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J .W. Bengough fonds. First accrual.

Box 1:
F.1 J.W. Bengough to Mrs. R. MacGregor, 9 September 1895 TL (car.) + Hol. note.
Mutual Film Corporation to [J.W. Bengough] card enclosure [n.d.]
F.A. Hunt to J.W. Bengough ALS May 20, 1896
"The Fite" to "Caleb Jinkins" Telegraph June 25, 1896
I. Tovell to "Caleb Jinkins" ALS July 21, 1896.
Memo, W.H. Withrow to Wm. Briggs, re J.W.B.'s Motley, Dec. 14, 1898.
E.J. Bengough
W.S. Wallace to E.J.B. TLS November 6, 1936.
T. Bengough
Lorne Pierce (Ryerson Press) to T.B. TLS October 31, 1933
Mary Palmer Baird to T.B. ALS May 3, 1934 + typed copy and explanation.

Chalk Talks:
F.2 "Christmas Story", 12 pp., Hol. Ms .
F.3 "The Dinner Party", 5 pp., Hol. Ms .
F.4 "An ideal programme for Chalk Talk", 33 pp., Hol. Ms. (in notebook)
F.5 "Land question (1)", 33 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.6 "Land question (2)", 11 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.7 "Land question (3)", 2 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.8 "Land question (4)", 2 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.9 "Land question (5)", 1 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.10 "London" (New Year Chalk Talk), 17 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.11 "The Man that died for me", 4 pp., Hol. Ms. and clippings.

F.12 "The New Woman", 6 pp., Hol. Ms .
F.13 "People you know", 9 pp., Hol. Ms .
F.14 "The Prodigal Son", 21 pp., Hol. Ms .
F.15 "Prohibition", 16 pp., Hol. Ms.
F.16 "Single Tax" notebook (red-paper covered)
F.17 Programmes of Chalk Talks--notebook of ideas, clippings, sketches
F.18 Rejected programmes, 28 pp. notebook
F.19 Sketches for Chalk Talks

F.20 Album of Chalk Talk selections, original and copied; green cloth-covered notebook with red spine
Plays, Operas:
F.2l "The Bachelor's Tragedy" (moving picture play), 8 pp., Hol. Ms
F.22 "Bardell vs. Pickwick" produced by Dickens Fellowship
Dramatis Personae, 1 p., Hol. Ms.
Tms. 40 pp.
Tms. (car.) 40 pp. + copy lacking pp. 39 + 40
Script (reproduced), 28 pp.
F.23 "The Check-Room" (moving picture play)
Hol. Ms., 4 pp.; TMs. (car.), 4 pp.
F.24 "The Dream of Dickens" , Hol. Ms., 10 pp.
F.25 "Eugene Aram", Hol. Ms., 98 pp.
F.26 "The Farm-Hand" (moving picture play), Hol. Ms., 10 pp.
F.27 "The Lover's Ruse"( moving picture play), Hol. Ms. 8 pp.; TMs. (car.), 6 pp. (2 copies)

Box 2:
F.1 "The Pickwickians" ( preliminary instructions re characters, costumes, etc ), Hol. Ms., 10 pp., Script (reproduced) 73 pp.
F.2 "Puffe and Co., or Hamlet, Prince of Dry Goods. A comic opera." (2 acts, music Clarence Lucas), Hol. Ms., notebook, blue paper covered (Mammoth)
F.3 "The Tale of a Coat" (moving picture play), Hol. Ms., 12 pp., (pencil); Hol. Ms., 6 pp. (pen) ; TMs. (car.), 5 pp.
F.4 "The Tramp's Triumph" (moving picture play), TMs. (car.), 8 pp.
F.5 "The Triumph of Freedom" (moving picture play), TMs. (annotated), 8 pp.
F.6 "Venus and Leander, or, The Hairdresser's Mistake. A Comic Opera", Hol. Ms., Notebook, 76 pp. yellow paper-covered (Good Value)
F. 7 "The Widow Wiggs", TMs. (car.) (corrected), 10 pp.

F.8 Manuscript and typescript poems
F.9 Poems written for Dickens Fellowship, 1907-1920, Hol. Ms. and Tms.

Prose :
F.10 "The Crux of the Social Question", Hol. Ms. in exercise book 28 pp.
F.11 "A Free and Easy History of Canada", Hol. Ms. 145 pp.
F.12 "The Gist of George" , TMs. 49 pp. with clipping about Henry George and menu from Henry George Commemoration Dinner, August 13, 1923.
F.13 "Justice. A square deal", Hol. Ms. notebook, 32 pp.
F.14 "The Loose Screw", Hol. Ms. notebook, 39 pp.
F.15 "Peaks and Gorges of Grimsby Park 1895", Hol. Ms., 4 pp .

Box 3:
Manuscripts, Biographical, Printed articles:
F.1 Notebook including Hol. Ms. of several short articles, plays, poems, and chalk talks, not all by Bengough.
"Squire Wigglepaw's remarks", Hol. Ms. 3 pp.
"Jimmie", Hol. Ms. 4 pp.
"John McCoy (Canadian)", Hol. Ms. 12 pp.
"Under the lion's paw" (missing)
"The Human Boy", Hol. Ms. 1 pp .
"The Pirate Bold", Hol. Ms. 2 pp.
"The Elocution Class", Hol. Ms. 6 pp.
"The Comrade in Arms", Hol. Ms. 4 pp .
"Wel-Weather Talk (Riley)", clipping
"The Pirate (Austey)", Hol. Ms. 3 pp.
"The Fool's Prayer", Hol. Ms. 3 pp.
"Spencerian Philosophy", Hol. Ms. 5 pp .
"The Disappointing Dude", Hol. Ms. 5 pp.
"The Music in our Street", Hol. Ms. 4 pp.
"The Cost of a Licence" (missing)
"Barbara Freshtie", clipping, not by J.W.B.
"The Old Man and Jim (Riley)", clipping
"How did you rest last night?" clipping.
"The other one was Irving (Cooke)"
"The Cotter's Saturday Night", Hol. Ms. 7 pp.
"Kirsty McNabb's Affront" (missing)
"The Dinner Party" clipping
"Away Down East" Hol. Ms. 3 pp.
"The Man that died for me"
"Morning on the Farm" (The Khaw), clipping
"The Edison Doll (a farce)", clipping
"The Ride of Collins Graves", Hol. Ms. 5 pp.
"The Orthodox Team", Hol. Ms. 3 pp.
"Frusion's Experiments", Hol. Ms. 9 pp.
"His Mother's Sermon (I. MacLaren)", clipping
"The Bedouin's Rebuke", (Abbey) 3 pp .
"The New Boy", Hol. Ms. 2 pp.
"Dr. MacLure's last journey", Hol. Ms. 7 pp.
"The New Woman", clipping
"The Sousa March", Hol. Ms. 4 pp .
"Casey at the Bat", clipping
"Shakespearean Prologue", Hol. Ms. 6 pp.
"McCoy's Address (American)", Hol. Ms. 5 pp.

F.2 "Motley Album" (includes book notices, poetry, mss. and clippings, notebook with inserts)
F.3 Miscellaneous Ms. notes
F.4 Biographical information
"Life and Work of J.W. Bengough" by Thomas Bengough, address to Bell Club. TMs. 25 pp.
"Literary Remains..." compiled by Thomas Bengough, January 19th, 1939, TMs. 6 pp. (2 copies)
"Memoranda re file of 'Grip', with suggestions as to binding", TMs. (car.) 6 pp.
F.5 Biographical: printed articles about J.W. Bengough, including:
"Recollections of a cartoonist" by J.W.B., The Westminster (February 1909, March 1909, April 1909)
"Bengough and Carlyle" by D.R. Keys, reprint from University of Toronto Quarterly
(October 1932)
"An artist of righteousness" by Rev. D. Withrow, Canadian Methodist Magazine (1902): 204-216.
"Portrait" by Wm. Bengough, The Cosmopolitan Shorthander (June 1885): 109.
F.6 Clippings of Bengough's Caleb Jinkins, ca. 1885-1921
F.7 "Comments on Carlyle", clipping of article by J.W.B. from Canadian Boy [n.d.]
F.8 "Fables of Nomansland and its social problem" by J.W.B. from The Single Tax Review [n.d.]
F.9 "Go to the Ant", clipping of article by J.W.B. from The Single Tax Review [n.d.]
F.10 "Grip's Reliable History of Canada", clipping [n.p., n.d.]
F.11 "The Queer theory of George Henry", clipping of article by J.W.B. from The Single Tax Review [n.d.]
F.12 "What the Single Tax would Do", clipping re speech by J.W.B. from The Single Tax Review
F.13 "The Village Tailor", 3 clippings of articles by J.W.B. [n.p., n.d.]
F.14 Miscellaneous clippings of short pieces by and about J.W.B.
F.15 Miscellaneous notes, folder on moving picture plays

Box 4:
Clippings, Periodicals, Pamphlets:
F.1 Clippings of poems by J.W.B. disbound from periodicals
F.2 The Canadian Single Taxer, clippings of title pages, January 1904 to April 1908 (incomplete)
F.3 Grip Sack, issue for 1883
F.4 Grip's Almanac, issues for 1880-1883, 1885, 1888-1890, 1892-1893
F.5 The Square Deal, clippings of title pages from December 1908 to December 1920 (incomplete)
Pamphlets by or illustrated by J.W. Bengough:
Bengough's Original and Select Popular Readings, (Toronto: Bengough, Moore and Bengough, 1882)
Bunthorne Abroad; or, The Lass that Loved a Pirate, (Toronto: Grip Print, 1883). 22 copies, with a variety of corrections.
The Decline and Fall of Keewatin: or, The Free-Trade Redskins. A Satire, (Toronto: Grip, 1876)
The Gin Mill Primer, (Toronto: William Briggs, 1898)
Library of Modern Progress Cartoons, (London: The Modern Progress Society, [n.d.])
Political Points and Pencillings. Selections from various addresses by Hon. Alex. MacKenzie. (Toronto: Grip, 1878)
The Prohibition Aesop, ( Hamilton: Royal Templar Publishing House, [n.d. ])
The Up-to-Date Primer, (New York: Funk & Wagnalls Co., 1896)
The Up-to-Date Primer, (Tokyo: C.E. Garst. 1897)
The Whole-Hog Book, (Boston: American Free-Trade League, 1908)
J.T. Barnard, Something's Got to be Done [n.p., n.d.] illustrated by J.W. Bengough

Box 5 :
F.1 Posters and handbills advertising J.W.B.'s lectures
F.2 Steel plate from which Bengough handbills were printed
F.3 Grip announcements, re subscriptions, etc.
F.4 Menu card designed by J.W.B.

F.5 Scrapbook on prominent cartoonists compiled by J.W.B., 111 pp. with holograph notes
Tour to Australia and New Zealand by Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Bengough, May to October 1909
Album (pictorial cover) with clippings re J.W.B.'s lecture appearances, [n.d.]

Box 6:
F.1 Cartoons by J.W.B. clipped from The Public, Chicago, May 1906-1907, 196 cartoons
F.2 Cartoons by J.W.B. clipped from the Single Tax Review
F.3 Cartoons by J.W.B., miscellaneous clippings
F.4 Original cartoons by an unknown artist in imitation of J.W.B., 4 drawings
F.5 Cartoons by J.W.B. related to Great Britain, clipped from various unidentified sources
F.6 Miscellaneous pamphlets from J.W.B.'s collection
F.7 Postcards, collection of cards showing art works
F.8 Postcards collection of views of Toronto
F.9 Postcards: 3 booklets of cards (Pompei, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia)
F.l0-1 Clippings collected by J.W.B. but not written or drawn by him

Box 7:
Toronto Globe ca. 1896-1897, clippings of cartoons by J.W.B.

Box 8:
F.1 Toronto Globe, cartoons by J.W.B., Campaign of 1896
F.2 Toronto Globe, clippings of cartoons by J.W.B., 1897 (mounted)
F.3 Toronto Globe, edition of 1934, 90th anniversary issue, with cartoons by J.W.B.
F.4 "A Caricature History of Canadian politics", 1886, mounted clippings
F.5 Montreal Star, cartoons 1897-1898
F.6 Toronto Star, cartoons 1892
F.7 Toronto Star, cartoons 1893
F.8 Toronto Star, cartoons [1894?]

Grip 1 (1873) to 42 (1894) original issues.
Researchers are asked to use the microfilm copy of this title rather than the originals which are in fragile condition. However, photocopies or scans, if necessary, may be made from the originals by archival staff.

Box 9

Vol.1      24 May - 22 Nov. 1873 [mostly complete]
Vol.2      29 Nov. 1873 - 23 May 1874
Vol.3      30 May - 21 Nov. 1874, 2 copies
Vol.4      27 Nov. 1874 - 8 May 1875, 2 copies
Vol.5      5 May - 20 Nov. 1875
Vol.6      27 Nov. 1875 - 20 May 1876
Vol.7      27 May - 18 Nov. 1876
Vol.8      25 Nov. 1875 - 19 May 1877
Vol.9      26 May - 17 Nov. 1877

Box 10
Vol.10   24 Nov. 1877 - 18 May 1878
Vol.11   25 May - 16 Nov. 1878
Vol.12   23 Nov. 1878 - 17 May 1879
Vol.13   24 May - 15 Nov. 1879
Vol.14   22 May 1879 - 15 May 1880
Vol.15   22 May - 13 Nov. 1880
Vol.16   20 Nov. 1880 - 14 May 1881
Vol.17   21 May - 12 Nov. 1881
Vol.18   19 Nov. 1881 - 13 May 1882
Vol.19   20 May - 18 Nov. 1882

Box 11
Vol.20   25 Nov. 1882 - 9 June 1883
Vol.21   16 June - 22 Dec. 1883
Vol.22   5 Jan. - 28 June 1884
Vol.23   5 July - 27 Dec. 1884
Vol.24   3 Jan. - 27 June 1885
Vol.25   4 July 1885 - 2 Jan. 1886
Vol.26   9 Jan. - 3 July 1886
Vol.27   10 July - 25 Dec. 1886 [continues in next box]

Box 12
Vol.27   10 July - 25 Dec. 1886
Vol.28   1 Jan. - 25 June 1887
Vol.29   2 July - 31 Dec. 1887
Vol.30   7 Jan. - 30 June 1888
Vol.31   7 July - 29 Dec. 1888

Box 13
Vol.32   5 Jan. - 29 June 1889
Vol.33   6 July - 28 Dec. 1889
Vol.34   4 Jan. - 28 June 1890
Vol.35   12 July - 27 Dec. 1890 [Missing issue 1.]
Vol.36   3 Jan. - 27 June 1891

Box 14
Vol.36   3 Jan. - 27 June 1891
Vol.37   4 July - 26 Dec. 1891
Vol.38   2 Jan. - 25 June 1892
Vol.39   2 July - 22 Oct. 1892 [incomplete]
Vol.40   14 Jan. - 13 May 1893
Vol.41   15 July 1893. Note on issue reads: “This was the last issue of Grip under the Wilson regime. It was then temporarily suspended. JWB resumed it from January to December 1894.”
Vol.41   4 Jan. - 30 Jun. 1894 [continues in next box]

Box 15
Vol.41   4 Jan. - 30 Jun. 1894
Vol.42   7 July - 29 Dec. 1894

Box 15:
Additional copies of the script for Bardell vs. Pickwick

Box 16:
Engraving plates for J.W.B.'s cartoons (12 blocks)
Collection of lantern slides, with listing, drawn by Wm. Bengough in the Philippines and Manila.

Oversize: "Battle of Fish Creek", published by Grip in 1885, col. lithograph.

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