Important Information About Bookings

Important Information About Bookings
  • Gaming bookings are a maximum 2 hours per day per group.
    • Playing longer than this maximum is a violation of Lyons policies.
    • Booking additional time using another's MacID after the initial 2 hour booking is also a violation of Lyons policies.
  • Bookings may be cancelled after a 15 minute "no-show", to free up the gaming stations for others who may be waiting.
    • If you would like to book a station and noticed that it is empty 15 minutes after the current booking has started, you can request that the Help Desk staff cancel the existing booking to free it up for you.
  • To use a station, you must book it and then check in at the Help Desk.

Ready to Book a Gaming Station?

Here's all you need to do in order to book a gaming station:Click here to book a Gaming Station.

  1. Go to our gaming booking page.
  2. Login with your MacID and password.
  3. Pick your date/time.
  4. Choose which station you wish to use.
  5. Enter in all of the details the form requests.
  6. Logoff. (Especially important if you're on a public computer.)
  7. Arrive at the time of your booking in Lyons with your McMaster ID card.
  8. Check in at the Help Desk (located in the middle of the Centre).