Instructions for Submitting Requests

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Instructions for Submitting Requests
  1. Create your own 3D design (the LNMC has Blender installed on all computers or use your favourite 3D software).  If you don't know how to create a 3D object, you can select an object from a free open source website such as Thingiverse or YouMagine.  Make sure to save or choose the .STL file format.
  2. Use the Cura software (found on all LNMC computers or download the free software to your own computer) to scale, rotate, and/or resize your file.  Cura will give an estimated length of time to print the object.  Print size cannot exceed the build plate size of 22 x 22 x 20 cm (220 x 220 x 200 mm) and print time should not be longer than 5-6 hours.  As print jobs cannot be printed after hours, a longer print job will have to be assessed by full time staff to determine whether it is possible.
  3. Once your object is ready for printing, fill out the online print request form and attach your file.
  4. Once you've completed and submitted the form, you will receive an email with the details and a ticket number. Retain this email, you will need it to pick up your print job.
  5. Print jobs will not be released without proof of identification (student/staff card and print job number)
  6. Timelines for printing will depend on the demand for the printer. Size and resolution of the print job will impact delivery time, so plan your print accordingly. Other issues that factor into printing are troubleshooting, maintenance, and size of print job.
  7. Please try to limit your submissions to a maximum of 5 at a time (course-related requests excepted). If we receive more than 5 requests from one person at a time, we will hold the rest until the first 5 are printed and picked up, then we will process up to the next 5, and so on. (New!)

If you have further questions about printing, please consult our FAQ page.  If your question is not answered there, feel free to send us an email at with your questions.

Click here to request to print your 3D print job.

Is your file more than 10MB or having trouble using the online form?

Fill out the submission form and email it and your object file to 
Please only do so if the web form is not working for you.
Note that you will not receive a ticket number until the object has been printed if you submit this way.