WWI Map Symbols

WWI Trench Maps & Aerial Photographs

Symbols Used on the Maps:

Please note that these map symbols have been derived from the maps in McMaster University Library's collection, many of which have been hand annotated.

Symbols vary, especially on maps from the earlier part of the war. As the war progressed more and more symbols began to be standardized. For these reasons, the ones shown here in no way represent a complete or definitive list, but instead are provided as an aid in interpreting the maps in our collection.

Regular craters: regular
Fortified craters: fortified
Organised Shell Holes craters: organised
Uncovered pit: uncovered
Covered pit: covered
With Machine Gun pit: with machine gun
Supply dumps: supply
Ammunition dumps: ammunition
Unknown dumps: unknown
Large (area outlined) dumps: large
Corps headquarters: corps
Division headquarters: division
Other headquarters: other
Machine Gun arms: machine gun
Trench Mortar arms: trench mortar
Anti - Aircraft Gun anti-aircraft gun
Tank Gun arms: tank gun
Church structures: church
Mill structures: mill
Single Huts or Shelters structures: huts
Concrete Enforced structures: concrete
Earthworks structures: earthworks
Entanglement structures: entanglement
Red Cross Station structures: Red Cross
Lamp Signal Station communications: signal station
Telegraph Centre communications: telegraph
Buried Cable or Pipe communications: buried cable
Balloon, Normal Point of Ascent airfields: balloon
Balloon, Bed or Shed airfields: balloon shed
Aerodrome airfields: aerodrome
Air Line airfields: air line
Listening post: listening
Observation post: observation
Sentry post: sentry
1st Class, Fenced roads: 1st class fenced
1st Class, Unfenced roads: 1st class unfenced
2nd Class, Fenced roads: 2nd class fenced
2nd Class, Unfenced roads: 2nd class unfenced
3rd Class, Fenced roads: 3rd class fenced
3rd Class, Unfenced roads: 3rd class unfenced
Foot Path roads: foot path
Cart Track roads: cart track
Foot bridges: foot
Traffic bridges: traffic
Rail bridges: rail
Double Gauge railways: double gauge
Single/Normal Gauge railways: single gauge
Light Metre Gauge railways: light gauge
Trench Tramway (Temporary) railways: trench tramway
Proposed railways: proposed
Disused railways: disused
Ditch With Water water: ditch
Flooded Areas water: flooded area
Dam water: dam
Causeway water: causeway
Area of Activity other: area of activity