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Anderson, James Edward, 1926-1995

James E. Anderson
collection. – 81.5 cm of textual records.

Series 1 – Archaeological sites
This series consists of notes, diagrams, data, and some photographs related to various archaeological sites that Anderson worked on. The material has been listed alphabetically by site. Details provided by the estate.

Dallas Project/Sudan
Box 2
F.3          Raw data sheets.
F.4          Raw data sheets and computer punch cards.
F.5          Photographic records list [no accompanying photographs], data sheets, manuscript notes.
F.6          “3 Dentition” notes.
F.7          “Second Season”. Data sheets and punch cards.
F.8          “Lost List, Type 1 copy, File in PINIC, original – Green @ Mac”.
F.9          “Sites 117 and 80 Osteology” report.
F.10        Correspondence and clippings.
F.11        Cards and raw data sheets.

Faherty/Fairty Site – Box 4
Box 4
F.6          “Temporals”. Raw data and photographs.
F.7          Fairty Ossuary field notes.


Box 1
F.1          Correspondence regarding Louisbourg.
F.2          Louisbourg Chapel Manuscript. 1964.
F.3          General information.
F.4          Chapel, photographs, and record.
F.5          William Noble’s notes on burials at Louisbourg.
F.6          Slides.

Pen Site
Box 1
F.7          “Physical Anthropology of an Onondaga Population”.
F.8          Data with photographs.
F.9          “Crania”. Raw data and summaries, including photographs. [This file has been divided into two parts.]
Box 2
F.1          Field notes pertaining to burials.
F.2          The Pen Site by Peter Pratt.
Box 4
F.8          Photographs from Pen Site and cue cards. A small number were clipped together with a cue card, this has been retained. See next box for the rest of the photographs.
Box 5
F.1          Photographs from Pen Site. The photos did not come ordered, except for a few which have been retained in their groupings in the previous box.

Serpent Mounds
Box 3
F.1          “Serpent Mounds Osteology” binder. Raw data sheets. [The material has been removed from the binder and divided up between four folders.]
F.2          “Physical Anthropology” report.
F.3          “Anomalies”. Worksheets/raw data.
F.4          “Pathology”. Identification of traumas, infection, neoplasm, cribra orbitalis, congenital abnormality, spondylosoysis, scaphocephaly; raw data sheets.
F.5          “Burial summary”, skeletal data, in situ photos of excavation. Summary of excavations 1956-1960.
F.6          Accordion file containing complete description of each burial. [The material has been removed from the file and divided between four folders.]

Tehuacan Valley
Box 4
F.1          Colour slides of Mexico, no archaeological.
F.2          “Notes”. Personal communication, raw data, and initial reports.
F.3          “Data”. Raw data sheets with catalogue/burial numbers and full bone description.
F.4          “Early Man at Tehuacan” report. Two versions, three copies.
F.5          Reports by Scotty MacNeish and photos.

Series 2 – Research and Teaching Materials
The series consists of notes, data, and drafts related to his research, as well as some of his transparencies from his lectures.

Final and Draft Papers – Box 5  
Lecture transparencies – Box 5 [only photocopies of the originals have been kept for preservation reasons]
US Growth Research study – Box 6 [due to privacy restrictions this material is under embargo until January 2051].

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