Lyons New Media Centre Forms

3D Printing Request Form

Have a 3D object file (.stl) you'd like to get printed? Here's the form to request a print-job!

Event Proposal Form

Want to host an event in Lyons, use the video wall for an event, etc.? Fill this form out and we'll get back to you! And be sure to check out what our hours are operation are on our contact page.

Lyons Tour Request form

Wish to bring a group of people or even just a couple of individuals through Lyons for a tour? We'd be happy to help! Let us know what you're thinking about for it and we'll see how we can accomodate you.

If you're thinking of a general tour to just learn about the space, resources and what we have to offer, we don't need a lot of notice (a few days to a week should be good, to make sure someone is around to help). 

If you're wanting a demonstration or a more focused tour, please try to give us as much lead-time as possible, and be sure to check out what our hours are operation are on our contact page.

Video Wall Submission form

Looking to get your photos, videos, etc. up on our video wall? Submitting digital material for an event that's already booked in Lyons? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Consider setting up a folder in Dropbox to share your files with us (email is provided once you hit the submit button).

If the submission is not for an event but just the regular video wall rotation, please be sure that what you are submitting is not an advertisement/commercial. The focus of our showcasing is on art and course projects. Photography, videos, music videos, scanned artwork, etc. are all welcome! For more information, please email us.