WWI Abbreviations

WWI Trench Maps & Aerial Photographs

Abbreviations Appearing on the Maps:

Note: the abbreviations listed below will often appear on the maps in conjunction with others in the list (e.g. F.S.Co., R.E.)

A.P. & S.S. Army Printing & Stationery Services
Bn. Battalion
Bttn. Battalion
C.C.S.S. Canadian Corps Survey Section
Co. Company
Coy. Company
F.S. Field Survey
GR. KART.-ST. Gruppen Karten Stelle
G.S.G.S. Geographical Section General Staff
H.Q. Head Quarters
O.S. Ordnance Survey
O.S.O. Ordnance Survey Overseas
O.S.O.B. Ordnance Survey Overseas Branch
R.E. Royal Engineers
T.S. Topo (Topographical) Section
C.T.S. Corps Topo (Topographical) Section
W.O. War Office