Media Creation Equipment

Media Creation Equipment

Lyons is a Media Lab

First and foremost, the Lyons New Media Centre is to be considered a media lab.

  • The computers in Lyons are for media creation and education purposes. Individuals needing to use computers for other reasons may use the computers found on the second floor of Mills Library.
  • Anyone needing somewhere to use their laptop may plug in at our laptop bar at the far end of the Centre (at the windows), or down in the laptop room on the third floor.
  • Anyone found using these machines for writing essays or for checking email (for example), may find themselves asked to move to the machines on the second floor. Priority will always be given to individuals needing to use the specialized media software.


Lyons houses 14 high-end media editing computers available to any McMaster student, faculty or staff member. Twelve of these are in the main area of the Centre, and two are within Edit Studios L415 & L416 (bookable online).

These computers are Hewlett Packard Z1's with 32 GB of memory and 1TB of storage, running Windows 7, are more than capable of handling video rendering. Each machine has a large screen, keyboard, mouse and CD drive, as well as an SD card reader and webcam all built-in.

External/Portable Media

Users are expected to provide their own USB keys, writeable CD/DVDs, portable hard drives or other methods for saving and transferring their files from our computers to their own at home. Lyons does not provide such supplies. We highly recommend the use of cloud storage, such as Dropbox!

Although our computers have large storage spaces, it is not recommended to use them for anything but temporary storage while working on files. There is no guarantee that files will be there longer than a day, nor that anyone else may not have access to them.

Lyons New Media Centre is not liable for any loss of files or information in the case of hardware failure, files left on the machines, etc. Keep in mind that these machines are publicly accessible to anyone on campus.

Microphones & Headphones

The Lyons Help Desk does have a couple of USB microphones and headphones for use with media creation. See more information about microphones and headphones on our Audio-Visual Equipment page.