Guest Internet Account

It is intended that anyone requesting a Guest Internet Account wishes to use the public computers in our libraries to access the Internet briefly or to check their email.

Who is Eligible for a Guest Internet Account?

  • alumni
  • reciprocal borrowers
  • visiting scholars who staying less than three months at McMaster

If you are a visiting scholar staying longer than 3 months - please have your sponsoring department submit a Person of Interest (POI) request form available on Mosaic.  More information can be found here:

Guest accounts can be used only in the libraries and will expire at library closing on the day of issue. Some e-resource restrictions apply - see Electronic Products Which Do NOT Permit Walk-in Users.

Additionally, a Guest Internet Account will not be issued on a continuing basis to one individual. If more than temporary access is required and you do not meet the Person of Interest form requirements, please speak to the staff at one of our Service Desks.