World War I Trench Maps & Aerial Photos

WWI Trench Maps & Aerial Photographs

Permitted Use of the Map and Aerial Photo Images:

McMaster University Library is providing digital access, and the ability to download high resolution copies (600 dpi, 1GB .TIF and compressed JP2 image files) of these archival items for non-commercial purposes only. For allowable use of the images found on this website, see the Creative Commons License.

France & Belgium:

Aerial Photographs (all scales)

Trench Maps: 1:10,000 scale (preferred by Infantry) and 1:20,000 (preferred by artillery)

Topographic Maps1:40,000 scale (preferred by Officers for Planning) printed in 5 colours but with no trenches shown

Topographic Maps: 1:100,000 scale (Planning over large areas) printed in 5 colours but with no trenches shown

Topographic Maps: 1:250,000 scale (Planning over large areas) printed in 5 colours but with no trenches shown

Thematic Maps: various scales (Logistics) showing hospitals, aerodromes, supply dumps, training areas...

Other Theatres of War:

Maps of various scales covering portions of Africa, Gallipoli, The Middle East, The Balkans, Italy, Russia...

Map Interpretation Guides:

How to Read a Map Reference Number

How to Read an Aerial Photo Reference Number

Map Symbols

Map Margin Information

Abbreviations on the Maps

Glossary (French to English Translation of Labels on the Maps)

Evolution of Mapping during WWI

Further Information:

About the WWI Aerial Photograph Collection

About the WWI Military Map Collection