Geog 1HB3 assignment: Proposal for Light Rail Transit -- Resource List

Course code: Geography 1HB3
Course name: Human Geographies: City & Economy
Course date: Spring 2018

Maps and Air Photos || City of Hamilton Documents || Newspapers and Journals || Websites

Assignment Base Map

The 'Queen Street to McMaster University and Cootes to Escarpment' base map was prepared for your use in this assignment.
Click on the link below to save a copy of the map in PNG format.

Also available in the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection are modern city street maps, transit maps, topographic maps, and neighbourhood plans. See the display set up for this class or ask staff for assistance.

Air photos of the Hamilton area 1919-2014
Use the index on the McMaster University Library Map Collection website to see what photos are available of the area.
  • Photos before 1966 are no longer restricted by copyright and are linked directly to the index.
  • Photos from 1967 to the present can be viewed in the Map Collection.

 City of Hamilton Documents

City of Hamilton, Geographic Information Services website includes:

Newspaper and Journal Articles on LRT

Newspapers: use LexisNexis to find newspaper articles in The Hamilton Spectator. View the YouTube video tutorial for LexisNexis.

Popular press Journals (such as Maclean's and Toronto Life) are more likely to publish articles about local planning issues than scholarly journals. To find popular press articles, try these indexes:
Using Electronic Indexes to Find Academic Journal Articles
Scholarly journals are less likely to publish articles about local planning issues than popular press journals, but might provide information about the topic of light rail transit in general. To investigate what might be available in scholarly journals, try these indexes:

for example, articles by Ryan McGreal "Ontario Budget and LRT: Are We Screwed?"

There are lots of other blog posts about the Light Rail issue in Hamilton. Try a Google search to find them. Remember to consider the authority of the author and his/her bias when using information from such sources. For guidelines about the critical appraisal of Internet resources see this list of suggested tools.

Need more help? Come into the Map Collection (Mills Library L102), look at the display set out for this class and ask the Library staff for help.