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Here you can find links to our previous workshops. You can find answers to specific questions with regards to these assignments summarized below the link. If you have any further questions or specific questions about the assignment please email us at mcmaster.dash@gmail.com

Intro to Excel Workshop

Intro to Excel Workshop Slides

SOC 3W03
SOC3W03 Workshop Slides

  • Data exportation from online databases
  • Sorting data
  • Creating charts and graphs

COM2QA3 Workshop Slides

  • Activate and using Excel Add-ins
  • Creating frequency table and chart
  • Creating box plots
  • Simple linear regression
  • Testing Significance
  • Confidence intervals for t-distribution
  • One way chi-squared test

COM2QA3 Workshop Slides (With Manual Instructions)

  • More details about the theory behind the tests and explanation of how to perform the tests manually