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What is McMaster's OpenURL Path?

McMaster's OpenURL Path (or SFX link resolver) is:
OpenURLs are often used in citation management software programs like EndNote and Zotero to connect users to their library's subscribed resources.  

Learn more about openURLs at Wikipedia.  

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What do I do when I get a "bad URL" or "Error 404", or some other "not found" message when using Get It?

This message indicates one of two things:

  • the article is recent and has yet to be loaded on the site which means Get It! cannot retrieve it until the publisher places it on its site, OR,
  • the Get It! links are incorrect and need to be updated.

Please use the "Broken links? Report problems to librarians" link at the bottom of the Get It! window to report the problem.


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Why is there more than one link for full-text?

Generally, the library only subscribes to a journal once and thus only one link to full-text should appear. However, if the library subscribes to a package that contains a duplicate of the same journal, we provide the alternate link as well so that if one of the access points become inaccessible, you will still have access to the title. Please note that we try not to duplicate resources; however these "aggregator" packages do not always offer flexibility regarding the content of their service.

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Why are there several windows when I use Get it!?

Get It! opens up 3 windows for each article: clicking on the button opens a menu screen; selecting a service associated with that article opens a second window; and the 3rd window appears for all Get It! generated activities (the resource that you choose). Remember to close the windows once your search is completed.

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Why don't I get full-text for some items?

The most likely reasons are:

  • there is no electronic full-text version available, OR
  • the library does not have a license for the full-text for that journal.

Click on the catalogue link in Get It! to see whether the library has a print subscription to the requested item. In rare cases, the recent article may not yet be loaded on publisher's web site.

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