3D Printing Comes to the Library

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"What is that thing"  "Is that a 3D printer"  "Cool!"  "Awesome"  "Can we use it?"

These are various comments that have been heard in the Lyons New Media Centre as the new 3D printer was put in place and tested.

Yes!, the library now has a 3D printer for McMaster students, staff and faculty to use!  Thanks to the MSU Student Life Enhancement Fund (SLEF), the Lyons New Media Centre was able to purchase an Ultimaker 3D printer.  It will be a free service for any McMaster student or employee.

Students can create their own 3D model or can browse different websites such as Thingiverse to get some ideas of what to print.   The Lyons New Media Centre has Blender (3D software), which can be used to create 3D files.  There are many different things that can be printed and the LNMC staff are looking forward to seeing some of the creative work that will be produced.

More information about 3D printing in the library can be found on the 3D printing page of the Lyons New Media Centre website.