Your Art, Our Video Wall

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A nine-screen video wall with speakers mounted on the wall on either side displa

Did you know that we showcase student, staff and faculty images in the Lyons New Media Centre on the fourth floor of Mills Library? When we're not showcasing materials for a specific event, they (change to we) display artwork, photos, videos and more on our large, nine-screen video wall.

Items featured on the video wall are also posted to the Lyons blog on a page called "What's on the video wall?" It features thumbnails of each image which can be expanded for better viewing, as well as a physical description. These descriptions have been provided for two reasons: the first is to givethe artist the opportunity to share with the audience what is important to him or her about the piece; the second reason is to open this up to a wider audience, allowing people with visual disabilities to be able to experience the art as well.

Interested in sharing your own work on the Lyons New Media Centre's video wall? Check out our video wall policies page for more information on how you can get your art shown in the library.