Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is one of several partner programs supported by Amazon’s sites worldwide. Members of the Associates program agree to provide links from their website to products available through Amazon.

The Library joined the Associates program in August 2007, adding both and links to our online catalogue. The catalogue links are based on an ISBN search, and appear in the Item Details window that opens when a user clicks on a title. When a user clicks on either of the links the Amazon page for that title is displayed. All Amazon pages appear in a new window, preserving the user’s search results.

For the Library’s users, the option to buy a title from Amazon presents them with a new way to access our resources. Faculty and graduate students in particular appreciate the ability to review a title in the Library before adding it to their personal collections, and all visitors to our catalogue now have the choice of borrowing a title from the library or purchasing a copy of their own. We’ve also heard from our users that they like being able to browse the table of contents and read book reviews online before deciding to come to the Library and retrieve the book.
The Library benefits from the arrangement as well, earning a referral fee from Amazon on each order. All earnings through the program go directly back into new items for the Library’s collection. We have not in any way changed what books we buy for the Library as a result of our Associates membership, we’re just able to get more of them.