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Several popular software suites are available on the computers in the Lyons New Media Centre, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Audacity, Camtasia, Comic Life and more.

  • Main Room = The large room with the video wall in it (L411)
  • Edit Studios = Rooms L415 and L416
  • Classrm. Laptops = Laptops only available for in-class use (with instructor's supervision & manager's permission) in the Media Classroom (L413)
  • Instructor's Stn. = Refers to the computer station in the Media Classroom (L413), only available for instructors with the manager's permission

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe programs can be found under the START menu on all the Lyons Windows machines. On the laptops, the applications are accessible via the Creative Cloud icon on the top taskbar.

Software Main Room Edit Studios Classrm. Laptops Instructor's Stn.
Acrobat Pro DC
After Effects CC
Animate CC
Audition CC
Bridge CC
Dreamweaver CC
Edge Animate CC
Flash Builder Premium
Flash Professional CC
Illustrator CC
In Copy CC
InDesign CC
Media Encoder CC
Muse CC
Photoshop CC
Prelude CC
Premiere Pro CC
Speed Grade CC

Other Software

Software Main Room Edit Studios Classrm. Laptops Instructor's Stn.
Articulate (Presenter - add in for PowerPoint, Engage & Quizmaker)      
Blender 3D    
Camtasia Recorder 8 (under START> TechSmith)    
Camtasia Studio 8  (under START> TechSmith)    
Comic Life (under START>plasq)  
(Davinci) Resolve    
Garage Band      
InstallFont (under START> Maintenance)
Microsoft Office      
Movie Maker
(program assistance from Maps Library, not Lyons)
(Edit Studio L415 ONLY)
SMART software (for SMARTboard)      
Unity Game Platform (NEW)    
Video Scribe (Sparkol)      

PC to Mac Software Equivalents

Since we started with Macs and have switched to PCs as of Summer 2014, some people may be missing the iLife suite of applications that would normally be on the Mac computers. Here are the equivalent programs that you can find on our PC machines. Many of the software apps are cross-platform, and therefore available via Mac or PC. All Adobe products are cross-platform.

Type of Software Mac App No Longer Offered (except on classroom laptops) PC Options
Audio editing GarageBand Adobe Audition, Audacity, Reaper
Video editing iMovie Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker

Free Software Equivalents to Adobe Products

As we realize the Adobe software is expensive and that not everyone will own these programs, we also offer some of the more commonly used free software, in case individuals would prefer to learn on the free products so they can later download them at home, or simply due to software compatibility and familiarity -- if you have one of these programs at home, you may wish to use it here on campus as well. Here are the equivalents we have installed on our computers:

Type of Software Adobe Product Free Equivalent
Audio editing Audition Audacity
Graphics creation/editing Photoshop Gimp
Vector graphics creation Illustrator Inkscape
Video editing Premiere Pro Windows Movie Maker