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Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974

Edmund Blunden collection

Box G037

Manuscripts (Files 1-5):
Ms. poem, "Almswoman," 43 lines, 1920
Ms. poem, "A Summer's Day," 30 lines, n.d.
Ts., "A postscript", 18 pages, n.d.
Galley proof, "Sixpence for the River," 52 lines, n.d., includes a photocopy of the poem from a published book, An Elegy and Other Poems, in 1937.
Printed presentation copy of "Tragical Consequences". 1931. [1 of 12].

Correspondence: ALs to Major Butterworth, 3 pages, January 2, 1920 (Files 6-15)
ALs to Major Butterworth, 1 page, November 15, 1920
ALs to Sayer, 1 page, January 29, 1935
ALs to Sayer, 1 page, February 9, 1935
ALs to William Force Stead, 2 pages, September 8, 1945
ALs to William Force Stead, 2 pages, November 4, 1954
ALs to son of James Stephens, 1 page, n.d.
ALs to Edward Finneron, 1 page, January 25, 1949
ALs to Edward Finneron, 1 page (w/envelope), October 16, 1954
ALs to Arthur Russell, 1 page, April 20, 1960
ALs to Methuen and Company, 1 page, May 12, 1962
ALs to Edward Finneron, 1 page (w/envelope), April 11, 1965
ALs to Edward Finneron, 1 page (w/envelope), July 29, 1965
ALs to Edward Finneron, 1 page (w/envelope), July 10, 1968

The following material was removed from Research Collection's copy of On Shelley, Oxford University Press, 1938 (PR 5442 .R405; Kirkpatrick B83). This book came from the library of Sylva Norman (Blunden's wife and one of the contributors) and Blunden's essay, "Shelley is Expelled" is extensively annotated in his hand.

File 17
ALs Clarendon Press to Edmund Blunden, n.d.
ALs M.E. Sadler to Edmund Blunden, April 21, 1938
ALs Jack Squire to Edmund Blunden, April 22, 1938
TLs Merton College Library to Edmund and Sylva Blunden, April 22, 1938
TLs Imperial War Graves Commission to Edmund Blunden, November 30, 1943 (holograph note re James Griffith on verso)

7 clippings regarding Shelley and the book

File 16
ALS to HMT (H.M. Tomlinson), 9 April 1953; also 3 pages of holograph notes on Swift. (Accession 08-2004)

File 18
Christmas card reproducing poem "The Happy Morn" by Blunden, Hong Kong, 1955, signed by members of his family
Autograph list of angling and cricket books, 1 page
Portrait postcard of Ellen Terry, signed

File 19
Menu of the 108th Dinner of the Literary Circle, March 1, 1951. Inscribed and signed by Blunden on the back, including a quotation from a poem.

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