Book/Journal Retrieval 

This service may not be available on demand due to staff schedules and varying workloads. Individuals are encouraged to call, fax or email with a list of required materials in advance of pickup, or to leave a list of materials to be picked up at a later time.


Photocopying from library materials can be done by library staff, for those individuals who cannot operate the self-service photocopiers. Again, advance notice of materials needed to be copied is desirable. Please contact the appropriate library department for assistance.

Book Renewal

Renewing library books online through the Book Renewal link in the Library Catalogue may be the most convenient method. For those unable to use online renewal, individuals with mobility impairments may renew library books by telephone, thereby avoiding the need to physically bring these books to the library for renewal. Please contact the Library Services department of the appropriate library if you wish to renew books by phone.