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Vera Brittain. Series R: John and Shirley Brittain-Catlin, children of Vera Brittain.

Note: Although an attempt has been made to separate John’s materials from Shirely’s, they are sometimes still together.

Box 269 (formerly Box R1) (Shirley)
F.1       Shirley birth notice
F.2-3    John and Shirley: School reports
F.4-6    Shirley’s early artwork, notebooks, letters.
F.7       Shirley’s school reports, records, poems, stories, etc.
F.8       Shirley’s news clippings, etc.
F.9       Letter to Shirley from Phyllis Bentley
F.10     Correspondence to, from and about both John and Shirley
F.11     Land Registry document
F.12     Shirley to Harold Rubinstein
Note: For Shirley’s wedding see series Q, social.

Box 270 (formerly Box R2) (John)
F.1-5    John’s early artwork, notebooks, letters.
F.6       Essays written at Harrow
F.7       Vaccination documents.
F.8       Artwork: “John Brittain-Catlin” by Arthur Wragg, 1941.
F.9       Miscellaneous correspondence and documents concerning John.
F.10     Wedding reception invitation from Jennifer Brittain-Catlin and Lord Balfour of Burleigh; also a letter from Jennifer to Harold Rubinstein, 1971
F.11-7  Incoming letters to John

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