Sharing Data

Making scholarly research data available can be an asset to researchers looking to better understand your publication, collaborate with you, and build off of your progress. When research data is openly accessible the associated publications are cited on average three times more frequently.

Sharing your research data is often the final consideration after it has been archived.

In preparation for sharing your research data it is important to consider any licences or limitations that might influence the sharing of your research data from the funding agency or secondary data used during the project. These licences or limitations restrict what data can be shared and how it can be shared. Be conscious that in some cases the data centre or repository might have its own permissions for data use and sharing that you are required to abide by.

Many open source repositories such as SP Dataverse allow you, the researcher to determine what sort of permissionsyou wish to place on individuals using and sharing your research data. The University of Oregon Library is a great resource for understanding and generating desired data permissions.

How Can the Library Help?

Should you have any questions that are not covered in the relevant Frequently Asked Questions section or require any assistance sharing your data in Dataverse, or another repository or data center  email and the McMaster University Library Maps, Data, GIS Department would be pleased to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I share my research data? There are plenty of reasons to share your research data that include to increase interest in your research, increase the research rate on your topic of student, and to fulfill your funding agency or journal publication requirements.  Where do I find the restrictions on sharing my research data?

Restrictions on sharing your research data can be imposed by your funding agency, the instrument or machine you use, or even the specific data centre or repository. It is important that you check each step of the way if there is anything that restricts your ability to share your research data.

How accessible do I need to make my research data?
It is encouraged that you make your research data as open and accessible as possible while remaining conscious of data archiving and sharing requirements from your funding agency, the type data used (sensitive, personal, secondary data with restrictions), and the repository you are using.
What sort of Terms of Use/permissions can I set for those using my research data? <There exist a variety of different terms of use or permissions that you can choose to set on your research data for use and re-distribution. You can find more information about different types of permissions on the University of Oregon Library website.

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