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Pierre Berton fonds.  Fifteenth accrual. --  [1872]-2004. – 4.4 m of textual records, printed material,  graphic material and 1178 photographs.

The accrual was received as a melange of documents, newspapers, correspondence, clippings and photographs.  Newspapers and clippings which were received in a fragile state have not been kept.  Photographs and albums have been put in a separate series.  Many came without identification and dates.  Those have been dated and identified as far as possible and batched by subject.  Of the documents, the writings or partial writings by Berton have been identified and put in a separate series, as have some personal documents, mementos, awards and contracts. Correspondence has been made into a separate series but is also present in most other series.  The rest of the documents were batched together and put in date order and a chronological series was created.  Printed material such as periodicals with articles by/about Berton has been placed in a separate series along with selected clippings (not found to be in a fragile state) and publications kept by Berton.  The accrual also contains materials related to Francis George Berton (Berton’s father) and Janet Berton (Berton’s wife).  Dates which have been estimated by Archivist are in square brackets.  The following source was consulted for establishing dates: A.B. McKillop’s  Pierre Berton: A Biography.  Toronto: McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 2008.

The accrual is arranged into the following 9 series:
Series 1 Early Writing, Journalism, Articles, Books and Television
Series 2 Contracts, Permissions and Copyrights
Series 3 Personal and Awards
Series 4 Research materials on the Yukon and Northwest Territories
Series 5 Chronological
Series 6 Correspondence
Series 7 Printed Material
Series 8 Photographs
Series 9 Sound recordings

Series 1

Early writing, Journalism, Articles, Books and Television. – [1872]-2004. – 80 cm of textual and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.
Note: This series includes writing by Pierre Berton’s father, Francis George Berton (1872-1945).  It also contains Pierre Berton’s notebooks and scripts for radio and television, as well as correspondence.  Contents of files under the book titles in this accrual are “incidental” in that,  they contain portions or type of materials which supplement  titles of manuscripts present in other accruals.  Box numbering is sequential and follows that of the fourteenth accrual.
Box  451
Note: Contents of this box are arranged in date order.
F.1 “Number: The Language of Science”.  By Francis George Berton.  Lecture notes compiled approximately in 1892, while teaching in New Brunswick, before he set out for the Yukon in 1898.  Handwritten in pencil, with corrections, and ts. draft with added handwritten inserts. Includes fragments of other handwritten notes and math as well as envelope which were mailed to Laura Beatrice Berton in 1945.  [The name of Bertrand Russell appears in the lecture].
F.2 “The Face on the Wall”.  Script written by Berton for Script Writing class, while a student at the University of British Columbia.  Edited notes in handwriting on Gestetner script, with sketches by Berton.  [1939].
F.3 “Beyond the Cross”.  Edited ts. script adaptation by Berton. Possibly for UBC as above.  [1939].
F.4 Untitled poem, ts., attributed to Berton by Archivist, written [for Janet Walker] shortly after Berton  secured a correspondent position with The News-Herald, c. December 1939.
F.5 “The Legacy of the French Revolution”.  Ts of history essay submitted with corrections and comments by Professor Soward, possibly at UBC.  December 10, 1940.
F.6 “War-time writing”.  Ts. edited, of various segments, many with no pagination or non-sequential pagination of writing from the bunkhouse while serving in the Canadian Overseas Training Corps.  [1943-1944]. Some pages contain sketches of soldiers and military personnel.
F.7 Write-ups for article on post-war campus of the University of British Columbia.  Edited ts on newsprint.  [1946].
F.8 “Good Companions” and “Weekend Leave”.  Ts. of short stories submitted to Towne Faire Magazine, Vancouver, 1946.
F.9 Vancouver Sun reporter notepad.  [1946].
F.10 “Stanley Park”.  Ts. of two edited drafts of article and clip, published in Maclean’s Magazine, September 1, 1947.  File also includes clips of articles on and by Berton.  1951-1952.
F.11 “Dan McGrew”.  Galley proofs for Maclean’s Magazine, July 28, 1948. 
F.12 Stenographer’s note book with pencil sketches.  [1940s-1950s].
F.13 “Indians aren’t So Dumb”.  Ts of article.  [1968].  Enclosed is draft of poem, in pencil dated February 5, 1947. Authorship of this poem reads “from francis arrowhead “[sic].
F.14 “Indian Series”.  Notes and proposals on series for The Pierre Berton Show.  Ts. drafts, 1968-1969
F.15 “The Indian Revolution”.   Part One.  “Why the Indians are Angry”. Script.  Also includes scripts for various parts of The Pierre Berton Show.  Includes research and write-ups and edited inserts.  1969.
F.16 “The Indian Revolution”.   Part Two.  “Hollywood Indians...Textbook Indians”. Script, and ts and edited drafts of filming sequences and Berton’s notes on index cards. 1969.
F.17 “The Indian Revolution”.  Part Three. “The Rape of the Language”.  Script and notes, filming sequence drafts, notes on index cards by Berton.  1969.
F.18 “The Indian Revolution”.  Part Four.  “Red Power”.  Script, draft interview with Dr. Howard Adams, notes and copy of filming sequence for February 6, 1969 and correspondence.
F.19 “The Indian Revolution”.  Part Five.  “Justifying the White Way”.  Script, draft ts of interview with Andrew Deslisle and William Wuttunee, copy of filming sequence for February 6, 1969 and correspondence.
F.20 Index cards with notes on the subject of Canadian identity.  First topic is written as “The Cool Canadian”.  May 1971.
F.21 Small black note book containing notes on China.  [1975].
F.22 Women’s Canadian Club of Toronto speech “Why We Act Like Canadians”.  Dec 7, 1982, with printed announcement.
Box 452 Files labels derived from Berton’s files.
F.1-3 Pierre & Janet Berton's Canadian Food Guide.  1974.
F.4-41 The Berton Family Cookbook,1985. Files consist of recipe forms and recipes contributed by the Berton family and correspondence.
Box 453
Note: Files are listed alphabetically by title of book.
F.1 I Married the Klondike.  Revised final draft in ts., of television script by Berton based on Laura Beatrice  Berton’s book.  June 7, 1982.
F.2 Joy of Writing.  Ts. early draft outline , c. 2001 and ts. of dust-jacket text , [2002].
F.3 The Klondike Quest.  Ts. with corrections of chapters 1-9.  [2004].
F.4 Marching As To War.  Final page proofs, accompanied by pages of additional bibliography.  2001.
F.6 Niagara: A History.  Photocopied pages of various edits and notes.  [1997].
F.7 Prisoners of the North.  Edited page proofs of partial  Chapter 1, with editorial notes on stickies.  2004.
F.8 Prisoners of the North.  Ts. and photocopied drafts of various chapters and illustrations with edited notes.  2004.
F.9 Prisoners of the North.  Ts. edited of Index with accompanying note from Doubleday, 2004.
F.10 “St. Clair Balfour”.  Ts. drafts of two chapters for unidentified book on newspaper history in Canada.  1999.
F.11 Notes on Hawaii.  Ts. c 1950s.
F.12 Notes on Germany-Rhine.  Handwritten.  C. 1960.
F.13 Notes on Canadian statistics from 1950s and notes on Canadian history, typed as binder notes, with pencilled in numbers referring to card index method. C. 1950s.
F.14 British Columbia notes.  Typed as  binder notes.  C. 1960s.
F.15 [Paradise Hill] “The Gold Song”.  Photocopy of early ts. of musical by Berton originally written in 1967.
Box 454 Publicity, graphic and miscellaneous.
F.1The Arctic Grail. McClelland and Stewart Ltd announcement brochure of forthcoming book, 1988.
F.2 The Big Sell.  Original pen and ink cartoon by Duncan Macpherson, signed.  On board.  [1963]
F.3 Cats I Have Known and Loved.  Page proof of revised end paper.  2002.
F.4 Front Page Challenge/Close Up. Notes, research materials and reviews of series.  Ts.  [1970s].
F.6 The Great Klondike Gold Rush.  Travelling exhibits brochures at various venues in the U.S. and Canada, 1988-1989.
F.7 The Klondike Quest.  Blank stationery and envelope.  [2004].
F.8 Talking Book of the Year write-ups and publicity for Vimy. [2001].
F.9 Cardboard stand-ups for advertisements for I Married the Klondike and Why We Act Like Canadians.
Brochures and book jackets can be found in Box 476 with other oversize material.

Series 2
Contracts, Permissions and Copyrights --  1950-1970. – 16 cm of textual records and printed material. – Title based on contents of series.
Note:  Contracts are in date order. This series contains contracts for books, television, radio and other. Some contracts contain correspondence.
Box 455
F.1  1950
Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd.    1 February, 1950.
F.2 1953
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. The Royal Family.  16 March 1953.
Macmillan Co. of  Canada Ltd.  A Ton of Gold – The Story of the Klondike Gold Rush. 24 August, 1953.
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.  “Book on the Klondyke”  28 December 1953.

F.3 1954
Paul List Verlag, Munich.  Translation into German of The Royal Family.  21  May 1954. Signed     carbon  copy .
McClelland & Stewart Ltd.  Canadian edition of The Royal Family.  Letter from J.G. McClelland to Willis Kingsley Wing.  [1954].
Lars Hokerbergs Bokforlag, Stockholm.  Swedish translation of The Royal Family.  Letter of 10 September 1954.
Canada Copyright registration for The Golden Trail.  6 November 1954.
Macmillan and Co. Ltd, London.  Letter (copy)
 from agent Peter Watt authorizing the import of copies of The Golden Trail.  15 December 1954. 

F.4 1955
Alfred A. Knopf Inc. Letter accepting proposal for The Mysterious North.  March 14, 1955.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Licence to Perform Written Material entitled “The Lost Cabin”.  16 June 1955.
Willis Kingsley Wing.  Agreement to Act as Representative for Berton.  14 September 1955.

F.5 1956-1957
The National Film Board of Canada.  “Way Back in 1957” and narration, 14 November 1956-Jan 1958.
McClelland & Stewart Ltd. Letter and Amendment for The Mysterious North, February 11, 1957.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Close-Up series.  Letter, 29 October 1957.

F.6  1958-1959, 1960
McClelland & Stewart Ltd. Klondike Fever: The Life and Death of the Last Great Stampedes.  February 26, 1958.
CBC.   Documentary film for The Trail of ’98.  Letter Aug 22, 1958, Jan 9, 1959 and May 11, 1959.
CBC .  Sketch from revue “Clap Hands”.  September 9, 1968.
Canadian Press Clipping Service.  October 21, 1958.
Ziv Television Programs.  Pilot films based on Klondike Fever.  Dec. 1, 1958.
National Film Board.  Invoice for services under contract.  Feb 23, 1959.
CBC.  Contract and Licence to Perform on Behalf of BBC.  Trail of ’98.  April 29, 1959, July and August 1960.
McClelland & Stewart Ltd.  Just Add Water and Stir.  June 23, 1959.
CBC.  Project ’60.  Letter Dec 17, 1959.
The Gardening Service.  Plan for property.  Letter.  Nov. 18, 1959.

 CBC.  Front Page Challenge.  1958-1968.

McClelland & Stewart Ltd. Adventures of a Columnist.  1960 and 1967.

All –Canada Radio and Television Ltd.  1960-1961.

F.10 1960-1961
CBC.  For various shows.  1960-1961.
Niagara Television Limited for CHCH-TV Channel 11.  The Jane Gray Show.  January 8, 1960.

Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd.  Portrait of Toronto.  January 1, 1961 between Rossier and Berton.
McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  2 Letters from J.G. McClelland regarding various agreements for upcoming editions and titles. Feb 8, 1961.
Little, Brown and Company Inc.  The Secret World of Og.  American edition to export to the Republic of the Philippines.  July 25, 1961.
McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  The Secret World of Og.  August 23, 1961.
Canadian Copyright certificate for The New City.  September 25, 1961 with letter.
McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  There is One Born Every Minute (tentative title).  Nov. 21, 1961.

F.12  Radio and Television  1961
Actor’s Equity Association.  April 24, 1961.
Baton Aldred Rogers Broadcasting Limited.  Various shows for CFTO.  1961.
CBC.  Performers Negotiated Fee contracts for Close-Up and other shows.  1961.
CBC.  The Lost Cabin.  May 17, 1961
CBC.  Front Page Challenge.  Letter June 13, 1961.

F.13  1962
Screen Gems Canada  Ltd and Pierre Berton Enterprises Limited.  Employment agreement.  June 19, 1962, and 3 letters Jan-Feb. 1962-1964.

F.14 1962
Willis Kingsley Wing.  Letter. To J.G. McClelland. There is One Born Every Minute. 17 January 1962
Alfred A. Knopf Inc.  The Hard Sell.  March 2, 1962 with letter of 9 March.
McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  Fast Fast Fast RelieF. 12 June 1962 and letter March 16, 1962.
The Group of Two.  “Clap Hands”.  29 September 1962.
Baton Aldred Rogers Broadcasting Limited for CFTO.  August and October 1962.
CBC.  Performers Negotiated Fee Contracts and other.  1962.

F.15 1963-1964
Alfred A. Knopf Inc. and Willis Kingsley Wing.  Permissions to Reprint and letter, March-December 1963.
Mavor Moore  Productions Limited.  Spring Thaw.  October 17 1963 and January 4, 1964
Cockfield, Brown and Company Limited with Canadian Council of Authors and Artists.  October-November 20, 1963.
CBC.  Front Page Challenge and For Whom The Bell Rings, July-September 1963.
Baton Broadcasting Limited.  Our House and Morning Magazine on CFTO TV.  22 October 1963.

William Morris Agency Inc.  1963-1965.

F.17 1964
McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  72 Wedgewood Crescent. 29 January 1964.
Doubleday & Company, Inc.  for “an untitled collection of humorous columns”.  13 March 1964 with letter.
Ontario Department of Education.  Senior English broadcasts.  May 14, 1964.
McClelland and Stewart Ltd.  1965 Lenten Book for The Anglican Church of Canada.  29 May 1964.
National Film Board of Canada.  Writing and narrating for film Transients.  4 November 1964 and narrator’s invoice.
McClelland and Stewart Ltd. Letter and contract between The Canadian Centennial Publishing Co. Ltd and Pierre Berton Enterprises Ltd. Sept 9-November 1, 1964.

Contracts for The Comfortable Pew, 1965-1968.  Includes correspondence with The Anglican Church of Canada.

Contracts with Centennial Celebration Consultants Limited. 1965

Contracts for Voices from the 60s.  1966.

CBC.  Various TV shows.  Feb-Oct 1966
Stage C Enterprises, Inc.  Standard Aftra Engagement Contract- Network Television.  Sept-Nov. 1966.

Elsa Franklin and Mardi Productions and Pierre Berton Enterprises.  Partnership agreement 12 March 1966.

The Pierre Berton Show.  Letter/agreement with Gordon Sinclair and Robert Macauley of Screen Gems Canada Limited, June 10, 1966.  Includes letter from Rev. Malcolm Boyd, June 1, 1966 and biography

Standard Broadcast Productions.  Syndication agreements,  copies signed by Charles Templeton.  April 1, 1967.  Includes correspondence

Colton, Fernbach & Weisberg.  Correspondence regarding various contracts.  1967.

F.26 1967
Harold Matson Company, Inc.  Permission sought by Berton to publish Ray Bradbury interview from Pierre Berton Show in The Cool Crazy Committed World of the Sixties.  Feb 27, 1967.  Enclosed telegram from Don Congdon re Ray Bradbury response, June 16.
CBC.  Telescope ’67.  Correspondence and Performers Negotiated Fee contracts,  March 6, 1967.
CBC.  Spirit of ’67.  Correspondence and Performers Negotiated Fee contract,  July 5, 1967.
Marshall-Taylor Productions Ltd. Filming for educational film.  June 21, 1967.  Enclosed, copy of  letter from, W. Marshall to J.R. McCarthy, August 15, 1967.
National Broadcasting Company, Inc. Tonight Show.  June 15, 1967.

Contracts for The Smug Minority.  1968.

590/CKEY.  Copy of letter to Charles Templeton re syndication agreement.  May 28, 1970.

General Broadcast Sales Limited Financial statement December 31, 1966 and cancelled cheques from Pierre Berton Enterprises for literary rights.  1966.

Series 3
Personal and Awards. -- 1943-2002. --  16 cm of textual records, printed and graphic material. – Title based on contents of the series. 
Note: This series contains mementos, ephemera and early personal documents.

Box 456
F.1 Notebook kept by Berton while attending Victoria College, University of British Columbia, 1937.  Contains list of college expenditures, sketches, notes and miscellaneous scribbling in pen and pencil.

F.2 Officers’ Training Centre, Canadian Army course certificate issued to Pierre Francis Berton, qualifying him for the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Canadian Army and Lieutenant in the Reserve.  23rd April 1943-17th July 1943.

F.3 Canadian Army Ration Book 5 issued to Pierre Francis Berton, Lieutenant, by Local Ration Board in Vancouver, B.C., c. 1943. Contains unused coupons.

F.4 Mementos: ticket stubs, badges, brochures, button, Janet Walker’s Newspaper Guild cards etc.  1943-1999.

F.5 Sketchbooks. 1 small sketchpad containing pencil and black pen sketches of various subjects.  The last page and back cover have been written in pencil and the content is indicative of written estimates for building materials for a house and gardening project, with reference to Toronto costs in the 1939-46 period. [1950s].  1 large sketchbook containing pencil and black pen sketches, many of which have been cut out.  [1960s-1970s].

F.6 New Year’s menu and list of tasks for children with copies for tables and tasks for a party.  Handwritten and typed.  [1960s].

F.7 Biographical sketches of Berton and ts. and published interviews and articles about him. [1960s].
F.8 Membership cards and hotel and restaurant cards and others , 1946- [1960s].
F.9 Suit order form for John Escapa [tailor].  [1960s].
F.10 Janet Berton’s notebook. Alphabetically indexed entries for various items.  1963.
F.11 Life insurance policies for Pierre Berton, 1960 and 1965.
F.12. Scrapbook of wild flowers made by Penny Berton, 1962.
F.13 Passports for Pierre and Janet Berton, issued in 1978.
F.14 Copies of Francis George Berton’s documents for Dominion Land Surveyors.  Originally  dated May5, 1915.  These copies are from the Public Archives of Canada and were made in 1978.
F.15 Souvenirs of family trip to Western Canada, with Sasquatch theme.  1980.
F.16 “Rules and Guidelines for Playing Pierre Berton and Charles Templeton’s Tour de Force”.  Printed card for board game.  [1984].
F.17 Tidal Waters sport fishing licence for Pierre Berton.  Issued in 1995.
F.18 Miscellaneous keepsakes: drawings and sketches by Berton, cards made by family, postcards, cartoons, souvenirs, notes, c 1950-2002.

Box 454 Awards and certificates
F.10 Canadian Film Awards.  City of Gold.  June 1958.
F.11 Certificate of Award to Pierre Berton for completing course in “Marriage Counseling: Theory and Practice”.  March 20, 1963.
F.12 Honorary Member Order of the Good Time, Nova Scotia.  Oct. 3, 1967.
F.13 Northwest Territories  certificates for Pierre Berton and family.  Arctic Adventures Club, c. 1970s and Raymond the Raven, Yellowknife c. 1990.
F.14 Great River Run, Whitehorse to Dawson City certificate of participation to Pierre and Janet, 1985.
F.15 Oversized envelope (at end of files).   The Order of the Buffalo Hunt.  Pierre Berton is elected to the office of the Provost of the Hunt.  Winnipeg, October 10, 1985.
F.16 Parks Canada.  Certificate of participation for Pierre and Janet Berton, 1985.
F.17 Calgary White Hatters.  Honourary White Hatter.  [1985].
F.18 University of British Columbia, Alumni Association Great Trekker Award.  1990.
F.19 Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters Author’s award for The Great Depression, 1991.
F.20 Loyalist College Radio Inc. Award of Appreciation for “Off the Page” contribution.  1996.
F.21 Dion-Walk of Fame Quick list from Bowdens Media.  Canada’s Walk of Fame, Toronto: Pierre Berton.  17 September 1999.
F.22 CAA 50th Anniversary membership award.  2000.
F.23 University of British Columbia Alumni Association,  Achievement Award, 2001.
F.24 Banff Television Festival. Famous  50 Personalities of the First 50 Years of Television.  2002.

Series 4
Research materials on the Yukon and Northwest Territories. –  1897- 16 cm of textual, printed and graphic materials. – Title based on contents of the  series.

Box 458
F.1 Yukon clippings pasted on to scrapbook pages.  Some sources are annotated. 1897-1898.
F.2 Klondike notes and article clips, 1940s-1950s.
F.3 Yukon publications and journals containing stories on the Klondike, 1940-1960s.
F.4 Yukon, Alaska and Northwest Territories and historical information, c1930-1970.
F.5 Waterways maps – Yukon River to Dawson. 1950s-1970s.
F.6 Tourism pamphlets: Dawson City, Northwest Territories, 1940s-1978.
F.7 Yukon Order of Pioneers.  Notices, information and map, 1940s-1950s.
F.8 The Arctic Institute of North America report “The Pressing Scientific Problems of the North”. C. 1960s.
F.9 Robert Service cabin information by Parks Canada, c. 1990s and postcard.

Series 5
Chronological. – 1941-2004. – 1.12 m of textual records, printed material and graphic records. – Title based on contents of the series.
Note: Files are arranged in date sequence.

Box 459  1941-1966
F.1 University of British Columbia 26th and 27th Degree Convocation programs. 15 May 1941 and 14 May 1942
F.2 University of British Columbia List of members of convocation. February 1945.
F.3 “Rackets”. Notes and correspondence re: Ramble stories. 1959.
F.4 Royal Ontario Museum Bird Species List. 1958.
F.5 Scrapbook of articles by P. Berton. April-May 1959.
F.6 Arctic. 1960s.
F.7 Arizona. [1960s].
F.8 Clips. 1960s.
F.9 Itinerary for Yukon trip. 1960s.
F.10 Ragtimer. Society Papers. 1960s.
F.11 “Without a Doubt” pamphlet. Toronto Committee, World Refugee Year. 8 May 1960.
F.12 Berlin trip. 1961.
F.13 “The Payoff”, Star Weekly. 1961.
F.14 Dawson City Gold Rush Festival pamphlet. 1 July – 17 August 1962.
F.15 Houseboat Trip, Trent. 1962.
F.16 Receipt, C.H. Bell Haulage. 1962
F.17 Yukon River. Alaska. 1962.
F.18 Inside Sina. Official Organ of the Society of Indecency to Naked Animals. 1963.
F.19 Foster child Information. Genero Padua. September 1964.
F.20 Separatism. 1964.
F.21 ACTRA National Membership List. 1965.
F.22 Alumni Association of UBC. Annual Reports. 1965.
F.23 Alumni Association of UBC. Guest book from annual dinner. 12 May 1965.
F.24 Mexico Trip. Travel information. February 1965.
F.25 Yukon Tours. 1965.
F.26 CFRM Dialogue. 1966.
Box 460  1967-1971
F.1 Expo ’67 – Research material. War of 1812. 1967. Note: “Player’s British Uniforms 1537-1939” poster originally with this material. See xx.
F.2 Expo ’67 Trip. 1967.
F.3-7 Harold King farm. 1967.
F.8 Harold King Fun-o-Rama. 1967.
F.9 Harold King, printed letters. 1967.
F.10 Prague possibilities, notes. 1967.
F.11 Siberian Huskies, information on. 1967.
F.12 Tickets. 1967
F.13 Ticket convener, Janet Berton. 1967.
F.14 Cruise family. 1968.
F.15 McClelland & Stewart Publishers, book sales summaries for Pierre. 1968.
F.16 Canadian War Correspondents Membership List. November 1969.
F.17 Standard Broadcast Production Limited Agreement. 25 February 1969.
F.18 The Illustrated Natural History of Canada, proposal. 1970s.
F.19 Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Historic Resource Study. 15 November 1970.
F.20 Chilkoot Pass Trip. 1971.
F.21 Chilkoot Trail proposal. 1971.
F.22 Itinerary. 1971.
F.23 Pierre Berton Show, Daily Schedules. 1971.
Box 461 1972-1978
F.1 ACTRA Awards Dinner, 1st Annual. 14 April 1972.
F.2 Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention program. February 1972.
F.3 Mexico Trip. 1972.
F.4 The National Dream Itinerary. Summer 1972.
F.5 Port Colbourne High School Presentation. 1972.
F.6 ACTRA information. 1972-73.F.7 The Illustrated Natural History of Canada. 1973.
F.8 Itineraries and schedules. 1973-74.
F.9 Galapagos Trip. 1974.
F.10 Events and itineraries. 1974-79.
F.11 Schedules and travel info. 1974-83.
F.12 China trip. 1975.
F.13 “China after ‘95”. 1975-[1988?].
F.14 The Great Yukon Rip-off Book. 1975.
F.15 Heritage. 1975.
F.16 Order of Canada. 1975.
F.17 Japan Trip. 1976.
F.18 “Even Pierre Berton opens the door…” Toronto Star. 28 May 1977.
F.19 Order of Canada. December 1977.
F.20 Receipts, Kleinberg Market. 1977.
F.21 Rights to “Paradise Hill” negotiations with Charlottetown Summer Festival. 1977.
F.22 Writers’ Development Trust. 1977-78.
F.23 70th ACTRA awards program. 22 March 1978.
F.24 ACTRA Writers’ membership list. 1978.
F.25 Itiniraries. 1978.
F.26 Miscellaneous events. 1978.
F.27 National Magazine Awards. 19 April 1978.
F.28 Order of Canada. 1978.
Box 462  1978-1984
F.1 Tourism Industry Development Strategy, Yukon Territory. 1978.
F.2 McMaster University Library Research News. 1979.
F.3 Itineraries 1970-1980.
F.4 Events. 1980s.
F.5 Heritage of Canada Personnel Information . July 1980.
F.6 The Invasion of Canada review and letter to the editor. October 1980.
F.7 Winnipeg Itinerary. 6 November 1980.
F.8 Berton’s Party List. 1981.
F.9 Flames Across the Border.  Autograph Tour. 1981.
F.10 The Gordon Sinclair Dinner: A Tribute program. 15 October 1981.
F.11 Itinerary. Janet Berton. Board Visit to Ottawa. February 1981.
F.12 Stratford Itinerary. 4-6 August 1981.
F.13 Tor Helge (Boat) Trip. 1981.
F.14 Wedding (Brown/Sclanders) Guest List. 1981.
F.15 60th Anniversary of the Great Trek Founders Dinner program. 1982.
F.16 Athabasca University 5th Annual Convocation. 5 June 1982.
F.17 Canadian Book Review. 1982.
F.18 Canadian Club meeting info. 16 April 1982.
F.19 Chief Warder’s Report of the 39th Banquet of the Beefeater Club. November 1982.
F.20 Credit Granters’ Association of Canada. Education program. 1982-83.
F.21 The Great Debate Schedule, Show #221. 3 November 1982.
F.22 Ontario History and Social Science Teachers’ Association. 28-29 October 1982.
F.23 Party List. December 1982.
F.24 Stephen Leacock Associates Award Dinner. June 1982.
F.25 Travel. 1982.
F.26 Morley Callaghan dinner. 22 February 1983.
F.27 Canada Days. Seattle. April 1983.
F.28 Canada News Hall of Fame. 1983.
F.29 Commercial Travellers Association of Canada. 9 November 1983.
F.30 Discovery Magazine. March 1983.
F.31 Front Page Challenge schedule. 1983-1984.
F.32 The Great Debate schedule. 18 January 1983.
F.33 Heritage Canada Foundation 10th Anniversary. 21 February 1983.
F.34 Itineraries. 1983.
F.35 The Klondike Quest. 1983.
F.36 London, souvenirs. 1983.
F.37 McMaster University Convocation. 11 November 1983.
F.38 National Council Meeting of the Canadian Federation of University Women. 24 June 1983.
F.39 Pacific northwest Travel Industry Newsletter. March 1983.
F.40Seattle Schedule. April 1983.
F.41 Shaw Travel Auction catalogue. 1983.
F.42  Toronto Symphony Dream Auction on CKFM Radio. 1983.
F.43 TV Guide. December 1983.
F.44 Twelve Great Works of Fiction catalogue. November 1983.
F.45 University of Victoria Convocation. May 1983.
F.46 American Birding Association membership list. 1984.
F.47 Entertainment: Benny Cooperman. January 1984.
F.48 Itinerary meeting with Honorable Robert de Cotret. 1984.
F.49 Itinerary. May Tour. 1984.
F.50 Itineraries. 1984.
F.51 “Tour de Force” May 1984.
F.52 University of Alaska, Fairbanks, newsletter. 1984.
F.53 Wilfrid Laurier University Convocation. November 1984.
F.54 “The Writer and Human Writes in Aid of Amnesty International”. October 1984.
Box 463 1985-1995
F.1 The Beefeater Club of the Incorporated Ancient Order of the Beefeater. Meeting program. 13 October 1985.
F.2 Dawson Daily News. 17 August 1985.
F.3 Stephen Leacock Associates Award Dinner program. 25 May 1985.
F.4-6 Yukon/Alaska trip.
F.7 40th Anniversary Invitation List. March 1986.
F.8 Against Free Trade Revue. 17 March 1986.
F.9 The Alexander MacKenzie Trail Association newsletter. March 1986.
F.10 Canadian Museum of Photography program. 15 May 1986.
F.11 Front Page Challenge, Halifax Showday Schedule. 1 November 1986.
F.12 Front Page Challenge information 1986-1987. 1986.
F.13 “History was talked…” Vancouver Sun. 14 April 1986.
F.14 Kainai Chieftainship documents. 1986.
F.15 Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Conference. 1986.
F.16 Shaw Festival. May 1986.
F.17 Stratford. 15 May 1986.
F.18 Splash Party guest list. 1987.
F.19 “The Way We Were: A Celebration of Our UBC Heritage”. 1987.
F.20 The Arctic Grail publicity information. 1988.
F.21 The Arctic Grail tour. 1988.
F.22 Maclean’s Party. 1989.
F.23 Pierre Berton Celebration Dinner program. 28 February 1989.
F.24 OADD Speech. 9 March 1990.
F.25 Solidarity Fund information. 1990.
F.26 Splash Party invitation. 1990.
F.27 TV Ontario. 1990s.
F.28 University of British Columbia. 1990.
F.29 UBC Reunion Dinner information. 1990.
F.30 Windrush Properties Inc. papers. 1990s.
F.31 Yukon College Chancellor. 1990.
F.32 Calendars. 1992.
F.33 Front Page Challenge itinerary. 1992.
F.34 Order of Ontario. 1992.
F.35 TV Ontario, Educational. 1993.
F.36 “Toronto” Essays by Ronald Tompkins. 1993.
F.37 The Fabulous 50’s Sun/Province Reunion. Pan Pacific Hotel. 4 February 1994.
F.38 Maclean’s Magazine 90th birthday. 1995.
F.39 My Times. 1994.
F.40 Writer’s Development Trust meeting minutes. 13 May 1994.
F.41 75th Birthday card. September 1995.
F.42 Book of the Month Club News. Fall 1995.
F.43 International Festival of Authors Tribute to Pierre Berton ticket. 12 October 1995.
F.44 Reading from My Times. 1995.
Box 464 1996-2000
F.1 Writer’s Retreat, Dawson. 1996.
F.2 Berton House Yukon. 1997.
F.3-4 Mediterranean Cruise. May 1997.
F.5 Northern Gatherings calendar. 1997.
F.6 Speaking schedules. 1997.
F.7 Westcoast Railway pamphlet. September 1997.
F.8 Writers’ Union of Canada. 1997.
F.9 Pelee Trip. 1998.
F.10 Seacoasts Itinerary. 1998.
F.12 General correspondence and maps. 1999.
F.13 Maclean’s Index. 1999.
F.14 Party List. 1999.
F.15 Social. 1999.
F.16 TD Credit Line Statement. 31 December 1999.
F.17 War Correspondents’ Association newsletters. 1999-2003.
F.18 ACTRA documents. 2000-2003.
F.19 Berton House Writer’s Retreat applications. 2000.
F.20 Media Broadcast Customer Report. 2000.
F.21 “Celebration of Canadian Healthcare Research” calendar. 2000.
F.22 Great Lakes Heritage video script. September 2000.
F.23 Marching as to War. 2000-2001.
F.24 Partners in Research, Toronto Evening. 12 November 2000.
F.25 River of Dreams Project. 2000.
F.26 St. Roch campaign. 2000.
F.27 Writers’ Union. 2000-2002.
F.28 Berton Retreat Dinner. 2001.
F.29 Speaking Schedules. 2001.
F.30 Canadian Civil Liberties directory. 2001.
F.31 Order of  Canada. 2001.
F.32 Order of Ontario. 2001.
F.33 The Year of the Pierre, press release. 2001.
F.34 Birds. 2001.
Box 465  2002-2004
F.1 Canadian Writers Foundation. 2001-2004.
F.2 80th Birthday Party. 2002.
F.3 Berton Retreat Dinner. 2002.
F.4 Bill C-15. 2002.
F.5 Cats promo. November 2002.
F.6 Notes/speeches. 2002.
F.7 Penny Berton  Jewellery. 2002.
F.8 Royal Canadian Legion Honours and Awards Ceremony. 10 March 2002.
F.9 Writers’ Union of Canada. 2002.
F.10-11 Canadian Civil Liberties. 2003.
F.12 Kawartha Highlands Signature Site. 2003.
F.13 Memberships. 2003.
F.14 Victoria College Alumni Newsletters. 2003.
F.15 Archives Association of Ontario. 2004.
F.16 Berton House Gala Fundraiser. 2004.
F.17 Herschel Island. 2004.
F.18 McMaster Library. 2004.
F.19 “Resource Library named…”, The Weekly. 28 January 2004.
F.20 Pierre Berton Memorial. December 2004.

Series 6
Correspondence. – 48 cm of textual, printed and graphic material. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: Some correspondence is addressed to Janet Berton/Janet Walker.

Box 466 Correspondence by last names

F.1       A correspondence.  Includes Margaret Atwood
F.2       B correspondence.  Includes Jack Benny; F.G. Berton incomplete 2 page letter presumably to his wife, c. 1898 while climbing the Chilkoot, enclosed with letter from Colin Low and 2 additional letters by F.G. Berton; Beatrice Berton (Berton’s mother); Pierre Berton to his mother; Lucy Berton (Mrs. Geoffrey Woodward), PB’s sister; Max Braithwaite.
F.3       C correspondence.  Includes June Callwood.
F.4       D correspondence.  Includes Robertson Davies.
F.5       E correspondence.
F.6       F correspondence. Includes Timothy Findley.
F.7       G correspondence. 
F.8       H correspondence.  Includes Arthur and Sheila Hailey.
F.9       I-J correspondence.
F.10     K correspondence.
F.11     L correspondence.
F.12     M correspondence.
F.13     N correspondence.
F.14     O correspondence.
F.15     P correspondence. Includes P.K. Page, Peter Gzowski.
F.16     R correspondence.
F.17     S correspondence. Includes Edna Staebler, Gordon Sinclair, David Suzuki.
F.18     T correspondence. Includes John N. Turner.
F.19     U-V correspondence.
F.20     W correspondence. Includes correspondence from Janet Berton’s mother [Walker]; Patrick Watson,  Betty Jane Wylie.
F.21     Y-Z correspondence.

Box 467 Correspondence with file titles from Berton.

F.1       Berton House.  1997-2000.
F.2       Laura Berton sympathy letters, 1967.
F.3       Laura Berton sympathy cards, 1967.
F.4       Collins-Knowlton-Wing Publishers, 1966.
F.5       Collins-Knowlton-Wing Publishers, 1967-1968.
F.6       Column Ideas, 1960s.  Includes draft of early script.
F.7-8    “Crazy Letters (1), 1970s and “Crazy Letters (2), 1990s.
F.9       Fortieth Anniversary Party.  1986.
F.10     Player Piano Rolls, 1960s.
F.11     Windrush Properties Inc., 1977.

Box 468

F.1       Children’s letters, 1978 and 1990s.
F.2       Children’s cards and drawings, c. 1990s.
F.3       Christmas card recall reaction, 1979.
F.4        Invitations, c. 1960s-2004.
F.5       Splash Party, 1980.
F.6       Splash Party, 1981.
F.7       Splash Party, 1982.
F.8       Splash Party, 1985.
F.9       Splash Party, 1987.
F.10     Splash Party, 1988.
F.11     Splash Party, 1990.
F.12     Splash Party and Birthday cards, 1990.
F.13     Splash Party, 1992.
F.14     Splash Party, 1993.
F.15     First names, incomplete, envelopes and miscellaneous.
F.14     Splash Party, 1993.

Series 7
Printed Material. – 1895-2003. – 35 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 469
Clippings. 1895-2003.

Box 470
Alaska Sportsman
Alberta Report
. 1988.
Aurora. 1990.
The Beaver. 1966.
Book of the Month Club News.
Broadcast Week. 1982.
Canada Contemporaneo. 1982.
Canada Poultryman. 1991
Canada Today. 1980.
The Canadian. 1976.
Canadian Author & Bookman. 1978.
The Canadian Bookseller. 1982.
The Canadian Forum. 1974.
China Reconstructs. 1975-1976.
Closed Circuit. 1980.
Financial Post Magazine. 1980.
Fireweed Country. 1976-1977.
Heritage Canada. 1993.
The Illustrated London News. 1960.
The Leader. 1977.
Leisure Ways. 1984.
Maclean’s, 1962-2003.
Motion. 1973.
National Lampoon. 1978.
New York Times Magazine. 1978.
Peking Review. 1975-1976.
The Pierre Berton Celebration Dinner. 1979.
Point de Vue. 1978.
Read. 2001.
Reader’s Digest. 1977-1978.
Saturday Night. 1987-1990.
UBC Alumni Chronicle. 1981.
Weekend Magazine. 1973.
What’s Up Niagara.
Wine Tidings. 1983.

Box 471
Publications kept by Berton.  This box includes two books by Berton, and books on Canadian history.

Series 8
Photographs. – 1898-2004. – 1.12 m of graphic records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: This series contains 1178 photographs and slides, the majority of which are in b &w.

Many were used by Berton in his Klondike books. Photographs have been put in envelopes. Description of photographs and dates if found, are listed on individual envelopes.
Box 472-476 1. Expedition to Nahanni River, 1947. Yukon c. 1898 photographs showing scenes and famous people of the gold rush.  (most are copies unless marked on the envelopes). 
2. Early photos of Pierre Berton including some from when he worked at Mining Camp while a student at UBC [1937].
3. Various, many unmarked.
4. Various, including Pierre Berton war-time photographs
5. Honourary Degree photographs.
6. Pierre Berton and others.
7. Mounted photos of Dawson City and Yukon.
8. Oversized material from all areas is in Box 476.

Series 9
Sound recordings. – 1977-1979.  – 2 reel to reel tapes. – Title based on contents of the series.

Envelope containing:
Tape 1 Mike Wallace interview by Pierre Berton, Jan 27-29, 1979.
Tape 2 Pierre Berton and Charles Templeton in dialogue.  Nov. 17, 1977.  Produced by 590/CKEY Radio Station.

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