Need a print book?

Try our Books by Mail.
Priority is given to electronic access first before loaning print.
Limited to current McMaster community only

  •  Books by Mail services will only be offered when all other attempts to provide a user with an electronic version of all or some of a book have been exhausted.
  • Titles available electronically through the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) program are not eligible for Books by Mail, even if print is the requester’s preference, since doing so would result in ending our agreement with HathiTrust.
  • These services excludes materials that are housed in locations that we cannot access during the pandemic (e.g., our Downsview storage facilities) and non-circulating collections (e.g., Archives and Research Collections, Russell Archives, Maps, Data, GIS).
  • Only current McMaster staff, students, faculty & faculty emeritus can use these services. 


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