Cambridge Crystallographic Structural Database

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The web version of the Cambridge Crystallographic Structural Database (WebCSD) is now available to the McMaster Community.

The database contains hundreds of thousands of published crystallographic data and metadata on organic, organometallic, and metal complex structures whose 3D structures have been determined using X-ray diffraction or neutron diffraction.

As with our other e-resources, if you are searching from off-campus, make sure that you are not running a VPN client, and logon via LibAccess.  To make this easier, you may wish to install the libaccess bookmarklet on your browser (check out /lab/libaccess-bookmarklet).

Hits from your search can be opened in the Mercury 3D viewer (free download from CCDC at for analyses.

Further details on access to the database can be obtained from Regina Bendig, Liaison Librarian for Chemistry.

If students would like a workshop on using WebCSD, contact Jim Britten from the Chemistry Department at  Jim previously supported the client version of this database for the department.