Research Data Management Self-Test

The purpose of this page is to provide you the opportunity to reflect on your data management procedures throughout the research life cycle and explore how you can enhance your current practices. These Self-Test questions adapted from the UK Data Archive.

Are you using standardised and consistent procedures to collect, organize, process, check, validate, and verify data, records and files?

Are data management responsibilities clearly defined and assigned within your research group?

Are your data self-explanatory in terms of variable names, codes and abbreviations used?

Are your data sets accompanied by documentation that explains their meaning, context, and the methods used to collect and create them?

Are data saved in non-proprietary formats and open software that facilitate sharing and long-term validity?

Are your data sets maintained in a safe and secure location?

Are your files backed up in a safe, robust and regular manner?

Do your data contain confidential or sensitive information? Have you discussed data sharing with the respondents from whom you collected the data?

Do you need to anonymise data -- e.g. remove identifying information or personal data -- during research or in preparation for sharing?

Have you established who owns the copyright of your data? Might there be joint copyright?

Who should have access to your data during and after research? Are various access regulations needed?