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Advertising collection. First accrual. – 1867-1975 – 1 folder of textual records. – 61 oversize items.

Box 1
F.1       Leaflets, pamphlets, trade cards and other smaller items

Amphi Motors Ltd., Toronto, Ont. re Amphicar, the car that swims, 1960s

Bank of Toronto, 1937; with images of the British Royal family
Bickle Fire Engines Ltd., Combination Chemical and Hose Truck in service in Point Edward. See also Hillcrest Motors
Blue Ribbon Tea Co. Ltd., Montreal, blank notebook distributed by Messrs Jackson & Sons, celluloid blotter, 1890s
Bricklin Vehicle Corp., Scottsdale, Arizona, 1975
Harmonica Distribution Corp. of America, New York, re Borrah Minevitch Harmonicas, 1934-5

Carhartt’s, “Railroad Time Book”, Detroit, 1941. Note: This pamphlet belonged to a man living in Gardenville, N.Y., who has filled out the tables.
Charles E. Frosst & Co., “Montreal, Ostoco Safety Book for Children by Dingbat”, 1960
Coca-Cola Bottling Company. “Our America: Oil is a Modern Necessity”, n.d.

Deering Harvester Company, Chicago, “An Explanation of the Union Jack”, n.d.
Dominion Organ and Piano Co., Bowmanville, Ont., distributed by George Rife & Son, Walkerton

Hillcrest Motors, Quebec, “Camion à combinaison for Eau Chimique et Boyaux”; photograph of a Niagara Falls fire truck.
Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Mich., corn flakes box marked “ for display purposes only”, 1950s?

Laura Secord Candy Shops. “The History of Our Flag.” Coronation Year, 1937
Leggo &Co., leggotypers, Montreal, ca. 1875
Merchant’s Rubber Co., Berlin, Ont. n.d. but before 1916. Ribbon with rubber in the shape of boot attached
Peter Puppet Playthings Inc., Long Island City, N.Y., marionettes, 1952

Red and White Stores, distributed by H.J. Harrison, Fonthill and Welland, groceries, n.d.
Robinson Cartage and Storage Co., Orillia, Ont., n.d.; labels for fruit preserves
Robson Leather Company Limited, Oshawa, Ont., ca. 1935
St. Lawrence Starch Co. Ltd., Port Credit, Ont. re Ivorine Starch
Seitz & McEvenue Ltd., Insurance Brokers, Toronto, 1920
Sydney I. Robinson Fur Co., Fort William and Winnipeg, Nov. 1945 and Feb. 1946

Thomas Myers, Toronto, “Myers’ Royal Spice for Cattle”, endorsements from Sandringham Palace and Buffalo Bill. Distributed by William Donne, Newmarket, Ont.
Traders Bank of Canada, Ingersoll, blank notebook

W. Goldbloom Fur Store, Prince Rupert, B.C.; this store also sold slate and wood totem poles “made by Indians of this district”, n.d.
Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., Toledo, Ohio re the Aero-Lark automobile, 1950s; two leaflets, one without a dealer’s identification.


-Hamilton Automobile Club, calendars for 1947-1949
-James Dunlop Co. Ltd., Flour Feed and Grain, Hamilton, Ont. 1943, illustrated with artwork by Reylyea depicting a young girls with horses and a dog.
-John Tantardini, Guelph, Ont.; part of the Red and White chain, 1931, illustrated with a drawing of fruit
-Lake of the Woods Milling Company Ltd. 1937 calendar featuring Five Roses Flour; text is in French, illustrated with artwork by Frank Downey, “Frontenac en route à Cataraqui”

Display cards (meant to be stood in stores – those have fold out supports – or placed in windows):
-Eaton’s. “Give Our Best to the Chief. Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16”, features a father with a headdress of ties.
-Canadian Shredded Wheat Co. Ltd.; “The Home of Shredded Wheat Niagara Falls”; “The Vitally Different Food”, with illustrations of the Falls and the factory.
-Central Motor Company Ltd., 67 High St. West, “for Economical Transportation Chevrolet”, 1930s
-Cott Corporation, “Won’t you join me? Cott Quality Beverages”, features young woman in a bikini, 1950s.
-Imperial Oil Ltd., Toronto. “Cluny Mario, calved Mar. 26, 1934”. Stall display card,hand-lettered and painted, presumably for the Royal Winter Fair.
-Kinney Bros., Sweet Caporal cigarettes, features young woman in a two-piece bathing suit, 1940s
-Life Savers Ltd. “Everybody’s doing it .. chewing it! Life Savers Spearmint Chewing Gum”, n.d. Note: Life Savers are hard candies, nothing could be found on this company ever producing gum.
-Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co., Granger Pipe Tobacco, features Jimmy Wilson, Manager of the Chicago Cubs smoking a pipe. ca. 1941-1944
-Parke-Davis & Co., London W.1, shaving cream, features army, air force, and navy uniformed men, 1940s
-Stanfield’s Ltd., underwear, 1940s, features two men wearing long underwear
-Trans Canada Air Lines. “Use Air mail for speed”; has drawing of a TCA plane. 1964 or earlier
-Waterman Pen Company, “Smart people know … the smartest gift’s [sic] a Waterman’s”, features a mother and daughter looking a pens at Christmas time. The card was lithographed in Canada.
-Winnipeg Free Press: “Imperial Conference Now in Session in London; read Grant Dexter’s Illuminating Despatches”. Note: The last Imperial Conference was held in 1937. “Has Germany Gone Mad? Read ‘The Truth about Hitler’”

-Michael Asselstine, “Upper Canada Spinning and Carding Mill”, Mill Creek, Dundas county, 21 March 1867
-R. Barkley, Morrisburgh, Canada West. “Oxen for Sale!” for lumbering for farming. N.d. but 1841 to 1867
-John Chrysler, Wholesale & Retail. “Onondaga Salt” for sale at Spencer’s Wharf, Morrisburgh, Canada West. N.d. but 1841 to 1867.
-T.H. Estabrooks, St. John N.B. “Red Rose Tea Is Good Tea”, illustrated with roses and a mill pond scene. 1890s
-Libby’s. “Libby’s Comes Only from Hawaii”, re pineapple chunks and crushed pineapple. Features scenes from Hawaii.
-William Rennie Co. “Rennie’s Seeds are fresh, every package is dated”, illustrated with drawings of flowers and vegetables
-Wynola Corp. Ltd. Toronto, “Drink Wynola, Good Anytime”

-Eaton’s. Newspaper inserts, mainly 1969, the company’s centennial year. Twenty-six are printed on newsprint, in col. & b&w, for Ontario stores. In addition to ads for products, there is a Santa Claus Parade and Christmas inserts. Nine, all b&w, are printed on glossy paper. One has the Globe, Wed. 15 May printed on it.
-Montreal Cotton Co., Valleyfield, P.Q., fabric sample illustrating the factory
-Simpson’s Department Store, press proof from the Toronto Evening Telegram, 12 Dec. 1934
-Simpson’s Department Store, proof for children’s toys, [1938]

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