Planning & Preparing

In preparation for your research project it is essential to consider how the data being collected or generated will be handled both short and long-term. Completing the Data Management Self-Test can help you reflect on your current data management practices throughout the process of your research. During the planning phase it is important to acquaint yourself with the data management and sharing requirements of your funding agency. Preparing a Data Management Plan (DMP) before conducting research allows you as the researcher to account for the data and apply best practices for managing it both during and following the project. The creation of a DMP will also allow you to anticipate challenges that might arise.

Data Management Self-Test

Use this Self-Test to reflect on what sort of data management practices you apply to your research projects and explore other considerations for handling your research data.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

DMPs assist researchers to map out their research data management strategies during and after their research project. DMPs are often required by funding agencies.

Canadian Funding Agencies

Several major Canadian funding agencies require specific data management and sharing practices for the data collected using the grant.