LNMC - How-Tos

LNMC - How-Tos

Below is a small collection of how-to documents created by our full time staff and student employees over the years. Topics and content are geared specifically to Lyons equipment and resources. For the user manuals for some of our other equipment, please check the Filming Equipment page for cameras, and Audio-Visual Equipment page for AV equipment.


Podcast Tutorial - Audacity

Download: Audacity Basic Podcast Tutorial PDF version (with images) | Audacity Basic Podcast Tutorial .docx version (no images)

Podcast Tutorial - Reaper

Download: Beginner's Guide to Making a Podcast in Reaper PDF version (with images) | Beginner's Guide to Making a Podcast in Reaper .docx version (with images)


Using the Lyons Video Cameras (Canon Vixia)

Download: Using our video cameras PDF version (with images) | Using our video cameras Word .docx version (no images)

Digital Design / Illustration

Close-Cropping a Person From a Photo (to Put Onto Another Background)

Creating an Illustration From a Photo

Green Screen

How to Assemble the Portable Green Screen

Download:  Assemble the Portable Green Screen PDF version (with images) | Assemble the Portable Green Screen Word .docx version (no images)

Or, you can watch the following video:

Setting Up in the Green Screen Room

Download:  Set up in the Green Screen room PDF version (with images) | Set up in the Green Screen room Word .docx version (no images)

Editing Green Screen Out in Premiere Pro

Check out Chris McAllister's green screen tutorial (video) now available on Youtube!

Video Creation

How to Storyboard

Download: How to Storyboard PDF version (with images) | How to Storyboard .docx version (no images)