402 [Book Review] "The End of One Civilisation and the Beginning of Another."
Life's Enchanted Cup, 1872-1933, by Mrs. C.S. Peel. Yorkshire Post. July 7, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "A Journalist Remembers."), published copy]
G403 "The Revolution Has Come. Flowers in a London Park." Manchester Guardian. July 7, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G404 "Evensong in the City." New Clarion. July 8, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G405 [Letter to the Editor] "Protecting the Small Investor."
Time and Tide. July 22, 1933. New Statesman and Nation. July 22, 1933. [2 published copies]

G406 "The Road from the Pinewoods. France and a Wartime Recollection." Manchester Guardian. August 4, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G407 [Letter to the Editor] "The New Education."
Week-End Review. August 5, 1933. [published copy]
G408 "Some Battlefield, 1933." Week-End Review. August 12, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G409 [Book Review] "The Story of Girton." Girton College, 1869-1932, by Barbara Stephen.
Time and Tide. August 19, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G410 "Germany and Beyond." Manchester Guardian. August 22, 1933. [published copy]
G411 "Having a Bath. Ablutions in Picardy." Manchester Guardian. August 24, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G412 "Illusion on the Somme." New Clarion. September 30, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G413 "As We Were." Weekly Scotsman, North Bridge, Edinburgh. October 7, 1933.
[published copy, extract from an article by Vera Brittain in Good Housekeeping. "Modern Youth Does Care." October 1933.]
G414 "The Modern Baby." Daily Mirror. October 20, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]
G415 [Book Review] "Jews and Revolution.
An Epic Trilogy from Poland." Three Cities, by Sholem Asch. Yorkshire Post. October 25, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy)
G416 "The Feeding of Infants." Daily Mirror. October 27, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copy]
G417 "Modern Youth Does Care." Good Housekeeping. October, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 10 p., ( "Do the young care?), 3 published copies]
G418 "The Feeding of Toddlers." Daily Mirror. November 3, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G419 "Clothes for Your Baby." Daily Mirror. November 10, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G420 "Poppies for Peace. The Lessons of Fifteen Years." Manchester Guardian. November 11, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G421 "Give Your Baby Fresh Air and Sunshine." Daily Mirror. November 17, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G422 "How Does your Baby Sleep?" Daily Mirror. November 24, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G423 "What I Would Tell My Daughter." News Chronicle. November 29, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G424 "When Baby Walks. Correct Shoes Vital." Daily Mirror. December 1, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G425 "Toys for Baby's Christmas." Daily Mirror. December 8, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G426 "Christmas Sweets for Everyone." Daily Mirror. December 13, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Christmas Sweets for Yourself and your Children."), published copy]
G427 "Books as Gifts for Children. The Art of Choosing." Daily Mirror. December 15, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G428 "English Wife Locked up for Disobeying Husband." Everybody's Weekly. December 16, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "You are still two people after marriage."), published copy]
G429 "Your Children's Christmas Parties." Daily Mirror. December 22, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Christmas parties."), 2 published copies]

G430 [Book Review] "Not with Vain Tears… ?" Leaves from a Psychist's Case-Book, by Harry Price.
Time and Tide. December 23, 1933. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G431 "Children's Troubles." Daily Mirror. December 29, 1933.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G432 "The Nursery School." Daily Mirror. January 5, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G433 "Your Older Child. Back to School for the Easter Term."
Daily Mirror. January 12, 1934. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copies]
G434 "The Indispensable Woman Secretary." News Chronicle. January 19, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G435 "Your Older Child. Epidemics and How to Avoid Them." Daily Mirror. January 19, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G436 "Do Modern Mothers 'Fuss' Too Much Over Their Children?" Everybody's Weekly. January 27, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "These Precious modern children!"), published copy]
G437 "I Was Over Thirty." Woman's Journal. January, 1934. [TMS. (car.) 7 p., ( "Our Belated Children."),
published copy]
G438 "How Do You Get On With Your Children?" Daily Mirror. February 2, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p.;, 2 published copies]
G439 "Your Older Child… Helping at Home." Daily Mirror. February 6, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G440 [Book Review] "How America Went to War. Dramatic Years in a Fresh Light." Over Here: 1914-1918, by Mark Sullivan.
Yorkshire Post. February 14, 1934. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G441 "How Natural Readers Are Made. Choosing the Right Books for Your Older Children."
Daily Mirror. February 16, 1934. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G442 [Book Review] "Books of the Week." The Sycamore Tree, by Elizabeth Cambridge.
Daily Herald. February 22, 1934. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G443 "Parents and Teachers. The Need for Mutual Understanding." Daily Mirror. February 23, 1934
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G444 "Can the Women of the World Stop War?" Modern Woman. February, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G445 "Women and Disarmament." Highway. February, 1934.
[HMS. 1 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G446 "Discipline for the Modern Child." Daily Mirror. March 2, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Discipline for your older child.") 2 published copies]
G447 "Fresh Air and Exercise for the City Child." Daily Mirror. March 10, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G448 "Your Older Child. Sources of Education Outside School." Daily Mirror. March 17, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
G449 "Your Older Child. The Spirit of Service." Daily Mirror. March 24, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G450 "Talented Children and Problems of Temperament." Daily Mirror. April 7, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G451 "Women are Fighting Again. We Must Save Our Men's Lives." Sunday Chronicle. April 8, 1934. [published copy]
G452 "Your Older Child. The Children's Garden." Daily Mirror. March 31, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G453 "Anti-Feminism in Europe." Times of India. Bombay, India. April 19, 1934. [published copy]
G454 "Your Older Child. Keeping Your Child in Health." Daily Mirror. April 21, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G455 "Your Older Child. Choosing the Right Career." Daily Mirror. April 27, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G456 "My Children Came After I Was Thirty." American Parent's Magazine. April, 1934.
Reprinted from "I was over Thirty." Woman's Journal, January, 1934. [published copy]

G457 "Is 'Giving Away' Brides Barbaric? Miss Vera Brittain Emphatically Says It Is. "
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[TL. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
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Reprint from Time and Tide. June 9, 1934. [published copy]

G462 [Letter to the Editor] "The Mosley Meeting." Time and Tide. June 16, 1934. [published copy]
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Sunday Times. July 8, 1934. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G468 "An Open Letter. From a Mother to Her Son." Manchester Guardian. August 4, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G469 "An Open Letter from a Mother to Her Son." Leaflet published by Friends Peace Committee.
[Reprint from the Manchester Guardian.] August 4, 1934. [5 published copies]
G470 "Woman to Woman." Passing Show. August 25, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Women doctors are winning."), published copy]

Box 78
G471 "The Women Who Remember." British Legion Journal. August, 1934. Wimbledon Borough News. August 10, 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]

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G473 "What is the Best Way to Pay Bills?" Evening Standard. September 26, 1934. [published copy]
G474 "How Three Men Balance Their Budgets." Evening Standard. September 27, 1934. [published copy]
G475 "The Young Wage Earner's Problem." Evening Standard. September 28, 1934. [published copy]
G476 "Money. Don't Make It a Household God. The L.S.D. of Life." Evening Standard. September, 1934. [published copy]
G477 "To Those Who Live in 'Digs'." Evening Standard. October 1, 1934. [published copy]

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G480 "Modern Youth Does Not Want War, Says Author. Armed Conflict Considered a Tragic Obsession of Passing Generation."
Boston Herald. November 11, 1934. Also published as "Youth and War.", New York Herald Tribune. November 11, 1934 [published copy]
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G482 "Why Not a Real Peace Crusade?" Published in a Pamphlet, The Lighter Side of Peacemaking, by the Quarterly News. 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

G483 "Fascists at Olympia. A Record of Eye-Witnesses and Victims."
[Pamphlet], compiled by Vindicator. Victor Gollancz Ltd., London. 1934.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G484 "Three Memorials: Inscriptions at Amiens." Bart's Annual. 1934.
[2 TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy (proof)]
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(Extract from, 'A Volunteer Nurse on Active Service', by Vera Brittain. The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review. November, 1934)
Nursing Times. January 5, 1935. [3 published copies]
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[published copy]

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Woman's Journal. February, 1935. [HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.) 7 p., ( "Ought married women to be in business?"), published copy]
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[TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]
G491 "I Show You Happiness." Bulletin & Scots Pictorial. March 15, 1935. Published earlier as G486. [published copy]
G492 "Wanted -- A Fair Deal For Women. We do not work less, eat less, wear less, than men. Why then should our salaries be lower?"
Everywoman's. April, 1935. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Wanted -- a New Deal for Women."), published copy]
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{TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

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[HMS. 11 p., TMS. (car.) 7 p., published copy]
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Sunday Times. October 20, 1935. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

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( "Does Fate Rule Our Lives?"), 3 published copies]
G502 "What Is the Main Business of Life? One's work before family relationships says Vera Brittain. A personal life before a professional
says Beatrice Kean Seymour."
Good Housekeeping. November, 1935. [HMS. 8 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
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Sunday Times. December 8, 1935. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

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G505 "Other children Love Their Countries Too! A Message to All Boys and Girls."
Teachers World and Schoolmistress. January 15, 1936. [2 published copies]
G506 [Book Review] "The Once Majestic Empire." My Country and My People, by Lin Yutang.
Sunday Referee. February 2, 1936. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G507 [Book Review] "Some Sex Studies."
The Free-Woman, by Irene Soltan; The Bachelor Woman and Her Problems, by Mary Scharlieb.
New Leader. February 21, 1936. [published copy]
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[HMS. 8 p., TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]

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[TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
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[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
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G513 "A Shadow Which Mothers Dread. Tell Your Children the Truth About War!"
Yorkshire Evening News. November 11, 1936. [published copy]
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G515 "Back to Religion… But Save Us From Humbug." Star. December 30, 1936.
TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis; TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Are we less moral than we were?"), 2 published copies]
G516 [Book Review] "Women Win Here." The Position of Women in the U.S.S.R., by G.N. Serebrennikov.
Reynolds News. January 17, 1937. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Women in Soviet Russia."), published copy]
G517 [Letter to the Editor] [Professor Laski's comment on an article written by George Catlin.]
Time and Tide. January 30, 1937. [TL. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G518 [Book Review] Our Freedom and Its Results, by Five Women. Edited by Ray Strachey.
Fortnightly Review. January, 1937. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Half Humanity."), published copy]
G519 "Marriage Needs Security. Parliament and the Family." Star. February 12, 1937.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Why don't we have more babies?"), published copy]

G520 [Book Review]
The Porch, by Richard Church; Delicate Monster, by Storm Jameson; No Escape, by Randall Swingler.
Fortnightly Library. March, 1937. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Three novels."), 2 published copies]

Box 79
G521 "Familiarity Stales Romance. Home Chat. May 8, 1937.
[HMS. 4 p., ( "The thought behind the phrase."), published copy]
G522 "Pity the Great." Star. May 21, 1937.
[HMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "things are not what they seem."), published copy]
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[HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.) 7 p., published copy]
G525 "The Superman Legend." British Legion Journal. August, 1937.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]

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G527 "Authors take sides on the Spanish War." [Vera Brittain, the Neutral Side]
[Pamphlet printed for] Left Review. [December, 1937] [published copy]
G528 "To Mothers Especially." [Leaflet published by] Peace Pledge Union. [1937]
[HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "The thought behind the phrase."), published copy]
1938 G529 "Books and World Peace." Saturday Review of Literature. January 8, 1938.
[HMS. 18 p., TMS. (car.) 20 p., ( "Literature and World peace."), 3 published copies]
G530 "Women Still Wait for Equality." Daily Herald. March 26, 1938. [published copy]
G531 "Why Can't Women have These Jobs?" Daily Herald. June 15, 1938.
[HMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

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G533 "What Pacifist Writers Might Have to Face." Peace News. August 13, 1938.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G534 [Letter to the Editor] Daily Herald. September 26, 1938. [published copy]
G535 "Should We Blockade Germany? 'It's war on babies' says Vera Brittain. 'We must be realists' says Barbara Ayrton Gould."
Daily Herald. November 15, 1938. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Why I oppose economic blockade"), 2 published copies]
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[HMS. 21 p., TMS. (car.) 17 p., ( "Would the Youth of England Fight?"), 2 published copies]
G537 "Pacifism After Munich." Fellowship. November, 1938. [published copy]

G538 "Equal Rights For Women." [Equal Rights Amendment] Congressional Records. United States
Government Printing Office. Washington. 1938. [published copy]
1939 G539 "Vera Brittain Looks at the Nurses' Charter." Local Government Service. February, 1939.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., ( "A square deal for nurses'), published copy]
G540 "Soldier Brother Meets Nursing Sister. A Romance of the Somme." (Extract from Testament of Youth)
The Great War… I Was There. Pt. 21. [February, 1939] [published copy]
G541 [Letter to the Editor] "The War Mind." New Statesman and Nation. April 8, 1939. [published copy]

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[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
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G544 "Have We Kept Faith? A Woman's View of Armistice Day."
Forward. November 11, 1939. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "A Woman's View of Armistice Day"), 2 published copies]
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G547 "The Responsibilities of the Peace Movement in the Present Situation." Report published by the National Peace Council,
June 29, 1940. [published copy]

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G549 [Letter to the Editor] "The Indian Deadlock. A Plea for a New Approach." Times. December 30, 1940.
[published copy]
1941 G550 "The Bedford Institutes in London's Blitzkrieg."
[Pamphlet published by] Bedford Institute Association. 74th Annual Report. Friends East London Work. [1940-1941]
[published copy]
G551 "The War's Good Deed." Daily Herald. March 18, 1941. [published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G552 "Our Second Lesson." Daily Herald. May 26, 1941. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Our Second Lesson. Shall We Learn from Experience
This Time?"), published copy (in Scrapbook # 24)]

G553 "Where are our Slogans?" Daily Herald. August 19, 1941.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G554 "London's Happy Down Under." Star Weekly, Toronto, Canada. August 23, 1941.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., ( "Life under London"), published copy (in Scrapbook # 21)]
G555 "Children in Wartime -- Getting our own back." Forward, (Glasgow). August 23, 1941.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G556 [Book Review] "Appeal to Reason." The Preparation of Peace, by Laurence Housman.
Now & Then. Summer, 1941. [published copy]

G557 [Book Review] "Into the Way of Peace." by Communicants of the English Church. Edited by Percy Hartill.
Adelphi, September, 1941.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G558 "The small hours at the Adelphi Centre." Essex Ploughshare. October 6, 1941.
[TMS. 9car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G559 [Letter to the Editor] "Salvage and history."
Times. October 30, 1941. [TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G560 "Marriage is a Lottery!" Harrow Opinion. October, 1941. Reprint of "Is there a second chance in marriage?"
Woman's Journal. June, 1936. [published copy]

G561 "The Land and Peace. An Open Letter to Workers in the Christian Pacifist Forestry and Land Units."
C.P. Units News Letter. No. 3. October, 1941. [published copy]
G562 [Letter to the Editor] "Miss Brittain replies." Doncaster Chronicle. November 3, 1941.
[TL. (car.) 2 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G563 "Rationing Brings No Tears." Star Weekly. Toronto, Canada.
December 20, 1941. [TMS. (car.) 6 p., ( "Rations Without Tears"), published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G564 "Christmas and Friendship." (Kingsley Hall) Link. Christmas Supplement. December 1941.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G565 "Women who wear wings." Star Weekly, Toronto, Canada. [December 1941]
[sent December 5, 1941] [TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Women with wings"), TL. 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]

G566 [Letter to the Editor] "Books help to win the war." News-Chronicle. January 20, 1942.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G567 "Say 'Yes' to God; 'No' to the State! II. How Shall the Christian Church Prepare for the New World Order?"
Christian Century. February 11, 1942. [HMS. 13 p., TMS. (car.) 6 p., pamphlet published by The Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.]
G568 "What Democracy means to me." Home Chat. February 21, 1942.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G569 "Here's a red rose for valour." Star Weekly. Toronto. Canada. March 7, 1942.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., ( "England's Bombed Cities"), published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G570 "Has Pity Forsaken Us?" Fellowship. (U.S.A.) April, 1942. [2 published copies]

G571 "Men are destroying the jewels of civilization." Peace News. [no date; sent May 1, 1942]
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Betraying time's trust. Some reflections after the bombing of Lubeck"), published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G572 "She Mothers War's Orphans." Star Weekly, Toronto, Canada. May 23, 1942.
[TMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p. (2nd version), ( "Orphans of the Blitz"), published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G573 "Women Workers, Today and Tomorrow." Quiver. May, 1942.
[TMS. (Car.) 5 p., published copy]
G574 "Lament for Cologne." [Leaflet reprint from] the Friend. June 19, 1942.
[published copy]
G575 "The Ordeal of British Pacifism. Pacifist Christianity in War Time -- V." Fellowship. June, 1942.
[TMS. (car.) 14 p., 2 published copies]

G576 "How War Changes our Daily Lives." Quiver. September, 1942.
[2 TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G577 [Letter to the Editor] "The American Attitude." Times. December 1, 1942.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G578 "The Spirit of Mr. Scrooge. Generosity and the War." Peace News. December 18, 1942.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]
G579 "The Family Front." Fellowship. December, 1942. [published copy]
G580 "The American in our Midst." Reveille (War Office Magazine), Christmas 1942.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #21)]

Box 80
G581 "The Higher Retribution." [Pamphlet published by] Peace Pledge Union. [1942]
[2 TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]

1943 G582 [Letter to the Editor] "Thanksgiving in London."
Saturday Review of Literature. U.S.A. January 9, 1943. [2 published copies]
G583 "How Europe Sees Us will affect our future peace." Peace News. February 26, 1943.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "What Does Europe Think of Us?), published copy]
G584 "No Pity: No Mercy." Forward. June 26, 1943.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G585 [Letter to the Editor] "A C.O.'s Sentence." Manchester Guardian. October 1, 1943.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G586 [Poem] "Europe's Children." Friend. October 22, 1943.
[HMS. 1 p., published copy]

G587 [Letter to the Editor] "The Greek Famine."
Oxford Times. November 5, 1943. [published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G588 "One of These Little Ones… A Plea to Parents and Others for Europe's Children."
[Pamphlet published by] Andrew Dakers Ltd., [1943] and The Fellowship of Reconciliation, [1943].
[HMS. 32 p., 3 published copies]
1944 G589 "Women are Going to be More Adventurous!" Empire News. February 3, 1944.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Post-War Women Will Be More Adventurous"), published copy]
G590 "Better a Millstone… " Catholic Herald. March 24, 1944.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Blockade and Morality"), published copy]
G591 "Massacre by Bombing. The Facts Behind the British-American Attack on German."
Fellowship. March, 1944. [3 published copies]

G592 [Letter to the Editor] "Abolition of the Bomber." News Chronicle. June 2, 1944. [published copy]
G593 [Letter to the Editor] "Humanising War?" Tribune. June 23, 1944. [published copy]
G594 "Not Made in Germany. A Reply to William L. Shirer and the President." Fellowship. June, 1944
[TMS. (car.) 8 p., ( "Propaganda Front. A Reply to William L. Shirer."), 3 published copies]
G595 "The Human Factor and World Peace." Friend. July 21, 1944. [published copy]
G596 "Should We Humanise War?" Christian Pacifist. July, 1944.
[TMS. (car.) 10 p., 2 published copies]
G597 [Letter to the Editor] "Miss Brittain Protests." New York Herald Tribune.
September 4, 1944. [published copy (in Scrapbook #34)]

G598 "The Adolescent, 1944." World's Children. November--December, 1944.
[published copy]
G599 "One Humanity. A Plea for Our Friends and Allies in Europe, Written by Howard E. Kershner.
Pamphlet published by Sheppard Press, Peace News Ltd., 1944. Introduction by Vera Brittain.
[TMS. (car.) 8 p., 1 published copy]
G600 "Prison Reform. Objection: 'Prison Reform is Not Important Because it Affects so Few People.'"
[Pamphlet published by] the Prison Medical Reform Council. 1944.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G601 "The Good Chap." Fellowship. February, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., 3 published copies]
G602 "Europe's Future." Northern Daily Mail. March 8, 1945. [published copy]

G603 "Why I'm Not a Friend. A Personal Statement." Friend. March 9, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G604 "Meeting Europe's Needs. A Practical Approach to Peace." St. Marylebone Record. March 10, 1945.
Reprint of "Europe's Future", March 8, 1945. [published copy]
G605 "Women in the Adventurous Future." Australian Women's Digest.
March, 1945. [published copy]
G606 "How Will This War Affect Our Women?" Comrade. March, 1945.
[2 published copies]
G607 "Breaking Down the Barriers. The Barrier of Nationalism."
International Youth Review. New Series, Vol. 3, No. 3. Spring, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G608 "The Consciousness of Mankind." Peace News. April 13, 1945. [published copy]

G609 [Letter to the Editor] "German Prisoners of War." Plan. May, 1945.
[published copy]
G610 "After the 'Cease Fire'." Christian Pacifist. June, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G611 "Dare We Look Forward?" One and All. July, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G612 "Massacre Bombing -- The Aftermath." Christian Century. August 1, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., 3 published copies, (8 p. photocopy of an Editorial Comment from the Catholic World, May, 1944).]
G613 [The Dropping of Atomic Bombs on Japanese Cities] [Leaflet issued by Wallace Hancock.]
September 17, 1945. [published copy]

G614 "Winifred Holtby. A Friend's Tribute 10 Years After Her Death." Yorkshire Post. September 28, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G615 [Letter to the Editor] "F.R.S. in Holland." Friend. October 5, 1945.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G616 "A Nation Hungry for Books." Oxford Mail. October 15, [1945].
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies, (Swedish translation).]
G617 "In Arnhem Now. Vera Brittain Tells How Holland Faces Winter." Bristol Evening Post. December 6, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Holland Faces Winter"), published copy]
G618 "Holland Still Needs Our Help." Northern Daily Telegraph. Blackburn. December 6, 1945.
Reprint of "In Arnhem Now". [published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]

G619 "Back to the Creation. Stricken Dutch Face Winter Ordeal." Belfast Telegraph. December 8, 1945.
Reprint of "In Arnhem Now", December 6, 1945. [published copy]
G620 "Holland Faces Winter. After Flood and Battle." Nottingham Guardian. December 17, 1945.
Reprint of "In Arnhem Now", December 6, 1945 [published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G621 "Holland Faces Winter. Desolation in Stricken Land." Portsmouth Evening News. December 27, 1945.
Reprint of "In Arnhem Now", December 6, 1945. [published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G622 "With the W.I.L. in Scandinavia." Women's International League. December, 1945.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G623 "Desolate Holland Faces the Winter." Evening Times. Glasgow. [1945].
Reprint of "In Arnhem Now", December 6, 1945. [published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
1946 G624 [Letter to the Editor] "Cat-and-Mouse Case." Manchester Guardian. January 18, 1946.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G625 "Unsolicited Manuscripts." Writer. March, 1946.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 3 published copies]
G626 "Scandinavia Speeds Toward Recovery." Worldover Press. April 17, 1946. Friends Intelligencer. May 11, 1946. English Digest. March, 1947.
[condensed version] [TMS. 5 p., ( "Post-War Scandinavia"), 4 published copies]
G627 "Writer Tells of Work. An Englishwoman's Views on Her Goals." Chicago Sun Book Week. July 7, 1946.
[5 published copies]
G628 "Two Generations of Youth." Christian Century. Christian Pacifist. October, 1946. [5 published copies]

G629 "Back to 'Normal' in Britain." Saturday Review of Literature. August 3, 1946. [published copy]
G630 [Letter to the Editor] "Parcels from Abroad." Times. September 24, 1946.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #24)]
G631 "Will British Labor Remain in Power?" Fellowship. September, 1946.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G632 [Letter to the Editor] "The British Zone." Times. November 13, 1946 and November 18, 1946.
[published copies (in Scrapbook #24)]
G633 "On Passage Through Europe." Continental Daily Mail. November 23, 1946.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ("Bird of Passage. A Traveller's View of Eight Post-War Countries"), published copy]

G634 "A Letter from America." White Jacket. [Published by Edinburgh Dental Students' Society.] November, 1946.
[published copy]
G635 "Hunger Stalks the Germans While New Winter Comes." Trinidad Guardian, Port of Spain. December 5, 1946.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Winter Comes to Europe"), 2 published copies]
G636 "The Star of Bethlehem." Peace News. December 20, 1946.
[HMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G637 "Some European Countries Improve, Other Lag Behind." Trinidad Guardian, Port of Spain.
December 28, 1946. [published copy]
G638 "Ein Poona in Hamburg." Sie. January 12, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "A Poona in Hamburg"), German translation "Ein Poona in Hamburg", published copy]

G639 "Conscription and the Individual." Peace News. January 17, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., 2 published copies]
G640 "New Year Greetings." Friendship News. January, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

Box 81
G641 "Forum. A Comment on Herbert Read and America." Adelphi. January, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G642 "Europe Gripped by Another Winter." New Zealand Christian Pacifist. Vol. 2,
No 5. February, 1947. Reprint of "Hunger Stalks the Germans", Trinidad Guardian, December 5, 1946.
[published copy]
G643 "A World to Fault-Finders." Peace News. March 7, 1947. [published copy]
G644 [Letter to the Editor] "Vera Brittain on British Food. Novelist Finds Ration Adequate and Healthful." New York Herald Tribune, Paris Edition.
May 20, 1947. [TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

G645 "Beginners' Illusions." Writer. May, 1947. [2 published copies]
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[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G647 "The Labour Party Reviews Its Foreign Policy." Human Events. A Weekly Analysis for the American Citizen, IV, no. 25. issue 177. June 18, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "British Foreign Policy and the Truman Doctrine"), published copy]
G648 [Letter to the Editor] Times. June 20, 1947. [published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]
G649 "The Problem of Germany. Commentary." Peace News. August 29, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 7 p., published copy]
G650 "Opportunity in Germany. Conquerors and Conquered." Manchester Guardian. September 8, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Our Chance in Germany"), 2 TL. (1 TLS.), published copy]

G651 "Cologne Letter." Fellowship. October, 1947. New Zealand Christian Pacifist.
November, 1947. [2 published copies]
G652 "The Story of Heinrich Seise." Peace News. November 7, 1947.
[2 TMS. (car.) 2 p. each, TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G653 "Christmas Over Europe. Commentary." Peace News. December 19, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
G654 "The Youth of Germany." Reconciliation. December, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]
G655 "Letter from Berne." Fellowship. December, 1947. New Zealand Christian Pacifist. December, 1947.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]

G656 [Book Review] "Maude Royden's Love Story." A Threefold Card, by Maude Royden.
Peace News. January 2, 1948. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G657 [Letter to the Editor] "Suffering in the Ruhr." Times. January 28, 1948.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]
G658 "Let New Anglo-Russian Talks Be Gandhi's Memorial." Peace News. February 6, 1948.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "An Inspired Proposal"), published copy]
G659 "Mahatma Gandhi." Peace News. February 6, 1948.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy, (filed with article, "Let New Anglo-Russia Talks…", G658]
G660 "London Letter, January, 1948." New Zealand Christian Pacifist. February, 1948. Fellowship. March, 1948.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., (1 p., "Postscript to London Letter"), 3 published copies]

G661 [Letter to the Editor] "Russia." News Chronicle. April 14, 1948
[published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]
G662 [Letter to the Editor] "Tempestuous Petticoat." New Statesman and Nation. May 15, 1948.
[TL. 1 p., TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]
G663 "London Letter. April 28, 1948." New Zealand Christian Pacifist. May, 1948. Fellowship. June. 1948.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G664 "Profit or Prestige?" Writer, (U.S.A.). September, 1948.
Reprinted from On Being an Author. [published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]
G665 "London Letter." [August, 1948] Fellowship. October, 1948.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G666 "Some Current Illusions." Writer, (U.S.A.). November, 1948.
Reprinted from On Being an Author. [published copy]

G667 "The Alternative to War. Four concrete and successful examples of overcoming evil with good have occurred since the end of the war."
Peace News. February 4, 1949. No. 658. Peace Pledge Union, (Leaflet). [2 published copies]
G668 "The Nightingale of India. Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, 18798-1949. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Mrs. Sarojini Naidu"),
published copy]
G669 "The New National Chairman Speaks to the PPU." [Vera Brittain's first address to the PPU, as chairman at the Twelfth AGM.]
PPU Journal. June, 1949. [published copy]
G670 "John Bunyan for To-day." Reconciliation. October, 1949.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G671 "The Other Side of the Peace Pledge." Peace News. November 4, 1949.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G672 "Reports of World Pacifist Meeting. With an Introduction by Vera Brittain."
Friends Peace Committee. [Pamphlet] [Introduction dated July, 1950.] December, 1949. [published copy]

G673 "Peace-Makers Pilgrimage." (An account of the first week of the World Pacifist Meeting at Santiniketan, December 1949.)
[published copy]
G674 "Status of Women." [Pamphlet published by] Equal Rights International. [1940's]
Pamphlet, "Incorporating a pamphlet written by Vera Brittain for Six Point Group some years ago." [published copy]
1950 G675 "What Nursing Taught Me." Chelsea Hospital Quarterly. January, 1950.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
G676 "Vera Brittain on the World Pacifist Conference." [Peace News. February 17, 1950]
[HMS. 6 p., ( "The World Pacifist Conference. A Retrospect. Rather fuller than published version"),
TMS. 6 p., published copy]
G677 [Letter to the Editor] "World Pacifist Conference." Friend. February 17, 1950.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]
G678 [Letters to the Editor] "Author's Rewards." Daily Telegraph. March 20, 1950.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #23)]

G679 "The Indo-Pakistan Dispute. Some Human Consequences." Manchester Guardian. March 22, 1950.
[HMS. 5 p., (2) TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G680 "A Writer's Impressions of a World Conference." Indian Opinion. March 24, 1950.
[HMS. 3 p., ( "Impressions of Conference"), published copy]
G681 "The Chairman's Address given at the Thirteenth Peace Pledge Union Annual General meetings." PPU Journal. July, 1950.
[published copy]
G682 [Book Review] "A Forerunner."
Not Without Honour. The Life and Writings of Olive Schreiner, by Vera Buchanan-Gould. Peace News. August 4, 1950.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G683 "Pilgrimage to India." International Youth Review. Spring/Summer, 1950.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]

G684 "A Titan Passes." Peace News. November 10, 1950.
[HMS. 3 p., TMS. 3 p., 2 published copies]
1951 G685 "The Bunyan Country." Coming Events in Britain. February, 1951.
[TMS. 4 p., published copy]
G686 "World Pacifist Meeting. A British Delegate Looks Back." Visva-Bharati Quarterly. February-April, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 9 p., ( "Introduction to the Report on the World Pacifist Meeting in India. December 1949."),
2 published copies]
G687 [Letter to the Editor] "Divorce Law Reform." Times. [March 12, 1951]
[2 TL. (car.) 1 p., (2 versions), published copy]
G688 "On Being a Free-lance." Woman Journalist. The Organ of the Society of Women Journalists. March-April, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G689 [Book Review] "Which Side Idolatry?" Gandhi's Letters to a Disciple, (with an introduction by John Haynes Holmes). Peace News. May 4, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G690 "Consciousness." Peace News. May 18, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G690 "Consciousness." Peace News. May 18, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G691 "London Letter." [July, 1951] Visva-Bharati Quarterly. [August-October 1951] Indian Opinion. September 14, 1951. Fellowship. September, 1951.
New Zealand Christian Pacifist. October, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 4 published copies]
G692 "Old Chelsea and Its Literary Association." Coming Events. October, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]

G693 "Gandhiji's Method for Attaining World Peace." Aryan Path. October, 1951.
[HMS. 6 p., published copy]
G694 [Book Review] "George Lansbury." The Life of George Lansbury, by Raymond Postgate.
Peace News. November 30, 1951. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G695 "Literature in India and Pakistan." Author. Spring, 1951.
[TMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 6 p., published copy]
G696 "Lecturing in India." Audience. Summer, 1951. [published copy]
G697 "How 1951 Has Affected Me." West London Press. December 28, 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #26)]

G698 "The Story of St. Martin's. An Epic of London." [Pamphlet printed for St. Martin's Church.] [1951] [published copy]
G699 "A British Impression of Acharya Kripalani." Swatantra Annual. Madras. 1951.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
1952 G700 "The Power of the Written Word." St. Martin's Review. January, 1952.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G701 "Our True Destiny." Peace News. February 22, 1952. [published copy]
G702 [Book Review] "A Study in Hero-Worship." Mission With Mountbatten, by Alan Campbell-Johnson.
[Peace News. February 22, 1952.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G703 "Memorial Queue." Hindu. March 2, 1952. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]

G704 "Bridge -- or Battlefield? Britain's True Destiny." Peace News. March 21, 1952. [published copy]
G705 "Resurrection in Music. A Conversation with Sir Adrian Boult." St. Martin's Review. April, 1952. [2 published copies]

Box 82
G706 [Letter to the Editor] "Peace News and Socialism. August the Fourth." Peace News. August 15, 1952. [published copy]
G707 [Letter to the Editor] "Lynmouth & the German Valleys." Peace News. August 29, 1952. [published copy]
G708 [Letter to the Editor] "The German Problem." Times. September 15, 1952. [published copy (in Scrapbook #26)]
G709 [Letter to the Editor] [Democratic German Report. Berlin.] "Prominent Britons Oppose Ratification." Times. September 19, 1952.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #26)]

G710 [Letter to the Editor] "The Women with No Rights." News Chronicle. October 24, 1952.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #26)]
G711 [Book Review] "Seeker after Righteousness." My Dear Timothy. An Autobiographical Letter to his Grandson, by Victor Gollancz.
Peace News. November 28, 1952. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., 1 TL. (car.), published copy]
G712 [Letter to the Editor] "War, Women, and the Vote." News Chronicle. January 28, 1953.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #26)]
G713 [Book Review] "America and the Cold War." Freedom is the Right to Choose. An Inquiry into the Battle for the American Future, by Archibald Macleish.
Peace News. March 13, 1953. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G714 "It Can Be Peace. The basic causes of war are being eliminated." Peace News. March 27, 1953. [published copy]

G715 [Poem] "Sonnet. (Suggested by the Grave of Coder Catchpool at Zermatt), April, 1953." Friends. May 1, 1953.
[TMS. 1 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #26)]
G716 "Kings and Queens at St. Martins." St. Martin's Review. Coronation Number. June, 1953.
[TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]
G717 [Book Review] "Crusader's Challenge." More for Timothy, being the second volume of the autobiographical letter by Victor Gollancz.
Peace News. November 27, 1953.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., TLS. 1 p., published copy]
G718 "Humanity Versus Policy. Some Contrasts Between Moral Man and the Immoral State." Peace News. 2 parts. December 18, 1953.
December 25, 1953. [TMS. (car.) 10 p., 2 published copies]
1954 G719 [Book Review] "Corder Catchpool. A new short biography." Corder Catchpool, by Jean C. Greaves. Quaker Biographies. Friends Home Service
Committee Booklet. Peace News. January 15, 1954. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "A Saint on Earth"), TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "In Memory of Corder Catchpool"),
published copy]

G720 [Book Review] Eclipse of God: Studies in the Relation between Religion and Philosophy, by Martin Buber. Aryan Path. January, 1954.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G721 "Vera Brittain. To the People of Europe." Peace News. April 30, 1954.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Christianity or Extinction"), published copy]
G722 "Art, Life and Friends," Friend. May 7, 1954. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G723 [Book Review] His Kingdom in Kenya, by Adelphoi. Aryan Path. August, 1954. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G724 [Book Review] "The Quakers." The Story of Quakerism 1652-1952, by Elfrida Vipont. Peace News. November 26, 1954.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G725 "Is It Worth the Sacrifice? 'Yes' says Frances Barber. 'No' says Vera Brittain." Sunday Chronicle. January 23, 1955.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Keep Them at Home"), published copy]

G726 "The Influence of Olive Schreiner. An Appreciation." National Council of Women News (South Africa), February 1955.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G727 "How Can You Tell a Duchess in 1955?" Daily Herald. March 17, 1955.
[HMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 7 p., ( "Twenty-five Vital Years for Working Women"), 3 published copies]
G728 "The Greatness of Olive Schreiner." News Chronicle. March 24, 1955.
[HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Olive Schreiner, Pioneer"), 2 published copies]
G729 [Book Review] "A Torch-Bearer." James Maxton: The Beloved Rebel, by John McNair. Peace News. June 17, 1955.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

G730 [Book Review] "A New De Produndis." The Measure of My Days, by Sarah Gertrude Millin. National and English Review. June, 1955.
[HMS. 3p., 2 TMS. (car.) 8 p., published copy]
G731 [Letter to the Editor] "Mrs. Pankhurst's Statue." Times. August 30, 1955.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]
G732 "Perpetuating an Author's Memory." Author. Spring, 1955.
[HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 6 p., proof copy, 3 p., 2 published copies]
G733 [Letter to the Editor] "Clothes for the Older Woman." Times. November 24, 1955.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]

G734 "You're as Old as You Feel." News of the World. December 4, 1955.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G735 [Book Review] The Best Years of Their Lives, by Peter de Morny. Aryan Path. December, 1955.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
1956 G736 "The Power of the Written Word." St. Martin's Review. January, 1956. [published copy]
G737 "On Seeing a Consecration." St. Martin's Review. February, 1956. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., TL. 1 p.,
published copy]
G738 "My Debt to Friends." Reynard. The Magazine of the Friends' Fellowship of the Arts. March, 1956. Vol. 1. No. 2.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G739 [Letter to the Editor] "Zoos." News Chronicle. June 20, 1956. [published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]

G740 [Book Review] Indomitable Friend. Corder Catchpool, 1883-1952, by William R. Hughes. St. Martin's Review. July, 1956.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G741 [Book Review] Agatha Harrison: An Impression, by Irene Harrison. Aryan Path. November, 1956.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G742 "Agatha Harrison. Unofficial Ambassador." Envoy. November, 1956.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., ( "Unofficial Ambassador. A Portrait of Agatha Harrison"), TLS. 1 p., published copy]
G743 "Pakistan's Women Have Put the Clock Forward." Pakistan Times. Tenth Anniversary Number. [January, 1957]
[TMS. 4 p., published copy]
G744 [Letter to the Editor] "Writes in Support of Montreal." Montreal Gazette. February 27, 1957.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]

G745 [Letter to the Editor] "The Peace Issue Among American Friends." Friend, May 24, 1957.
[TL. (car.) 2 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]
G746 "Panic in the Supermarket." Weekend Magazine. Canada. June 1, 1957.
[TMS. (car.) 9 p., ( "An English Woman Writer Makes a Home in Canada"), 2 published copies]
G747 [Letter to the Editor] "Rally." [Nuclear Bomb Rally] News Chronicle. June 20, 1957.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]
G748 "Canada's New Immigrants: What Will They Find?" St. Martin's Review. June, 1957.
[2 published copies]
G749 [Letter to the Editor] "Pacifism." Friend. September 6, [1957].
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]

G750 "A Christmas Gift to the World." Peace News. December 13, 1957.
[TMS. (car.) 5 p., 2 published copies]
G751 "A Message from Miss Vera Brittain. Vice President of the International Cultural Exchange." Towards Friendship. [1957]
[2 published copies]
G752 [Book Review] Go Spin, You Jade! A Success Story, by D.L. Hobman. Gazette. March 1, 1958.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #28)]
G753 "War and the Women's Vote. A Comment on the Centenary of Emmeline Pankhurst." Peace News. July 11, 1958. Peace and Freedom. July-August, 1958.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., 2 TLS., 2 published copies]
G754 [Letter to the Editor] "Pacifism." Friend. September 6, 1958. [published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]

G755 "Why I Write as I Do." Women Speaking. October, 1958.
[TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G756 "British Peace Movements Today. The coming of nuclear armaments has changed the attitude of the public to peace education."
Christian Century. November 19, 1958. [2 published copies]
1959 G757 "Dissent by Demonstration." Nation. March 21, 1959. [3 published copies]
G758 "The Critic's Responsibility." Author. Spring, 1959. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., TL. 1 p., 2 published copies]
G759 "The Allegory of 'The Pilgrim's Progress' in the Modern World." Aryan Path. May, 1959. [published copy, 2 reprints]
G760 "First Women at Oxford. Eighty years Ago." Guardian. October 10, 1959.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Women at Oxford"), published copy]

G761 [Letter to the Editor] "Peace Pledge." Times. October 16, 1959. [published copy (in Scrapbook #27)]
G762 "An Oxford Anniversary. Women's Rights in the University." National and English Review. October, 1959.
[TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]
G763 "Autobiography as History." Books. The Journal of the National Book League. November-December, 1959.
[TMS. (car.) 6 p., 3 published copies]
G764 "A Writer at Work." Woman Journalist. Spring, 1959. [published copy]
G765 [Letter to the Editor] "Education for Girls." Times. January 19, 1960. [published copy (in Scrapbook #29)]

G766 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on a Monumental Man. The World of Albert Schweitzer."
Safari of Discovery. The Universe of Albert Schweitzer, by Herbert M. Phillips; Albert Schweitzer. A Study of his Philosophy of Life, by Gabriel Langfeldt.
John O'London's. February 25, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G767 [Letter to the Editor] "Spanish Prisoners." Times. March 1, 1960. [published copy (in Scrapbook #29)]
G768 [Letter to the Editor] "Nuclear Testing Letter to the Christian Science Monitor to President Eisenhower."
Christian Science Monitor. March 8, 1960. [published copy (in Scrapbook #29)]
G769 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Sir Stanley Unwin. A publisher challenges himself."
The Truth About a Publisher: Sir Stanley Unwin. John O'London's. March 31, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G770 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Nancy Astor. First Lady in the House."
Nancy Astor: An Informal Biography, by Maurice Collis. John O'London's. May 5, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G771 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on valuable studies. A comprehensive peace classic."
Studies in the Problems of Peace, by K. Satchidananda Murty and A.C. Bouquet. John O'London's. May 26, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G772 [Book Review] "Government by clique."
This Little Band of Prophets. The Story of the Gentle Fabians, by Anne Femantle; Out of Apathy. New Left Books. Edited by E.P. Thomspon.
John O'London's. June 30, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G773 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on the 1950s. America and China."
Is There an American in the House?, by David Cort; The Hundred Flowers, by Roderick MacFarquhar.
John O'London's. July 7, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., 2 published copies]

G774 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on the Restoration. The hero and the cynic."
That Great Lucifer, by Margaret Irwin; 1660. The Year of Restoration, by Patrick Morrah.
John O'London's. July 21, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G775 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on royal history. Hanoverian mosaic."
The House of Hanover, by Alvin Redman. John O'London's. July 28, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G776 "A Bench in the Park -- For Whites Only. Racial Conflict in South Africa." Yorkshire Post. September 3, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Apartheid and the Referendum"), 3 published copies (in Scrapbook #31)]
G777 "Apartheid: is there a peaceful alternative? Racial Conflict in South Africa." Yorkshire Post. September 7, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Alternatives to Apartheid"), 2 published copies (in Scrapbook #30)]

G778 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on spiritual sickness. Koestler in Asia."
The Lotus and the Robot, by Arthur Koestler.
John O'London's. November 3, 1960. [TMS. 9car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G779 [Book Review] "Vera Britain on Rossetti. Turbulent Artist."
A Victorian Romantic: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, by Oswald Doughty.
John O'London's. November 10, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #29)]
G780 "Heir Rus… " Friend. November 25, 1960.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Hier Rus Emily Hobhouse. A Day in Bloemfontein"), published copy]

G781 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on educational books. Writing on writing."
The New Writer's Guide. Romantic Fiction, by Anne Britton and Marion Collin; The New Writer's Guide. Writing for Children, by Barbara Ker Wilson;
Collins Everyday English Usage, by R.D. Thompson and A.H. Irvine; An Approach to 'Hamlet', by L.C. Knight; Literary Landfalls, by Dominique Aury.
Trans. Denise Folliot.
John O'London's. December 1, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G782 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on civilisation without mercy. Tragic Watershed."
Shooting at Sharpeville. The Agony of South Africa, by Ambrose Reeves, Bishop of Johannesburg.
John O'London's. December 8, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G783 "African Journey." Woman Journalist. Winter, 1960. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G784 "White Resistance in South Africa." Fellowship. January 1, 1961. [published copy]

Box 83
G785 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain's review of Sharpeville." Shooting at Sharpeville, by Bishop Reeves.
Johannesburg Star. January 3, 1961. [published copy (in Scrapbook #29)]
G786 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on history. The Age of Maeterlinck."
Maurice Maeterlinck. A Study of his Life and Thought, by W.D. Halls; They Saw it Happen. An Anthology of Eyewitnesses' Accounts of Events in British History
1897-1940, compiled by Asa Briggs. John O'London's. January 19, 1961.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]

G787 [Book Review] "A Governor's Wife."
Emergency Exit, by Sylvia Foot. Women Speaking. January, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G788 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on a don's Scott. Scott -- magnificent erudition."
The Heyday of Sir Walter Scott, by Donald David. John O'London's. February 2, 1961.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G789 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Biography. Two memorable women."
Dorothy: Lord Layton; Lady Gregory: A Literary Portrait. Elizabeth Coxhead.
John O'London's. February 16, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 8 published copies]
G790 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on a Master Spy. Intelligence under Cromwell."
Cromwell's Master Spy. A Study of John Thurloe, by D.L. Hobman. John O'London's. February 23, 1961.
[TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G791 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on trends of our times."
India and the West, by Barbara Ward; A History of India, by Michael Edwardes; The Ochre Robe, by Swami Agehananda Bharati.
John O'London's. March 16, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 9 published copies]

G792 "The responsibility of critics. Some comments on the morality of reviewing."
(This is the text of a recent lunch-time talk given by Dr. Vera Brittain at the National Book League.)
John O'London's. March 23, 1961. [9 published copies]
G793 "Vera Brittain on the morality of reviewing. The responsibility of critics -- II."
(This is the concluding instalment of the text of a lunch-time talk to the National Book League.)
John O'London's. March 30, 1961. [3 published copies]
G794 "The Things of Peace -- 3." Reconciliation. March, 1961.
[TMS. (car.) 4 p., ( "Changes in the Peace Movement Since the Nineteen-Thirties"),
published copy]
G795 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on autobiography. Two stalwart Americans."
You Learn by Living, by Eleanor Roosevelt; Mr. Citizen, by Harry S. Truman.
John O'London's. April 6, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 8 published copies]

G796 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on war policy. Armageddon from within."
The Supreme Command, 1914-1918, by Lord Hankey. John O'London's. April 13, 1961.
[HMS. note 1 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 7 published copies]
G797 "Stephen Hobhouse. (An appreciation from Vera Brittain.)" Friend. April 14, 1961.
[HMS. 7 p., TMS. (car.) 7 p., 2 published copies]
G798 [Book Review] "A worthy administrator." Lady Denman G.B.E. 1884-1954, by Gervas Huxley.
John O'London's. April 27, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G799 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on a contrast. Our poetic heritage."
Tennyson. The Growth of a Poet, by Jerome Hamilton Buckley; Edith Sitwell. The Hymn to Life, by Geoffrey Singleton.
John O'London's. May 11, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]

G800 [Book Review] "Social visionary." Jane Addams of Hull House, 1860-1935, by Margaret Tims.
John O'London's. June 8, 1961.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "One of the Excellent"), 2 published copies]
G801 [Book Review] "A Jew Pleads for Eichmann."
The Case of Adolf Eichmann, by Victor Gollancz. Friend. June 16, 1961.
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., 2 published copies]
G802 "A Writer's Life." Parents Review. June, 1961. [TMS. (car.) 5 p., published copy]
G803 "Charlie Marsh -- An Appreciation." Memories of Charlotte Marsh.
[Pamphlet published for] the Suffragette Fellowship. June, 1961. [published copy]
G804 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on group feelings. Religion and psychology."
The Religious Factor. A Sociologist's Inquiry, by Gerhard Lenski; Frustration and Aggression, by John Dollard and others.
John O'London's. July 6, 1961. [HMS. 8 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 6 published copies]

G805 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on the price of foolishness. This incomparable age."
Our Times 1900-1960, by Stephen King-Hall; Twenty Tremendous Years. World War II and After, by Paul Tabori.
John O'London's. July 20, 1961. [HMS. 9 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 4 p., 6 published copies]
G806 [Letter to the Editor] "Twenty Tremendous Years." John O'London's. August 3, 1961.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #30)]
G807 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on two lives. The powerful and the amiable."
Gertrude Bell: From her Personal Papers 1914-1926, Volume 2, by Elizabeth Burgoyne; Green Memory, by L.A.G. Strong.
John O'London's. August 10, 1961. [HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., 5 published copies]
G808 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on biography. Jesus of Nazareth."
Son of Man. The Life of Christ, by Leslie Paul. John O'London's. September 14, 1961.
[HMS. 10 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]

G809 [Letter to the Editor] "Anti-Nuclear Campaign. Duty of the Press to Inform." Times. September 19, 1961.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #30)]
G810 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Colette. Toujours L'amour."
Colette, by Elaine Marks. John O'London's. October 5, 1961.
[HMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G811 [Letter to the Editor] "The bombing of Germany." Friend. October 13, 1961.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy (in Scrapbook #30)]
G812 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Biography. The Lawrence Legend."
Lawrence of Arabia. The Man -- and the Motive, by Anthony Nutting.
John O'London's. November 2, 1961. [HMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]

G813 [Letter to the Editor] "A Call for Remembrance Sunday."
John O'London's. November 9, 1961. [published copy (in Scrapbook #30)]
G814 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on a real life fairy story. Secrets of the ancient world."
The Heart of the Hunter, by Laurens van der Post.
John O'London's. November 16, 1961. [HMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G815 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on African affairs. African threnody."
Go Well, Stay Well, by Hannah Stanton; The Forest People, by Colin M. Turnbull.
John O'London's. December 7, 1961. [HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]
G816 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on 3,900 wives. Political ladies." And His Charming Lady, by Lucille Iremonger.
John O'London's. December 21, 1961. [HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]

G817 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on another woman. The world of Phyllis Bottome." The Goal, by Phyllis Bottome.
John O'London's. January 18, 1962.
[HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 6 published copies]
G818 [Book Review] The Garnett Family. The History of a Literary Family, by Carolyn G. Heilbrun.
Women Speaking. January 18, 1962. [HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 6 published copies]
G819 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Earle Reynolds. Man versus the bomb."
The Forbidden Voyage, by Earle Reynolds; Accidental War. Some Dangers in the 1960's: The Mershon Report. With an Introduction by Bertrand Russell.
Published jointly by the Campaign in Oxford University for Nuclear Disarmament, and Housemans, Publishers and Booksellers.
John O'London's. March 8, 1962. [HMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G820 [Book Review] "Fenner's fantasy." Red Liner, by Fenner Brockway.
John O'London's. March 15, 1962. [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., 3 published copies]

G821 [Book Review] "Story of Peace Pledge Union."
I Renounce War. The Story of the Peace Pledge Union, by Sybil Morrison.
Friend. April 20, 1962. [HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., (2 TLS., 2 TL (car.)), published copy]
G822 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Autobiography. Fear versus freedom."
South Africa: Yesterday and Tomorrow. The Challenge of Christians, by The Right Rev. Ambrose Reeves; From Fear Set Free, by Nagantara Sahgal.
John O'London's. June 7, 1962. [HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G823 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Wilde's letters. The image of Oscar Wilde."
The Letters of Oscar Wilde, edited and published by Rupert Hart-Davis.
John O'London's. June 28, 1962. [HMS. 7 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]

G824 "A Sense of History." Peace News. July 20, 1962. [TMS. 2 p., published copy]
G825 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on Mrs. Roosevelt. America's great lady."
The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt. John O'Lond's. August 2, 1962.
[2 HMS. 5 p., (1 "An Honest Autobiography"), 2 TMS. (car.) 5 p. 4 p., 3 published copies]
G826 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on anthology. Mankind at prayer."
God of a Hundred Names. Prayers of many Peoples and Creeds collected and arranged by Barbara Greene and Victor Golancz.
John O'London's. October 18, 1962. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G827 [Book Review] "Vera Brittain on the Nehru's. Father and Son."
The Nehrus: Motilal and Jawaharlal, by B.R. Nanda.
John O'London's. November 29, 1962. [HMS. 14 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 8 published copies]

G828 [Book Review] "A Wife's Biography." Francis Brett Young, by Jessica Brett Young. Preface by C.P. Snow.
John O'London's. December 27, 1962. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
1963 G829 [Book Review] "Meditations of a French Philosopher." The Guitton Journals 1952-1955, by Jean Guitton. Translated by Frances Forrest.
Time and Tide. January 10-16, 1963. [HMS. 11 p., TMS. 3 p., 3 published copies]
G830 [Book Review] "The Short Sweet Life."
One First Love: The Letters of Ellen Louisa Tucker to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Edited by Edith W. Gregg.
Time and Tide. March 14, 1963. [HMS. 8 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 p., 2 published copies]

Box 84
G831 [Book Review] "Brotherly Devotion."
Nehru's Letters to his Sister: Edited with an introduction by Krishna Nehru Hutheesing.
Time and Tide. March 14, 1963. [HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 3 published copies]
G832 "Shadow Over India." Yorkshire Post. March 19, 1963. [HMS. 7 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p.,
5 published copies]

G833 "India: Land of Progress and Pessimism." Yorkshire Post. March 20, 1963.
[HMS. 11 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., (1 HMS., 4 TLS., 4 TL. (car.)), 5 published copies]
G834 [Book Review] "A New Study of Hardy." Tryphena and Thomas Hardy, by Lois Deacon, with an introduction
by Richard Curle. Time and Tide. April 18, 1963. [HMS. 2 p., 1 TL. (car.), 2 published copies]
G835 [Book Review] "Contrasting Sinclairs."
The Autobiography of Upton Sinclair, by W.H. Allen; Sinclair Lewis: An American Life, by Mark Schorer.
Time and Tide. April 25-May 1, 1963. [HMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 3 published copies]
G836 [Letter to the Editor] "Miss Jean McWilliam. Letters to a Friend." Times. May 24, 1963.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., 1 HLS., published copy]

G837 [Book Review] "The World of C.P. Snow." C.P. Snow. The Politics of Conscience, by Frederick H. Kar.
Time and Tide. June 20, 1963. [HMS. 8 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 published copies]
G838 [Letter to the Editor] "Unknown Composers." Times. June 25, 1963. [published copy (in Scrapbook #30)]
G839 [Book Review] "Japanese Journey." Seaweed for Breakfast, by Nina Epton. Yorkshire Post. July 4, 1963.
[HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]
G840 [Book Review] "The Annihilation of Dresden." The Destruction of Dresden, by David Irving.
Friend. July 5, 1963. [HMS. 9 p., TMS. 4 p., 2 TL. (car.), published copy]

G841 [Book Review] "Pakistani Pioneer." From Purdah to Parliament, by Begum Shaista Ikramullah.
Yorkshire Post. August 1, 1963. [HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G842 [Letter to the Editor] "Mr. Mohammad Ikramullah." Times. September 18, 1963.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #30)]
G843 [Book Review] "A modern state." Introducing Israel, by Joan Comay, with a foreword by David Ben-Gurion.
Time and Tide. September 26, 1963. [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., published copy]
G844 "The Place of Autobiography in Modern Literature." Cultural Forum. September-October, 1963.
[HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., (H) notes 15 p., TMS. 15 p., TMS. (car.) 15 p., ( "Autobiography in Literature"), published copy]
G845 [Book Review] The African Patriots. The Story of the African National Congress of South Africa, by Mary Benson.
Christian Action News Letter. October, 1963. [HMS. 6 p., ( "African Saga", and "African Story"), 1 TLS., 1 TL. (car.), published copy]
G846 [Book Review] "Brave New Women." Ascent of Woman, by Elizabeth Mann Borgese.
Yorkshire Post. December 12, 1963. [TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

G847 [Book Review] "Noblesse Oblige." Five Lives, by Frank Pakenham, Earl of Longford.
Friend. June 19, 1964. [TMS. (car.) 2 p., 2 published copies]
G848 [Book Review] "Many Kinds of Rebel."Rebels' Ride. The Revolt of the Individual, by Ethel Mannin
.Yorkshire Post. June 18, 1964.
[HMS. 4 p., ( "Rebels Ride. The Revolt of the Individual"), TMS. 1 p., ( "Against the Establishment"), published copy, 1 TLS.]
G849 "Canon C.E. Raven. A Memoir by Vera Brittain." Peace News. July 17, 1964.
[TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G850 [Book Review] "The Story of Mr. Variety."
The Man who was my Husband. A Biography of John Watt, by Angela Jeans.
Time and Tide. September 10-16, 1964. [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 copies 4 p., published copy]
G851 "He Who Lives in Music." Journey Towards Music: A Memoir
Yorkshire Post. September 17, 1964. [HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., 2 TL. (car.), published copy]

G852 [Letter to the Editor] "Women at the Election."
Sunday Times. October 4, 1964. [TL. 1 p., TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G853 [Letter to the Editor] "Mr. Arthur Creech Jones."Times. October 27, 1964.
[HMS 2 p., TMS. 2 p., ( "Obituary: the Rt. Hon. Arthur Creech Jones"), 2 published copies]
G854 [Book Review] "Sixty Years a Queen." Victoria R.I., by Elizabeth Longford.
John O'London's. November, 1964. [HMS. 10 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G855 [Book Review] "Intrepid Traveller. Minions and Matriarchs." The Useless Sex, by Oriana Fallaci.
Yorkshire Post. December 31, 1964. [HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., (1 TLS., 1 TL. (car.)), published copy]
G856 [Letter to the Editor] "The Wives as Well." Times. January 1, 1965. [TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

G857 [Book Review] "An Epic of Today."
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1915-1965. A Record of Fifty Years' Work, by Gertrude Bussey and Margaret Tims.
Peace and Freedom. April-June, 1965. [HMS. 9 p., TMS. (car.), 1 TLS., 1 TL. (car.), published copy]
G858 [Book Review] "The Unromantic Heroine." Pioneer and Patriot, by Edith Cavell.
Yorkshire Post. July 1, 1965. [HMS. 15 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., ( "Austere Heroine"), published copy]
G859 [Letter to the Editor] "Adlai Stevenson."
Friend. July 30, 1965. (TL. (car.) 1 p., published copy]
G860 "Meditation in Rhodes. Tolerance preserves old cemetery." Friend. August 13, 1965.
[HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "The old Turkish cemetery in Rhodes"), published copy, (in Scrapbook #32)]

G861 [Letter to the Editor] "Mutton and Lamb." Time and Tide. December 9, 1965.
[published copy (in Scrapbook #32)]
G862 [Book Review] "A Literary Beacon." South Riding, by Winifred Holtby.
Yorkshire Post. February 4, 1966. [HMS. 5 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 2 p., TMS. 1 p., 2 published copies]
G863 "Memories of a Staffordshire Londoner." Gallery. A magazine linking the arts in North Staffordshire. April-May, 1966.
[HMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p., 1 TLS., 1 TL. (car.), published copy]
G864 [Book Review] "Two Racial Studies."
Disappointed Guests. Essays by African, Asian and West Indian Students, edited by Henri Tajfel and John L. Dawson;
Dark Strangers. A Study of West Indians in London, by Sheila Patterson.
Christian Action. Winter, 1966. [HMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., published copy]

G865 [Book Review] "Sunset saga." A Man of His Time, by Phyllis Bentley.
Time and Tide. February 24-March 2, 1966. [HMS. 6 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., 3 published copies]
G866 [Book Review] "The Strange Love affair of Thomas Hardy."
Providence and Mr. Hardy, by Lois Deacon and Terry Coleman.
Time and Tide. June 9, 1966. [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p., TL. (car.), published copy]
G867 "Casualty." Guardian. November 29, 1966.
[HMS. 4 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G868 [Book Review] The Forerunner, by Dmitri Merejkowski.
Society of Women Writers and Journalists. [February 28, 1967]
[2 TMS. (car.) 1 p., published copy]

G869 [Book Review] "A Way with Authors."
My Life in Publishing, by Harold S. Latham, with tributes by Phyllis Bentley and J.S. Knapp-Fisher.
Yorkshire Post. March 30, 1967. [HMS. 3 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Memoirs of an American Publisher"),
1 TLS., published copy]

G870 [Book Review] "Fight for Feminism."
A Woman's World, by Edith Summerskill. Yorkshire Post. April 13, 1967.
[HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., ( "Edith Summerskill's Story"), published copy]
G871 [Book Review] "Freedom and Conviction." Objection Overruled, by David Boulton.
Friend. July 21, 1967. [HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p., 2 TLS., published copy]
1968 G872 [Book Review] "Blues of the Birth." Brought to Bed, by Madeleine Riley.
Catholic Herald. March 1, 1968. [HMS. 2 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 3 p. (2 versions) ( "The Joys of Motherhood"), (2 TLS., 1 TL. (car.)), published copy]
G873 "The Crumbling of an Empire. Vienna of To-day -- The Austrian Capital Six Years After the War."
[no publisher, no date] [published copy]
G874 "Declaration of India." [Signed by the author and others.] Indian Freedom Campaign. [no date] [published pamphlet]

G875 "First Essentials." Writer, U.S.A. [no date] Reprinted from On Being an Author. [published copy]
G876 [Book Review] "Parents of the Future. The Bogey of the Family Has Caused More Misery than Any Other Social Institution."
The Retreat from Parenthood, by Jean Ayling; Chronos, or the Future of the Family, by Eden Paul; Marriage, Past, Present and Future,
by Ralph de Pomerai.
Clarion. [no date] [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]
G877 "University Women. A Twenty-first Birthday Celebration." [Manchester Guardian.] [no date]
[TMS. (car.) 2 p., ( "Twenty-first Birthday Celebration"), published copy]
G878 "Welfare Centres for Subscribers. Can the Middle Classes Overcome their own Limitations?"
Maternity and Child Welfare. [no date] [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G879 "Woman's Part in America's Future." Yorkshire Post. [no date] [TMS. (car.) 4 p., 2 published copies]
G880 "Women and War." Fight. June. [TMS. (car.) 4 p., published copy]

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