Request to Advertise on Library Digital Signage

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Request to Advertise on Library Digital Signage


  1. Only non-commercial / non profit-generating requests will be considered. Fundraising is considered profit-generating.
  2. Only requests from McMaster-affiliated groups and departments will be considered.
  3. It is the responsibility of the individual or group submitting the request to ensure that they have all of the required licenses and permissions to use all photos, artwork and other materials used to create the advertisement / sign.
  4. Due to space limitations, not all requests can be accommodated.
  5. Due several factors, not all advertisements will be able to go on the all monitors.
  6. Requests will be prioritized on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  7. Preference will be given to library related content and advertising of academic events, programs, etc.
  8. All advertising signage must be in the following format:
    1. .png or high resolution .jpg -- designed in landscape orientation (portrait oriented images will be denied, sorry)
    2. fill a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen (new requirement as of August 15/16)
    3. have a resolution of 150-300 dpi 
    4. be proof-read for errors prior to submission


  1. Advertisements can be shown on the following monitors:
    • the monitor opposite the entrance on the 1st floor of Mills Library (in the lobby by the seating)
    • the monitor at the Learning Commons entrance (near the washrooms)
    • Innis Library's monitor **
    • Thode Library's monitor **
  2. Monitors not available for advertising includes
    • any Lyons New Media Centre monitors (4th floor of Mills)
    • the large monitor inside the Learning Commons (2nd floor of Mills)
    • the two portrait-oriented monitors posted at the Library Services Desk (1st floor) in Mills Library
  3. Library staff will decide what devices will display the slide based on available space, design (can it be read from 20 feet away, for example), timelines, etc.

** Permitted content may be limited by subject matter at the discretion of the Library staff.

File types other than what is listed above, such as PDFs or PowerPoint slides will not be accepted.


  1. Advertisements should be submitted well in advance of an event:
    • At least a three week lead-time is required for the advertisement to be displayed on the LCD monitors. No guarantees are given for lead-time less than this.
  2. Advertisement requests submitted on a Friday or weekend may not be responded to until the following Monday (or next business day in the case of a holiday weekend/week).
  3. Non-library advertisements will be displayed for no more than 1 month per term. (If you would like the ad to be displayed at some point during the following term, include that in the form below.)