LibQUAL+® 2013

Project Overview


LibQUAL+® is a survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Its purpose is to provide libraries with a standardized, effective method to measure the quality of library services based on the perceptions of faculty and students.


Your opinion matters. McMaster's Libraries are committed to providing the best possible service to the McMaster community. What better way to adapt our services than to ask you for feedback?


The survey will be sent to a random selection of students and faculty at McMaster University. You may be one.


An invitation to complete the LibQUAL+® survey will be emailed to selected recipients beginning March 2013.


From your desktop using the Web! You'll receive an email asking you to complete the survey and directing you to a Web Page where you'll find it.


The survey consists of 8 core questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete (time may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection).

LibQUAL+® Working Group

Terms of Reference

To support the planning, implementation and analysis of the ARL LibQUAL+® Survey to measure and assess library service quality at McMaster University. Report results of survey to the Library Management Group.


  • Develop & implement survey planning timeline with key milestones
  • Identify appropriate sample population, data source to provide valid email addresses for sample (e.g. library patron file) and method for extracting the data
  • Complete online Survey Preferences and Demographics Questionnaire
  • Coordinate pre-test of preview LibQUAL+® survey
  • Develop and implement communication program announcing and publicizing the survey to the University Community at large, and specific messages for the selected participants.
  • Support the LibQUAL+® Survey Liaison in responding to participants' questions and comments during the survey.
  • Prepare summary results for public release.
  • Report the survey results to inform services planning by:
    • identifying best practices in providing library services
    • identifying areas for service changes and improvement
    • identifying areas needing further or more in-depth assessment
  • Support the LibQUAL+® Survey Liaison in completing the LibQUAL+® Post-Hoc Questionnaire