Games Room Policies & Procedures

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Games Room Policies & Procedures

Games Room (L414)

  • Maximum capacity per console: 4 people
  • Maximum capacity per gaming PC: 1 person
  • These stations may be booked for 2 hours per day per group.


As strange as it may sound, the Games Room is not a group study or hang-out space. It is an academic space with an academic purpose behind it, supporting several courses about gaming, as well as individual research being done in gaming and virtual environments.

The game stations are managed via a booking system and are specifically to be used for playing the video games offered by Lyons, primarily for academic purposes (as well as leisure). Please do not use these spaces if you do not have them booked for the purpose of playing games. Each room in Lyons has a purpose and if the rooms are used for other purposes, patrons may be asked to relinquish the room in question -- the same can be said for gaming stations & computer stations.

General Room Policies & Procedures

There are several important policies and procedures for the Games Room that patrons should note prior to booking and using this space. Here are a few key points:

  • You must book a station for you or your group to able to use it. Logon with your MacID & password to book a game station on our booking page

  • Remember your booking name. We will ask you for the name of your booking (not your name but what you named your booking) when you show up to sign in. This is to ensure we don't allow someone else to steal your booking!

  • Keep it clean. When booking a gaming station, keep the name 'clean'. Inappropriately named bookings will be deleted by staff without notification. Remember that this website represents McMaster University and can be seen by anyone in the public. Ensure that you don't lose your booking by being inappropriate.

  • See more about bookings below.

  • You must have a valid McMaster ID card. This is true whether you want to sign out controllers, games, cords & PC stations, or just be in the room. Other forms of ID are not accepted as alternatives to your McMaster ID card.

  • You must sign out your own game controller on your own McMaster ID. NO exceptions. One game controller per McMaster ID card ONLY! If you sign out a controller (or PC), you are expected to be in the room, playing with that equipment. Do not sign out equipment for other people. They need to sign out their own items. If they cannot sign out their own equipment for some reason, they cannot play in our games room. If you don't have a controller (or PC) signed out on your valid McMaster ID card, you should not be in the games room. Keep track of your controller (i.e. don't swap controllers once in the gaming room), as you are responsible for it.

  • No "taking turns" with one controller. This is in line with the previous rule. If you don't have a controller of your own, please don't hang out in the room and don't "trade off" with other people. To be in the room, you should have your own controller and should be actively playing.

  • Do not unplug our equipment. If we don't have a game on the PCs that you want to play, you may not unplug the ethernet cable from the PC to plug in your laptop to play, as an example. Players found in violation of this rule may be asked to leave.

  • Do not move furniture. Furniture can be moved only with staff permission. Please ask first. If you get permission to move it, you will be expected to move it back to where you found it when you are finished. This also includes bringing furniture into the room from other areas of Lyons or the Library. Just don't do it, please. The room isn't big enough for that.

  • NO food or drink permitted in this room. Keep food and drink outside of the Games Room. Help keep it clean and the equipment working for everyone, including yourself, and keep the environment comfortable for all. Violators will be asked to exit the room with the food or drink to finish it before entering the room.

  • Limit noise pollution. Keep the game volume low. Make use of captions / subtitling in the games that offer it. Keep voices to a normal level; please do not shout in the room. Consider using your own headphones or earbuds when possible (not supplied by the library). The reason for this is that sound travels through the entire floor through the wall and door. The room is not sound proof. And we have courses, workshops and meetings conducted in the classroom next door; please do not disrupt these sessions with excessive noise!

  • Not a spectator sport. We ask that there are no "spectators" inside the games room, watching people play. If you're not actually playing and don't have a controller/PC of your own signed out, you shouldn't be in the games room, sorry.

  • Read, understand and even memorize these rules! If you haven't read through this page yet, please do so. They are there to help us keep the gaming room an enjoyable environment for all.

Further Reading

Games Room Code of Conduct

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  • 2 Hours MAX! Your bookings are limited to 2 hours per group per day.

  • Part of a group. If you join a group part-way through their booking, you are part of that group and subject to the time they have booked; therefore, you are not entitled to additional time. Booking more time is a violation of our policies and staff may ask violating parties to leave.

  • Don't be late! Please arrive promptly for your booking. Bookings may be canceled after 15 minutes, leaving it open for other patrons to book.

  • Be prompt in vacating your station. Be respectful to those who may have the station booked after you or would like to book it by vacating your station prompty, at the end of your booking. 

  • You have the station for the time you have it booked. Game sessions start and end at the times booked; they cannot be started prior to your booking nor be extended beyond your booking.

  • One station at a time, please. Your booking must be limited to one station at a time. Players found to be booking more than one station at a time and therefore monopolizing on the room and its resources may be asked to leave by staff. If you wish to have 'tournaments', you need to speak with the Manager, as this falls under the definition of an event which needs to be arranged/approved first.

  • The last 30 minutes of the day is shorter than you expect. If you have booked the final half hour of the day, you will be expected to pack up prior to the closing time, as staff need time to return games and controllers, etc. before the doors are locked at closing. So if the Centre is closing at 9:30pm, pease start shutting down your game by 9:15pm or so, and return everything to the Lyons Help Desk.

  • Use the station you booked. If you use another station just because it's "free" at the time, you will throw off all the other bookings that day. So be mindful of that when making your booking.

    • Gaming station #1 has the largest screen.

    • Gaming station #2 is across from that at the front of the room.

    • Gaming station #3 is in the back on the right, beyond the room divider and pillar in the middle of the room.

    • As for the PC gaming stations, if facing the PCs, from left to right are PCs #1, #2 and #3 (being the one in the far corner).

  • Staff cannot book a station for you. Bookings are done with your MacID/password, so staff at the Help Desk or in the offices cannot do this for you.

  • Keep your booking names "clean" (as already mentioned). Any found to be offensive or inappropriate will be deleted/cancelled, without notification.

Equipment & Software Policies


If you are using Steam to play games on our gaming PCs, only use the Lyons accounts that automatically logon to each of these stations. Do not use your own account.

If there is a game you think we should have, please let the staff at the Help Desk know and we will add it to our 'games to buy' wishlist to consider when we do our games purchasing. Or drop us an email at media ( Please leave the Steam settings we have set up in place.

Games & controllers

  • Games & controllers must stay within Lyons. They are only for use in the Lyons Games Room. We are not signing out games or controllers to be used at home at this time.

  • Games & controllers used in Lyons must be owned by Lyons. We are not permitting players to bring in their own games or equipment from home. This includes downloading games via the internet to install (either full or demo versions). The Games Room in Lyons is an academic space, not an arcade; we have a collection of games and supporting hardware to be used in that space and we ask that all players respect this. 

  • One controller per person. As mentioned a few times, each gamer must sign out his/her own controller. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Logging On

  • Always logoff when you are finished. Remember to logoff on any game, account, machine you have logged into.

  • Login to your own accounts at your own risk. Use our accounts wherever possible. If playing a game that has extra security measures in place (such as the Blizzard authenticator), be sure to make use of these. Do not allow games to store your login information. Please practice safe gaming, as these are multiple-user machines.

  • Turn off consoles/tvs when finished. While the PCs should just be logged out, we ask that you turn off any console/tv you were using when finished.

Yellow & Red Card Violations System

LIVE as of September 4/12!

To help keep the Games Room in Lyons a fun and inviting place for all, we’ve instituted a new system for enforcing the rules. In the past, there have been misunderstandings and we’re hoping this new system keeps things clear, concise and hopefully presents a more light-hearted approach to keeping everyone playing by the same rules and to having fun in the Games Room!

The first thing that will have to happen is that all gamers must make themselves aware of, as already stated above:

Being aware of what’s expected will help prevent problems from occurring at all!

The Cards

But on the chance that a rule is broken, even accidentally, staff will be borrowing from soccer and using a coloured-card system to give out warnings. Usually, they will start with a yellow card, depending on the severity of the violation.

  • Yellow = warning
  • Red = gameplay is to stop and the group has to leave games room

Note: All violations will be held against the entire gaming group. If a group is asked to leave based on an individual’s behaviour, the entire group must leave -- there will be no exceptions.

It is important to note that all infractions will be recorded. Depending on the severity, staff may ask all members of that group to provide student ID cards to record to watch for future infractions. Repeat offenders may find privileges revoked, for example.

Repeat offenders may find privileges revoked!

Staff would prefer that everyone has fun and doesn’t need to be spoken to! So, please read over the rules and policies. If you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Remember that this is an academic space, not an arcade or private living room. It is a privilege to play here, so please play nicely and share with others! Gamers found in breach of Lyons, Library and/or University policies will be asked to leave.