Strategic Initiatives, 2015-2016

# Initiative Description Update
1 AtoM Improve discoverability of archival collections by implementing use of the AtoM open source archives cataloguing software. Project is complete. The service launched in April 2016.
2 Collaborative Futures Explore the concept of a shared catalogue across Ontario Consortium of University Library (OCUL) sites. (McMaster will participate in Phase 2 of the OCUL project. This phase will focus on writing a business plan and applying for a variety of grants). Project is ongoing. Work on Phase 2 is expected to conclude in November. Participation in Phase 3 is still be to determined as the Library is exploring options for replacing its own library services platform.
3 Crowd Sourcing Engage the broad community in identifying thousands of historic postcards by means of an online crowd sourcing project. Use this project to pilot the general concept of crowd sourcing for library projects. Project is complete. Descriptions provided by the public are now being reviewed and added to a searchable database.
4 Digital Preservation Create the processes to move materials from MacSphere (McMaster’s institutional repository) and the Digital Archive into the Ontario Library Research Cloud. Project is complete. Data from MacSphere, MUL Press, student journals and the Digital Archive has been successfully transferred to the OLRC.
5 Digital Storytelling Partner with Hamilton Public Library and the City of Hamilton to support the technical infrastructure, content and community outreach necessary to support telling the city’s great stories. Work with McMaster faculty to support assessment of the project. Project is ongoing. A soft launch of the website was held September 30th.
6 Digitization Support broad access to McMaster's unique collections through the establishment of a robust and sustainable digitization program.  During 2015/16, focus on designing a uniform documented workflow that can be used for both in-house and outsourced digitization projects and developing a maintenance schedule for hardware, software, peripherals, and technology infrastructure. Project identified for 2015/16 is complete. All five library digitization projects (maps, theses, books, archival materials, outsourced archival A/V materials have documentation and flowcharts to better capture the activities and processes for each project.
7 Downsview Shared Preservation Facility Work with four other universities (Toronto, Western, Queens and Ottawa) to build a shared preservation facility for low-use materials at the UTL Downsview location. Pilot the concept with a small number of deposits in 2015/16. Project is ongoing.The MOU and cost-share model have been completed and are awaiting review at the university level.  As a test of the service model, the Library has begun shipping some volumes to Downsview, or sharing existing Downsview volumes when possible.  The transfrer of associated metadata to UTL is also underway.
8 HPL Job Secondment Create enriching opportunities for library staff to develop new skills and further their professional development by launching the McMaster / Hamlton Public Library job secondment opportunity. Project is ongoing. Agreement with HPL renewed.
9 Library Master Space Plan Prioritize a select number of key initiatives from the Library’s Master Space Plan. Begin shaping funding opportunities for major gifts. Explore grant opportunities. Project is ongoing. Some projects completed this year: the refurbishment of the Mills Learning Commons (with funding from the MSU); noise abatement in Thode; construction of the Maker Space in Thode (with funding from the Faculty of Engineering).
10 Maker Space Explore, with the Faculty of Engineering, the creation of a MakerSpace in Thode Library to provide the campus community with an environment to meet, learn, experiment and build using new and emerging technologies. This facility, which will be open to all members of the McMaster community, will leverage the expertise of the Library, the Faculty of Engineering and other interested groups. Project is ongoing.  Construction is expected to be completed followed by a soft launch in October 2016.
11 Research Data Assume a lead role in developing research data management infrastructure and promoting a culture of data stewardship at McMaster. Collaborate with campus groups (e.g. MacData, ROADS, RHPCS, URC) and national programs (such as the Canadian Association of Research Libraries’ Portage project) to ensure that appropriate resources and training are available for researchers, administrators and support staff. Project is ongoing. In the past year the RDM@McMaster team has offered workshops, given presentations, consulted and collaborated with, and provided RDM services to researchers, and participated in provincial and national development of RDM services.
12 Russell Collection Explore plans to relocate the Bertrand Russell archive and Bertrand Russell Research Centre to a new, more prominent campus location. In doing so, promote greater awareness and use of our best known archival collection by scholars here on campus and around the world. Project is ongong with discussions currently at the university level.
13 School of Interdisciplinary Science Work with the Faculty of Science to help shape the curriculum and associated library instructional materials to support the new Interdisciplinary Science program. Project is ongoing.  A School of Interdisciplinary Science Librarian has been hired for a one year contract.
14 Surfacing Databases Improve our users’ experience accessing and using key databases. Identify core databases being used by McMaster students and scholars. Tweak the order of options in the library catalogue menus to ensure that best article-level targets appear at the top and are, hence, more frequently used by researchers. Project deferred.
15 Wikipedia Visiting Scholar Work with Wikipedia’s Visiting Scholar program to enhance McMaster University Library’s online presence and, in doing so, support greater visibility for our collections. Look for ways to leverage our new knowledge to assist other McMaster units. Project is complete.  D. Robichaud's term as visiting scholar ended September 2016.  She advised staff on how best to optimize the Library's Wikipedia page and to improve access to our finding aids and collections.