Media Classroom - L413

Media Classroom - L413

Dual Purpose Room

Our Media Classroom is a dual purpose room and, unofficially, has two names. It is both the Media Classroom and the Greenscreen Room. When this room isn't being used for classes and workshops, it is also being used for filming and photography sessions. It is also a high demand room, so bookings cannot be managed like the other rooms, but on an approval-basis.

This room seats 12 people plus an instructor. There is a little bit of room for an additional table and a few chairs brought from other areas, but arrangements must be made via the manager for this.

Several faculty and disciplines have run courses in the media classroom in the past, and some workshops have been run by a few different groups. Some of these include but not limited to:

  • Inquiry
  • Communication & Multimedia Studies
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • photoshop workshops
  • video creation workshops
  • McMaster 24 Hour Film Festival instructional sessions
  • etc.

Several Macbook Pros can be provided for in-class use within this classroom, which include a variety of media creation software, noted on our software page. A list of equipment and tools that are housed within the room is available.

A Few Policy Points

  • Entrance to the room is not given until the instructor has arrived.
  • The instructor is responsible for the room and all the equipment housed within it/used during the session.
  • Staff will login to the instructor's computer station for the instructor upon arrival.
  • Staff will open the laptop cart for the instructor upon arrival if the laptops have been booked.
  • If a class/workshop has been cancelled, please email media ( and cc the manager immediately so we can free up the room.
  • Please do not unplug our equipment. If you need assistance, please ask at the Help Desk.
  • If the instructor's station, SMARTboard or laptops are to be used, please note this in your booking. These pieces of equipment are generally made available for instructors/professors of courses run in the classroom, but some exceptions have been made for workshops.