Instructional Tools for the Classroom

Instructional Tools for the Classroom
Equipment Qty Notes / description
Tables on wheels 6 These tables are on wheels (which can be locked or unlocked) and designed to be moveable.
Chairs 12 + 1 There are 12 chairs for students to use and one chair for the instructor's computer station. These are all on wheels.
Instructor's computer station 1 This houses an HP Z1 computer with keyboard & mouse, as well as a set of media speakers. This has Adobe Creative Cloud installed, as well as Camtasia and Skype. See our software page for full lists of what's installed.
Wired computer mice 10+ These are not housed within the room but can be made available if using the Macbook Pro laptops. Request them in your booking.
Macbook Pro laptops 11 These are housed in a locked charging cabinet within the room. Do not unplug the cart. To gain access, make sure you have secured a booking with the manager, then ask the Help Desk staff to gain access to the cart during your booking. These also have Adobe Creative Cloud installed. They connect to a separate router in the room just for the classroom. They will not connect to anything else. For troubleshooting assistance, ask at the Help Desk. See our software page for full lists of what's installed.
SMARTboard 1 This is attached to the instructor's computer station and will display whatever is on the instructor's station. If you wish to use it with your laptop, please check with manager first. To adjust it, check with the Help Desk staff first.