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Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mining and Forestry

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The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mining and Forestry have created a digital catalog with information related to Northern Ontario. Below is a list of the data that can be downloaded from the website:

Earth Resources and Land Information System Data Sets

  • Data Set 6- Bedrock Geology of Ontario, Seamless Coverage, 1993, Re-released March 2000.
  • Data Set 11- Tectonic Assemblages of Ontario, 1993.
  • Data Set 12- Townships and Areas of Ontario, 1993
  • Data Set 13- The Ontario Drill Hole Database (Re-released December 2005)
  • Data Sets 14- Quaternary Geology of Ontario, Seamless Coverage, 1997- Re-released March 2000
  • Data Set 22- Geology of Onatrio Base Map, 1999

Miscellanous Release Data (MRD) datasets from 1-275, covering Ontario. Topics covered include:

  • Geochemical Surveys
  • Lake Sediment and Water Geochemical Data
  • Kimberlites, Massive Magmatic Sulfides, Base Metals Gold (Au) and PGE Data.
  • Till Compositional Database.
  • Modern Alluvium Data.
  • Geological Data.
  • 3D Mineral Deposit Models.
  • GIS Databases.

Groundwater Resources Studies

Mineral Deposit Inventory- 2010

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