Exhibit: Early Italian Books from the Aldo Caselli Collection

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Think of Italy, not as we know it now but that period of historical fermentation from the end of the 14th century to 1600, when Italy was not a country but a series of city states governed by powerful families and foreign invaders. The period is known as the Rinascimento or the Renaissance--a rebirth of culture, humanism, and intellectual values centred in Tuscany that witnessed a flowering in the arts and literature. This is the subject of the current exhibition in Archives and Research Collections that runs until the end of October.

The exhibition features a selection of extraordinary books from the collection of Aldo Caselli, a collector with a keen eye and a profound understanding of books: the first edition of Galileo's Dialogo (1632), Florentius Schoonhovius's Emblemata (1618), and Vasari's monumental biographical history of painters, sculptors, and architects in three volumes (1568). The exhibition contains six incunabula, including Ovid's Metamorphoses, the earliest printed book in the Library. You won't want to miss this feast of the mind. If you're unable to visit the exhibition, please look at our web site.


I'm very happy to see the exibition of my grandfather books! Can you send me other photos? Thank you very much Filippo Leonardi (Italy)