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Listed below are highlights of new collections of archives and books that have been described and catalogued over the past year.



  • Pierre Berton.  The 16th accrual of the archives of one of Canada’s most popular writers, including a story written by the 12-year-old Pierre Berton, dozens of letters written to his wife in the 1940s, copies of The Pipeline, a hand-produced newsletter written and illustrated by Berton in Yukon, 1939-40, and much more.  Donated by Janet Berton
  • Austin Clarke.  The 9th accrual of the novelist’s archive, including manuscripts of his Giller prize winning The Polished Hoe.  Acquired from Austin Clarke.
  • David Freeman.  The archive of the award winning playwright, who, upon arriving at McMaster University in 1966, became the first university student in Canada who suffered from cerebral palsy.  Bequest of David Freeman.
  • Pauline Johnson.  The latest accrual of the archive of the renowned Mohawk poet consists of 2 letters from Johnson to one Charlotte Jones, 1881-82. Purchase.
  • Edward Lacey. The 2nd accrual of the archive of the author of the first gay-identified book of poetry published in Canada.  Donated by Fraser Sutherland. 
  • Eugene MacNamara.  The 5th accrual of the Canadian writer.
  • Wilson McDonald.  The 4th and 5th accruals of the collection relating to the Canadian poet.  Donated by Elizabeth Ramsay Shanahan (4th) and Don Bailey (5th).
  • Susan Musgrave.  The 9th accrual of the Canadian poet’s archive.  Donated by Susan Musgrave.
  • Stephen Reid.  The 4th accrual of the Canadian writer’s archive, including further manuscripts written while in prison. Donated by Stephen Reid.
  • Hugo Sonnenschein (Sonka) A collection relating to the controversial Czech poet better known as “Sonka”.  Donated by his son, Ian D. Spenser.
  • Fraser SutherlandThe 2nd accrual of the Canadian writer’s archive includes extensive correspondence with several other Canadian writers, as well as manuscripts and other material. Donated by Fraser Sutherland. 
  • Writers Union of Canada.  The 10th accrual of the archives of the union that represents most Canadian writers. Donated by the Writers Union.

Bertrand Russell Archives

  • A unique copy of Russell’s Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (1919).  It is the copy that Russell sent to the governor of Brixton Prison--he wrote the book while incarcerated there in 1918—complete with a tongue-in-cheek inscription.
  • Trinity Boat Club, 1890, Senior Trial Eights Trophy Cup. This pewter trophy lists the names of the members of both teams, including Russell as the cox on one of them.

Small Press and Book Art

  • Gerard Brender à Brandis.  The 3rd accrual of the renowned artist, featuring prints, drawings and other material.  Donated by Gerard Brender à Brandis.
  • Locks’ Press.  The 2nd accrual of the Kingston based small press, featuring books, pamphlets, broadsides and other material.  Donated by Fred and Margaret Lock.

First Nations

  • First Nations Collection.  The collection consists of material relating to land claims of the Potawatomi in Canada and the United States, a photograph of Six Nations chiefs ca. 1887, and a notice of sale of lands on Manitoulin Island, Sheguiandah, Bidwell and Billings, 1866.  This is a collection we plan to develop further in the coming years.

Peace and Social Activism

  • Canadian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament3rd accrual of this archive includes correspondence and other documents from the early 1960s..  Donated by Stig Harvor.
  • ETAN (East Timor Alert Network).  A large and significant archive of the Canadian group that lobbied for human rights and self-determination for East Timor during its occupation by Indonesia in the 1980s and 1990s. Donated by David Webster.
  • Peace Brigades International. The 10th accrual relates to PBI Columbia.  Donated by Peace Brigades International.
  • Revolutionary Marxist Group.  The second accrual of the archive of this Canadian communist group includes material from the 1970s.  Donated by Ken Hiebert via the University of British Columbia Library.

First World War

  • Gordon William Parkinson. A poignant First World War archive made up of over 100 letters written by Private Parkinson to his family, many of them from the Western front where he was killed in September, 1918.  Most of the archive was donated by Parkinson’s niece, Catherine Cook, with additional material donated by Robert Parkinson.


  • Boris Brott.  The 3rd and 4th accruals of the archive of the renowned Hamilton based conductor.  Donated by Boris Brott.

Businessman and Naturalist

  • Harold Carl Nunn.  Diaries and correspondence of the businessman who was pioneer in North America of pre-fabricated homes and the naturalist who served as Chairman of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists.  Donated by Henry Carl Nunn’s grandchildren, Lucinda and Carl Bray.

McMaster related

  • Anthropology.  Includes a small archive of Department founder Richard Slobodin, as well as significant field notes and other documents of anthropologists James E. Anderson, Everett Case, Rutherford Smith and Frank and Alfred Wood.  The Slobodin material was donated by the Department.  The other material was donated by the estate of William Noble.


  • John Connell.  A collection of the works of the British writer and books relating to British and Israeli history and politics.
  • Alain Goldschlager.  We have completed the cataloguing of this collection relating to the Holocaust.  Donated by Alain Goldschlager.
  • Macmillan Canada. Further imprints of the Canadian publisher.
  • Klaus Pringsheim. Further books and music scores donated by the former McMaster professor and son of the German composer and conductor of the same name.  Donated by Klaus Pringsheim.
  • Robert Sawyer.  We have begun cataloguing the works of the well known Canadian science fiction writer.  Donated by Robert Sawyer.
  • Oliver Woods & Frank Waters.  A collection of the works assembled by the British journalists on topics including British politics and imperialism, British Africa, and the Caribbean.
  • Poem of the Month. Over 40 broadsides produced in the 1970s containing signed original poems by W.H. Auden, Robert Graves, Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin, C. Day Lewis, Stephen Spender and many others.  Donated by Bernadette Ryan.