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What You Need To Know


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Booking Camera Equipment

  1. Camera equipment MUST be booked in advance. No same day bookings.
  2. Bookings are limited to one camera and one tripod per group/person. As all the 24-hour loan camera equipment has video and photography capability, and we have a limited collection of equipment, this limit is necessary.
  3. Bookings are 24 hours or less. Occasionally, bookings run into each other, so someone who books for 9:30am on a Monday might only get the equipment until 4:30pm that day because there's another booking at that time. Your booking confirmation email will tell you when your equipment is due back.
  4. Equipment is not booked until you receive a booking confirmation email.


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Borrowing Camera Equipment

  1. Only the person (or their named proxy) who booked checks out the equipment, but anyone can return it. If you can't make it to pick up the camera equipment, please name a proxy person in the booking. We will add them to the booking information.
  2. Recharge the camera. Others may have the camera booked right after you, so remember to recharge the camera before returning it to the Help Desk in Lyons.
  3. Grab your files! Remember to remove your file(s) from the camera before returning it to the Help Desk in Lyons, as staff will erase the SD cards on a regular basis. You are responsible for ensuring that you have copies of your own files before you return the camera equipment. We are not liable for damages to or loss of files.
  4. Return all components of the camera/equipment when returning it. Equipment found to be incomplete will not be removed from an account until all components are accounted for and fines may be charged during the time we wait for components to be returned separately from the equipment. Fines may occur for missing components.
  5. Still need the camera? There's a 24 hour waiting period. As there are only a few cameras, renewals are not permitted.
  6. Need more storage? We provide one SD card in each camera that we loan out. We do not provide anything beyond that. If you need more space, you are responsible for additional SD cards, a way to empty said card, or to film/photograph at a lower quality. Manuals are online for each camera to find out how to record at a different quality.
  7. Report broken stuff! Broken equipment must be reported to the Manager immediately.
  8. Equipment is checked out and back in at the Lyons Help Desk. Be sure to bring your McMaster ID card to the Help Desk in the middle of the Lyons New Media Centre when picking up the equipment.
  9. Be prompt! Showing up later for your booking does not bump your due time at all; it remains the same. Return equipment promptly to avoid late fees or inconveniencing the next person who has it booked.
  10. Need to cancel? No problem! Drop us an email at media@mcmaster.ca to let us know to cancel for you.


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A Few Notes About SD Cards...

We've been asked a few times about SD cards for the cameras. Here are the common questions and the answers:

Do you have extra SD cards we can sign out in case the SD card in this camera isn't big enough?

Sorry, no. We have just enough SD cards for each of the cameras that Lyons owns. If you need more space than what is provided on the SD card, it is up to you to make arrangements to have additional storage ready. Suggestions range from emptying the card onto a laptop mid-usage then clear the card off, to providing your own additional SD cards.

I've booked the digital camera, but it only has an 8 GB SD card. Can I have one of the 32 GB SD cards out of one of the video cameras instead?

Again, the answer to this is no. We have posted publicly that certain cameras have certain SD cards in them -- if someone else has that other camera booked, they're expecting a certain amount of storage. We can't just switch the cards back and forth like that. The video cameras have more storage due to the fact that they are more likely to be used to record video rather than taking photos, unlike the digital cameras which are typically used for photos, which don't take up as much room as a video. Alternatives may include checking the camera's settings to record at a lower definition to save space, as an option, or emptying the card mid-usage to make room.

My camera is due now, but I still need to copy my images/video over from the SD card. Can you check it in while I do that so I don't end up with a fine?

We cannot check the camera back in until all components (SD card included) are in the camera bag. Please be sure to copy (and remove) your files from the SD card prior to your camera's due time to avoid fines.

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Green Screen Bookings

  • Return all furniture to a "classroom" setting. (Basically, please put it back the way you found it.)
  • The Instructor's computer station, SMARTboard, speakers and laptop cabinet are off limits.
    • Please do not unplug any of this equipment!
    • There is a long silver power bar for plugging in camera equipment, lights, etc. Please use it rather than unplugging any of the classroom equipment in the room.
  • This room is not soundproofed, so please keep your volume levels at an acceptable level. Keep in mind others on the floor may be studying! Staff will request groups being too noisy to tone it down and/or leave if repeated requests are made.
  • If using your own camera with our tripod, please be sure to check your camera before returning the tripod to the Help Desk that the "foot" or camera mount did not come unattached with your camera.
  • Please be prompt in vacating the room at the end of your booking. Consider tearing down 5-10 minutes before the end of your booking to be considerate to the next group.


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Availability, Costs & Fees

  • This equipment is available to any current McMaster student, staff member, or faculty member, at no cost for borrowing the equipment.
  • There are fines for damaged, missing, or late camera equipment. See below.


All cameras, tripods and other accompanying equipment are due back within 24 hours from the time borrowed, unless otherwise specified in your booking confirmation email.

Equipment borrowed the day before a holiday (that Lyons is closed) will be due at the same time on the next business day. For example, if you borrow equipment at 2:05pm on the Sunday before Thanksgiving Monday, it would be due at 2:05pm on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Monday.

Equipment is not loaned out over the Christmas holiday break.

Late fines can be very "hefty" on camera equipment.

Item Fine Amount
Camera/filming equipment $20 per item per hour (or part hour)
Keys/rooms (e.g. the Green Screen Room, edit studios, etc.) $5 per hour (or part hour)

Please be sure to be prompt in returning cameras & other equipment to prevent any such fines from accruing upon your account. Other bookings may have been made after yours, so please be considerate and return all equipment on time.

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