Strategic Initiatives, 2013/14 (updated as of January 2014)


# Initiative Description
1 Accessibility Audit Conduct a broad-based audit of the Library’s facilities and practices to ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.
2 Online Learning

Revise the Blended Learning pilot modules in response to assessment feedback. Build numeracy module(s) (SUMMER / FALL 2012).  Formulate a plan for operationalizing the Library's online learning program based on the success of the pilot modules. 

3 Blended Service Evaluate the effectiveness of the combined service points from both the user and staff perspective.  Make recommendations to the Leadership Group regarding staffing, training, referrals, new services to be delivered, etc.  Make revisions to the program as required.
4 Digitization Develop and implement digital repository infrastructure (technology, staffing, etc.)  Develop and implement digital repository ingest requirements.  Develop best practices and workflows for the program.  Set clear goals for digitizing collections to meet donor expectations. 
5 Good Ideas Incubator Create a database for staff to log suggestions to enhance quality, cost savings, productivity, process improvement, revenue generation or morale enhancement.  Build the database using commodity tools (e.g., Google Spreadsheet with form front end). 
6 Institutional Repository Pursue broad-based campus awareness and use of the Institutional Repository.  Update the marketing plan to reflect priorities and current staffing, incorporating campus input.  Begin 2nd phase of the eTheses submission pilot.  Complete systematic digitization of historical print theses in Mills.  Begin planning for digitization of theses in Thode.   
7 Library Development Web Presence Create an enhanced web presence for library development to encourage current and future donors in the library, inform them about events and encourage and facilitate donations. 
8 Organizational Climate Analyze results from the Library's first ClimateQUAL survey.  Identify 3-5 areas for priority action.  Prepare an action plan for consideration by the Leadership Group for resolving identified issues and drilling deeper into issues where more information is required.  
9 Ron Joyce Centre (RJC)  Review and make recommendations for enhancing the Learning Commons @ RJC.  
10 Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship Create a state-of-the-art facility to support interdisciplinary research into digital scholarship.  Achieve designation as a McMaster Research Centre.  Identify an Academic Director.  Hold an official Centre launch.  Host a regional DH event.
11 Training Plans Establish a library-wide committee to enhance staff training and development.  Create and co-ordinate the delivery of T&D opportunities.
12 Services & Staffing

Produce a document outlining the services we deliver, the perceived value placed on those services by our users and the level at which we aspire to deliver those services.  Engage staff in the discussions using multiple forums (meetings, online survey, etc.) 

13 Electronic Books Conduct a survey of faculty and graduate students to determine satisfaction with McMaster's e-book collections.  
14 Web Site Re-Engineering Enhance unmediated discovery / access by rethinking and restructuring the library web site.  (NOTE:  Project awaiting arrival of Digital Experience Librarian.  Project Statement to be written at a later date.) 
15 Budget Review Participate in the Provost's review of the Library budget.  Include benchmarking against national comparators (total revenue, percent of total university budget, student FTE expenditures, etc.)  Participate in ongoing discussions regarding the impact of the University's move to an Alternative Budget Model on the Library.
16 Space Audit Conduct a comprehensive audit of public and staff spaces to facilitate a deliberate, evidence-based approach to space use.