Orlando: Women's Writing in the British Isles from the Beginning to the Present

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Now available:  the Orlando Project Database, providing a wealth of biographical and critical information on more than 1000 writers,

together with entries on literary and historical events both past and present.  While the primary focus is on British women writers,  Orlando also includes selected non-British or international women writers and British and international men, whose writing was an important, sometimes a shaping, element in a particular writing climate.  

Entries are cross-tagged, enabling searches based not only on author, date and location, but also on more abstract items such as genre and subject matter.   Its extensive content and search capabilities make it invaluable for the study of literary and cultural history.

The database continues to grow:   the July 2009 update brought 25 new author entries, and 87 new free-standing contextual events on topics connected with new author entries, from seventeenth-century Scottish religion and politics, through the nineteenth-century anarchist movement, to the twentieth-century campaign for women's ordination. Other updates relate to printing and publishing, changing views on women's nature and status, and other aspects of politics, literature, and cultural change.